Smash Hit Plunder Trophy Guide

Game: Smash Hit Plunder
Peripherals: Move controllers
Time to 100%: 25-35 hours
Difficulty: 3
Missable trophies: none
Author: Knoef_NL

Welcome at the trophy guide for Smash Hit Plunder. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete all levels with 3 crowns

Welcome to the Smash Hit Plunder trophy guide. A game with the looks like Minecraft that makes you destroy anything within your grasp. The game has a total of 13 levels, each level will earn you 6 crowns in 2 game modes. See the table below for a quick overview.

#LevelTreasure RushScavenger Hunt
1Ulric’s house33
2Frogpool village hall33
3Penn Diungeon33
4Blacksmith’s forge33
5Sir Pellinore’s Keep33
6Whitemouth Halls33
7Jolly Taffer’s inn33
8Bronze watch Guard tower33
9Stonegate Treasury33
10Ellen Guild of Mages33
11Trematon Bailey33
12Great library33
13Shadowmere Crypt3
Total crowns75

A few tips for the treasure rush mode:
– Lifting items up will reveal coins.
– Destroy what there is to destroy.
– It’s possible to burn items, which will earn you coins. This goes very slowly and is not recommended.
– Pressing Triangle will reveal the current amount of points and remaining time.
– Eating food will earn you coins.
– Use both hands to suck up coins.
– Kill animals and ghosts. They will earn you a lot of coins.
– Turning vases upside down will make it drop coins, destroy it after.

A few tips for the scavenger hunt mode:
– Press triangle to see which item you are looking for.
– Always go for the items nearest to you.
– Play the mode in rush mode before you attempt hunt mode. This way you will get familiar with the map.
– Items are selected randomly. It’s possible to be unlucky and get items that are not close nearby. Sometimes it will take a few tries before earning the 3 crown score.

Stage 2 – Clean up all the remaining trophies

After completing the “story” mode and earning 3 crowns on every level, you will need to do a few things:
– Collected one of everything (The Indiana Collector)
– Eaten 333 pieces of food (Fill your boots)
– Started 1000 fires (Pyromancer)
– You burned 451 books (Fahrenheit 451)
– Collected 1000 objects in Scavenger Hunt (Hoarding)
– Burned one of everything (Flame-thorough)

It’s possible that you still need to earn a few other trophies too. Please refer to that specific trophy for more details.


 The Crown Jewels
Collected all the trophies

 Smashed it
Smashed one of every item

You will need to smash one of every item. This sounds like a lot, but you will actually get this trophy during the natural course of the game. Certain items require to be thrown hard at a wall for them to break. A little girl’s throw just won’t break them.

 The crowning glory
Collected all the crowns

For this trophy, you will need to earn a total of 75 crowns. Each level has 2 game modes, being it Treasure rush and Scavenger hunt. See the table in stage 1 for more details on the levels.

Unable to verify
After spending hours of grinding I’m unable to achieve this trophy. Not 100% sure if its bugged, or I’m just missing out on a specific item. Currently mailing with the developer to find a solution.

 The Indiana Collector
Collected one of everything

This is by far the hardest trophy in this game and will take forever to achieve. It’s earned in the game mode scavenger hunt mode and requires you to collect one unique item of everything.

This includes weapons, items, food, furniture, etc. There is no way to track which items you already collected. This game mode is 100% based on luck, however, you can influence it a little:

1) Items chosen will be in your current room, or one adjacent to it.
2) You can destroy items so they have less chance of showing up in your book
3) You could have player 2 pile up a lot of items in a single room

 Fill your boots
Eaten 333 pieces of food

A total of 333 food items need to be eaten. They can be found in various levels and are on tables, in kitchens and in baskets. Keep the food in your face and you will eat it. You will need to farm this trophy a bit. Make sure you eat a lot of different items, this is needed for the “Eating your greens” trophy. It requires you to eat one of each item.

Started 1000 fires

Fires can be started by throwing items in the fire. You could use a candle to light items on fire. 1000 is quite a lot and won’t come naturally.
For the “Flame-thorough” trophy you will need to burn each unique item in the game. For the “Fahrenheit 451” trophy you will need to burn 451 books. You should be close to 1000 once you earned both of these trophies.

You could pile items up in a campfire, making is easier to burn multiple items at once.

Worn Souls
Walked 200 Ye Oldy Furlongs

This trophy requires you to walk a fictional amount of Oldy Furlongs. This one popped for me before earning all 75 crowns.

 Tome Raider
Picked up 500 books

Simply pick up 500 books. The great library is a good place to farm this trophy. I earned this trophy during the natural course of the game.

Sterling Archer
Thrown an arrow on target in Bronzewatch Guard Tower

The second room in this level contains an arrow and a target. Grab the arrow and walk close to the target. Now throw it somewhere on the target and the trophy will pop.

Smashed, Hit, Plundered!
Defeated Mordred and claimed the castle

This trophy is earned when you defeat Mordred during the last level. Make sure you throw items against his head to deal damage.
He will throw items back at you, these can be caught by aiming at them and pressing the T button. You could also block the thrown items with a sword or a shield.

 Mouse Trap
Killed a mouse with cheese

This can be done in the very first level. Cheese is found in one of the baskets. There are 2 mice on this level, which can be easily killed in the small house. Pick up the cheese and throw it onto the mouse, which will kill it.

Dispelled a pigeon with an arrow

This can be done on various levels. In the video below we use the level Bronzewatch guard tower. Grab an arrow in the second room and make your way back outside.

Fahrenheit 451
You burned 451 books

This trophy is best earned in the Great library level. You can use 2 methods to burn books:

1) Use a candle and burn books while they are in the shelves
2) Light a book on fire and throw it onto the ground. Now pile up other books on it, creating a campfire of burning books. This method should be faster than the first one.

See the video below for both methodes.

 A crushing blow
Squished a spider with a weapon

This trophy can be earned in many levels. Just grab a weapon (Sword, mace, bow, etc.) and throw it onto the spider.

Wrecking Ball
Smashed 10 items all at once

This trophy is best earned at the widemouth halls level. Make your way to the kitchen and smash the grain sack (as seen in the video). A gravity ball will appear, pick this up and smack it into the ground to activate it. The whole room will have zero gravity, making all items float. Pull a few items from the cabinet and wait for the anti-gravity to end. Once gravity is restored all items will fall down and be destroyed, earning you this trophy.

The last place you look
Went into every room

For this trophy, you will need to enter all rooms, including the secret ones. For the secret rooms, you will earn the trophy “Leave no vase unturned”. All regular rooms will be visited within your normal playthrough. You can’t really leave a room undiscovered when going for the 3 crowns.

The secret rooms are hidden quite well. See the “Leave no vase unturned” trophy for more details on this.

Eating your greens
Ate one of everything

For this trophy, you will need to eat one of everything. There are a lot of food items within the game shattered over various levels. Levels with the most food items are listed below, it’s possible that certain food items can be found on different levels too. To eat a food item, keep it in front of your face and you will eat it. Eating items will reward you with a few coins.

WideMouth halls
Bronzewatch Guard Tower

As soon as you unlock free play, replay all the levels and eat everything that you encounter.

Burned one of everything

For this trophy, you will need to burn one of everything. This can be done by using a lit candle or a fireplace. A few items can only be burned with a fireplace, a candle just won’t light them on fire.

Iron items won’t burn, so you will be looking for wooden items, food, paintings, furniture, etc.

 Fortune favours the brave
Unlocked the first dungeon

This trophy will pop automatically during the course of the game. When you enter the first dungeon this trophy will pop.

Collected all 3 crowns from a dungeon

All crowns within the game(75) are required to earn the “The crowning glory” trophy, so don’t worry about this one. All 3 crowns are earned when meeting the point-requirements in a level(dungeon).

Blew up 50 items with a bomb

Bombs look like black square items with a tiny fuse on them. They can be found in various levels. In the video below the level, Bronzewatch Guard Tower is used. In the second room, you will find a little cabinet with 2 doors. Open the left door and you will find 5 bombs. Pick up the bombs and throw them towards the items in the room. Do this a few times and the trophy will pop.

 Break the Locks
Unlocked Free Run

Free run is unlocked when you have around 60 crowns.

Fowl Play
Dispelled 50 flying animals

For this trophy, you will need to kill 50 flying animals. Smash Hit Plunder has doves and owls that can be killed while flying. Those can be found in various levels. When you encounter them, make sure to let them fly before killing them. It’s better to throw a large item towards them, increasing the chance to hit it.

Collected 1000 objects in Scavenger Hunt

The purpose in Scavenger Hunt is to find a certain item displayed in your book (press triangle). Finding this item will give you some points and extra time. A total of 1000 items/objects need to be found throughout various levels. You will gather between around 15-20 items in an average round. Playing the easier levels in the game (Greater library & Ulric’s house) can reward you with up to 80 items in one round. The items collected during a round can be seen in the book. The total items collected can’t be seen ingame, you will have to count for yourself.

 It’s not a Bug…
..It’s a Feature. Dispelled 50 spiders

Spiders are found on many levels crawling against walls. You can kill them by throwing stuff at it.

Leave no vase unturned
Gone into every secret room in the castle

There are a total of 5 secret rooms within the game. They can be found in the following levels:

Great Library – 3 hidden rooms
The first one is found in the upper area. The second and third one are found in the lower area, opposite of each other.

Stonegate treasury – 1 hidden room
Facing the treasury, to your right. You will need to interact with a wall shown on picture one.

Ellen Guild of mages – 1 hidden room
Behind the fountain of blood, interact with the wall (where the pentacle is).

Stood in front of the mirror for an awkward length of time

Upon starting the game you will find yourself in front of a mirror. The game will ask you to press T to proceed. Don’t proceed just yet and look towards your right. You will see a mirror, and yourself in it. Keep looking at the mirror until the trophy pops. It takes around 30 seconds or so for it to pop.

Out of bounds
Threw something out the window

This trophy can be earned in the main area where a level can be selected. Pick up an item from the bookshelf and throw it out of the window.

 Pesky Pests
Dispelled 50 mice and rats

Mice and rats are found in many levels. Simply kill them by throwing stuff at them. Killing animels grant many coins, so make sure to do this often!

 Smash, Hit, Explode
Blew up 50 bombs

Bombs can be found in various levels, for instance on the Bronzewatch Guard Tower. Simply light them on fire, or throw them hard enough against a wall. Do this 50 times and this trophy will pop.

See “Bomberperson” for more information on this trophy.

 Spirited Away
Dispelled 50 ghosts

Ghosts can be found in various levels. Throwing items or hitting it with items will kill the ghost. Around 3 hits are needed to kill it, earning you some shiny coins.

Thrown items a total of 4572 Cubits

You will earn this trophy when you throw items a fictional 4572 Culbits. This trophy will be earned around mid-game.

 That’s a lotta loot
Collected 100000 loot

You will need to collect a total of 100.000(one hundred thousand) coins. This should pop when you are collecting the 75 crowns. A few retries here and there should help to get this trophy.

 X Marks the Spot
Discovered Shadowmere Crypt

Shadowmere crypt is the final level of the game. When you earned enough crows you will gain access to the final bossfight, earning you this trophy.

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