Kitaria Fables Trophy Guide

Game: Kitaria Fables
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 24+ hours
Difficulty: 4/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1, 6 , 9 , 11
Author: The Trophy Platypus

Welcome to the trophy guide for Kitaria Fables. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play through the game.

Before we start, at no point sell Vengeful Soul. You need 10 of these to trade for 1 magic sphere (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth) with Timmy in Paw Village. In total, you need 128 spheres to unlock all spells. You will get some spheres for defeating bosses and completing quests, but will still need to farm a lot of Vengeful Souls post-game.

No trophies are missable as after completing the main quest you will be able to continue with your save file. Play through the game completing all quests and side quests. Despite being called side quests you will need to complete them to progress the main quest at times.

After completing the main quest, defeat any of the bosses you skipped during the main quests and clean up any of the miscellaneous trophies for buying items. Finally, farm for vengeful souls to buy magic spheres and unlock all spells. The later areas like the snow and swamp biomes have higher drops of vengeful souls.

Tips and Tricks.


At certain points of the game you will need to upgrade your gear which requires a fair amount of money. The best way to make money is to farm wheat. The reason for this is it grows in only two days and has a cost of only 20 coins and is sold for 30. Plough your field, buy as many wheat seeds as you can, and plant and water them. Sleep and water the wheat again. After sleeping again, you will be able to harvest the wheat and sell it by putting it in the box by your farmhouse. Sleep again and you will get paid, reinvest that money back into wheat seeds and repeat the process. Keep going until you have a full field of wheat to harvest. This also cuts down on the time needed to plow the field as it stays plowed for a day. Keep harvesting wheat until you have enough money.

Is this the End?
Earn all the other trophies.


True Peace?
Complete all the main quests.

To unlock this trophy you must complete the following quests:

A Friend to All
Complete all the side quests.

To unlock this trophy you must complete the following sidequests:

Legendary Magic Wielder
Learn all magic skills.

Timmy in Paw Village sells Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth Spheres in exchange for 10 Vengeful Souls each. Vengeful Souls are dropped randomly by enemies. You will also get spheres for defeating some of the bosses, completing some quests, and opening some of the chests.

Fire Wall – 2 Fire Spheres
Flame Vortex – 3 Fire Spheres, 1 Wind Sphere
Searing Crown – Fire Wall 4 Fire Spheres 5 Talisman
Crimson Meteor – Flame Vortex, 7 Fire Spheres, 2 Sunstone, 1 Coin Pouch

Water (Ice)
Ice Diver – 1 Water Sphere
Frost Wave – 2 Water Spheres
Frost Nova – 3 Water Spheres 1 Wind Sphere
Frost Vortex – Frost Wave, 4 Water Spheres, 1 Turtle Shell
Blizzard – Frost Nova, 5 Water Spheres, 2 Earth Spheres, 1 Moonstone

Grasping Gale – 1 Wind Sphere
Tornado – 3 Wind Spheres, 5 Amber
Howling Wind – 4 Wind Spheres, 5 Talisman
Healing Wind – Howling Wind, 3 Wind Spheres, 2 Miracle Fruit
Eye of the Storm – Tornado, 5 Wind Spheres, 2 Water Spheres, Rainbow Scale

Earth Shield – 2 Earth Spheres, 10 Clay
Comet Strike – 2 Earth Spheres
Earth Blades – 3 Earth Spheres, 1 Fire Sphere
Seismic Impact – Comet Strike, 5 Earth Spheres, 5 Amber
Heaven’s Drive – Earth Blades, 7 Earth Spheres, 2 Sunstones, 1 Pearl

Defeat Crystal Guardian
Defeat Crystal Guardian.

During the quest Tracking the last Relic, you will have to go to a cave in Icy Mountain where you will find the Crystal Guardian.

Defeat Crystal Guardian Trophy Video Walkthrough.

Defeat Snowmonster
Defeat Snowmonster.

Snowmonster is found in East Karst Hills. Take out the surrounding enemies first, especially the stone fiend as they can freeze you. On its own the Snowmonster is not too hard, you just have to avoid its frost attacks.

Defeat Snowmonster Trophy Video Walkthrough.

A Shocking Truth
Defeat an old friend.

Story related. During the quest What’s the Meaning of this? you will be confronted by Commander Hazel, Defeat her, and unlock this trophy. Commander Hazel is pretty tough. Her most dangerous attack is her dash attack as it stuns you, and she normally follows this up with a spin attack which will easily kill you if your armor is weak. It is best to avoid her ranged attack by rolling to the side as you can still get hit even if not in the red attack zone.

Defeat Giant Turtle Soldier
Defeat Giant Turtle Soldier.

Found at Blue Moon Lake. It is best to use the Bow and Arrow and to keep your distance. He does not have many ranged attacks, so he can be easily defeated from a distance.

Defeat Giant Turtle Soldier. Trophy Video Walkthrough.

Tricky Deal
Unlock pumpkin seeds.

During the sidequest Suspicious Deal, the Pumpkin Merchant in Paw Village who appears after 19.00 on some days called The Pumpkin, will offer a trade of a pearl for pumpkin seeds. To get a pearl, you must defeat the Snowmonster found East Karst Hills. This will unlock the trophy Tricked by a Cheeky Merchant. Return to Ms. Apple the next day to give her the pumpkin and you will unlock the Tricky Deal trophy.

Tricked by a Cheeky Merchant
Exchange a pearl for a pumpkin.

Please refer to the Tricky Deal trophy for more details.

Master Marksman
Learn all bow skills.

In total there are 5 Sword skills. You will unlock 3 of them through progression of the story, the other two are found in chests.

4) In Paw Village to the right of where you buy seeds is a silver chest that requires a silver key to open.

5) A gold chest in Mountain Field. Head to the right of the map.

Master Swordsman
Learn all sword skills.

In total there are 5 Sword skills. You will unlock 3 of them through progression of the story, the other two are found in chests.

4) A silver chest that requires a silver key to open in the Inn of Rivero Fortress.

5) A gold chest in Canini Beach that requires a gold key to open.

Meat Lovers
Unlock shish kabob.

At the end of the game, you will be able to start the quest Appetizing Food, given by Capri in Canini Beach, which will start a chain of quests. The second quest is called It Doesn’t Work, given by Pickle in Rivero Fortress. The third and final quest is also given by Pickle in Rivero Fortress, called Delivery Time. For this quest, you have to go and deliver shish kabob to Capri in Canini Beach. Completing this quest will unlock the trophy.

Unlock all inventory spaces.

At night (after 19.00) the Pumpkin merchant will appear in Paw Village every few days. He will sell you two bag upgrades. The first upgrade costs 3,000 coins, and the second costs 10,000 coins.

Defeat Dracuffy
Defeat Dracuffy.

Dracuffy is found in the Mountain Tunnel Entrance, which will be accessible after you complete the main mission Destroy the Boulder. There are a lot of enemies surrounding Dracuffy, so it is advised to take out the enemies first before attacking Dracuffy. Dracuffy’s most annoying attack will be the energy balls. They seem to quite hard to avoid, but try to do so by rolling away.

Defeat Dracuffy Trophy Video Walkthrough.

Defeat Freddy o’Lantern
Defeat Freddy o’Lantern.

Freddy o’Lantern is found at the Fort Outer Wall at night.

Defeat Freddy o’Lantern Trophy Video Walkthrough.

The Journey Begins
Complete the first quest.

After a short prologue where you learn some of the controls, you will be given your first quest, Dropped Belongings. To complete this mission you have to head to Byriver Field and defeat three Orcs, collect a bag and bring it back to Paw Village and give it to Timmy. Can only be turned in during the day.

Can I Fly?
Craft a wing accessory.

In Rivero Fortress, head to Rufus, the bear blacksmith. The cheapest wing you can craft is Evil Wings, which costs 50 Bat Wings and 2,000 coins.

Defeat Orc Warrior
Defeat Orc Warrior.

The Orc Warrior is found in Forest Plantation, where you will need to go during the mission Gathering Materials 2. It is worth taking out the Orc Gunners and Orc Soldiers first. He has wide-range attacks, and it is advised to use spells just after he has attacked as the animations are quite long and leave you vulnerable.

Defeat Orc Warrior Trophy Video Walkthrough.

Defeat King Gooey
Defeat King Gooey.

You can find King Gooey at the start of the game by traveling to West Paw Field. His only attack is a short and quick charge which is easily dodged. He does have quite a lot of health and will take some time to defeat early on.

Defeat King Gooey Trophy Video Walkthrough.

Defeat Wicked Shroom
Defeat Wicked Shroom.

During the main quest Find the Ancient Relic, you will enter a dungeon in West Paw Field, work your way to the end of the dungeon and you will get a new quest Defeat the River Dungeon Boss which is the Wicked Shroom. He has two attacks both of which can be avoided by rolling to the side.

Defeat Wicked Shroom Trophy Video Walkthrough.

Extra Protection
Craft a piece of armor.

In Rivero Fortress, head to Rufus, the bear blacksmith. The cheapest armor you can craft is the Wooden Armor which costs 10 Wood, 20 Toadstool and 2,000 Coins

Mysterious Power
Find the ancient relics.

Story related. Will unlock when you pick up the final relic during the quest Tracking the last Relic.

A Long-lost Path
Open the tunnel.

Story related. After completing the missions Our Last Chance 1, 2, 3, and 4, you will awaken a Giant Golem in the mission Destroy the Boulder. When you defeat the Golem, you will unlock the path to the North.

Dutiful Soldier
Repair the broken bridge.

Awarded after completing the quest Broken Bridge 2, which includes completing the quests Gathering Materials 1, 2, 3, and 4

A New Duty
Learn the Fireball skill.

Story related. During the quest A Spellbook, you will be told to read the spellbook by Timmy back at your home. Head back to your home and you will learn the Fireball Skill.

Looking Good
Craft a piece of headgear.

In Rivero Fortress, head to Rufus, the bear blacksmith. The cheapest headgear you can craft is the Mushroom Hat, which costs 20 Toadstool and 2,000 Coins.