WarTile Trophy Guide

Game: WarTile
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 5-6 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: None
Author: Knoef_NL and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for WarTile. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Understanding the game.

WarTile has a lot of options, which you won’t notice at first. Below are all pre-battle options explained. Please refer to the map below to see what is what.

Stage 2 – Road to Platinum.

The trophies for WarTile are straightforward. You will earn a trophy for each Battleboard you complete. There are also a few miscellaneous trophies, which are listed below.

Look out for:
Frog Stomp – Use Hex and step on the transformed frog.
Hero of Old – Get a Figurine to level 5. Can be farmed by replaying levels.
Norse Funeral – Burn a tower with a figurine inside.
shh… They Can’t Hear Us – Complete the Rescue Battleboard without sounding the alarm.

Should come along the way:
The Warband – Buy all figurines in the game at the tavern.
Odin’s Champion – Kill 100 enemies.
The Merchant – Buy an item.
The Penny Pincher – Sell an item.


 A True Viking
Earn all available trophies for WarTile.

 The Sound of Eight Hooves
Complete the Monastery Battleboard.

Main mission: The Runestone
Optional mission: Occupy the Tower

Pretty simple map. Keep walking forward until you reach the monastery. enter and open the chest to complete the mission. Along the way you will find a tower, make sure to claim it for the optional mission.

 The Warband
Buy all figurines in the game at the tavern.

You will unlock new figurines when completing the following missions:
1. Lost Norse – Jorim Radningar.
2. Dark Forest – Ylva.
3. Heidrun Clan – Thorhild.
4. The Rescue – Ivor Bonecrusher.

When unlocked, they become available in the Tavern to purchase.

The 6 figurines.

 Coming of the Tide
Complete the Nilfheim Battleboard.

Main quest: Mimir’s Well
Optional Quest: Brave the Gaunlet

First, kill off the 3 guardians as shown in picture 1, 2 and 3. Once done, make your way to the entrance of the well (Picture 4). Once inside, some enemies will spawn. Interact with the well (Picture 5) and make your way back to the exit/entrance (Picture 7).

For the optional mission, you will need to collect the orb as shown in picture 6.

 King of Storms
Complete the Thor’s Wrath Battleboard,

Main mission: Runes of Thunder
Optional quest: Pyro

First you must collect all of the Runes of Thunder, which can be seen in picture 2, 3 and 4. Once collected, make your way to the hall of Thor, which can be seen in picture 1. Be warned: A lot of enemies are in the hall of Thor, so make sure you have enough Battleforce with you.

For the optional quest, you will need to burn all the tower. This can be done by collecting fire bombs and using those on the towers.

The trophy Norse funeral can be earned in this map.

 Unsung Heroes
Complete the Alfablod Battleboard.

Main mission: Spirit Rift
Optional mission: None

For this mission, you will need to reach the spirit which is in the far right corner, just above where you spawn. While going there, be careful for toxic mushrooms. In addition to this, you will also encounter spirit enemies, as seen in picture 2. These enemies will teleport away after a few seconds, so you will be chasing them. It’s best to stun them and finish them off quickly.

 Valhall Awaits Me
Complete the Jotunheim Battleboard.

Main mission: The Jotnar Cave
Optional mission: Rock Block

One of the cool maps. You will find yourself in a giant field of Ice. Your main objective is to reach the cave, which you can see in Picture 1.

To reach it, you will need to use one of the two elevators, as seen in picture 2. Make sure to grab the key, as seen on the far right. Once inside the fortress, a giant ice troll will spawn. Kill it off and make your way inside the cave to complete the Battleboard.

Optional: You will need to use both rocks to block enemies from spawning. Those can be found in picture 3 & 4.

 The Last with Pagan Blood
Complete the Rescue Battleboard.

Main mission: The Rescue
Optional mission: Burn the Tents

For this mission you will need to enter the tower (picture 1) and rescue the king. To do so, you will need to get the key on the far left. When inside the tower, you will need to kill of a few guards before freeing the king.

For the optional quest, you will need to burn the tents. This can be done by picking up the torches and using them on the tents. In picture 1 you can see a torch between the 2 enemies in front of the tower.

 The Arrival of the Fimbul Winter
Complete the Heidrun clan Battleboard.

Main mission: The Heidrun Jarl
Optional mission: Blessed war rings, The Warhorn

The Jarl can be found on top of the mountain by entering the door seen in picture 1. Kill him and you will succeed for this mission (picture 2).

The Warhorn can also be seen in picture 1. Lower the bridge and make your way towards the tower on your far right.

The Blessed War Rings can be earned by defeating enemies you encounter, as seen in picture 3.

 The Way of Vikings
Complete the Trial of Tyr Battleboard.

Main mission: Trial of Tyr
Optional mission: None

A very straightforward mission. You will be placed into an open field with a flag (picture 1). Defend the flag for the duration of 20 waves to complete the mission.

On the tables you will find items that replenish after each wave. Make sure to use these when needed. You will also find chests which can be re-opened after a few waves.

This map is great for EXP farming.

 The New Dawn
Complete the Tears of Eir Battleboard.

Main mission: A sacrifice
Optional mission: It’s a Trap

Navigate your way to the cave. In the cave you will find the trap, used for the optional mission. Exit the cave on the other side, and you will find yourself on top of the mountain. Now place the trap to complete the optional mission.

On the top of the mountain are a lot of enemies. You can skip those if you are low on health, simply walk towards the bridge and lower it. Than interact with the goat to complete the mission.

 The Fate of Norns
Complete the Dark Forest Battleboard.

Main mission: Totems of Time
Optional mission: Bones

You will find yourself in a forest area. Make your way upwards and interact with the 3 totems, as shown in picture 1 & 2. Be careful for toxic mushrooms & toxic attacks from enemies, as these will damage you overtime.

There are multiple platforms that can be used as an “elevator”, which come in handy for a shortcut.

For the optional quest you will need to collect a total of 3 bones, these are all shown in picture 3.

 Treacherous Gods
Complete the Lost Norse Battleboard.

Main mission: Skull of Hel
Optional missions: The boats, The Yellow Toad

Make your way inside the cave, towards the lower area where the boats are.

Once down, make your way towards the boats to kill them off quickly. You can kill the boats by standing on the skull-logo (Picture 1). Once you killed the first 4 boats, you will face the “Skull of Hel”, which in a group of 3 NPC’s (Picture 2). Kill them and pick up the skull.

If you still have strength left, kill off the 5th boat. If not, escape the level by interacting with the friendly boat (Picture 2) in front of you.

Optional: “The yellow toad”: You will see small toads jumping around, collect 10 of these to complete this optional objective.

 shh… They Can’t Hear Us
Complete the Rescue Battleboard without sounding the alarm.

To earn this trophy, you must kill each enemy before they sound the alarm. In the top left corner, you will see a timer. It will start running once you start fighting and stops once the enemy is dead.

The hardest part are the enemies towards the end. One is tanky and hard to kill, so make sure to bring Ivor with you. You can also do this towards the end, when all your figurines are level 5.

Refer to the video below for a complete walkthrough.

 Norse Funeral
Burn a tower with a figurine inside.

This trophy can be earned on the Thor’s Wrath Battleboard. Pick up a firebomb and throw it towards a tower while an enemy is in it.

The firebombs can be found in the caves.

Refer to the video below for a complete walkthrough.

 The Jarl’s Right Hand
get a figurine to level 3.

Refer to “Hero of Old” for more information on this.

 Hero of Old
Get a figurine to level 5.

Kiling enemies & completing battleboards will earn your figurine EXP. Getting enough EXP will get you to level 5. You should be close to level 5, if you have not reached level 5 when you completed the game.

If you didn’t reach level 5 just yet, replay some Battleboards. The current level of your figurine can be viewed in the left bottom area next to the name.

 Odin’s Champion
Kill 100 enemies.

Very straightforward: Kill a total of 100 enemies. Should come naturally when playing the game.

 Frog Stomp
Use Hex and step on the transformed frog.

First of all, you will need to get yourself the “Freyr’s Hex” card. This card can be earned by playing the Battleboard “Dark Forest” on reputation level 6.

Once earned, equip it in the card manager. Start any random map and use the ability card on an enemy. It will transform into a frog, allowing you to step on it (and kill it).

Follow the video below for a complete walkthrough.

 The Merchant
Buy an item.

Go to the merchant and buy an item.

 The Penny Pincher
Sell an item.

Go to the merchant and sell an item.