Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown Trophy Guide

Game: Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown
Peripherals: VR + Motion controllers
Time to 100%: 20 hours
Difficulty: 3/10
Missable trophies: All mutually exclusive – At least 4 playthroughs are required.
Author: Knoef_NL and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome at the trophy guide for Tables of Tales: The Crooked Crown. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Welcome to the Trophy Guide for Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown. A tabletop RPG in VR. You will need to complete the game at least four times to achieve all endings, and it’s trophies that are tied to it. You can see all the decisions made within each playthrough below, if you click on the image it will enlarge(on a new page). Perhaps it’s even better if you print it out, 2 A4 papers will do the trick.

Some trophies require you to perfect a certain roll with the dice. In some cases it’s likely that you will fail such a roll, just quit to the main menu instantly and try again.
You will notice 4 different runs, being those:

1) Watered down Potion.

2) Horatio No-lives.

3) Sinking Hammer.

4) Damp Sorcery.

Just follow the colors of each run. Start with number 1, and complete it all the way until reach the end. Run 4 (yellow) is a “free run”, meaning that you earned all of trophies for the specific areas. You will only need to reach the end to get the “One must remain” and the “Thomas sacrifice” trophy. You could use this run as a clean up run, in case you missed any trophies during a playthrough.


Stage 0 – Basic information

At the beginning of the game you will need to sacrifice one member, this member will be excluded for further gameplay and will disable the use of a certain area within the game. The following areas are tied to the following characters:
Thomas – Emerald Post.
Horatio – Tidewreath.
Hammer – Shadeport.
Nuna – Bestoja.

If you throw Nuna overboard, you won’t be able to access the “Bestoja” area for this playthrough, however you can access that area in the other three playthroughs you need to do for the platinum trophy.

Stage 1 – Complete the game – without Thomas

During this run without Thomas, you need to focus on:

0) Watered Down Potion (Throw Thomas overboard).
1) Independent Scoundrels (Defeat the orcs without Starling’s help).
2) Faster than Lightning (Almost capture the Assassin).
3) High profile (Take the Sunfish ship).
4) The Shadows Hide (Get into the temple without being seen).
5) Light Flickers (Ensure Bestoja doesn’t fall to the shadows).
6) Dodge this (Kill the sniper).
7) The Weevil Squirms (Get the information without killing Weevil).
8) Not quick Enough (Hand Quick over to the Crown Authorities).
9) Goblarks Scourge (Save all villagers from Tidewreath).
10) Zainab’s Compassion (Zainab unchains Horatio in their last fight against the orcs).
11) Zainab’s Return (Zainab returns save to the village).
12) Mad Science (Defeat Thomas).
13) Horatio Sacrifice (Have Horatio save the day).

Stage 2 – Complete the game – without Horatio

During this run without Horatio, you need to focus on:

0) Horatio No-Lives (Throw Horatio overboard).
1) Fire Fighter (Save the emerald post from burning down).
2) Beardbiters Fury (Get Captain Harrow’s axe from Fort Raspel).
3) The Missing Rorqual (Let the strange coral overrun the Rorqual).
4) Shut the door (Close the temple’s summit portal to The Thing Outside).
5) The Quick and The Dead (Leave Quick to die on Diamond Island).
6) Crab Chowder (Defeat Horatio).
7) Hammer’s Sacrifice (Have Hammer save the day).

Stage 3 – Complete the game – without Hammer

During this run without Hammer, you need to focus on:

0) Sinking Hammer (Throw Hammer overboard)
1) Low Key (Take the Sawtooth ship)
2) Wrench in the Machine (Disable the Rorqual and get away)
3) The shadows consume (The island of Bestoja is destroyed by the thing outside)
4) Zainab’s Sacrifice (Zainab is killed fighting Orcs on the ocean floor)
5) The Governator (Defeat Hammer)
6) Nuna’s Sacrifice (Have Nuna save the day)

Stage 4 – Complete the game – without Nuna

During this run without Nuna, you need to focus on:

0) Damp Sorcery (Throw Nuna overboard).
1) One must remain (Defeat Nuna).
2) Thomas Sacrifice (Have Thomas save the day).

All other trophies should be obtained, in case you missed any you can use this run to gather them.


 A Table of Tales
Completed all Trophies.

 Mad Science
Defeat Thomas and his strange coral clones.

You will need to kill both eyes and then make your way to the marked area with the character you would like to sacrifice for the sacrifice trophy. In this case we are going to sacrifice Horatio.

The characters that kill the eyes will be stunned and can’t “Save the day”, so make you DON’T use Horatio in the process of killing the 2 eyes.

This should unlock the “Made Science” trophy and the ” Horatio’s Sacrifice” trophy.

Horatio killing Thomas

 Crab Showder
Defeat Horatio and the giant crab he summoned

The giant crab has 2 eyes that need to be killed before you can make a grab for the sword that will kill the giant crab. Kill both eyes by rolling the dices and gathering up enough points. Once the crab goes completely blind, make your way to the sword with Hammer and kill Horatio.

This will unlock the trophies: “Crab Showder” and “Hammer’s Sacrifice”.

Hammer killing Horatio

 One Must Remain
Defeat Nuna within The Thing Outside’s dimension.

There are four pillars during this boss-fight you will need to talk to. Gather up enough points and disable all four pillars. Once you do so, make your way to Nuna and beat the crap out of her. Once she goes down, you will be able to escape with your characters. Put Hammer and Horatio first, and Thomas as the last person to go through the portal. Thomas will be stopped by Nuna and will be forced to kill her, making him “Save the day”.

Thomas killing Nuna

 The Governator
Defeat the Hammer and her strange cyclops form

During the last fight with Thomas you will need to kill the enemies first. After doing so, you will need to bait Thomas into the 2 doors on the left & right. This will make the villagers escape.

After those 2 things are done, you can move ONE character towards the silent gunpowder, making him save the day. In this run we are going to use Nuna to save the day.

Nuna Killing Hammer

 Light Flickers
Ensure Bestoja does not fall to the shadows.

See “Shut the Door” for more information.

 Wrench in the Machine
Disable the Rorqual and get away.

Win the fight and make your way to the scientist (green icon). Select the right option. This will make the scientist go into the control room, which will disable the Rorqual and will let you escape.

 Not Quick Enough…
Hand Quick over to the crown Authorities.

Select the option to the right, “Turn Quick in” once you won the fight against the pirates.

 Zainab’s Return
Ensure Zainab survives and return to her village.

Don’t let Zainab die during this chapter, where you need to fight off the Goblarks on the ocean floor.

 Shut the Door
Close the temple’s summit portal to The Thing Outside.

Take the left entrance once you arrive in this area. You will be taken to the roof, where you will find the portal. Close it by smashing both the statues that are on the left and right of the portal. Once outside, make an agreement with the soldiers of this island (towards your right). This will allow them to win the fight against “The Thing Outside”.

 Beardbiter’s fury
Get Captain Harrow’s Axe from Fort Raspe.

During this scene, you will need to make your way towards the middle of the island. (Where the characters currently are in the screenshot.) You will find the axe there, which will pop this trophy.

 The Weevil Squirms
Get the information from Weevil without “accidentally” killing him.

During the last part of this scene, you will need to interact with Weevil. This is done by a dice event. Make sure you succeed in the dice event, by rolling at least the required amount of stars. If you fail, you will kill Weevil, which will exclude you from earning this trophy during this run.

You can always exit to the main menu if you fail. Reloading the game will give you another shot at it.

 Zainab’s Compassion
Zainab unchains Horatio in their final fight with the Orcs

In this cave, you will find 3 spots which you can interact with. Don’t interact with any! Kill all Orcs and kill all the yellow eggs. The eggs you need to kill will get “+1 armor” each round, that way you know which one you need to kill.

After killing all the orcs and eggs, the hatchlings will spawn. Kill all of these and the trophy will pop.

 Hammer’s Sacrifice
Have Hammer save the day.

See “Crab Showder” for more information on this.

 Nuna’s Sacrifice
Have Nuna save the day

See “The Governator” for more information on this

 Horatio’s Sacrifice
Have Horatio save the say.

See “Mad Science” for more information on this.

 Thomas’ Sacrifice
Have Thomas save the day.

See “One Must Remain” for more information on this.

 The shadows Consume
The island of Bestoja is destroyed by the thing outside

Step 1: Once you reach the entrance of the island, head to entrance on the right (the main entrance) to make your way into the temple. This will allow you to scare away the soldiers outside.

Step 2: Once inside, you will encounter a Shadowstone, make sure you kill all the soldiers that show up. When you are done, you must make your way to the roof, where the shadow portal is. Leave this portal open and grab the Shadowstone.

Step 3: Once outside, kill the soldiers on your right, then make your exit by using the dude on the left.(Your old friend)
The soldiers will not be able to withhold the things outside, destroying the island.

 The Missing Rorqual
Let the strange coral overrun the Rorqual.

You will need to make your way to the green waypoint, meaning you have to save the scientist. You can either kill him while he is human, or use him to make your escape.
For this trophy, you will need to select left option, “Release”. This will make the Rorqual be overrun with coral.

 The Quick and the Dead
Leave Quick to die on Diamond Island.

When you complete this level, you will be given 2 choices. Make sure you select “Abandon Quick” and this trophy will pop.

Fate of Quick…

 Zainab’s Sacrifice
Zainab is killed fighting Orcs on the ocean floor.

Let Zainab die (The one chained to Horatio), but still succeed in killing the Warlock. Keep an eye on the Goblark with the egg, don’t let him reach the mouth of this giant creature, as that would mean you go game over.

The ocean floor

 Sinking Hammer
Throw Hammer overboard

During the beginning of the story mode you will be given the option to throw any of your 4 members off-board. Choose Hammer and this trophy will pop.

The Hammer

 Damp Sorcery
Throw Nuna overboard.

During the beginning of the story mode you will be given the option to throw any of your 4 members off-board. Choose Nuna and this trophy will pop.


 Horatio No-Lives
Throw Horatio Overboard.

During the beginning of the story mode you will be given the option to throw any of your 4 members off-board. Choose Horatio and this trophy will pop.


 Watered Down Potion
Throw Thomas Overboard.

During the beginning of the story mode you will be given the option to throw any of your 4 members off-board. Choose Thomas and this trophy will pop.


 Independent Scoundrels
Defeat the Orcs without Starling’s help.

This one is right after the “tutorial” where you throw one of your team members off board. Make sure none of your remaining team members dies, and stay away from the captain. That way he won’t get loose from the chains, and won’t help you fight off the Goblarks.

Don’t use the captain!

 Faster than Lightning
Almost capture the strange Assassin.

During the story in the harbor you will be given 3 options. 1 of those is to “Chase the Assassin”. Make sure to do so, and succeed in the dice event!

Capturing the Assassin

 High Profile
Take the Sunfish ship.

After you took care of the guards and/or the Assassin, you want to take the ship on the right (Sunfish).

Right for Sunfish Ship —->

 Low Key
Take the Sawtooth ship.

After you took care of the guards and/or the Assassin, you want to take the ship on the left (Sawtooth).

<—- Left for Sawtooth

 The Shadows Hide
Get into the Temple without being seen.

You will need to select the option directly to your right (by the 3 statues). Make sure you succeed in the dice-event in order to pull this off.

 Fire Fighter
Save the Emerald Post from burning down.

During this scene you will have to save the building from burning down. You will see 4 lights that need to be lit, make sure to do so. While doing this, a bunch of mosquitoes will spawn that will try to kill the building. You can pretty much ignore them and just focus on activating the lights, you will have plenty of time to do so.

Saving the emerald post

 Dodge This!
Take out the Hidden Harbour’s sniper

This is mandatory for completing this chapter. I would advise to ignore the Red hats (enemies) and make your way to the sniper. You can even ignore the crates, just rush forward and kill it. You will need to win the dice event to be able to do so. Make sure you select the character with the highest balancing skill to take out the sniper.

Killing the sniper

 Goblark Scourge
Save ALL the villagers of Tidewreath from the Goblarks.

Once you arrive on Tidewreath, a mini story will unfold. Horatio wants to run away from a lady. It’s advised to fail this dice event, so that the lady will capture Horatio. That way you will be able to use Horatio in the upcoming fight against the Goblarks.

The second step is the dice-event that involves three options. Make sure you use the one of the left (balancing) and the one on the right(2 hands). It’s best if you win both dice events, to increase your chances in keeping the villagers alive.

Now fight the Goblarks and keep the villagers alive while doing so.