Terminator: Resistance Trophy Guide (PlayStation 5)

Game: Terminator: Resistance
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 9 – 12 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: No Hope, Turn Up the Radio
Author: Peter, edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Terminator: Resistance. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play through the main missions and sidequests.

All trophies will be earned in one playthrough. Play through the game story on any difficulty (EASY, MEDIUM, or HARD). Focus on completing story missions, completing a minimum of 5 sidequests, collecting at least 10 Notes, and the two missable trophies.
The missable trophies are:

1) No Hope – Unlock the unlockable door in Pasadena the second time you visit it.
2) Turn Up the Radio – Here Ryan asks you to find the boombox (radio) in Pasadena and then return to the safe house. In the safe house visit Ryan where he tells you to turn up the volume on the radio.

Then make sure to complete the requirements for all other trophies as you play through the game by completing the story.

Stage 2 – Play through the Infiltrator mode.

Play the Infiltrator Mode for two trophies. You will need to find and collect 3 items, as well as beating this short mission in one playthrough without dying. Set the difficulty to Easy. There is no Save option in this mode.


 No problemo
Acquire all the trophies.

Unlock all other trophies.

 Close call
Escape from Pasadena with other survivors.

You will earn this trophy upon completing the first mission of the game. When you are told to find the other survivors, follow the direction indicators and search. Once you have searched all the areas indicated, you will head to the next area automatically with the found survivors.

 Second Generation
Obtain Skynet security codes from a fallen HK Tank.

You will be tasked to find and destroy a HK Tank. Use rockets to hit the front of the head of the HK Tank. This will stun the enemy long enough for you to run behind it. When you are behind it, fire rockets at the back of its head. This will inflict lots of damage. Repeat this process until the tank is destroyed. Then approach the HK Tank and hack it to obtain the Skynet security codes.

 Fool Me Once…
Destroy the Infiltrator.

Eventually you will go with a team of NPCs to destroy the Infiltrator as it was spotted in your area. As you progress through this level, you will be the only one who must battle the Infiltrator to destroy it.

Destroy the Infiltrator.

 The Tide Is Turning
Escape Downtown with Alvin.

Successfully get through the Downtown with Alvin by destroying enemies and preventing Alvin from getting killed. Upon escaping this area you will earn this trophy.

 Coming Home
Find the South Division’s Resistance Shelter.

There will be a main mission to find the South Division’s Resistance Shelter. Use your map to follow the yellow indicator to go to the area that you are looking for. Upon finding the shelter and following Baron (commander of Resistance Soldiers), you will earn this trophy.

Make contact with the imprisoned Resistance Soldiers.

This trophy will be earned by finding and talking with the Resistance Soldiers that are being held hostage in a hospital that has a temporary use as a prison.

Contact Trophy.

 I’ll Be Back
Complete the game on any difficulty level.

Finish the game on any difficulty. You can make it as easy or hard as you wish.

 Taste Of Your Own Medicine
Get an enemy killed by a hacked Turret.

Once you obtain the ability to hack Turrets, you will need to hack a Turret and then have an enemy get killed by the hacked Turret. To hack a Turret, see Helping Hand description.

 Efficient Killer
Kill a Terminator using a Termination Knife.

Sneak up behind a Terminator and kill it with your Termination Knife.

Sneak up behind a Terminator and kill it with your Termination Knife.

Find 10 notes.

There are lots of notes scattered throughout the many levels of this game. You only need to find and collect 10 to earn this trophy. Below are lots of possible note locations, including map locations and the corresponding note picture.
Note: These are not all of the possible notes within the game, you may find other ones, but remember that you only need to find 10 notes.

 Still Counts as One
Destroy the T-47 that occupies Pasadena.

Destroy the T-47 enemy that is behind the house with “BEWARE” written on the side. Use your weapons to shoot at its head to deplete its healthbar and destroy it.

Still Counts as One Trophy.

Destroy a Skynet Outpost.

A Skynet Outpost consists of an area that is usually surrounded be an enclosure. There is always a door that you need to hack to gain access to this area. Once inside this area you will need to destroy the GENERATOR by blowing it up or HACKING the COMPUTER TERMINAL that controls the GENERATOR. Make sure that, no matter the method you use, you destroy the Skynet Outpost, and that you are far enough away from anything that could explode and kill you.

 Priority To Me!
Complete 5 side objectives.

Make sure that you talk with any NPCs that have dialogue interactions.
This includes: Jennifer, Patrick, Ryan, Alvin, Erin, Baron, and Mack. These characters will tell you about something that you need to find while in the next area of the game. When you are in the area to complete a side objective, you will be able to look at your map and see blue spots or areas. Search these areas to find the item or information that the quest giver wanted or needed to know about. Upon completing any 5 of these side objectives you will earn this trophy. It is recommended to do more than the minimum of 5 as these missions will give you lots of EXPERIENCE POINTS to help increase your rank. As you increase rank, you will be able to earn more skills and upgrades for your skills. You can also find Skill Books that automatically give you a skill point if you collect them.

 Hasta la vista, baby
Destroy your first T-800.

Destroy a T-800 using your weapons or environmental objects to your advantage. See the picture below.

Destroy a T-800.

Finish infiltrator mode.

From the Main Menu >Infiltrator Mode, and set the difficulty to Easy. You will not be able to Save in this mode and it is a no death run playthrough. If you take your time and collect the Items from destroyed Skynet items, you will have the Repair Kits. The Repair Kits are able to heal you a bit. You can carry a maximum of 5 at a time.

You will be entering this map and searching for Intel that will lead you to the secret location for the Bunker and allow you to gain access to it. When you have collected enough, the game will automatically switch the mission objective and you can check your Map to see where you need to go. Once you are at the Bunker, enter it and kill all the enemies in the room as soon as possible. Use REPAIR KITS if needed and collect ammo and other resources. Continue this process of entering the next room(s) until you make it to the final room. Interact with the COMPUTER TERMINAL to end this mode.

 No Hope
Open the unlockable door in Pasadena.

Use the pictures below to locate the locked door in Pasadena. Make sure to upgrade your LOCKPICKING skills and have LOCKPICKS in your inventory. Then use your LOCKPICKING skills to open this door. See the Easy Money trophy description GIF for an example lock being picked.

Find a note.

See the Historian trophy for note locations.

 Easy Money
Successfully open 10 locks.

Unlock the ability to LOCKPICK. You will have be able to unlock Easy LOCKS. (There are enough Easy Locks in the game if you do not upgrade after Level 1 of Lockpicking.) Open any 10 locks (doors, chests, boxes, etc. ) and the trophy will be yours.

Picking a lock.

Successfully craft 5 items.

Collect resources scattered throughout the game. Resources are all over the place, so this will be relatively easy to do. However, there are certain resources that are harder to locate, but there will still be quite a few of these rarer resources available. You can also buy resources in your own camp. Find a CRAFTING TABLE, then craft any items that you have the resources to make. Upon making your fifth item this trophy will unlock.

Take at least a ‘good’ photo of an enemy.

You will be given this upgrade before a mission in the game. Your special scan vision will allow you to take photos in this mode. To get the special scan vision (like night vision), press and hold R2 and then press SQUARE to take a photo. To get a good photo you need to be close and have an unobstructed view of a location, or use ZOOM and have an unobstructed view of an enemy.  

Researcher Trophy.

 Turn Up the Radio
Use Ryan’s boombox to annoy Alvin.

For this trophy, get the radio (boombox) as requested by Ryan. After returning to Pasadena, go to the source of the signals that you are tasked to locate. In this area you will find and collect it, then upon returning to the safe house (Resistance Shelter), you will be able to turn on the radio. Ryan will tell you to turn up the volume. Upon turning up the volume you will earn this trophy.

Upgrade your weapon.

Eventually you will be told about the ability to upgrade your weapons using CHIPS to modify various aspects of it. The CHIPS can modify the CLIP SIZE, DAMAGE, and RATE OF FIRE. Each CHIP is graded from common (WHITE), to medium (BLUE), to good (YELLOW). Every CHIP has two symbols that you will need to match to another CHIP so that they work together. Although good (YELLOW) is acceptable, there is a higher level (PINK). PINK CHIPS (rarest to find) can be combined with any of the other CHIPS no matter the matching scheme. Once you have the combination you want, you need to confirm this modification so that it gets applied to a weapon.

 Helping Hand
Successfully hack a Turret.

Once you have the hacking device you will be able to hack many different objects in the game. Approach a Turret stealthy and go behind it. Once behind it you will have the option to HACK it. Hack the Turret by completing the minigame of getting the dot from the left to the right side. A Turret’s sight lines will go from red to green once it is successfully hacked.

Successfully hack 10 devices.

Use your hacking device to hack any 10 devices. Devices include: Turrets, Locked Barred Doors, Chests, Boxes, etc. See the Helping Hand trophy description for more information.

 It’s a bird…
Destroy a T-800 Flamethrower by shooting it’s fuel tank.

T-800 Flamethrowers have a fuel tank on their back. If they spot you they will use their flamethrower to try to burn you to death. Use stealth to get to an area where you can take a clear shot of the fuel tank on the T-800 Flamethrower. Shoot the fuel tank to blow up the enemy.

Shoot at the fuel tank on the T-800 Flamethrower.

 Not a Mission Priority
Complete a side objective.

Complete one side objective to earn this trophy. You will get side objectives from other NPCs in the game when you interact with them. Most of them need you to find some item(s). On your map there will be main objectives in YELLOW and side objectives in BLUE. Complete any one of the many side objectives to earn this trophy.

Map showing the blue points are side objectives

 Back to the past
Find all 3 secrets in the infiltrator mode.

Play the Infiltrator mode from the Main Menu of the game. During this mission you need to find and collect 3 items in the map. See the pictures below for more details.

The items and locations are:
1. Terminator Hand – On the second floor of the large hospital building. Go through an open window to get onto the balcony, continue to the right to jump back into the building through another open window. Pick up the item inside this room.
2. Battery for Music – Behind the counter in the corner of a Dance/Restaurant open area. Pick up the item which triggers music and causes the lights to go off.
3. Covered chalkboard -Inside the power generator building, go downstairs where you see a yellow scissor lift and break the wall opposite it. Go inside and uncover the chalkboard.