Super Pixel Racers Trophy Guide

Game: Super Pixel Racers
Peripherals: Controller
Time to 100%: 30 hours
Difficulty: 3 / 10
Missable trophies: None
Author: Wuthg21

Welcome to the trophy guide for Super Pixel Racers. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Finish every race

Welcome to Super Pixel Racers, a fun 2D arcade racer. While the game looks fairly short and simple, it will take you some time to finish the game. Start out by focusing on the career mode and finishing every race. There are three main cups: C class, B class and A class. These cups have trophies tied to them so you will unlock them automatically after getting at least bronze in the events. Some races are locked until you get at least bronze in the events before them too. If it is possible, try and win as many races as you can, since this will cut down some grinding later on.

Stage 2 – Winning every race

Now for one of the harder trophies, winning every race. After stage 1 you should have some cash to spend to upgrade your car. Pick a car that you like and upgrade it to the extent where you can win the races. You do not have to upgrade them fully yet. If you know you won’t win the event, then still finish the race to work towards the 300 races.

Stage 3 – Miscellaneous trophies

At this point there should be a few trophies left to do, it is possible that you got some of them while doing the first two stages. The only trophy which should form a problem is the multiplayer related trophy. Since almost no one plays this game online it is practically impossible to get a full lobby. You will need to find some friends who are willing to help you.


 Legendary Hero!
Unlock all trophies.

This trophy does not need a description, but here I wanted to give a tip for all trophies that are required for the platinum. In the main menu, there is a tab called ‘Trophies’, which tracks progress for all trophies. So if you want to know how close you are towards a trophy you should check it out. It also tracks total playtime.


 A New Champion
Win all races.

This trophy will take most of your time for the platinum. First you will need to clear all classes to unlock all races. For example clearing C Class will unlock C Class Plus, which after clearing will unlock the Rookie Cup. To make this easier on yourself it is suggested to upgrade your favorite car and to turn down the difficulty in the game play options located in the settings menu. The only downside by turning down the difficulty, is that your winnings will decrease. Other than that, it is just a race to the finish.

Another note, in the cups (Rookie cups, Pro cups and Master cups) you have to win every single race inside of a cup. So getting gold overall won’t matter if you got, for example, second place in one of the races.

 Master Driver
Clear A class.

A class unlocks after clearing B class. You have to complete a whopping twenty events. You have to get at least bronze on them to get this trophy. If you have some money left to spend, buy the ‘Concept – Standard’, this car will clear the courses with ease.

 Speed Racer
Clear B class.

B class unlocks after clearing the C class. There are sixteen events to clear. You have to get at least bronze on them to get this trophy. If you are having trouble with some of the events it is suggested that you upgrade the ‘Impression – Standard’ car. You start out with this car and it will get the job done.

 I Got a Licence
Clear C class.

C class is where you start off your journey. There are twelve races where you have to get at least bronze for this trophy. If you are having trouble with the races it is suggested buying the ‘Guide – Takedown’ car. This car will get you through all events with ease.

Driver’s High
Clear 300 races.

Clearing means getting at least bronze in a race. while this seems like a daunting task just remember to upgrade your car of choice regularly and this will get easier.

There are all sorts of events, for example:
1. Rally Cross – Race against other drivers to the finish line.
2. Time Trial – Race against the clock.
3. Takedown – Eliminate opponents by crashing into them.
4. Drift Show – Gather as many points while drifting.
5. Land Rush – Stay in the lead as long as possible.
6. Rally – Clear the checkpoints within the time limit.

 Nitro Mania
Run Nitro total 1,000Km.

You can activate nitro by pressing [O], but it will only work if you have nitro in your bar. You can obtain nitro by:
1. Drifting (See the trophy ‘Drift Holic’).
2. Starting out in Takedown.
3. Getting a takedown in Takedown (inception).

While going for the trophy ‘Driver’s High’ this should unlock by itself.

Drift Holic
Run Drift total 1,000Km.

To drift you have to hold [X] while going into a corner. Doing so will give you some nitro. Same as with the trophy ‘Nitro Mania’. This should unlock by itself while going for ‘Driver’s High’.

 True Collector
Collect 10 cars.

This is fairly simple, every cup has its own set of cars, and with every cup you start of with a car, so this means you have to buy 7 cars for a total of $26,000.

C Class:
1. f500 – Standard (obtained by starting C Class.)
2. Mouse – Drift ($1000)
3. Guide – Takedown ($1000)

B Class:
1. Impression – Standard (obtained by starting B Class.)
2. Point – Drift ($3000)
3. Evolution – Takedown ($3000)

A Class:
1. Lance – Standard (obtained by starting A Class.)
2. Subway – Drift ($6000)
3. Taurus – Takedown ($6000)
4. Concept – Standard ($6000)

Fully upgrade 10 cars.

For this trophy you need to rack up a whopping $1,555,200. This will be the last trophy you unlock most likely. Since there is no single race that gives a good amount of money you will be looking at a grind. To put in the least amount of effort you can replay the Takedown race in the A Class plus. Make sure to put up the difficulty to S to get the most amount of money from it. Completing the race will grant you around $1000, which is still far off from your total amount.

You can also let the time run out in this race, you will get less money but you only have to press restart every once in a while. Either way, this is why it is such a long platinum.

When you finally got the money you can upgrade the cars in the garage, do note that every Class has different cars, so you may have to switch around.

Reach $1,000,000.

See the trophy ‘Perfectionist’ for more information.

 A Tough Day
Win a race with the crashed car.

For this trophy you have to crash your car right before winning a race. Crashing your car means you have to repair it before you can continue the race, you can notice how badly damaged your car is by looking at the flames coming from the car. Try getting it heavily damaged before going in the last lap, after that run the lap and before finishing crash into a wall. Hopefully this will crash your car and it will slide over the finish line.

This may take a few tries but it will unlock eventually.

Crash other cars 300 times.

For this trophy you will have to play the mode ‘Takedown’. To crash a car you have to use nitro (O) to get them to crash in a wall. They won’t explode on the first contact, so keep doing it till they blow up. This mode does not rely on the amount of laps you drive, so it is suggested when the cars split up, to turn around and drive in opposite direction. You probably have to replay some ‘Takedown’ events till you get this trophy.

 Wrench and Hammer
Repair self 100 times.

Repairing yourself becomes available after crashing too much to the point where you can not drive anymore. You will have to move the joystick a few times to repair yourself.

Badly damaged car
Crashed car

 I am the Winner
Win an online multi race with full entries.

This is the only trophy in this game which forms a problem. Practically no one plays the mutliplayer of this game, so getting a full lobby is the biggest problem. So it is suggested finding some people who also need this trophy and getting a group together. A full lobby means eight people, so you need to find seven other players.