Steam Tactics Trophy Guide

Game: Steam Tactics
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 7-8 Hours
Difficulty: 3/10
Missable trophies: “Luxury”
Trophies: 1 8 9 1
Author: Nameless600 and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Steam Tactics. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, and Xbox one. Achievements Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete Chapter 1.

Steam Tactics is broken up into two chapters of 20 missions each. Each mission has three difficulty settings which can be replayed at any time. In order to complete the game it is highly likely you will need to replay earlier missions as you go. The mission layouts will be the same on each difficulty, just higher level enemies with higher defense, higher attack, and with the same or higher speed.

In the first step, you will want to complete chapter one. The first 3-5 missions act as a tutorial and are extremely easy. The remaining 15 missions in chapter one are fairly simple as well. You may have to go back and complete a few previous missions, but it is unlikely due to the simplicity of the game at the beginning.

The only thing you will want to watch is that you do not sell any weapons you are given or purchase. The game has limited number of each weapon available (see the Luxury trophy for more details) so it is best not to sell any until after obtaining the Luxury trophy. The game itself will hint this on the loading screens occasionally, but it is never explicitly said.

Stage 2 – Complete The Game (Chapter 2).

In the second chapter of the game, the difficulty gets higher and it is almost impossible to beat without grinding in some way. Do not panic if you start losing fights, simply go back and replay earlier missions to gain levels, gold, and additional weapons for increasing weapon ranks.

Outside of “Two is better than one” and “Luxury”, all other trophies will unlock during the course of gameplay and you will have all other trophies after completing Mission 20 of Chapter 2.


 Steam Tactics Platinum
Earn all other trophies.

Congrats on your shiny new platinum trophy! The queen of the sky thanks you for your service!

 They’re cute in their teens
Level up a pilot to level 10.

This will come naturally during gameplay, you will likely be around level 20 when you finish the game.

Acquire a three-star item.

The reason this is missable is due to the fact there are limited numbers of each ship/gun available without a large late game grind or restarting the game. It is best to never sell a weapon, as the amount of gold you get is tiny in comparison to the damage increase via upgrading.

This trophy requires you to upgrade a weapon (or ship) from a one-star to a three-star. This will require you to have four of any weapon (or ship), then combine them to form a three-star version of the same weapon. This can be done at the lab which is unlocked after Mission 13 of Chapter One.

The process for combining items is simple, but will look like this:

-Combine two one-star weapons – 5K gold (Creates a two-star weapon).

-Combine a second set of two one-star weapons – 5K gold (Creates a two-star weapon).

-Combine both newly created two-star weapons – 20K gold (Creates the three-star weapon).

The trophy will unlock immediately after creating the three-star weapon.

It is best to do this with weapons, as ships are harder to come by and cost a large amount more to upgrade.

The best “item” to do this with is Old Bobby (canon). You will come by 3 of them naturally during the course of gameplay. The last can be obtained by completing chapter 2 mission 1 on silver difficulty. After this just save up money and use the lab to upgrade.

Ship Collector
Acquire all ships.

This trophy will unlock automatically through the story after Chapter 2 Mission 2.

As mentioned in “Luxury”, it is best not to sell any ships as it could void the trophy.

The ships are as follows:

Sirocco – High defense and HP, low speed.
Hornet – High speed and attack, low defense.
Brightwing – High defense vs late-game weapons and high HP, low speed.
Angry Buzzard – High speed and high long-range defense, low HP and low close-range defense.
Iron Moth – Mid for most stats (base ship).
Northwind – Mid for most stats (base ship).

Please note that all ships can (to an extent) be tailored to what you like through what weapons are attached and how upgraded each ship is. However, some stats will not increase as fast as others.

 Gun collector
Acquire all guns.

This trophy will unlock automatically through the story after Chapter 2 Mission 16.

As mentioned in “Luxury”, it is best not to sell any ships as it could void the trophy.

The guns are as follows:
Note – Base weapons unlock earlier in the game, advanced unlock later.

Red Hound – Base diagonal machine gun.
Woodpecker – Base horizontal/vertical machine gun.
Ocelot – Advanced long range diagonal machine gun
Bulldog – Base diagonal cannon
Old Bobby – Base horizontal/vertical cannon
Timberwolf – Advanced long range horizontal/vertical cannon
Flaming Snout – Base horizontal/vertical flamethrower.
Scarlet Bloom – Advanced diagonal flamethrower.
Barracuda – Base horizontal/vertical torpedo launcher.
Chimaera – Advanced diagonal torpedo launcher.
Cachalot – Advanced horizontal/vertical torpedo launcher.
Rasping Stinger – Base diagonal acid gun.
Black Viper – Advanced horizontal/vertical acid gun
Steel Eel – Base diagonal electricity gun.
Stingray – Advanced close range horizontal/vertical electricity gun.

Each gun has their own positives and negatives, so it is best to use a variety depending on the situation. You can upgrade any gun at any time with gold/materials, so do not worry about keeping them all upgraded, upgrade those that you use.

If for some reason this trophy does not pop, double check this list and purchase the weapons from the various merchant hot air balloons.

Complete the first chapter

This trophy is unlocked by completing the first half of the game. Beat Chapter 1 Mission 20.

There is no boss fight on this mission.

 Family ties
Defeat Hades.

This trophy is unlocked by completing Chapter 2 Mission 7.

Boss battles in this game are not like most others. The boss is not clearly distinguished, and instead the ships will be slightly more difficult then the average mission. If you are not paying much attention to the story, you would not even realize the mission is a boss battle.

 The Grand Inquisitor
Defeat Nicholaus.

This trophy will unlock after completing Chapter 2 Mission 14.

See “Family Ties” for more info on boss battles.

 And the story ends
Complete the second chapter.

This trophy will unlock after completing Chapter 2 Mission 20.

Technically this is the end of story mode and the platinum trophy should unlock after you get this trophy (assuming you completed “Luxury”).

Piracy is fun but unsustainable.

This trophy will unlock after Chapter 1 Mission 5.

Selva is the first villain of the game and will join you as your third (out of four) pilots.

See the “Family Ties” trophy for more info on boss battles.

 First Steps
Level up a pilot for the first time.

This trophy will unlock by mission 3 or 4.

You will be between level 20-25 by the time you complete the game.

First upgrade
Upgrade an item for the first time.

 You will unlock the workshop after Chapter 1 Mission 2.

You obtain this trophy by upgrading any one item (Weapon or Ship). This trophy is unmissable as you will not be able to beat the game with level 1 weapons/ships.

 Not bad!
Upgrade an item to level 10.

You will unlock this trophy by upgrading any item (weapon or ship) to level 10. By the end of the game, you will likely have most weapons near level 20 and level 15 ships. Much like the “First Upgrade” trophy, you will not be able to beat the game with level 9 or below ships/weapons.

 Two is better than one
Acquire a two-star item.

Refer to the “Luxury” trophy for more information on this.

 It’s getting hot in here
Acquire a flamethrower.

You will obtain this trophy after your fight with Selva (Chapter 1 Mission 5). Flamethrowers are close range weapons. It is best to equip Selva with one, as it is her weapon of choice.

 Range matters
Acquire a torpedo launcher.

This trophy will unlock after Chapter 1 Mission 10.

There is no boss fight on this mission.

Torpedo launchers are the longest range weapon, most require you to be 3 squares away (a few late ones requiring two). It is best to use these, as the other half of Selva’s weapons are both upgraded using the same skill points.

 It smells funny
Acquire an acid gun.

You will obtain your first acid gun after Chapter 1 Mission 18.

There is no boss fight on this mission.

The acid gun is an alternative form of the flamethrower, it acts much the same, just a different weapon type (for those with high flame defense). It is best to give them to Benedictus as his secondary weapon or save it for the last character that joins your party. It is the least needed out of any weapon type.

 Musk recommends
Acquire a tesla gun.

You will be given your first Tesla Gun after Chapter 2 Mission 6.

The tesla gun acts similar to the machine gun and those with low machine gun defense seem to also have low tesla defense. It is best to give these to Benedictus as tesla weapons are upgraded with the same skill points as machine guns. Otherwise use them only when the situation calls for it.

 Off to a good start
Achieve your first victory.

This trophy will unlock after completing Chapter 1 Mission 1.

This mission acts as a tutorial and enemies will only do one damage to you. You will also have a few pop-ups explaining how to play the game. You should have no problem completing this mission.