Void Terrarium / Void tRrLM(); Trophy Guide

Game: Void Terrarium / Void tRrLM();
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 25h +
Difficulty: 4/10
Missable trophies: “EatTheBug(all)”, “CreateFurniture(30)”, “CheckLevel(50)”, “KillThemAll()”, “BeWithYou()”, “GetSick(6)”, “SkillCollector(50)”, “PushStartButton(10)”
Author: Knoef_NL

Welcome to the trophy guide for Void Terrarium / Void tRrLM();. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the story

In terms of trophies you will need to follow the storyline and complete all dungeons you encounter. While doing so, keep the following in mind:

A) Defeat all enemies at least once
B) Acquire all items and blueprints during dungeons
C) Obtain unique skills (50 in total)
D) Collect all unique food and feed it to Toriko
E) Create decors to gain power
F) Craft Knacks & Custom parts to adjust skills and influence drops.

Stage 2 – Point of nu return

Before accepting the point of no return, make sure to acquire all other trophies except “void TheEnd()“.


 void tRrLM();
Obtained all trophies

 void SkillUser(500)
Used 500 active skills.

Active skills can be used by pressing L1 + Square, Triangle, Circle, X.

Skills need to be found during dungeons. The cheapest one to use is “Shot” which cost 2 Energy and has no cooldown. It doesn’t matter if you use unique skills, or the same skill 500 times.

 void EatTheBug(all)
Fed the girl every type of food.

Food can be found in dungeons. Make sure to pick it up and put it into the vault to keep it safe. Food has an expiration date. Storing food to long will make it Rotten Food, which is also a unique food item. Blending food will create Gruel, and can be made when she is sick.

After storing it in the vault, interact with the vault and bring the food to Toriko to feed it to her.

A list of all food items is included below. Please note that the items listed might appear in other dungeons too.

Hearty MushroomUnk. Ruins /
Cont. Source
Black FireflyUnk. Ruins / Man. Plant
Serpent strawberryBotany Labs / Bio Labs
Rusty Canned FoodMan. Plant
Mixed MossBotany Labs / Bio Labs
Round BugBotany Labs
Green LizardCont. Source
Rainbow TentacleCont. Source
Mystery WheatBio Labs
GruelVault (Homebase)
Rotten FoodVault (Homebase)
Puffy-Eyed FishHydro. Labs

 void CreateFurniture(30)
Created 30 types of decor.

Decors need to be crafted by finding blueprints. Blueprints can be found in all dungeons. In order to obtain them, you will need to complete the dungeon or return home. Dying will result in losing the blueprints.

There are around 70 decors available, so you only need to find a bit less than half of them.

Decors will provide you will stat bonuses and can be used to design the home of Toriko.

The whole decor list can be viewed ingame by pressing “Options” → “Archive” → “Blueprints”.

 void CheckLevel(50)
Reached level 50.

Reaching level 50 is best done in the “Endless Ruins”. In this dungeon, Toriko’s health status won’t change. Meaning, you have all the time to reach level 50.

Make sure you clear every layer to gain as much EXP as possible. Also clear monster rooms, as they let you earn loads of EXP.

Pick skills that give you durability. Some good examples are:
Auto-Heal boost, Crit Rate, Evade Rate, Inventory Add-on.

For the knacks, install the following:
Soldier & Recycler.

For the Custom Parts, install the following:
Extra Skill Draw, Double Skill Change (1) & Double skill chance (2).

While attempting this, make sure to reach layer 25. After that, you should have encountered all unique enemies within the game.

 void TheEnd()
Cleared the game.

Story related and cannot be missed.
For the final mission you will need to create a life vessel to put Toriko in. Upon acquiring all parts, create the vessel. Now Toriko will need perfect health in order to continue. She can’t have any radiation, which can be seen in the bar displayed.

In order to reach perfect health, you will need to feed her food that isn’t contaminated. This is easiest done in the Bio Labs. Reach layer 5 with only 1 food item in your inventory. (Drop all other stuff upon reaching layer 5). Now look for the grass rat as seen in the picture below. Let him steal your food, then kill the rat. This will cleanse your food item of contamination.
Now return to the girl and feed her the food.

When she is in perfect health, put her inside the vessel. Now you will need to clear a special dungeon (POINT OF NO RETURN). You will have to reach the final layer (31) of the dungeon, after which a cutscene will play.

Note: After reaching layer 31, you will enter a special area with the vessel. Make sure to follow instructions! Otherwise, a bossfight will start, which is optional! Thanks to GreenZSaber for reporting it.

 void KillThemAll()
Defeated every type of enemy.

You will encounter enemies during dungeons. Some enemies such as Grunt can be encountered is almost all dungeons. However, some enemies can only be encountered in certain dungeons and only from a certain layer and upwards.

Below is a list of all enemies and where you can encounter them. They might also appear on other layers and dungeons.

You can view your ingame list by pressing
“Options” -> “Archive” -> “Enemies”.

The list below has the same order as ingame.

 void SkillUser(100)
Used 100 active skills.

Refer to the “void SkillUser(500)” trophy for more information.

  void EnemyHunter(1000)
Defeated 1,000 enemies.

Destroy a total of 1.000 enemies. This trophy shouldn’t be a problem at all. Throughout the whole game, you will be killing a lot of enemies, perhaps even close to 10.000.

 void PresentForYou()
Gifted the girl a toy.

Story-related and cannot be missed
Upon progressing far enough into the story, the robot will task you to create a toy for Toriko. The toy will be a little red car. You will be searing for some materials in dungeons, after which you should be able to craft it pretty easy.

 void EnemyHunter(1,***)
Defeated the source of the contamination.

Story related and cannot be missed.
To reach the source of the contamination, you will need to reach Layer 15 of Contaminated Zone.

You will be most likely trying this for a couple of hours. First, you will need to gather some resources to craft blueprints. These are needed to improve your & Toriko’s stats. You also need to craft Knack’s and custom parts in order to gain enough strength.

During the dungeon you will need to balance out three things:
1) Finding items
2) Leveling up
3) Toriko’s status.

You can only take the slow approach if Toriko will allow you to. If she requires food or becomes ill, you will have to return.

Keep in mind that all dungeons are random. It could be that you won’t acquire enough items to progress further. You might not be able to find enough energy for example.

Upon reaching Layer 15 you will encounter a giant enemy, the source. It will spawn minions which can be killed for additional loot! Take your time and heal up when needed.

Ranged attacks are very effective against the final boss. Refer to the video below for a walkthrough.


 void BeWithYou()
Gazed upon the moon with the girl.

For this trophy you will firstly need to find the moonstone item. I can be found in the Blast Furnace, but it’s possible that it will appear in other dungeons as well.

Pick it up, and craft the moon. Now select Terrarium Editor and place it within the Terrarium. Go stand inside the Terrarium close to Toriko. Wait until the option appears “Gaze upon the moon” and press X.

 void GetSick(6)
Allowed the girl to contract 6 illnesses.

Illnesses can be acquired by not cleaning up the Terrarium. Eventually, Toriko will get sick. It’s a process that’s a bit RnG like, so just keep playing until she gets sick.

When she is sick, go back to the Terrarium and interact with Toriko & the robot. Now complete the new mission to acquire the medicine. After crafting the medicine, she will be healthy again. Now repeat the process until you got 6 unique illnesses.

 void CreateFurniture(20)
Created 20 types of decor.

Refer to the “void CreateFurniture(30)” Trophy for more information on this.

 void CheckLevel(30)
Reached level 30.

Refer to the “CheckLevel(50)” Trophy for more information on this.

 void SkillCollector(50)
Acquired 50 skills.

You will need to acquire a total of 50 unique skills. These can be  active and passive skills. There are a lot of skills ingame, so you should not have a problem at all to earn this trophy.

You can look up all the skills you’ve acquired atleast once via the menu (press options).

 void HelloWorld!()
Activated the robot.

Story related and cannot be missed.
During your first minute ingame, you will need to interact with a robot. Doing so will pop this trophy. 

 void CheckLevel(10)
Reached level 10.

Refer to the “void CheckLevel(50)” trophy for more information on this.

 void Completion()
Completed the terrarium exterior.

Story related and cannot be missed.
Early on in the story, craft the terrarium Exterior.

 void WakeUp()
Woke up the girl.

Story related and cannot be missed.
Upon discovering the girl, you will need to fix her critical health condition. You will be going into a dungeon to find the required materials. Upon crafting the needed items, you will get this trophy.

 void Cure()
Cured Overgrowth disease.

Story related and cannot be missed.
At the very beginning of the game, interact with the girl.

 void BoyMeetsGirl()
Discovered Overgrowth disease.

Story related and cannot be missed.
After clearing the tutorial dungeon, you will find the girl inside the bottle. Interact with her and this trophy will pop.

 void EnemyHunter(1,rad)
Defeated a contaminated enemy.

They are purple/pink of color and have a lot of Health. When destroyed, you earn you a lot more EXP than usual.

They can be found in all dungeons, and you shouldn’t have a problem finding any during your game.

 void SkillCollector(10)
Acquired 10 skills.

Refer to “void SkillCollector(50)” trophy for more information on this.

 void OutOfGas()
Defeated yourself by running out of energy.

This can be achieved by using many skills during a run. This will deplete your energy very quickly. Upon running out of energy, your health will drain quickly.

You can also hold X + circle to skip turns.

 void EnemyHunter(100)
Defeated 100 enemies.

Refer to the “void EnemyHunter(1.000)” trophy for more information on this.

 void EatTheBug(5)
Fed the girl 5 types of food.

Refer to the “void EatTheBug(all)” trophy for more information on this.

 void SkillUser(10)
Used 10 active skills.

Refer to the “void SkillUser(500)” trophy for more information on this.

 void GetSick(3)
Allowed the girl to contract 3 illnesses.

Refer to the “void GetSick(6)” trophy for more information on this.

 void EnemyHunter(10)
Defeated 10 enemies.

This trophy will pop during the tutorial dungeon, when you kill your 10th enemy.

 void CreateFurniture(10)
Created 10 types of decor.

Refer to the “void CreateFurniture(30)” trophy for more information on this.

 void PushStartButton(10)
Played with the girl 10 times via Pet Nanny.

This option isn’t available right away, but will unlock later on through a story mission. Use it 10 times in total and this trophy will pop.

To reach the 10 times quickly: you can start a dungeon, use it twice, then return to the terrarium.