Rustler Trophy Guide

Game: Rustler
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 10 – 14 hours
Difficulty: 3/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1, 5 , 14 , 6
Author: Pete
, edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Rustler. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play through the Main Story.

Play through the main story. These are indicated with the orange quest “Q” symbols on the map. The blue quest “Q” symbols are the side missions. You should complete the side missions as you play the game so that you earn more gold coins and skill points to level up your character. Collect any of the collectibles that you find along the way. After completing the main story you will be able to free roam the entire map. There is a natural day and night cycle in this game that takes about 15 minutes to repeat. However, if you complete all of the side missions, the entire world will be stuck in the night cycle from this point onwards. This may change with an update patch in the future. This may make it more difficult for you to complete any of the tasks and find collectibles.

Stage 2 – Complete Side Missions, find all Collectibles, and complete all tasks.

After completing the main story you will be able to free roam the entire map and complete any side missions, quests, and collect any remaining collectibles that you may need.

One Life Guy
Get every trophy.

Congratulations on your shiny new platinum!

Hail to the King!
Complete the main storyline.

Follow the main storyline of the game by completing the missions that are marked on your map as a “Q” in orange. You will also need to do side quests that are marked on your map as a ‘Q’ in blue to progress the story. As you complete them, the next ones will naturally appear on the map until you have eventually participated in the final battle of the game that is the Grand Tournament.

Kill 500 people.

By any means possible – either with weapons or using horses and wagons. Kill 500 NPCs in the game.

One Guy Army
Survive for 5 minutes at maximum Wanted rating.

See the “Most Wanted” trophy description. When you have the Wanted rating at 5, you will need to use a fast horse like a Horspeed or Guardneigh to get as far away from the soldiers as possible to hide out from them for 5 minutes without dying. It’s recommended to try to get to the north beach and wait out there as very few soldiers are in areas away from the roads and pathways on the map. See the picture below.

The Crown
Complete 100% of the game, including all quests, side activities, and obtaining every other non-platinum trophy.

You will need to complete the main story missions, all side quests, obtain all collectibles, and all of the other activities in the game. See the pictures below. To see your progress, pause the game and check under Player Stats.

Game Completion needs to be 100% by:

1. Completing all of the quests (main story and side missions).

2. Completing the side activities:

– Medieval Martial Arts
2 MMA arenas have 10 fights a piece to complete for a total of 20 fights. These are indicated with a fist on the map.

– Body Collecting
Use the Body Collecting Wagon to complete 7 timed levels. Wear the Reaper costume given to you near the graveyard that is south of the North West Town. These horse-drawn wagons are black with a flatbed. Pick up bodies and bring them to a graveyard.

– Stayin’ Alive
Use the Ambulance Wagon to complete 7 timed levels. These horse-drawn wagons are white with a green cross on top. Pick up injured NPCs and bring them to the hospital.

– Horse Racing
Get first in the 5 Races on the map. Indicated with checkered flags on the map. Each race costs 100 gold coins to enter.

– Cargo Transport
Use the Cargo Wagon to complete 7 timed levels. This is a horse-drawn wagon that is brown and black. Pick up the cargo and deliver it to its destination.

– Pony Express
Use the Pony Express to complete 7 timed levels. This horse is marked with a green jacket with wings. Pick up the item and deliver it to its destination.

-Taxi Guy
Use the Taxi to complete 7 timed levels. This horse has a black and yellow checkered patterned jacket on. Pick up NPC and deliver them to their destination. You cannot cause any harm to other NPCs during this activity or it is ended immediately.

-This Neigh Land
Collect all 9 Special Horses and bring them to the ranch called This Neigh Land (see ‘Gotta Catch ‘Em All!’ trophy description) also need to be collected.

You will also need to collect all 9 of the Music Notes that are scattered across the map. See the pictures below.

All 16 Weapons (see ‘Weapon Master’ trophy description) and 20 Horseshoes (see ‘One man’s junk is another man’s treasure’ trophy description) also need to be collected.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All!
Catch all horses for This Neigh Land.

To the east of the North West Town is a ranch called “This Neigh Land“. There is a character that will ask you to find and bring him certain horses. There are 8 special horses to find. When you have completed the mission with your trainer for the Grand Tournament who is located in a rock-walled area, there will be a Horse Mask that you will be able to equip (see the picture below for this location). This will help in obtaining these special horses. It also helps to be riding the breed of horse that you are looking for even though it is not the special horse of that breed.

All of them can be found by riding along the road between the North West Town’s east opening to the bridge to the east and along this road until it is about halfway (near a small ranch where you can buy food) to the South East City.

The list of special horses are:
1. Fourhoof (starting horse).
2. Guardneigh (more solid horse).
3. Red Horspeed (bright red horse – 2 pictures shown as you can find or obtain through the indicated quest on the picture.)
4. Black and White Warhoof (zebra).
5. White Dotted Hackney (white dots on a red horse).
6. Spotted Charger (darker dots on a light brown horse).
7. Blue Horspeed (blue stripes and red jacket on this horse).
8. Rainbow Charger (light head to a darker rear horse with bands of rainbow colors on it).

After finding and returning the last horse, you will earn this trophy. You will also earn a white Unicorn to use in the game. See the pictures below.

The Last Crusade
Complete all quests for the Knights of the Holy Grail.

You will not have access to the other side of the bridges in the game until you have completed this trophy. This questline requires you to get the needed items so that you will be able to have the noble identification documents made for you. You will need 5000 gold coins to have these documents made. This will give full access to the entire map. See the pictures below.

Flat Enough
Complete all quests for the Spanish Inquisition.

The Spanish Inquisition will have you complete quite a few quests that involve the flat earthers (dressed in white) and the Spanish (dressed in red) all over the map. Check your map after completing a mission or quest to find and play the next quest. After completing all of their quests you will earn this trophy.

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure
Collect all horseshoes.

There are 20 horseshoes scattered across the map that you will need to collect. Use the pictures below to locate all of them.

Call Me Conor
Win 10 fights in the MMA side activity.

There is an MMA arena in the Town in the North West, and another MMA arena in the open north of the South East City near the Tents/Jousting Area. Start the activity at the indicated white circle and kill all the enemies inside the ring with the provided weapon(s). There are 10 fights available at each of the 2 MMA arenas and you will need to complete all of them for ‘The Crown’ trophy.

The Ecstasy of Gold
Collect 20000 gold pieces.

See the “Blue Gold” trophy first. As soon as you have that completed and have obtained 20000 gold pieces you will earn this trophy. You do not need to have 20000 gold pieces on hand at one time.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Collect 20 bodies during the body collecting side activity.

There are random wagons wandering the map that will allow you to do a 7 level activity of collecting bodies around the map and dropping them off at a graveyard. It’s easier to use the Town in the North West to complete this activity, but you can also use the City in the South East, too. These are timed events where you will start with picking up 1 body and taking it to the graveyard in a certain amount of time. The next level will be 2 bodies in two different places that must be taken to the graveyard and so on and so further until you have to pick up 7 bodies for level 7. Try to avoid killing all NPCs as much as possible, especially the soldiers as your Wanted rating will start and the soldiers will attack your wagon to destroy it causing you to possibly fail this activity.

The Forel Method
Block 10 attacks in 60 seconds.

Before you attempt this make sure that you have a Shield. Attack any soldier to get your Wanted rating started. Kill the soldiers that come to stop you to keep increasing your Wanted rating. At level 2 or 3 Wanted rating, there will be a soldier that uses a Spear. Keep near him and have him continuously trying to hit you as you block these attempts 10 times.

Kill 5 NPC in 5 seconds.

There is a mission where there is a group of many NPC gathered for a concert. You can get any horse(s)/wagon and drive through the crowd of NPC to earn this trophy. If you miss this opportunity, then you can go to either the Town or City and move the horses and wagons to create a small area near a TNT barrel. As the NPC starts to go past this area, walk into them to push and divert them to funnel and get trapped in this area. Continue until you have 5 or more in these close quarters. Then use an arrow to shot the TNT barrel and kill the 5 NPCs. See the pictures below.

Udder Chaos
Kill an NPC with a cow.

There is a mission where you will need to lead a cow into Town to the Butcher. You will use a stick to hit the cow to get it to move. Have the cow run over an NPC and when they die, you will earn this trophy. Otherwise, use a stick to direct a cow into an NPC and kill them.

Multi-Level Manhandling
Complete all quests for the Loan Shark.

The Loan Shark is located at a building with a fence around it in the North West Town. Perform the few quests that he gives you to complete this trophy. Afterward, you will be able to buy his property and use it as a safe location. You will also earn money on an hourly basis for owning it. See the picture below.

Most Wanted
Gain and then remove a maximum Wanted rating without dying and with no quest active.

Have no active quest or mission shown as being active when attempting this trophy.

There are 5 levels of Wanted rating in the game. Start to kill and destroy things to obtain a Wanted rating. Killing the soldiers will increase the Wanted rating through the levels quickly until you get a 5 Wanted rating (5 soldier helmets will be shown in the top left-hand corner of the screen). After you have this highest Wanted rating you can get started to use the golden Wanted Posters by having your character go over the top of the golden circle to remove 1 Wanted rating level. You can go and find another one of these Wanted Posters or go far enough away and come back to the same Wanted Poster to reuse it again. Continue removing all of the Wanted rating levels until none remains.

Weapon Master
Wield all weapons available in the game at least once.

There are 16 weapons in the game. You can find some of them scattered across the map (indicated with a red ring around them). Others will be obtained by completing the missions and quests in the game. One quest will have you going back to the North West Town MMA arena to use a weapon that is only available there. See the picture below. While others will be obtained by killing the soldiers and picking up their weapons anywhere on the map.

Blue Blood
Collect 5000 gold pieces.

You will need to advance through the story and complete the mission called “Meat Muffins“. Next, once you have obtained 5000 gold pieces you will earn this trophy. You do not need to have this amount on hand to earn this trophy.

Black Sabbath
Complete all quests for the Priest.

The Priest quests are at the church in the Town to the North West, at his Residence on the middle, west side of the map, and the large church in the City in the South East. Play through completing these quests and once you are complete you will earn this trophy. Always check your Map to see where the next quest is located to continue the story. See the picture below.

Harvest Moon
Plow the fields 10 times.

To the South of the main character’s main home, there is a field that you can plow. The plow is the 2 horses attached to the plow that you drive over the field in any pattern or direction that you choose. It is best to make squiggly lines with the plow so that the percentage plow increases as fast as possible. Once you have done 100% plowing, you can continue with another activity. Next, come back to the field and plow every so often so that you do it at least 10 times. See the picture below for the squiggly line look.

Yellow Brick Road
Complete the first quest.

As soon as you start the game and finish the first quest you will earn this trophy.

Highway Star
Come first in 10 races.

There are 5 Races scattered on the map. Finish any combination of winning 1st place in 10 of them. It could be one race track used 10 times or any other combination of the other race tracks.

The Other Son of Man
Herd a total of 50 NPCs to mass during the church herding side activity.

When you have completed the Priest’s questline, you will have the ability to do this side activity outside of the south of the church in the North West Town. See the pictures below. The activity involves you punching any NPCs that are near the church and then they will go into the church counting each as one of the herd. Replay this side activity until you have a total across multiple tries of 50 NPCs herded into the church.

Use Pimp-A-Horse 20 times.

There are 2 Pimp-A-Horse located on the map. Use any combination of one or both to have a total of 20 times that you used a Pimp-A-Horse. It costs 100 gold coins each time you use one of them. You can reuse one over and over if you want to quickly earn this trophy. See the picture below.

Set the amount of blood particles in settings to x5 and attack an NPC.

In Settings>Game>Blood needs to be changed to 5x and then Apply. Then attack any NPC in the game to earn this trophy. See the picture below.