Snowrunner Trophy Guide

Game: Snowrunner
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 80 – 100+ hours
Difficulty: 3/10
Missable trophies: Goliath
Author: Pete and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Snowrunner. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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This trophy guide was completed in solo play only. You can play multiplayer online, but only the host will earn the trophies.

Warning: There are currently numerous issues and bugs with some trophy tracking information in this game, and they will hopefully be resolved in future patches. That being said it is still possible to platinum the game in its current form.

Stage 1 – Play through the game to complete all Contracts and Tasks.

Play through the game tutorial, unlock Watchtowers, complete Contracts, Tasks, find Upgrades and Abandoned Trucks, open up tunnels to access more Maps, unlock and buy all Trucks, complete every Contest, and travel at least 1000 km.

There are 215 quests (Contracts and Tasks) to complete in the game. There will be a lot of patience needed to get through the early stages of the game when a new map or area opens up as there will be new and harder challenges. As you level up in the game, sell and buy trucks that fit your needs for different tasks. Equip your truck(s) with the necessary items (Upgraded engine, gear box, suspension, proper tires for the driving conditions, winch, frame add-ons for the tasks you are trying to complete, among other optional choices you can add if you like.)

Play the game the way you like as long as you complete all quests (Contracts and Tasks), find all Upgrades, unlock all Watchtowers, have bought each Truck in the game once (Note: It does not matter if you keep trucks on hand, it is actually better to sell and upgrade to better trucks so you progress quicker.), all Contests, and finish everything possibly available on all Maps.
(Note: There are 4 Michigan, 4 Alaska, and 3 Russian maps within the base game.)

-Use the TouchPad to check your Contests, Contracts, Tasks and Maps for all of these as frequently as needed.
-Press down on the DPad to check your Game Profile. There is a Trophy Tracker with percentages for all trophies in the game. This is very important, you should check after every time you unlock a Watchtower, Upgrade, Truck, etc. to ensure that it has counted towards the associated trophies. It also provides an overview of all Contracts, Tasks, and Contests listed and completed. Some will be listed here, but will not be available until you have completed other Contracts and Tasks. Other stats include: Distance travelled, percent of each Map items completed, Upgrades unlocked, and Watchtowers unlocked.

Stage 2 – Trophy Cleanup.

If you require more money to buy trucks and level up, you should play any of the Contests repeatedly.
Refer to the trophy descriptions for an specific trophy if you missed earning it below.


 One with the Truck
Get all the trophies.

Unlock all other trophies in the game. Congratulations on your shiny new platinum!

Complete every contract in the game.

You will need to complete all the Contracts for every region in the game. Under the TouchPad Menu ingame, you can select Contracts and see all the ones you have completed/need to complete here by overall and by each specific region. This will give you general information about the Map location, XP and money to be earned for Contracts under this heading. Contracts are not repeatable. If you need to restart a Contract, it is possible by selecting to restart it. Example deliveries of Contracts shown below.

 Ain’t no rest for the…trucker?
Complete every task and contest in the game.

You will need to complete all the Tasks and Contests for every region in the game. Under the TouchPad Menu ingame, you can select Tasks and Contests individually to see all the ones you have completed/need to complete here by overall and by each specific region. This will give you general information about the Map location, XP and money to be earned for each of these Task and Contests under this heading. Tasks are not repeatable, but can be restarted by interacting with the location where the Note for the Task was issued on the Map. Contests are repeatable and are a great way to earn XP for leveling up and to earn money for buying new items.

 Model Collector
Own every vehicle in the game.

You will need to buy every American and Russian truck in the game. Even if you have recovered abandoned trucks from the wild, you still need to buy each truck. You can sell trucks and get back the exact same price that you bought them for. You do not need every truck at one time, so buy and sell as you please. If you do not earn this trophy, then go through the Garage Truck Store in the USA and in Russia, buying and selling each one until you earn this trophy. You can only buy all of them when you are at Level 26, as this is when all trucks are unlocked in the Truck Stores.

 The Black Shuck
Drive through 1000 km.

You will earn this trophy as you play through the game. You have to complete all missions in the game. If you do not get this trophy, then use a fast truck to drive on the highways to quickly travel more kilometers.

 What’s a mile?
Use ZiKZ 5368 to deliver at least 10 cargoes in Michigan or Alaska.

At a Garage in Russia you can buy the ZiKZ 5368. Retain the truck and then you can access it in a garage in Michigan or Alaska. Use this truck to deliver 10 cargoes in either American states. You can upgrade the truck with any that are available if you wish, but is not required for this trophy. This way you can transport cargo through mud and water, making this an easier task. You can perform these cargo deliveries from Contracts, Tasks and Contests. Contests are repeatable, so you will earn XP and money by doing this at the same time.

 Western Wind
Use Pacific P12 to deliver at least 10 cargoes in Taymyr.

Once you have a Pacific P12, retain it and move it to a Garage in Taymyr. Once you deploy the truck, there you can complete any delivery Tasks or ontests that require a delivery of cargo. After delivering at least 10 cargoes with the Pacific P12 in Taymyr, you will earn this trophy.  

Western Wind Trophy.

Transport a winched vehicle with a broken engine from one map to another and put it into a garage.

Buy a Truck and take it to another map. Break the Engine of the Truck by driving it into a pole. When the Engine is broken, attach this Truck with another by using your winch to pull it to the tunnel (gateway) to the next map. As soon as you reach the next map, make sure that you rewinch the Truck and then pull it to the open Garage so you can transfer to that Truck and recover it. See pictures below.

 Bering Strait
Own a TUZ 420 “Tatarin” and have it stationed in any garage in Alaska.

On the Zimnegorsk, Taymyr map, a little ways over from the Garage, there is the TUZ 420 “Tatarin” in a forested area on a hill. Drive a truck to its location and then transfer to it. You can recover it to your Garage from here. Retain the truck, go to Global Maps, and choose to move to any Alaska map with a garage open. As soon as you do this you will earn this trophy.

 Pedal to the Metal
Travel from one gateway to another on one map without releasing the accelerator.

Find two open gateways that are close together, like the two in the Alaska map (North Port). Start from either map that leads to the gateway in the next map and hold R2 without releasing it as you drive to the other gateway on the map. Make sure that you interact with the gateway to travel to the next map. If you attempt this in Alaska, make sure that you have mud tires instead of chained tires. Scouts are easiest to use with a raised suspension. This way you will move slower through the snow areas, can bounce while hitting rocks and guard rails, and are less likely to go too fast and lose control of your truck.

 All Starts From a Garage
Explore all garages in the game.

There are only 2 garages in Michigan (Black River and Dam), 2 in Alaska (North Port and White Valley), and 2 in Taymyr (Flooded Lands and Zimnegorsk). Once you have access and use a Garage, it will count towards this trophy. For the Zimnegorsk, Taymyr (the 3rd map that’s grayed out) Garage, you will have to complete many tasks prior to gaining access to use this Garage. These tasks include 2 Contracts: One that involves the Seismic Vibrator Module on a truck and the other is delivering Concrete Slabs and Fuel to the rebuild the Garage.

 “All Along the Watchtower”
Explore all watchtowers in the game.

You will need to find and interact with all 65 Watchtowers in the game. Their locations are shown on all the maps for you to find. Also, you can refer to this Snowrunner Interactive Map called Maprunner by deviousdrizzle.

 Dreams Come True
Repair all the pipes in Alaska.

There are 3 pipes in Alaska that need to be repaired. These Contracts will not be available until you have completed other contracts. They will involve delivering many items, including the large pipes that require the largest trailers. This will be easier if you have roadways and bridges that are clear, fixed, and accessible.

Dreams Come True Trophy.

 Victory Parade
Own every russian vehicle in the game.

You will need to buy all Russian trucks in the game from a Garage Truck Store in Russia. USA trucks are not available to buy in Russian Garages. Make sure that if you found any that were in the wild, you will need to still buy them in order for this to count towards your total. As soon as you buy it, you can sell it and proceed to buy the next that is available to you. If this trophy is not earned at Level 26, it’s recommended to buy and sell all Russian trucks again that are all now unlocked.

 Fuel Economy
Travel through every region on a single tank of fuel.

After building bridges and once you have access to trucks that have large fuel tanks with low fuel consumption, you will need to travel to all the maps within a region. Repeat this for all regions. You only need to access the tunnel for an area, then you can travel back through that tunnel to go to the next tunnel and access that map.

Fuel Economy Trophy.

 The Duel
Driving a red-coloured scout vehicle, collide with any truck and take less damage than that truck.

Customize a scout truck to be a red color, then hit another truck and take less damage. The best way to do this is to haveone truck parked outside a Garage and then use the red-coloured scout truck to hit the front grill of the other truck on an angle to ensure that you cause more damage to the other truck. Recover your red-coloured scout truck if you do not succeed and try again. See the picture below for the shade of red that you need for this to work.

The Duel Trophy.

 “Stars and Stripes”
Own every american vehicle in the game.

You will need to buy all the American trucks in the game. You can only buy American trucks in the USA Garage Truck Stores. You will not be able to buy them in the Russian Maps. You will need to unlock all of them and buy them at least once. After buying the truck, you can immediately sell it if you like. You do not need to have all American trucks at one time.

 Uncle Scrooge
Earn 100000 currency.

As you complete Contracts, Tasks and Contests, you will be rewarded with XP and cash. Contests are repeatable to earn Cash over and over again quickly. You will naturally earn this trophy while playing for the platinum trophy.

 Once a Farmer always a Farmer
Smash 500 pumpkins.

In all the Farm House locations in Michigan, there are pumpkins growing behind the houses in a small garden. Use a truck to run over the pumpkins to smash them. This will give about 2% towards this trophy. An easy method to farm the trophy is to place a truck about 50m away from the pumpkins on two different maps (Black River and Smithville Dams). Smash the pumpkins in one map, move the truck away 50m, fast travel to the other map where the other truck is located near the pumpkins. Run over the pumpkins in this area, move the truck 50m away, then fast travel back to the other map where the other truck is located. Repeat this method to quickly earn this trophy.
(Note: There are Farms in Taymyr with many more pumpkins that are close together (see the pictures below).

Use a telescopic crane to raise a special objective semi-trailer at least 5 meters above the ground.

This trophy is missable. In Michigan, Black River, eventually you will have access to buy the Heavy Duty Crane (Frame Add-ons) for one of your trucks. Make sure that the truck you choose has a great power-to-weight ratio (like a heavy truck). Also, you need to have access to visit the Fuel Station in the middle area of the map near the Farm. Once ready, drive this Craned-truck to the Fuel Station and there is a large green fuel tank that is on the side of the Fuel Station. Position your crane to be as close as possible, operate the crane to lift the middle top of the fuel semi-trailer, then lift it up into the air as high as possible. If your truck is not heavy enough to lift it, then find or buy a heavy fuel Trailer or a heavy loaded (Steel Beams) trailer. Have the trailer hitched to your Crane truck. See the pictures below. There are other special semi-trailers in the game, but most of them are extremely heavy, have bad lift points, do not lift horizontally, and require the most heavy duty trucks with Cranes and/or large heavy load trailers hitched to the Craned truck.

 The Blue Hall
Drive 1km in the water.

Equip a truck with good or excellent tires for mud and/or offroad and a submersible smoke stack. Drive through rivers, streams, and/or ponds so that the tires are fully submerged in the water for it to count towards the 1km total. This is a cumulative total over the course of playing the game. However, in Smithville Dam near the Farmhouse, there is a pond with cattails. Use this pond to drive around in it for the 1 km in water total to quickly earn this trophy.

The Blue Hall Trophy.

 Where are the logs?
Visit every logging area in the game at least once.

There are Lumber Yards and Log Stations across the Maps of the game. You will most likely need to visit all of them while completing Tasks, Contracts, and Contests. You will need to load at least one Wooden Planks from each of these locations. Make sure to check your in game stats for the Trophy percentage completed that this registered as counting.

 Play Your Way
Fix 2000 damage points.

In the garage, under Customizations, Frame Add-ons, buy the Roof Rack or Repair Kit. Exit the garage. As you damage your truck you can use the newly purchased ability to repair your truck or another truck. Recovering your truck to repair it does not count towards the total of 2000 damage points fixed for this trophy.

 18 Wheels is Not Enough
Own a Azov 42-20 Antarctic.

This truck will be unlocked when you reach Level 26. .

 Yeah, you can drive!
All main tutorial hints have been activated at least once.

At the start of the game, play through all the tutorial hints to begin and learn the ‘how to play’ game mechanics. Tutorial hints are shown for the first time for each new item that you interact with in the game.

Tutorial Hints.

Complete any 10 tasks or contests without taking any damage.

Use a truck to finish any 10 tasks or contests where your truck does not take any damage at all. You know you have damaged your truck when a red warning part and number flashes on the screen on your truck. Typically, the tasks and contests that are in the first few Michigan maps are easiest to earn this trophy in. If you find a contest that you like and you can easily do it with no damage, then you can repeat it as many times needed to earn this trophy.

 Problem Solved
Pull a vehicle with a broken engine out of the water with a crane.

Choose any truck, on any map that has a broken engine and is in water. It is easiest to use a Heavy Duty Crane or a Crane Truck to pull a truck out of the water.

 Tread Softly
Recover your vehicle 10 times or more.

Any time that you: want to quickly return to your garage, damage your truck too much, run out of fuel, roll over your truck, or destroy your truck, you can use the RECOVER option by pressing up on the DPad, then select RECOVER and you will be returned to the garage. You will lose all Cargo and Trailers will be disconnected from your truck. Also, if there is no Garage open on the map you are on, you will be warned where you will be returned to.

 Workers Unite
Find both Lenin statues in Taymyr.

There is one Lenin Statue in Drowned Lands, Taymyr at the Factory. The second Lenin Statue is on the Zimnegorsk, Taymyr map in front of the government building. See the pictures below.

 Simply Delivered
Deliver every type of cargo in the game at least once.

When playing for the platinum trophy, you will need to complete all Contracts, Tasks, and Contests and you will automatically deliver every type of Cargo in the game at least once. Some cargo items are 1 unit of space to as many as 5 units of space needed on a trailer or truck bed. Some Cargos are special Trailers that will only appear once or a few times in the game, they are special semi-trailers that need to be delivered to progress in the game.

 Broken Horse
Drive 1 km with all wheels broken.

There will be tasks where there are trucks that need to be restored. When they are located you can see what is broken on them. Make sure that the wheels are all broken on the truck you choose. Take a Repair Trailer or use your own truck’s Repair Kit to restore truck parts except for the wheels. Also, refuel them either with fuel from your current truck or bring a Fuel Trailer (small, medium, or large). Transfer the truck to take control of it and drive for 1 km without having fixed the wheels.

 Through blood & sweat
Manually load at least 4 standard cargo units in your truck one after another and pack them

Eventually you will have access to the heavy duty crane (add-on) or a crane truck, and a truck that can have a Trailer with 4 or more standard cargo units on it. Bring the Trailer to any Cargo location and then choose to manually load the cargo instead of the automatic option. Use your Crane to manually take and place 4 standard cargo units (like Fuel Barrels or Lumber) onto the Trailer, then pack the cargo to earn this trophy.

 Get over here
Pull yourself with a winch for at least 6 meters.

On your truck, use the Winch to pull your truck for 6 meters. This is a cumulative total and does not need to be done all in one attempt.

 Eat, Sleep, Drill, Repeat
Deliver all 3 Oil Rigs to their destination points in Alaska.

In Alaska, you will need to deliver the 3 Oil Rigs to their destinations. The Oil Rigs are large and heavy. They require a Truck that is powerful enough, snow/mud tires, High Saddle hitch setup, and any other upgrades to make it easier to accomplish. For example, you may want to upgrade your Winch to make this even easier. Remember that the shortest path is not necessarily the best route to take as it could have lots of obstacles (like trees, rocks, steep terrain, tight turns, extremely sticky mud, deep snow, deep water, etc.) In general the higher your Level Rank is, the better are your available choices for Trucks to take on these challenges.

 Bear Hunt
Find all upgrades in Taymyr.

There are 21 Upgrades to collect in Taymyr. Use the Snowrunner Interactive Map called Maprunner by deviousdrizzle to view all the upgrades’ locations. (Note: Some Upgrades are Hidden and they are not obtainable. All upgrades are revealed after finding all the Watchtowers on a map.)

 Moose Hunt
Find all upgrades in Alaska.

There are 23 Upgrades to collect in Alaska. Use the Snowrunner Interactive Map called Maprunner by deviousdrizzle to view all the upgrades’ locations. Note: Some Upgrades are Hidden and they are not obtainable. All upgrades are revealed after finding all the Watchtowers on a map.

 Deer Hunt
Find all upgrades in Michigan.

There are 21 Upgrades to collect in Michigan. Use the Snowrunner Interactive Map called Maprunner by deviousdrizzle to view all of the upgrades’ locations. Note: Some Upgrades are Hidden and they are not obtainable. All upgrades are revealed after finding all the Watchtowers on a map.

Buy enough upgrades to hit twice the price of the base vehicle you bought them for.

Buy upgrades in your Garage so that the cost of the truck is twice the original cost of the truck. This will work on trucks that you find and return to your garage that you have not bought as long as you upgrade them so that their cost is twice the cost of its base model cost.

For example, on the Black River, Michigan map there is a truck called Scout 800 that you can find and unlock. Make sure to sell the one that you recovered and then buy it. Add whatever Upgrades you have to make the cost double what the original price was.