Rock Of Ages 3: Make & Break Trophy Guide

Game: Rock Of Ages 3: Make & Break
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 6-8 hours
Difficulty: 4/10 (Dependent on racing game and platforming abilities)
Trophies: 1 , 8 , 6 , 7
Missable trophies: None
Author: Pete and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play through the Story Campaign.

Play either Stage 1 or 2 as you like to earn the trophies.

As you play the Story Campaign you will earn stars. Do not worry about getting the full amount of stars if you cannot do so the first time. The more stars you earn, these can be used to unlock different weapons that are shown scattered on the Story Campaign Map. These weapons can be used in any of the unlocked levels. Each new region will have a War level. Upon getting at least 1 star in a War level, you will earn new rock(s) you can use in other levels. There is a Unit Challenge level where you will earn new weapon(s) in these new regions too. Refer to the Rock and Weapon Information below for all the details. Play through the levels to earn all the stars, complete the Humpty Dumpty levels in the Age of Wonder, and complete the boss battle levels (Dragon, Venice, Moby Dick, and Poseidon).

Stage 2 – Play Community Levels for Specific Trophies.

Use the Community War Levels to go up the ranking system quickly. Also, make sure to rate at least one Community Level.


 Laundry list
Earn all other trophies.

Unlock all other trophies. Congratulations on destroying lots of stuff and earning a shiny new platinum!

Win an online match of War.

From the start menu > Break > either choose: Story War level online multiplayer or Community War level online multiplayer or AI. Win the War match to earn this trophy.

Earn the King’s medal by climbing up in the ranking system.

Earn 4000 points in War levels. Refer to the “High King” trophy description.

Land in the highest scoring hole in the Skee-Boulder ramp.

Play any of the Skee-Boulder levels from either the Story campaign or from Community levels. Have your rock land in the 5X or 6X multiplier hole and win the game that is 3 rounds long. To have your rock score in a 5X or 6X multiplier, you do not have to land directly inside it after hitting the ramp. You will need to get your rock into the 5X or 6X multiplier before the opponent(s)’ score in any of the multiplier holes. So you can land on the Skee-Boulder score pad, roll and jump into either a 5X or 6X multiplier before your opponent(s) score in any multiplier. See the pictures below.

Collect all the stars from the story campaign.

There are 133 stars to collect in the story campaign. There is a star for fully completing the story campaign tutorial. Every level needs to be completed with all the stars collected. It is recommended to play levels to earn stars as quickly as possible to allow you to unlock more rocks and weapons. The rocks are earned for completing the main story campaign level within each new area that you play through. Rocks have different ratings for their strength, speed, acceleration, damage, and weight. See the information above for Rock and Weapon Information. As you earn stars, you can look around on the story world map to unlock various weapons. You can also complete a level in each new area to unlock new weapons that are introduced and will become available.
Tip: You can use rocks and weapons unlocked from higher levels in the lower levels to achieve the full star ratings for them.

 Rally Boulder
Win an online match of Obstacle Race.

From the start menu > Break > Community > Obstacle Race > choose anyone that you would like to use. You can replay the same level or choose any you like depending on the criteria of: user friendly and single player; hard, easy, short, and crazy. Win the Obstacle Race against the AI player to earn this trophy.

 Adventurous Egg
Complete all the Humpty Dumpty challenges.

There are 5 Humpty Dumpty challenges available in the Age of Wonder on the story map. They can be unlocked with: 20, 40, 60, 90, and 100 stars earned. You start with 3 lives and there are hidden eggs within each level to obtain more lives if needed. Avoid all obstacles, maneuver through the level, get to the next checkpoint to get more time on the timer counting down to complete the level. Humpty Dumpty is fragile and harder to steer through a level. For a rock, he has a low strength (100), the slowest speed (1), and the lowest damage (1) of all the rocks in the game. You will successfully complete the level when you cross the finish line at the castle entrance. This will give you 3 stars per Humpty Dumpty challenge. You must complete all 5 challenges to earn this trophy. This will also unlock Humpty Dumpty to use as a rock in the other levels of the game.

See the Rock of Ages 3 – Age of Wonder – Adventurous Egg Trophy video below with timestamps.

Adventurous Egg Trophy walkthrough.

 High King
Earn the High King’s medal by climbing up in the ranking system.

Earn 5000 points in War levels. To easily climb up the ranking system, you should play any War Community Levels as solo vs the AI or playing with others locally on the War Community Levels. As you win a War level, you will earn points to rank up the system. You can replay any War Community Level you like, even one that you make yourself and upload. However, the more War games you play, the amount of points that you earn each time lowers in value. Even though this will happen, you will still be able to earn this trophy after a few hours of grinding through these War levels.

 Olympic Gold
Get a gold medal in all time trial levels.

There are 9 Time Trial levels in the story campaign. You can jump over a lot of the obstacles and over 90 degree corners to save some time. If you fall off a level, restart and try again. There are some hidden and quicker routes you can take to lower your time significantly.

See the Rock of Ages 3 – All Gold Time Trials – Olympic Gold Trophy video below with timestamps.

Olympic Gold Trophy walkthrough.

 Olympic Silver
Get a silver medal in all time trial levels.

Refer to the “Olympic Gold” trophy description.

 Ahab’s Boulder
Defeat Moby Dick.

The Moby Dick level is available at 90 stars on the story map. For this level, you will race across the ice pathway, avoid falling through the thin ice by jumping and falling into the water. There are also weapon obstacles scattered throughout this level. The level is divided into 3 checkpoint sections as: a race followed by going inside Moby Dick’s mouth. At the end of each race, Moby Dick (the whale) will open its mouth, avoid the fire and jump onto its tongue. Once inside its mouth, you will need to destroy the 3 Pepper Barrels by running into them. Then you will need to hit the whale’s uvula (dangling part in the mouth). Moby Dick will spit you out of its mouth and the next race will start. After the third and final time, you will earn this trophy. This will also light up one of the flames on the Poseidon triangle on the story map.

 Poseidon’s Cup
Beat Poseidon in a race.

After defeating the Dragon, Vitruvian Man, and Moby Dick, you will be able to unlock the Poseidon level. This is where the triangle with three flames at its corners are light up on the story map. You will compete against Poseidon in a 3 lap race. During the underwater race you should avoid getting too close to Poseidon who is riding on two seahorse creatures as this will slow you down or even knock you off the track into the sea. Poseidon will be destroying the columns that are on the track so try to jump and maneuver to avoid the debris. Run over the starfish for a speed boost and avoid the sea turtle as they slow you down. There are many Springboard Traps on the track that you can avoid by jumping over them. Finish the race in first place to earn this trophy.

 Flawless Victory
Defeat the Vitruvian Man.

After earning 55 stars, you will be able to unlock Venice, this is where the Vitruvian Man is located. This level has 2 rounds where you will need to avoid him from hitting you while defeating him. You will want to jump and hit him in the head as many times as you can safely. After the second round, if you are able to defeat him, you will have to enter the on-screen button combination to finish him (defeat him). The button combination is: Left, Up, Right, Down, and Up on the Dpad. This will also light up one of the flames on the Poseidon triangle on the story map.

Earn the Lord’s medal by climbing up in the ranking system.

Earn 3000 points in War levels. Refer to the “High King” trophy description.

 Golden Boulder
Rescue the Dragon.

After earning 30 stars you will be able to unlock the Dragon level. In this level, you will need to:
-Kill the men under the Dragon.
-Jump onto the Dragon to destroy the men in small towers on top of it.
-Jump on the Dragon’s head to kill the man on top of it.
-Hit the Dragon head to defeat him.

Once the Dragon is grounded and incapacitated, you will earn this trophy. This will also light up one of the flames on the Poseidon triangle on the story map.

 Spotless Door
Win a match of Boulder Avalanche or War without letting the enemy touch your door.

In either any game of Boulder Avalanche or War, you will need to prevent your opponent from ever hitting your castle door. This means a zero damage castle door to earn this trophy. This can be easily obtained once you have unlocked a variety of weapons. Shown below is an example from Boulder Avalanche with the following weapons chosen: Bull of Heaven, Phoenix Tree, Branching Bolt, Springboard Trap, Anvil Bull, Cannon, and Guillotine. It is key to use all the money from the rounds to build your defense weapons near the top of the track and in areas that your opponent must travel through on a level. This includes areas right before bridges, trampolines, and narrow pathways. Once you have built your weapon defenses, you should use your Branching Bolt to lightning strike the boulders from the start of the race down the track. After using the Branching Bolt, it will be reusable after a few seconds. Always try to hit the rocks furthest along the track and/or the ones that are high in strength that may be destroying many of your defensive weapons. Use your Healing ability to repair the ground where your weapons have been destroyed. Rebuild as you are earning money during a run of the rocks and/or during the building phase of the level. Once you have successfully prevented the rocks from ever hitting your castle door, you will earn this trophy. See the pictures below.

 Olympic Bronze
Get a bronze medal in all time trial levels.

Refer to the “Olympic Gold” trophy description.

Destroy the enemy boulder using the thundercloud.

Use the Thundercloud (also is called the Branching Bolt) weapon to lightning strike your opponent’s boulder. Use the Thundercloud weapon as many times as needed once it is charged and available to use again until you destroy an enemy boulder.

 The Critic
Rate a map from the Community levels.

From the start menu > Break > Community level (any one you choose). Play the level and rate it to give it a thumbs up after playing it.

 Great Army General
Follow all of Napoleon’s directions in the level editor tutorial.

From the start menu > Make > follow the tutorial to make a level with the level editor. Follow all the directions given to make a level that you can save and play either locally or online after uploading it within the level editor.

Earn the Squire’s medal by climbing up in the ranking system.

Earn 1000 points in War levels. Refer to the ‘High King’ trophy description.

Earn the Knight’s medal by climbing up in the ranking system.

Earn 2000 points in War levels. Refer to the “High King” trophy description.