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Happy trophy hunting!

Our Story

The site was founded on 23 November 2018.  We saw a lack of trophy guides for Indie and PSVR games. Ever since we starting writing them, with love and care. The site itself has been named after our lovely dog, Knoef. He is a 70 kg Bullmastiff that loves a scratch underneath his belly! 

We hope you will enjoy your stay on here, and hope to welcome you back anytime soon.

Our Mission

Our mission is plan and simple. We love to guide each trophy hunter to his most beloved platinum trophy. It’s our goal to create highly detailed trophy guides. We do that with a healthy mix of text, videos, images and GIF’s. Not all readers  speak English fluently, and that’s where images can provide a really good solution. A picture is worth more than 1000 words after all!

Along the way, we would love to create an engaging community for gamers. A place where they feel home.  


Our Team



Owner of the website and does all PR-related stuff. Loves to write trophy guides about PSVR games.

E-mail: KnoefNL<at>



Our walking indie encyclopedia, ask him and he knows! Writes guides on a wide range of games.

E-mail: Peter<at>



Bad-ass proofreader. Lover of games, is passionate about technology. Ready to help others like a superhero.



Wicked platformers and engaging Visual Novels are his things. Write guides and designs stuff. Also our RnG machine for giveaways.

E-mail: Sean<at>



Guide writer at day, Batman at night. He wants his games the same as his tea. Hot and ready for action. 

E-mail: Matthew<at>



Big fan of Girls Frontline and napping. She told us she doesn’t snore, we still have to receive proof. Loves a good VN and Asian genre games.