River City Girls Trophy Guide

Game: River City Girls
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 7+ hours
Difficulty: 3/10
Missable trophies: None, there is a “Loiter” mode to clean things up
Author: Stephanie and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for River City Girls. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Normal Run (Sabu Statues & Godai Quests).

During this stage, you aim for destroying all Sabu statues while completing all of Godai’s quests that he gives you throughout the game. You will also be learning the bosses’ fighting patterns for future runs to make them a bit more bearable.

Stage 2 – New Game+ (Co-op & Secret Character Run).

By now you should have a reasonably leveled character to where you can have a second player use one of the two new characters to run with you. During this stage, you will aim for all the co-op trophies, along with beating the game using a secret character. If you destroyed all the statues in the previous run, you’ll get the secret boss within this. It is highly recommended to run it on normal since one character’s level might be too low.

Stage 3 – Clean up & Platinum.

This stage is for you to pick up the remaining trophies, they can all be done within the “Loiter” mode of the game.


 River City Hero
Obtain all trophies in “River City Girls”.

You’ve beaten down quite a few people, so enjoy your shiny platinum.

 Help an Old Pal?
Completed all of Godai’s quests.

Godai will be the creepy blue hair boy you first encounter on North Ravine Lane in Crosstown. From the first meeting, he will start to send you out on little quests whenever he happens to pop up. Your goal is to complete every quest, then report back to him every time.

 A New Challenger
Completed the game with a secret character.

After you complete the game once, you’ll unlock the secret characters, which are the “boyfriends”. Select which one you want to run with and beat the whole game with them. This can easily be done with the co-op run, as you can use your leveled up character as the main, and have the second player run as one of the boys.

Completed the game on Hard.

There is a small exploit in the game itself, as you don’t need to beat the full game in hard mode. After you beat the secret bosses, select “Loiter” at the menu screen and make sure to select “Hard Difficulty”. Make sure when you enter the boss door that the charms are off you so it spawns the original boss, which will be easier to tackle than the two girls.

 O.M.G. Seriously?
K.O. the secret boss.

The secret boss is none other then Mami and Hasebe. In order to have them take the place of the real last boss in the tower, you have to make sure that you have both of their charms equipped before going through the boss door. You obtain their charms by beating the game at least once and destroying all 25 Sabu statues. They share the same HP bar, so you can attack either one of them and their bar will go down. There are two specials that they have, one which has them holding hands and doing a spin move in the air, while the other has Hasebe making Mami turn into a giant ball and using her to move around. After defeating them, another bar will appear, having one of the girls as a small ghost, and the other going into rage mode. What you have to do now is attack the small ghost, as attacking the girl in rage mode won’t work. Once you deplete their last bar they will be defeated.

 Like Father Like Daughter
K.O. Sabuko.

The last boss of the main story, which will be in Sanwakai Tower. At the start of the battle her attacks are normal, so she can go down pretty quickly until her second bar. Once at her second bar, she will start to summon her men to fight you while at times making clones of herself appear. When her clones appear, look for the one that isn’t slightly blurry. During her third phase, she will start to control water, be it from her blade, or from water bubbles that she makes appear. Unlike other bosses, she has an extra bar of health. This will unlock flame attacks for her. From there, she will throw everything she has at you, but she is rather manageable if you have been leveling up and stacking up on healing items.

 Smashed Statues
Destroyed all Sabu statues.

There are a total of 25 Sabu statues scattered throughout the areas. To destroy a statue, you have to keep attacking it until it crumbles. Down below will be a list of where they are all hiding.

Reach 100% completion.

This will most likely be your last trophy, as it requires you to have one of your save files at 100% completion. You’ll need to buy everything from every shop in the game; including the secret shop, which has two accessories that are $5,000 a piece. Now you need to recruit quite a few people, but as long as you have been recruiting different variants of each enemy you come across, then this should be easier. All characters must have reached level 12 to buy all of their moves from the dojo; each character has their own moves to buy. As long as you have done two full runs you should have plenty of money, as all the accessories don’t need to be bought by a single player. Quests and statues are also needed, but if you followed the guide then you will have already done them during your first stage.

 River City Ransom
Collected $5000.

You earn money by defeating enemies, bosses, and doing quests. Thankfully, all $5,000 doesn’t have to be on the character you are playing as. While you run as one character, the others will earn money whenever you do.

 Perfect Parry
Parry 10 enemy attacks.

Parry is performed when you successfully block (R1) an enemy attack at the right moment. You’ll know when you parry, as your character will light up blue, followed by a small chime. Do this a total of 10 times; it can be done on the same enemy.

 Don’t mess with us!
Complete the game in Co-Op.

Pretty self explanatory. Beat the game with another player, but unlike most co-op games, this one actually has to be done on the same system. This can be paired nicely with the “A New Challenger” trophy, as running co-op is better in New Game+.

 So Metal
K.O. Noize.

The boss in Ocean Heights, and strangely, a rather easy boss after what you been through lately. The only annoying part about her battle is at the beginning. Every full bar damage will cause her to jump on her stage to play her guitar. During this part, you will be jumping and avoiding the colorful buttons on the ground, you have to last until she jumps off the stage, then you can finally damage her. She swings her guitar, which ends up following wherever she goes, and to top it off, she has crazy fans that appear and get in your way. You’ll take damage if they hit you. Some healing is required, but only due to you taking damage from trying to avoid all the colorful buttons.

 Power Up
Reached Max Level.

The max level your characters can reach is level 30 and thankfully only one of the four have to reach that level. If you been running with a single character then by the time you are done with your second playthrough you should be nearly there. You gain experience by completing quests, defeating enemies, and defeating bosses.

 You’re out!
Catch a dodgeball thrown by your ally.

Another trophy that can only be earned in Co-op and it is a bit misleading. Instead of a dodgeball it is a volleyball you can find left of the School Entrance. Have one of the players throw a volleyball your direction with the triangle button, and you just need to parry at the right moment to catch it.

 Friendly Beatdown
Defeated an enemy by hitting them with another enemy.

In order to hit an enemy with another you must first reach level 6 where you will learn the move called Human Weapon. When you knock an enemy down onto the ground make sure that you are over them and press square. This will allow you to pick up the enemy where you can either swing them around as a weapon or toss them. You must defeat the other enemy with the one currently in your hands.

 Back at me!
Catch a boomerang.

You’ll first encounter a boomerang on the floor in Toy District located within Uptown. Pick it up with the Square button like you do for a weapon, and when you toss it with the Triangle button, it turns back toward you. Before it completely reaches you, perform a parry in order to catch it. It might take you a few tries. If the boomerang breaks just exit the area an re-enter to make it spawn again.

 Killed by Math
Was defeated in detention.

This can only be done at the very beginning of the game. Instead of fighting your way through detention, let the other students kick your butt until you’re down.

 Shop until they drop?
Enter the Mall.

In order to enter the Mall, you must first deliver a Merv Double to Godai, and once you do, make your way to the Mall. You will notice the doors are locked. Talk to Hiroshi who will tell you that the security guard isn’t there and that he has the keys. So you’ll venture toward his house by heading back where you recently came from. Once you locate and enter his house you will notice he is sound asleep but his floor is littered with toys and yes stepping on any will wake him up to toss you out of the house. So make your way by run jumping across his furniture. When you obtain his keys head back to the Mall and show them to Hiroshi and then enter the Mall.

That wasn’t very nice!

One of the trophies that must be done in co-op mode. All you have to do here is beat up the other player until they are K.O. (must have friendly fire on)

 Bona fide bargain
Obtain an item from the Pawn Shop.

During the quest to meet Hibari, you’ll learn that you need something made of Gold for an offering to make her appear. Head down to the Pawn shop in Toy District, and when you end up purchasing the Fake Gold Cat during the dialogue scene, the trophy will pop.

 Master of Unlocking
Find the keys in the junk yard.

In order to remove the built up trash in front of the Subway station, you’ll need to find the keys for the crane. To start up the mission head to the subway first and after noticing it blocked head back into the junk yard where there will be a purple haired boy that you must talk to. He’ll tell you that he dropped the keys in the crash compartment. Head on down there and defeat the zombies to obtain the keys. Be mindful down there, as you are racing against the clock to kill all the zombies before you are squished.

 A Bye Bye
K.O. Abobo.

The boss in Downtown. At the start of the battle, he is pretty straightforward with easy to dodge attacks. Once you start depleting his health to the second bar, he will start smashing the ground, causing debris to fall from the sky. During that time slabs will land on the ground that you can pick up to throw at him, but be quick about it, since he can use them too. Once he is in the last bar of health, his smashing increases, along with him being able to inhale air, dragging you toward him. He will start to have small homing floor attacks that will follow you for a small period of time. Once again, make sure to stock up on some healing before taking him on.

Equip a new outfit.

Outfits in this game are accessories which can be equipped by accessing your phone when you press the Options button. Once in your phone. scroll until you are under the tab called Accessories and equip any accessory you currently have available.

 Fashionable Beatdown
K.O. Hibari.

The boss in Uptown, and unlike the previous two bosses, this one starts in the air. There are two ways to get her down to your level to beat her up and that will either be by waiting until she is close to a wall to wall jump attack a few times, or wait until she summons her needle and try to get it to bounce back to her. Her movesets usually revolve around her purple orbs of energy and her needle, but she can also summon zombie versions of high school girls. One major tip is to make sure that you stock up on some healing foods, as you’ll be taking a lot of damage between dodging the boss and her summons.

 Carpe diem
Defeated an enemy with a fish.

You’ll first come across a fish when you are in Ocean Heights. Visit the Beach and right near the waters will be a big fish which you can pick up and use as weapon. Make sure the enemy is defeated with the fish before it breaks.

 A Real Workout
K.O. Misuzu.

The boss in River City High. Her moveset is pretty simple, as she will normally charge at you when she puts herself in rage mode or launches herself into the air to drop back down. As long as you avoid her attacks and take shots when there is an opening she’ll be a breeze.

 An Explosive Entrance
Enter the Penthouse.

The penthouse will be located in Sanwaki Tower, and can not be missed as it will be required to enter the boss within the area. In order to enter the area you’ll be told that the door to the penthouse won’t open unless it is blown open with four explosives. Backtrack through the tower to locate all four explosives and then head back up to the top floor. After the door is gone and you enter the trophy will pop after you start up the dialogue with Sabuko.

 Full Service
Destroy a vending machine.

Vending machines can be easily destroyed by attacking. You can get this trophy early on, as there will be a vending machine on the second floor hallway of River City High.

What the vending machines look like.

 Your lessons are boring!
Attacked Mr. Rudis.

When you first start the game, your character will be in detention. You’ll have to battle through a few students, but after they are defeated you are allowed to leave. Move toward the cowardly teacher near the chalkboard and attack him until the trophy pops.

For a teacher who deals with detention, you sure are a scared lil’ man.

 Defeating the Dark Arts
K.O. Yamada.

The boss in Crosstown. Like with Misuzu, you have to pace yourself and watch his movements. He has four moves which can hurt you, as one will be a purple beam that he shoots out which is easily avoidable, he does it every time he respawns, so make sure you aren’t in his line of sight. His other moves consist of making objects appear around him, summoning two slabs of stone to squish you, and a purple circle that draws across the floor. All are easily avoidable if you pay attention to their directions. If you have him close enough to an edge, release a combo on him that ends with the Dab move to send him off to do some extra damage. Be careful, you take damage if you fall off too.