Prehistoric Kelp Forest Collectibles

All collectables can be found below:

Note: All collectibles can only be picked up as soon as you completed the game once!

1. Bikini Bottom
2. Wild West JellyFish Fields
3. Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom
4. Pirate Goo Lagoon
5. Prehistoric Kelp Forest
6. Medieval Sulfur Fields
7. Halloween Rock Bottom
8. Jelly Glove World

Hot Object #1:
Stalactite Cave Checkpoint
Immediately on the left, behind a rock.

Golden Spatula:
Algae Jungle Checkpoint
Climb all the way up until you reach the lava bit. The golden spatula is on the far left.

Coin #1:
Make your way to the giant log as shown in the picture. Drop down to the rock and complete the course.

Coin #2:
Sleeping Dorudon Checkpoint
Behind the sleeping wale, make your way upwards. Complete the course.

Hot Object #2:
Volcano Slide Checkpoint
After a few minutes into the slide, you’ll come across a trampoline going into a boost with a hook. There is a hot object there, grab it. Die and respawn so you can make your way to the next coin.

Coin #3:
As you respawn, continue the road and don’t go for the sideroad as you just did. A bit further you’ll see a trampoline. Take it and you will be able to reach the coin.

Hot Object #3:
Lava Cave Checkpoint
As you cross the lava stream by jumping the stones, in the middle.

Hot Object #4:
Shortly after you will need to ride the rock to progress. Take the left path to pick it up.

Hot Object #5:
Straight away after, it is in the middle of a giant lava crater. Stand in the middle in order to pick it up.

Cave Painting Cave Checkpoint
Next to the checkpoint.

Coin #4:
Same room, behind the red rock on the right side.

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