PSVR Guides

All the Playstation VR trophy guides can be found below. 

The developer, difficulty and Peripherals are also mentioned.

PSVR Trophy Guides

SquishiesBrainseed Factory3Motion controllers
Pixel Ripped 1989Avore9PS4 Controller
Astro Bot: Rescue missionSIE Japan Studio3PS4 Controller
The PersistenceFiresprite4PS4 Controller
Trickster VRTrickster VR3Motion controllers
Job Simulator Owlchemy Labs1Motion controllers
In deathSolfar8Motion controllers or PS4 controller
Prison Boss VRTrebuchet3Motion controllers
TornAspyr Media2Motion controllers
Xing: The land BeyondWhite Lotus Interactive2None - VR with motion controllers optional
Smash Hit Plunder Trophy GuideTriangular Pixels3PS4 controller - Motion controllers highly recommended.
The Wizards – Enhanced Edition Trophy GuideCarbon Studio1Motion controllers
Cave Digger: Riches Trophy GuideVR Wiki1Motion controllers
Dick Wilde 2 Trophy GuideBolverk Games9(solo) / 5(multiplayer)Motion controllers
Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigsresolution games1Motion controllers
Ghost Giant Trophy GuideZoink Games1Motion Controllers