Medieval Sulfer Fields Collectibles

All collectables can be found below:

Note: All collectibles can only be picked up as soon as you completed the game once!

1. Bikini Bottom
2. Wild West JellyFish Fields
3. Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom
4. Pirate Goo Lagoon
5. Prehistoric Kelp Forest
6. Medieval Sulfur Fields
7. Halloween Rock Bottom
8. Jelly Glove World

Coin #1:
Cloud Slide Checkpoint
Slide down until you can either pick the left or right path. Pick right and continue forward. A coin will shortly follow after.

Coin #2:
Garden Maze Checkpoint
Hit the button and kill the flying enemy.

Potion Ingredients #1:
enter the maze, straight away to your right.

Coin #3:
Enter the maze and take a right. Pick up the sucker and keep following the path that have you clearing the slime entries.

Coin #4:
Castle Courtyard checkpoint
Left side of the bridge in the water, clear all the barrels while riding the rock.

Potion Ingredient #2:
Under the drawbridge.

Potion Ingredient #3:
In front of the blacksmith.

Coin #5:
Take the horse and ride out of the castle. Halfway there is a coin in the upper right part.

Coin #6:
Twitchy’s Cottage Checkpoint
As you exit the seahorse, straight in front of you.

Coin #7:
As seen from Coin #6, behind the slime on your right. Pick up the sucker and fill it up. Clear the slime on the left first, as is has a hidden button that you need to press in order to spawn some platforms.

Potion ingredient #4:
From the witch, slide to the hollow tree.

Coin #8:
Meanderson River Checkpoint
Behind the waterfall as soon as you enter the new area. Head left and then jump down instead of upwards in order to reach it.

Potion ingredient #5:
Follow the main road a bit until you need to cross the river. On your right upper side

Cross the river. Go left and upwards on the rocks. Cross the river again by using the hidden upward route.

Golden spatula:
Cross the river (AGAIN) and head right, inside the hollow tree.

Potion Ingredient #6:
Bard Audition Checkpoint
in front as you spawn

Coin #9:
In front of the checkpoint, hit the shiny purple button. Destroy all the balloons and the coin will spawn.

Coin #10:
On top of the castle on the left of the stone entry. Hit the button and complete the race.

Coin #11:
Dormitory Hall checkpoint
About halfway through the climb. Jump behind the pillar and make the leap over.

Potion Ingredient #7:
Cake Ballroom checkpoint
Turn right (Facing entry) and you’ll see the last potion ingredient.

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