Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue! Trophy Guide

Game: Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue!
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 6 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1 , 3 , 17 , 18
Author: Siralja

Welcome to the trophy guide for Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue!. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4/5 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the Game.

Welcome, Space Ranger, to a guide for conquering the trophies in Toy Story 2’s exciting adventure! While the game itself might be a blast from the past, the trophies are straightforward and achievable.

Focus on completing the story for now. Most trophies unlock naturally through story progression and the Pizza Planet Token collection. These colorful tokens are key to unlocking levels and trophies. Each non-boss level has 5 and collecting most is necessary to finish the game. Bosses require specific token amounts to even begin. Aim for at least 40 tokens by the final level.

Nothing is missable. You can revisit levels to grab trophies you missed. The You’re a Better Buzz than I Am! trophy requires talking to Rex in every non-boss level. Make this a habit to avoid revisits later.

Thankfully, modern consoles offer a save state-like feature! Use the Options button to save your progress at any point during a level. This acts as a handy checkpoint, especially for tricky sections. The rewind function allows you to go back a few seconds if you make a mistake. No more frustration from falling off tall structures with those classic controls!

I’m Proud of You, Cowboy!
Unlock all trophies in Disney•Pixar Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue!

Good Job, Space Ranger!

So, We Meet Again, Buzz Lightyear, for the Last Time!
Defeat the Evil Emperor Zurg.

To face Zurg in level 12, you’ll need 28 Pizza Planet Tokens. Make sure you’ve collected enough before entering this battle.

Your primary weapon against Zurg is your spin attack. For maximum damage, hold down the Circle button for a fully charged spin. This charged attack allows you to jump and hit the constantly floating Zurg more effectively. Keep spinning and attacking Zurg relentlessly. With a strategic spin attack and well-timed dodges, you’ll conquer the evil emperor.

Well, Stinky Pete, I Think It’s Time You Learned the True Meaning of Playtime!
Defeat the final boss in the Prospector Showdown.

Level 15, Final Showdown:

Before entering, make sure you have 40 Pizza Planet Tokens and ideally at least 3 lives for some wiggle room.

Keep your distance! Focus your laser attacks on the Gunslinger, the only projectile-wielding enemy. Don’t forget to dodge the Blacksmith’s shockwave attack.

As you fight, take down the bosses one by one. Once the Gunslinger falls, switch tactics. The Prospector will charge at you – eliminate him with your trusty spin attack (Circle button). Finally, focus on the Blacksmith and unleash your spin attack until he’s down for the count.

To Infinity, and Beyond!
Hold 9 lives at any time.

Spot hidden green Buzz Lightyear tokens throughout your missions. Collect enough to reach the 9 life maximum. You start with 5 lives, so you’ll need to find 4 more without dying.

If you can’t do this, just play the first level several times. Life Tokens reappear when you restart a level. In Andy’s House, climb the desk from the start. Head towards the bed and follow the path to the baby’s crib. Grab the token, exit the level (without dying!), and repeat until you reach 9 lives.

Well, That Should Hold You till the Court Martial!
Defeat the Buzz Lightyear Buggy.

Level 8’s Al’s Space Land offers a boss brawl with a rogue Buzz Lightyear Buggy! Ascend the poles from the start, lining up your jumps carefully (use Rewind if you fall). The Buggy awaits at the top. For maximum damage, use the spin attack (Circle) to deflect its missiles back at it.

Reach for the Sky!
Defeat the Gunslinger with only a charged laser.

Level 11’s Al’s Penthouse throws down a boss battle against the Gunslinger. Turn right from the level’s start, push the box in the hallway left, and climb to the room’s top. A daring jump into the Western Town sandbox will lead you to your target.

Hold the Square button for a fully charged laser blast, your only weapon against the Gunslinger. Stay mobile and use corners for cover while you charge. Unleash the charged blast only when it’s ready! If you have shot too early, just use the rewind function.

I Choose Buzz Lightyear!
Defeat the Spider Gunro.

Defeat Spider Gunro in level 10.

First, conquer the Wire Puzzle (see “Wired and Ready” for help) to activate the elevator. Ascend to the top and hit the shortcut lever for safety before jumps. Now, enter the left elevator vent to meet Spider Gunro. Save your game before the fight.

The Green Laser power-up (found near Rex in the vents) is your best weapon against this boss. Keep firing your laser while dodging Spider Gunro’s attacks: zip away from its webs and outrun it when it charges.

Weighted Success
Accept and win Rocky Gibraltar’s challenge.

Level 13: Airport Infiltration

Start by talking to Rocky at the bottom of the conveyor belt room (after the first level area). He’ll give you the rundown on this dumbbell challenge.

  1. Climb the conveyor belt right in front of Rocky to grab the first dumbbell.
  2. Leap down from the conveyor belt – the second dumbbell is waiting right below.
  3. Head into the luggage room (where you find Mr. Potato) to snag the third dumbbell.
  4. Backtrack to the previous room – you’ll find dumbbell number four near the hangar entrance.
  5. The final weight is hidden inside the hangar itself.

Once you have all five dumbbells, it’s a race against the clock! Rush back to Rocky before time runs out.

I Knew There Was Something I Didn’t Like about that Chicken!
Defeat the way-out space toy in the Toy Barn.

Level 9’s Toy Barn boss requires 18 Pizza Planet Tokens. Detach its five pods by blasting the central section with your laser. Each pod releases enemies, eliminate them before proceeding. A large shielded enemy might appear, your spin attack (Circle button) is its weakness! Dodge the Spaceship’s lasers while battling smaller foes. Once all pods are gone, focus fire on the central section until it explodes.

Prospective Winner
Defeat the Prospector.

Level 13: Airport Infiltration

You’ll need the Hover Boots (refer to the “Plane Scavenger” trophy for details). With them, climb the suitcases near the hangar until you reach the top. From there, jump onto the nearby conveyor belt to face the Prospector.

The Prospector demands a close-quarters fight. Unleash your spin attack (Circle button) – it’s your only weapon against him! Keep spinning and attacking the Prospector relentlessly. With a strategic spin attack and well-timed dodges, you’ll conquer this boss.

Heli Helper
Solve the puzzle to make the helicopter land.

Level 14 Tarmac Trouble:

First, you’ll need to reach the puzzle itself. Head to Zone 1 and find the building at the very top. Travel to the vehicle between Zones 1 and 2, where Rex is hanging out. Climb one of the vehicle’s poles and use the zipline to reach the rooftop of the building.

Now, for the puzzle! The light combinations change every time you try the puzzle, so there’s no single solution to memorize. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Four buttons sit below rows of colored lights. Each button shows an activated and deactivated version of the same color.
  • When you stomp a button, it activates or deactivates the corresponding color in the light row above.
  • Your goal is to match the lower light row to the upper row.
  • You only get three tries to stomp the buttons before the puzzle resets.

Once you crack the code and the lights match perfectly, a helicopter will land nearby.

Forge Ahead
Defeat the Blacksmith.

Level 14 Tarmac Trouble:

First, you’ll need to reach the Blacksmith. He resides atop Zone 7, unreachable from the ground. Make your way to the center of the area and climb the flagpole. From there, carefully jump onto the plane wing and navigate to the other side. When the plane approaches Zone 7, use it as a bridge to reach the building.

The strategy is simple: relentless spin attacks! Keep hitting the Blacksmith, and he’ll be defeated in no time. With a strategic spin attack and well-timed dodges, you’ll conquer this boss.

Attentive Space Ace
Defeat the Dinosaur without stepping in the green goo.

Level 7’s Al’s Toy Barn boss fight. Avoid the green goo because a single touch restarts the level. Grab the Green Laser power-up at the start. Head to the back, find the skateboard, then climb the boxes in the left room to reach Rex.

Locate the open vent, climb through, and descend the rope to the boss. Blast the dinosaur with continuous green laser fire (hold Square) – it’ll melt the foe without getting you gooey. Defeat the dino without gooey mishaps and the trophy’s yours!

Cardboard Arena Champion
Defeat the Tin Robot.

Defeat the Tin Robot Boss in Level 1 (Andy’s House)

Head to the attic (left of Andy’s Room). Use the plant and rope (above Rex) to climb. Boxes lead to the boss fight. Keep running sideways while the Tin Robot charges (camera focuses on it). Charge your laser (hold Square) while running. When the Robot gets tired, unleash your laser for damage! Repeat this until it’s scrap metal.

Back Alley Clean Up
Defeat the horrible gooey monster of the alley.

The gooey Green Slime awaits in Level 6! You’ll need 10 Pizza Planet Tokens to enter the fight.

Prepare for a messy battle against the Green Slime. This boss will try to crush you and fling green goo – dodge those attacks! Your best weapon? Your laser (Square button). Fire rapidly to shrink the slime down to size. Once shrunk, the slime dives back into its trash can, only to re-emerge a bit bigger and repeat its attack pattern. Rinse and repeat this shrinking process two more times to vanquish the slime completely.

Spin to Win
Defeat Clown Top with only spin attacks.

Level 5 throws a unique boss battle your way: Clown Top. However, you won’t be able to access him right away. To reach this high-up foe, you’ll need the Grappling Hook upgrade, obtainable in Level 11 (“Elevator Hop”) by finding Mr. Potato’s missing Foot.

Once you have the Grappling Hook, return to Level 5. Locate the grappling point on a trash can near the starting area. This ascent is a challenging one with potential for long falls. Utilize the Save & Load features frequently to minimize frustration.

At the peak, you’ll confront Clown Top. Here’s the twist: lasers are ineffective in this fight! You’ll need to rely solely on your trusty spin attack (Circle button) to take him down. Stay close to Clown Top and unleash a barrage of spins. He won’t last long against this close-quarters combat.

How Ribbiting
Jump on all the alley lily pads.

Level 5 Alleys and Gullies:

Start Level 5, but instead of venturing forward, turn around. Follow the path behind you until you find Rex. There, push a plank and a box to reveal a hidden water area.

In this hidden water area, you’ll see a stream with moving planks and boxes. Jump and land on 4 lily pads floating on the stream, one after another. Use the moving planks and boxes as stepping stones to reach each lily pad. Rewind if you Fail.

Get Jackhammered
Defeat the Jackhammer.

Conquer the construction site and topple the Jackhammer boss in Level 4!

You’ll need the Disc Launcher to defeat Jackhammer. First, find Mr. Potato’s missing Eye! Head to the bulldozer near the start and stomp the button to lower the front. This creates a climbing path on the steel beams. As you ascend, save your game frequently to avoid frustration from falls. Look out for levers – stomping them activates shortcuts via the small elevator on the building’s exterior. After jumping on chains, you’ll find Mr. Potato’s Eye. Don’t forget to activate another shortcut lever nearby before dropping down. Return the Eye to Mr. Potato to unlock the Disc Launcher.

Head to the very top of the building to face Jackhammer. You’ll find Discs scattered around the edge. Grab them and turn around. Unleash a rapid barrage of discs at Jackhammer.

You’re a Better Buzz than I Am!
Speak with Rex in every level he appears in.

Here’s where to find Rex in each level:

  1. Andy’s House: Look to the right of Andy’s room, just below the attic.
  2. Andy’s Neighborhood: Find him by the racetrack, guarded by car robots.
  3. Construction Yard: He’s next to Mr. Potato by the trailer and some bricks.
  4. Alleys and Gullies: Rex is near the box you push to access the sewer area.
  5. Al’s Toy Barn: Check the middle level of the room to the left of the skateboard.
  6. Al’s Space Land: You’ll find him right next to the claw machine.
  7. Elevator Hop: After using the Grappling Hook, look for Rex in the vents next to an opening.
  8. Al’s Penthouse: Head to the left of the starting area, near the fireplace.
  9. Airport Infiltration: Mr. Potato isn’t the only one hiding! Rex is nearby, concealed by a mountain of luggage.
  10. Tarmac Trouble: Look on top of a baggage handler near Zone 2 to spot Rex.

Bi-Plane Crazy
Defeat the neighborhood boss.

The boss fight in Level 3, “Bombs Away!”, is the easiest in the entire game. Before you enter, make sure you have collected at least 3 Pizza Planet Tokens.

The Plane Toy will fly around the yard, firing at you. Use your laser (Square button) to damage it as it approaches. Holding down Square charges your laser for a more powerful attack.

If you’re struggling to hit the Plane Toy, you can switch to First-Person mode for more precise aiming. Press L1 to enter First-Person mode, then lock onto the plane with R1 when it gets close. Fire your laser (Square button) to deal damage.

Let’s Go Down a Kite
Defeat the Zurg Kite.

The boss of Level 2 might seem unconventional – it’s a giant Zurg kite stuck on a tree! This is the trickier part. Climbing the large tree in the middle of the level can be frustrating. Utilize the Save & Load feature frequently to avoid restarting long sections.

It’s recommended to grab the Green Laser power-up from the yard with the car before climbing the tree. This power-up deals significant damage to the boss. Once you reach the platform, shoot the Zurg Kite with your laser.

The kite will react by spinning towards you. Simply run around the platform to avoid getting hit. Wait for the kite to stop spinning and become stationary before shooting it again. Repeat this process (shoot, dodge, shoot) until the Zurg Kite is destroyed.

Fastest Space Ranger in Town
Win the garage race against R.C. Car.

Win the R.C. Car Race in Level 1 (Andy’s House)

  1. Talk to RC Car in the garage (through flap door in living room).
  2. Race for 3 laps! Stay in front of RC – he’ll bump you, slowing him down.
  3. Watch out for hose & oil spills – they’ll spin RC, giving you a lead.
  4. Win and get a Pizza Planet Token!

This Game Is Rigged
Fail to grab the token in the claw machine three times.

Level 8 Al’s Space Land:

The claw machine sits next to Rex in a room near the starting point. You’ll need to jump on a soda cup to reach the controls. Just let the claw run into the void 3 times in a row.

Plane Scavenger
Discover a prize hidden on top of the broken plane.

Level 13: Airport Infiltration

You’ll need some special equipment – the Hover Boots. Make your way through the level until you reach the repair hangar (the room with a plane). On the right side, you’ll find a tire you can push to create a climbing path. Ascend by tilting platforms like you’ve done before. Once you reach the platform by the plane’s main body, you’ll find Mr. Potato’s missing mouth.

Now, descend to the floor and head to the luggage room (opposite your current location). There, you’ll find Mr. Potato himself. Reunite him with his mouth, and he’ll reward you with the Hover Boots! Return to the plane you were climbing. As you near the top, it’s time to unleash the power of the Hover Boots! Hold down the Cross button to activate the hover function.

Guaranteed to Stick
Take a relaxing dip in some cement.

This can be done in any level that has cement. The first level where cement occurs is level 2, Andy’s Neighborhood. In the middle of the level, just go into the cement and wait for the trophy to appear.

A Good Soldier Never Leaves a Man Behind!
Help find and return Sarge’s troops.A Good Soldier Never Leaves a Man Behind!

Help Sarge get his troops back in line in Level 2!

  1. Backyard Buddy: Right where you start, look for a soldier popping out of a hole with flares. Stomp the hole with Circle + Cross to block it and grab him. Repeat for all the holes.
  2. Swinging Soldier: This guy’s hanging out on the swing set where you start climbing the big tree.
  3. Poolside Private: Head to the yard with the pool. He’s waiting on a plant at the very end of the platforming section. Save often if you’re prone to falls!
  4. Treetop Trooper: You can’t miss him halfway up the big tree, right next to a plank. Keep your eyes peeled as you climb.
  5. Laundry Line Lookout: This one’s a bit tricky. In the yard with the car, stomp the buttons to tilt it, then stomp the trunk to launch yourself across. Carefully jump to the drying rack and zipline towards the soldier. Remember to switch ziplines to avoid the clothes! Save often if you get frustrated with falls.

Ride Like the Wind, Bullseye!
Accept and complete Bullseye’s challenge.

In Level 11, Al’s Penthouse, Bullseye will task you with finding five horseshoes scattered around his penthouse. You’ll have a limited time to collect all five and return to him.

  1. Begin by turning left from Bullseye. You’ll find the first horseshoe right in front of Rex.
  2. Backtrack slightly and enter the living room. Locate the second horseshoe near the fireplace.
  3. Circle the table in a clockwise direction to find the third horseshoe.
  4. Ascend the couch to grab the fourth horseshoe.
  5. Turn right and climb the wooden fence to secure the final horseshoe.

With all five horseshoes collected, time is critical! Quickly jump over the fence and return to Bullseye before the time limit expires.

Well Aren’t You Just the Sweetest Space Toy I Ever Did Meet!
Help find and return Jessie’s critters.

Jessie needs your help finding her lost critters scattered around the place in Level 11, Al’s Penthouse. Reunite her with all five.

Critter 1: Starting point

Head to the kitchen (hole to the left of Rex). You’ll see Jessie on the counter (accessible by jumping on the fridge – shoot the lock first!). This critter is on a high shelf near the level’s starting point. Climb the nearby couch, then the fence to reach the fireplace. Ascend the pole and use the swings to reach a button shelf. Stomp the button to destroy the cannon and reveal the critter ahead. A well-timed double jump should get you there. (Alternatively, use Rewind if you fall.)

Critter 2: The Train Room

Push the box in the hallway to the room on the right. Climb the big train to find this critter.

Critter 3: Opposite the Train Room

Use the same box to climb towards this critter. Push the box to jump to the other side, then climb the cowboy boot to reach the top shelves where the critter is hiding.

Critter 4: Bathroom

Shoot the lock to the right of the fireplace to access the bathroom. The critter is on the cupboards. Jump in the bathtub and stomp the button to raise the water level. Use the three sponges that appear to reach the counter. Stomp another button to raise the water further. Find the button on top of the shower to raise the water to the ceiling, granting access to the critter. (If you fall, use Rewind or the button in the bathtub to restart the water flow.)

Critter 5: Back in the Kitchen

Shoot the fridge lock and climb to the top of the cupboards. Jump on the scales for a boost and use the chains to reach the final critter. (Remember, Rewind is your friend if you fall!)

The Great Air Duct Race
Win a token race in the air ducts.

This trophy takes place in Level 10.

First, conquer the Wire Puzzle (check “Wired and Ready” for the solution) to activate the elevator. Ascend to the very top and activate the shortcut lever at the summit.

Now, jump onto the right elevator and enter the vent to find Father Mouse. The race is on! You’ll be sliding down the vents – jump over the yellow and black marked holes to keep up with the Pizza Planet Token that’s leading the way. Save your game before the race and use Rewind if you take a tumble.

This Isn’t Fair!
Win the neighborhood race against R.C. Car without the Rocket Jet Boots.

This trophy can be earned in Level 2 – Andy’s Neighborhood. Midway through the level, you’ll encounter R.C. Car again, challenging you to another 3-lap race. This race is much tougher because R.C. doesn’t have obstacles to slow him down, while you must jump over cement pools and avoid robot enemies.

Normally, you’d use the Rocket Jet Boots, unlocked in Level 7, Al’s Toy Barn, but for this trophy, you need to win without that power-up. To win without the Rocket Jet Boots, stay ahead of R.C. so it bumps into you and briefly stops.

When navigating the cement pools, avoid double-jumping, as R.C. can quickly overtake you while you’re in the air. Instead, make a single jump or run through the cement to maintain your lead. If R.C. passes you, it’s best to restart the race by moving away and returning to the starting point, as it’s nearly impossible to catch up without the Rocket Boots. Alternatively, you can use the Rewind feature to return to a point where you’re still in the lead and try again from there.

Buzz Lightyear, Part-Time Shepherd
Help find and return Bo-Peep’s sheep.

Here’s how to find all 5 lost sheep in Level 1:

Attic Sheep: Head to the attic and move the box near the entrance. Climb the plank and pole to reach the wooden beams. Navigate these beams to find the first sheep.

Living Room Sheep: Locate the X on the armchair next to Hamm’s couch. Stomp it (press Cross then Circle) to launch yourself to a high shelf. Follow the shelves and grab the sheep (don’t forget Mr. Potato’s Ear here too!).

Garage Sheep: Access the garage through the living room flap door. This sheep awaits atop the workbench. Expect some platforming and robot enemies. Use the shovel to create a shortcut or the Save & Load feature if you fall.

Basement Sheep: Give Mr. Potato his ear (from Sheep #2) to unlock the Cosmic Shield. This lets you traverse the green goo in the basement. Climb platforms and use the zipline near the stairs to reach the sheep on a shelf.

Kitchen Sheep: Start climbing from the fridge. Push down the scales near the sink, jump on them, and use your Stomp move for extra height to reach the final sheep atop the cupboards.

Full Throttle
Win a race against a flying saucer.

In Level 8’s Al’s Space Land, a zipline race awaits you. Seek out some boxes to the right in a corridor near the starting point. Climb these boxes and you’ll find a Flying Saucer eager for a challenge – a zipline race!

Before you launch yourself into the race, consider saving your game. A safety net in case of a fall is always a good idea. The Rewind feature can also be your friend if you take a wrong turn. As you zoom down the zipline, keep an eye out for bright red sections on the rope. These are your jump points! Time your jumps precisely to land on the next zipline section. Cross the finish line first.

You Have Saved our Lives! We are Eternally Grateful!
Help find and return the Mothership’s aliens.

In Level 8: Al’s Space Land, the Mothership needs your help! Reunite its scattered alien crew.

Alien 1: Close Encounter

This little guy is right near the starting point. Jump on the star-topped poles, navigating carefully until you reach his perch. Be mindful – this path also leads to the Buzz Lightyear Buggy boss fight at the end of the poles.

Alien 2: Zipline Stowaway

Race down the zipline for the “Full Throttle” trophy. After your speedy descent, jump onto the next shelf to claim this alien.

Alien 3: Laser Maze Lookout

Halfway through the laser-filled corridor, use the ziplines. Jump on top of the boxes to snag this alien.

Alien 4: Boxed In

At the end of the laser corridor, you’ll land on a box near Hamm. The alien is next to a pushable box that creates a shortcut – but don’t forget the alien first!

Alien 5: Ball Pit Bonanza

Head to the Arcade Room with the Claw Machine. Climb the arcade machines and double jump to reach the top platform. Drop into the ball pit through the pole and grab the final alien.

Rooster’s Run
Win Rooster’s second race.

In Level 7, Al’s Toy Barn, a feathery challenge awaits! Seek out Rooster by the skateboard at the shop’s back. Talk to him to launch yourself into Rooster’s Race.

The course is an obstacle extravaganza! Hop on the skateboard for a running start, launching yourself towards the trampoline. From there, aim your jump to land on the middle aisle shelf. Don’t stop there! Leap left onto a shopping cart, then onto a Buzz Lightyear box. Use the pole for a forward boost, then zipline to the shelf holding the Chick Collectible (one of five in this level).

Talk to Rooster again to initiate Race 2. The course stays the same, but the pressure rises – you’ll have 30 fewer seconds to make it to the shelf.

A Prize Unfiled
Find a prize on top of the filing cabinets.

This takes place in Level 7, Al’s Toy Barn. Head to the back of the shop and find the skateboard. In the room on the right, towering cabinets hold the prize.

First, climb onto the desk where Hamm chills and grab the Disc Launcher nearby. Switch to First-Person mode (L1) and aim the Disc Launcher at the three locks on the cabinets. Shoot them to trigger the drawers in an opening and closing dance. You’ll need to time your jumps perfectly, scaling the drawers as they open and shut. Precise leaps will get you to the top of the cabinets.

One Toy’s Trash Is Buzz’s Treasure
Ride a balloon onto a trash can.

In Level 5, find the market area with Hamm. Look for a balloon above a helium tank near a trash can with a Pizza Planet Token. To grab it, activate a fan on a shelf behind the balloon.

Climb the watermelon stand on the other side and jump towards the fan. You might see a robot blocking the way. Shoot it with the Disc Launcher (from Level 4) or use your spin attack (Circle button) to destroy it.

Once clear, activate the fan (stomp the button). Balloons will appear by a table. Grab one as it floats by and it’ll carry you to the trash can. Take the token and the trophy is yours!

Exploring That Creative Spark
Create three batches of paint.

This trophy can be found in level 4. Inside the trailer near the starting point, you’ll find a color-mixing puzzle.

  • Combine primary colors (red, blue, yellow) to create secondary colors (purple, orange, green).
  • A vessel lets you mix colors – position it under the desired dispenser (e.g., red) and press the button in front.
  • To create purple, mix red and blue. Apply the mixture to the purple image slot. Repeat for orange (red + yellow) and green (blue + yellow).
  • Light up all three green lights by matching the mixed colors to their corresponding image slots, and voila!

Oh, Great, You Found Them!
Help find and return the Foreman’s little Tikes.

The Foreman in Level 4, Construction Yard, needs your help finding his lost Tikes! Reunite him with all 5 for a Pizza Planet Token and a trophy.

  1. Filing Cabinet Friend: Right by the starting point, peek inside the trailer on top of the filing cabinet. You’ll likely encounter this one while completing the “Exploring That Creative Spark” trophy (Colors puzzle).
  2. Bulldozer Buddy: Hop in the driver’s seat of the bulldozer for this easy find.
  3. Red Beam Rider: Look halfway up the construction building for a red steel beam. That’s where this adventurous Tike is hanging out.
  4. Crane Catch: Ascend to the very top of the construction building and head to the edge of the yellow crane to find this Tike with a view.
  5. Wheelbarrow Waiter: Near Hamm, there’s a Tike waiting in a wheelbarrow. You’ll need to push a block to create a platform and reach it.

Wired and Ready
Solve the elevator wire puzzle.

Level 10’s Elevator Hop zaps you with the Wire Puzzle! Got the Grappling Hook, By bringing back Mr. Potato’s feet. You can find them directly in the first room of the level.

  • Find the puzzle near a metal desk with a console (use the Grappling Hook to get there).
  • Stomp the right button once (raises blue, lowers red).
  • Stomp the middle button once (raises green, lowers blue).

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