The Persistence Enhanced Edition(PS5) Trophy Guide

Game: The Persistence Enhanced Edition
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 15 hours
Difficulty: 5/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1, 4 , 7 , 32
Author: Knoef_NL

Welcome to the trophy guide for The Persistence Enhanced Edition. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the campaign

The Persistence is a survival game set on a spaceship where you are the only survivor together with an A.I who will support you. Dying means you have to start again, but there are plenty of upgrades available for you to grow permanently stronger, and you won’t lose your progress in the campaign.

There are a total of 5 campaign missions you will need to complete in order to 100% the campaign. While playing you want to farm 4 things: Schematics, Tokens, Fabrics, and stem cells in order to upgrade and unlock new stuff!


Persistence Pays Dividends
Collect all trophies

Everything is Awesome!
Make an Epic of each suit, teleporter, shield, harvester, and supersense

These are the upgrades that you can make in order to make yourself a bit stronger. You can only equip one upgrade for each class (5 total).

for this trophy, you’ll need to craft an epic (orange) upgrade for all categories, listed below:

  1. Suits
    1. Weapon (Weapon power + Store discount boost)
    2. Sneak (Speed + Stealth boost)
    3. Vampire (HP Steal)
    4. Dark matter regen (dark matter regen speed + Health regen per hit)
    5. Survival (Armour protection + Shield recovery)
    6. Loot drop (Better loot chance + Higher loot drop chance)
  2. Teleporter
  3. Shield
  4. Harvester
  5. Supersense

Fully Fortified
Use all 4 Debris Defence Shield machines on the same life

You will need to use all defense shield machines for this trophy. There is one per deck, 4 in total. It is highly advisable that you visit and activate the areas before you try this trophy.

They can be found by opening the minimap and looking for an Exclamation mark(!) with the description “Defense Shield machine”. When you enter the room some enemies will spawn. You must kill them all. You will find a keycard on one of the dead enemies. Use this keycard to activate the machine. This is done by interacting with the desk by looking at it.

You won’t have to activate it again with the keycard upon returning to the same area and deck level. You can simply look at it to gain the defense boost. This makes the Fully fortified trophy a little easier. 

Please remember that locations are randomized upon death. The areas are distinct by their square-shaped figure with 2 exclamations (!) marks in them. Simply interact with the desk and the NPC will tell you that you received a shield boost. Do this for all 4 levels and you will earn this trophy.

Super Happy Ending
Save both Serena and Zimri

In the last objective, you will need to save either Serena or Zimri for the “Going home!” trophy. The story then tells you that you can save both by continuing your way towards the terminal at the end of the hallway. You will need to fight off 3 chambers with enemies. It is highly recommended that you bring at least 4 rage serums, 1 for each room and 1 spare.

It is recommended to make a save file before entering the fighting rooms, allowing for a quick reload if you fail.

Refer to the video below to see what you are up against.

Feeling Unstoppable
Get all DNA stats to max

DNA stats are another way to increase the power of your character permanently. There are 4 DNA stats present within the game. These are:

  1. Health (10 upgrade levels)
  2. Stealth (4 upgrade levels)
  3. Dark Matter (4 upgrade levels)
  4. Melee Damage (10 upgrade levels)

All the Crew
Print a clone of all 7 crew members

You can earn 6 new crew members + the default one, being that a total of 7. You can print the following:

Zemri Eder (Default) – +25% Armoury discount (Free)
Hai Al-Farsi – +100% Forcefield Hitpoints (1.500 Stem cells)
Joe Wilson – +75% Melee Damage (1.000 Stem cells)
Dr. Harmony Cantor – +50% Harvest Rate (500 Stem cells)
Serena Karim – +25% loot increase (250 Stem cells)
Dr. Gabriel Faraday – +25% Dark Matter Regen Speed (250 Stem cells)
Captain Caia Amaechi – +100% Health (3.000 Stem cells)

Before you can print a clone, you’ll need to unlock it. How to do that can be found below, in the “A Lost Family” Trophy.

A Lost Family
Find all 6 crew member artefacts

Crew members can be found at random on any deck. You’ll have to look for an exclamation mark (Picture 1) on the mini-map. Go towards that area and harvest the body (Picture 2). You can only find one crew member during one run. You can’t find the same crew member twice.

Shields at Maximum
Power up all the Debris Defence Shield machines

The Debris Defense Shield machines can be found on each deck once. They can be found by opening the minimap and looking for an Exclamation mark(!) with the description “Defense Shield machine”. When you enter the room some enemies will spawn. You must kill them all. You will find a keycard on one of the dead enemies. Use this keycard to activate the machine. This is done by interacting with the desk by looking at it.

You won’t have to activate it again with the keycard upon returning to the same area and deck level. You can simply look at it to gain the defense boost. This makes the “Fully fortified” trophy a little easier.

Kill 100 enemies by harvesting their stemcells

You can harvest all enemies except the Sentry Gun & Blood Hound from behind and pressing square. Do this a total of 100 times and the trophy is yours. Harvesting stem cells this way is a great income for your stem cells.

As Good as it Gets
Get any weapon to Max level

Upgrade any weapon towards the maximum. This can be done at any weapon vendor and pressing R1 to swap tabs. Upgrading weapons will cost you tokens, which can be found everywhere like stem cells.

Full Arsenal
Unlock all weapons

For this trophy, you will need to unlock all weapons present within this game. A full list can be found in the image below.
Unlocking a weapon will cost you 1 Erebus Token per weapon. You could earn this trophy rather early within your playthrough since tokens are common. Weapons you have unlocked will be marked green, unlocked weapons will be marked red within the fabricator.

Nah, I’m Good.
Visit all 4 Decks on any 1 life, without collecting anything or making a weapon

Visit all 4 decks without picking anything up. It is recommended to do this later in the game, as you will have more health & dark matter.

Payback Time
Unlock a weapon

A weapon can be unlocked from any machine vendor ingame. Press R2 to switch tabs and unlock any weapon for 1 token.

A Fallen Hero
Find the Captain’s body on Engineering Deck

For this trophy, you’ll need to find the captain on deck level 4 of the Persistence. Deck level 4 is packed with strong enemies, the hardest thing about this mission is reaching it safe and sound. The mission itself only lasts for about 3 minutes and thus is rather short.
Before completing Objective 4, please consider doing the following:

  • Upgrade your weapons
  • Buy some weapons before entering deck level 4
  • Get some invisibility items
  • Get a good upgrade on your health, stealth, dark matter and melee damage.

You’ll need to find a keycard(1) in an area that is full of dead enemies. The keycard can be found on the left side of the area. When you activate the keycard in terminal(2), a horde of enemies(5) will come through the door(4). Make sure you’re ready for them. You could skip them by turning invisible. Make your way into the captain her chambers. This is done by following the path drafted below. Take the portal (6) and then take the other portal(7). Please note that there will be a few Weapers on your way towards the captain. Upon finding the captain(9) her body, harvest her DNA by pressing square. After this, the trophy should pop.

Teleport Technician
Visit Research and then Stardrive decks on any one life, without walking

You’ll need to go from Research deck (First deck) to Stardrive deck (second deck) without walking. You can only use your teleportation skill, which uses dark matter. It is recommended to try this later on, as you’ll have more dark matter to use.

Get fireballs to kill a total of 10 mutants

Fireballs are an enemy type that will explode. They are easiest to trigger by hitting them once, they will explode shortly after. Enabling your shield will protect you from the blast.

Keep Your Distance, Buddy
Use your shield 10 times against the same enemy

Use your shield to block an attack from the same enemy 10 times. This is best done on the first deck, as enemies are weakest there. You can try it later on, as you will have a better shield then.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Kill any enemy with a hidden Siren Grenade

The hidden siren grenade is found at random in any loot spot (inside furniture).
Since you need to kill an enemy with it, you’ll be best off by using the Ivy Serum on an enemy and have it follow you. Now you’ll have to find a hidden grenade and get the Ivy Serum enemy close enough. This trophy is a bit RnG based, since you can’t influence the spawn rate of the hidden siren grenade.

Thank You!
Get a weeper to kill another mutant (without using Ivy Serum)

For this trophy, you must bait a regular enemy between you and the weeper. Now the weeper must scream and the enemy will be killed.

Big Bad Buddy
Rage Berserkers to kill 10 enemies

The berserker is a hulk-like creature that can be found on any deck. A Berseker is enraged when its hands glow. This is achieved by hitting it once with a weapon (Needle gun does little damage and works perfectly). Now get the berserker close to other enemies, and it will kill them. This takes a bit of patient since the berserker won’t attack other enemies immediately.

Note: This can’t be achieved by using Ivy Serum on the Berserker.

The Ship is Your Friend
Use the environment to kill 10 enemies

There are a couple of ways to kill an enemy by using the environment.

You can: Use electric panels on the floor, use explosive barrels or you can use the gravity gun and place the enemies in the forcefields, which are often on the edges of chambers.

Full House
Kill one of each type of enemy

For this trophy, you will need to kill each of the enemies once. There are a total of 9 enemies being:

1. Berserker
2. Infected Golem
3. Reaper
4. Weaper
5. Fireball
6. Infected
7. Infected with Gun
8. Bloodhound
9. Security robot

Plot the Jump Vectors
Plot the jump vectors home on Research Deck

For this trophy, you’ll need to complete the first objective. Plot the jump vectors on the Research deck (First deck). Upon arrival, you’ll encounter a closed door. Make your way through the maintenance shaft towards the Power panel. The shaft is filled with Reaper enemies. Hit them once and they should run away. You can activate the power panel by looking at it. Now, make your way towards the IRIS panel by using the shafts again.

When you arrive at the IRIS panel, interact with it. The NPC will tell you that you should activate the Terminal for it to work. Walk towards the left and you’ll encounter a maintenance shaft (don’t use the one you came from). Make your way towards the Terminal and clear any Reapers that you encounter, then interact with the Terminal by looking at it. You will be told to return to the IRIS panel.

Interact with the IRIS panel when you arrive there in order to end the mission. Please note that 2 Berserkers will spawn at the end of the mission.
It doesn’t matter if you die here, as the level is already over.

Not Feeling Myself…
Print a clone of any other crew member

Print any clone.

Mutant Madness
Refuel the Stardrive

For this trophy, you’ll need to complete the second mission of the game.

You’ll need to refuel the Stardrive by shooting enemies into the Plasma gate by using your Valkyrie gun. The Valkyrie gun can be found in the first area (1, Yellow dot). Pick up the gun and make your way back towards the Terminal (2). Upon activating the Terminal, you’ll need to shoot the power box (3). The bridge will open and you can then move forwards. Move towards the left and interact with the Ignitor (4). Now shoot a few of the enemies into the plasma gate (5) with your gun. Once you’ve shot enough into the Plasma gate, the shield will deactivate, which will allow you to move towards the area that was previously blocked by a force field. You’ll now find yourself walking towards the Plasma gate (6). Please note that a lot of enemies will spawn, and they’ll keep spawning until you’ve shot enough of them into the plasma gate (6). After you activate the Plasma gate (6) you can take a little break. The last part will require you to interact with the Ignitor (7) and shoot the enemies that spawn. The trophy will pop after you fuel up the last Plasma gate (8).

Shooting enemies into the plasma gate is best done while crouching with R3. Make sure that you are standing in a straight line.

A Lost Friend
Find a crew member artefact

Find any crew member artefact.

Repair the Sensors
Repair the Sensors on Communications Deck

For objective three you’ll need to fix the sensors on the Communications Deck, which is found on the third floor.
When you arrive on the third floor, there’ll be a huge green dot on your map. You can place a custom way-point with X while in the map menu. You won’t need any weapons to complete this mission. The game will provide you with a gravity gun that has unlimited ammo for the duration of this mission. Upon arriving in the correct area you will need to fix the sensors. This is done by placing a battery into each of the correct slots.

First & Second Battery & Doors (see drawing below)
It is highly recommended that you start with the door that is marked blue with the “1d”. To Open this door, simply insert the battery that is marked with a “1” into the blue “1b” slot. The battery can be found in front of the battery slots. You can pick up the battery (1) with the gravity gun that you found on the table. When inserted, the “1d” door will open. You’ll need to pick up the battery that is in the middle of the room (marked with a “2”). Insert this battery into the “1d” battery slot.

Be very careful, enemies will spawn! You can defeat them by using your gravity gun. Pick them up with R2 and smack them to death. Smacking them requires you to move your head. You can also shoot them away, however, this will cause less damage. The area is also packed with explosive red barrels. When all of the enemies are killed, the second phase will start. The start of the second phase begins when NPC starts talking to you.

The second phase is pretty much the same as the first phase. Take the battery out of the “1b” slot and insert it into the “2b” slot. This will open the “2d” door! You will notice that you are missing a battery that is needed to activate this slot. Walk towards the “3d” door and you will see that the door is half-open. Behind the half-open door is a battery. Grab it with your gravity gun and insert it into the battery slot in the “2d” door. Then repeat the fighting phase and survive.

Third door (see drawing below)
Now that you have completed 2 out of the 3 doors, it is time to complete the “Purple 3d” door. Pick up the Battery from the ”2b” slot and put it into the “3d” slot. NOT THE “3b” SLOT! A lot of enemies will spawn, but to deal with them you will need to make good use of the half-open door from the “3d” section. Press R3 and crouch under the half-open door into the “3d” area. The door won’t open and the enemies won’t be able to get through. Simply kill them all in order to complete the mission.

Last part
Now that all of the electricity is flowing, you’ll need to walk towards the door on your right. It is marked with a green dot in the drawing below. This area is unstable and will kill you over time. You will need to make it to the other side as fast as possible. The area is packed with health kits that will help you survive. You should have at least 300 to 400 health before trying this. As mentioned in the Tips section, you can upgrade this at the base. You’ll need to teleport (X) to make your way through the damaged area with a lot of obstacles. Once you arrive at the airlock door the mission will almost be over. Make sure you loot the supply crate on your left and interact with the table by looking at it.

Shields Up!
Power up any Debris Defence Shield machine

Please refer to “Shields at Maximum” trophy for more details.

Make an epic schematic

Please refer to “Everything is awesome!” for more details on this trophy.

Who’s a Good Boy!
Have a single Ivy Serum buddy kill 5 enemies

For this trophy, you’ll need to get an Ivy serum and use it on a strong enemy, for instance, a berserker. Now have this enemy kill a total of 5 other enemies. You could back travel towards a lower deck level, so the enemies are weaker there.

Stealth is for Wimps
Melee kill a Berserker with the Stem Cell Harvester

Melee kill a berserker. Extremely easy when in late game, just 2 hit a berserker on deck level 1.

Pin two enemies with the same Valkyrie bolt

For this trophy, you will need to pin two enemies with the same Valkyrie bolt. The Valkyrie bolt can be found at the Firearm fabricator. Simply line 2 enemies behind each other and shoot. This trophy is best done at deck level 1

That’s Gotta Hurt
Smash an enemy to death with the Gravimetric Hook

Get a grav gun from the shop and smack an enemy to death!

Thanks, Guys!
Kill 5 enemies with the same Swarm Droid

For this trophy, you will need to kill 5 enemies with one swarm droid grenade. It can be bought at the grenade fabricator. The best location is in the supply crate area. Before you throw the grenade, make sure you lower the health of the enemies with the Needler.

Make sure to try this on deck level 1, with the grenade fully leveled up.

Let’s Do This
Enter Research Deck after the tutorial

For this trophy, you will need to complete the tutorial. Upon spawning, you’ll need to interact with the shutter, at which point a short tale will be told. After the story, make your way to the door on the left. A short explanation will inform you about the teleportation skill, that can be activated with X. Teleport behind the barricade and make your way through the second door. Upon entering, you’ll find the Harvester to your right on the counter. Pick it up and harvest your body while laying on the ground. After harvesting it, you can pick up the key card by looking at it. Take the key card and move towards the teleporter that is back at the starting area. Interact with it and the tutorial will finish. An Image and video can be found below.

Sharp Shooter
10 headshots in a row

This trophy sounds hard but is extremely easy. You will need to buy the Needler gun. This gun has a basic ammo capacity of 60. Make sure you find a bloodhound enemy on the minimap. They are shown with a giant red enemy icon on the map. The bloodhound is extremely slow, making it an easy target for the 10 headshots. The trophy doesn’t mention that it should be 10 headshot kills. Let the bloodhound move towards you, while keeping distance. simply shoot him 10 times in his face and the trophy will pop.

Six Shooter
Shoot and kill 6 enemies in a row, with just 6 bullets

This trophy is best earned during objective 2. You will be rewarded with a Valkyrie gun with unlimited ammo. These bolts will one-shot the small enemies during this mission. Simply kill 6 in a row for this trophy to pop.

If you did not get it while doing objective 2, you can get it later on. Upgrade the Valkyrie gun and kill 6 enemies on deck level 1.

Going Home!
Complete the game

For this trophy, you’ll need to complete objective 5. This is the last objective within the game. After completing this you are considered to have completed the storyline. For this trophy, you need to activate the warp drive. This can be done by heading towards the bridge. This mission will mostly be storyline talking without you doing anything. When you enter the bridge you should interact with the Terminal(1). After a few seconds, you’ll be able to choose between Zimri(2, Purple) and Serena(2, Red). Please remember that saving the one will leave the second one behind. You can save the second however by completing the “Super Happy ending” trophy.

Treasure Hunter
Open 25 supply crates

Each deck has a supply crate area, marked with the text “SUPPLY CRATE”.
Open a total of 25 and you will earn this trophy.

Square Area – Fighting
You will find yourself in an area with the chest. A few enemies will spawn upon entering the area. Make sure you kill the enemies and you can open the supply crate. A video can be found here.

Long stretched beam
You will need to make your way to the other side as fast as possible. The area does not have air pressure and it’s up to you to restore it.
You need at least 400 health and an upgrade towards your dark matter before you can complete this section. On your way back it is possible that enemies will spawn and you could die. This does not matter because you will already have looted the supply crate. A video can be found here.

Feeling Great
Upgrade each DNA stat at least once

Refer to “Feeling Unstoppable” for more details on this trophy

Feeling Good
Upgrade any DNA stat

Refer to “Feeling Unstoppable” for more details on this trophy

First of Many
Make any schematic

Refer to “Everything is awesome!” for more details on this trophy.

Lock and Load
Upgrade a weapon

Refer to “As Good as it Gets” for more details on this trophy.

A Bundle of Limbs
Kill 3 enemies with the same gravity bomb

For this trophy, you will need to buy a gravity bomb at the grenade fabricator. The best location for this trophy is the area around the supply crate. 3 enemies will spawn at the same time, making it an easy target for your gravity grenade. Lure the enemies towards the grenade and teleport away with X. This is best done on deck level 1.