Bikini Bottom Collectibles

All collectables can be found below:

Note: All collectibles can only be picked up as soon as you completed the game once!

1. Bikini Bottom
2. Wild West JellyFish Fields
3. Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom
4. Pirate Goo Lagoon
5. Prehistoric Kelp Forest
6. Medieval Sulfur Fields
7. Halloween Rock Bottom
8. Jelly Glove World

The golden coins in Bikini bottom are earned by completing the secondary quests on the other levels.

Golden Spatula:
Across SpongeBob’s house on a rock.

Note #1:
Behind SpongeBob’s house is a bubble switch. Activate it and jump on the trampoline. Keep activating the switches and you’ll find a note shortly after.

Note #2:
Active the 3 lightbulbs and use the slingshot (Behind SpongeBob’s house). Now kill all the enemies on top of the ship. The note will spawn shortly after.

Note #3:
Close to Note #2, Take the trampoline upwards. Kill all enemies and a note spawns.

Note #4:
On top of the lighthouse.

Note #5:
From SpongeBob’s house, take the slingshot. You’ll end up on top of Chum’s Bucket. Active the switch on top of it. Now follow the newly spawned platforms. You’ll end up on top of the mountains, where the note is next to some crates.

Note #6:
Activate the button on the left of Sandy’s house. Make your way up and kill the enemies. A note will spawn.

Note #7:
Active the button near the Krusty Krab. Follow the platforms upwards. It is on your right.

Note #8:
Next to Krusty Krab is another button to smash. Hit it and make your way across within the time limit. Note that this one is very tight, so make some effort! The note will spawn once you hit land.

Note #9:
Mount the seahorse as shown in the picture (near Chum’s bucket). Complete the course and you’ll earn yourself a note.

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