Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom Collectibles

All collectables can be found below:

Note: All collectibles can only be picked up as soon as you completed the game once!

1. Bikini Bottom
2. Wild West JellyFish Fields
3. Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom
4. Pirate Goo Lagoon
5. Prehistoric Kelp Forest
6. Medieval Sulfur Fields
7. Halloween Rock Bottom
8. Jelly Glove World

Coin #1:
Movie Hallway
Follow the path until you spot the button. Activate it and complete

Coin #2:
From the same spot, turn around and kill the tiki stones with the explosive. Go into the vent and follow the path for coin number 2.

Fortune Cookie #1:
Follow the main path until you reach the outside with all the wooden fences. On your left in a car. Jump it and you will see a fortune cookie

Fortune cookie #2:
Backlot Spawnpoint
Follow the main path until you reach the next area. The cookie is floating above the table.

From here jump the blue bus and inflate the pillow with a bubble. Jump across and you will find your third Spot.

Fortune Cookie #3:
In the 2D section after the first pause. Hit the tikis so you can enter the opening. It’s on top of a dumpster there.

Coin #3:
In the 2D section after the second pause. Keep all the way left and make the 3-jumps in order to make it on top of the little wall where the coin is floating.

Fortune Cookie #4:
Back Alley Spawn point
In a (shining) dumpster

Coin #4:
Take both slingshots and you will be able to reach your fourth coin.

Golden Spatula:
After coin 4 jump down and go into the blue van.

Coin #5:
Do a bit of the jumping section and you’ll see a slingshot below you. Use it and fly towards your new coin.

Fortune Cookie #5:
Paparazzi Street checkpoint
In the new area, on a table on your left.

Coin #6:
First Nautical Bank Checkpoint
Shortly after, take the slingshot and follow the path. You’ll need to suck up enemies to clear the path. Make your way to the top of the building.

Fortune cookie #6:
Take the sewer path. It is shortly after exiting on your right.

Coin #7:
Parking lot checkpoint
After doing the KARATE slowmotion section, you’ll enter the parking lot.
On your right is the coin. Reachable via the lanterns.

Coin #8:
Activate the button on top of the ambulance

Fortune cookie #7:
Dojo Estate Checkpoint
After the cycling area, in front of you.

Coin #9:
Walk a bit forward. On your far front left are a few floating tikis next to the hole in the wall. Jump them and follow the parkour. A coin awaits.

Coin #10:
Climb the building, you’ll see a giant sign that says “ Finish” with a button. Active it and complete the parkour.

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