Reverie Trophy Guide

Game: Reverie
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 5-7 hours+
Difficulty: 3/10.
Missable trophies: None.
Author: Sean

Welcome to the trophy guide for Reverie. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Beat the Game + Bonus Dungeon.

A good majority of Reveries trophies are story related so completing the game should be a priority. A lot of the miscellaneous and other trophies require items from different dungeons too. Below will be be a list of when the miscellaneous are first available to tackle as you work towards completing the game.

Before the first dungeon:
Mr. Millan, I presume?
We All Need a Hobby.
Everything in its Right Place.
Renegade Fighter.
The Right Side of History.

Before the second dungeon: (Some of these may be earlier but we didn’t have to leave the city.)
Legend in Training
The Competition is Heating Up!
Why Aren’t They Sleeping?

Before the fourth dungeon:
The Land Before Time
The Rugby Conspiracy

Before the fifth dungeon:
Just Like Captain Cook
You Know Them Well!

Stage 2 – Clean up!

Now that you’ve completed Reverie and hopefully done all the trophies in the above step too, the plat is in sight! If you haven’t go buy the wheel shoes and use them in your house! Go find the fisherman in all his locations. Collect the remaining feathers, then talk to your grandma. Then celebrate with Reveries platinum!


 Tai of New Zealand
Collect all other trophies.


Pukeko – Inside the big house to the right of yours. Underneath the stairscase.
Kakapo – Score 5,000 points at the arcade.
Kakariki – Inside the tuatara cave.
Fairy Tern – The reward for finishing the fisherman side quest.

Kaka – Beat the microwave at his game.
Kiwi – Found inside the Kiwi Grove.
Keruru – Found inside the Rugby Facility.
Tui – Return to your house’s exterior. You’ll spot a dirt patch above north of the dogs house. Dig through and go up.

Maru Forest
Kokako – You’ll see this on the main path. It just takes a slight detour around down, around, and back up.
Yellowhead – With the Shovel go up and right from the spa to find a path to dig through. Next screen has the feather.

Airey Bay
Kingfisher – Enter the water from the beach, and swim to the bottom of the oceans water.
SilvereyeWith the Shovel destroy a wall of dirt mounds you’ll find. Follow this through to find the feather.

Butler’s Cay
Black Robin – You’ll come across a cemetary in this area. The top middle gravestone can be interacted with to discover stairs. Go down to find this feather.
Morepork – With the Pet Rock you’ll visit the bottom left house. Solve the puzzles and find the feather at the end.

Trail Farms
Bellbird – Work your way behind the house and go up to it’s left to find this feather in a corner.

Mount Janszoon
Stitchbird – You’ll see this feather in plain sight. Once the construction workers blow up a path, make your way to this feather.
Kea – While climbing ascending the mountain, keep all the way left. You’ll find some paths going back down, one of these paths lead to the feather.

Lilac Lagoon
Weka – Don’t enter the water. Continue following the path all the way around to find this.
Whio – Opposite to Weka, go all the way right and around to find a house. Inside is the feather.
Huia – Found inside the bonus dungeon.

 You’re Making Me Violent
Beat the bonus dungeon.

The bonus dungeon unlocks after the completion of the base game. It is located in Lilac Lagoon. Immediately upon entering there’ll be a salesman that will sell healing goods. It is recommended now to use all your saved up fortune and fill up on healing items. This dungeon doesn’t have a boss but is made up of rooms of increasingly challenging enemies. Make it through all the rooms and pick up the final item to get this trophy.

A useful tip is that when entering a room, you can stand in the door way and it’ll shield you from a lot of the attacks. Use this and the blocks/pillars around the rooms as shields.

 Peace on Toromi Island
Complete the game!

After the 5th dungeon you’ll find yourself back at home. You’re task is to return to the pier now that you’ve saved the island and say goodbye to your Grandpa. After talking to your mother on the boat the credits will roll, meaning the game is now complete!

 Just Like Captain Cook
Reveal every tile on the world map.

This may sound daunting but by tile it means they want you to visit every screen once. It’s a small map, and you’ll get this naturally by beating the game and doing a few further explorations for the feathers. The wolrd map means just that, you don’t need to fully explore dungeons for the plat.

 Where Does He Fit Them All?
Collected every permanent inventory item.

Permanent inventory items refer to the items that don’t disappear when used. These are all the weapons and accessories you’ll have during the game. They are as follows:

Cricket Bat: Found in your bedroom and is story related.
Yoyo: You’ll find this inside of the spa and is story related.
Dart Gun: Found inside the 2nd dungeon and is story related.
Shovel: Located in the house south of yours and is story related.
Snorkel: Found inside the 3rd dungeon and is story related.
Pet Rock: Found inside the 4th dungeon and is story related.
Wheel shoes: Purchased from the item store in Harikoa for 200g.
Maori cloak: Speak to your grandmother after obtaining all the feathers.

 Tomb Raider
Beat the fourth dungeon.

The fourth dungeon is Marsden Crypt, in Butler’s Cay. You’ll end up fighting Donn a giant tomb stone. He’s not overly difficult, just make sure to utilize Stephen your pet rock quite well.

 Beach Boy
Beat the third dungeon.

The third dungeon is Kaitara Grotto in Airey Bay. You’ll end up fighting Inky a giant octopus. He’s not too difficult, just remember to utilize the snorkel to dodge the projectiles!

 Tree Climber
Beat the second dungeon.

The second dungeon is Mahuta in Maru Forest. You’ll end up fighting Tunga which is like a giant grub. Just stay aware of the smaller grubs that spawn and attack his exposed weak spot.

 Basement Dweller
Beat the first dungeon.

The first dungeon is the Basement in Harikoa. You’ll end up fighting Ol’ Martha a giant dryer. Nothing to really be aware of, an introductory boss really. Just dodge the clothes she fires.

 Stop Trying to Hit Me and Hit Me!
Acquire the cloak.

After collecting all 20 feathers and earning the ‘Ornithologist’ trophy return to your house. With the 20 collected feathers your grandmother will make you a Maori cloak when you talk with her.

 Renegade Fighter
Beat the highest score on StarBlazer.

StarBlazer is an arcade game found in the arcade found in Harikoa. It costs 10 gold each play and your aim is to achieve 10,001+ points to place first.

This game is more about ‘getting good’ though it’s not too difficult. There are 2 power-ups: S which is for your shield (nullifies 1 hit), and P which is a power-up for your guns (temporary). Both are very helpful, but the shield is invaluable as you only get one life in this game. So try to make sure you always have a shield.

Collected every quest item.

The quest items in Reverie refer to the 10 items on the Quest Tab in the menu. They’re all story related and therefore you can’t miss them.

The 10 quest items are: Lantern, Old Book, Membership Card, Crypt Key, Elevator Cog, Tahi’s Hook, Rua’s Hook, Toru’s Hook, Heke’s Hook, and Pounamu Pendant.

 Determination Beats Luck
Become the fisherman’s lucky charm.

The fisherman’s lucky charm is a side-quest that spans the world of Reverie. You’ll have to interact with the fisherman in Harikoa to start this quest line. He’ll give you clues as to his next location every time. You’ll have to run around and find him a total of 8 times. In the order of his locations they are:

Harikoa: Fishing in a pond you’ll find in town.
Lilac Lagoon: With the Snorkel visit the center island to find him.
Airey Bay: With the Snorkel enter the water on the left hand side. You’ll find him fishing along the beach shore as you swim around.
Mount Janszoon: When you first enter Janszoon go left and around. He’ll be fishing on a little piece of land.
Maru Forest: Not well hidden, you can find him in the main forest path fishing.
Butler’s Cay: Probably his best hiding spot. With the Snorkel follow the land to the left. You’ll find a little spot you can get onto. Follow this small path down to find the fisherman.
Plains: Easiest with the Snorkel. From Harikoa’s beach, swim to the right one screen and you’ll find him.
Trail Farms: After you leave the house to access the farms, go down and right a bit to find him fishing.

 The Competition is Heating Up!
Beat the microwave at MicroPong.

From the town you’ll leave to the North, go East one screen, then south. Follow this path all the way around Lilac Lagoon. You’ll come to a house where this game is located. Talk to the microwave inside to initiate the game. You’ll need to win, which the first to score 5 points does. This is an annoying game as the pick has great resistance slowing it down too easily. The computer is pretty relentless too. There is a slight way to cheese this, but it’s not always guaranteed. Place yourself around 45 degrees diagonally from the puck. When you hit it it’ll ricochet behind the microwave and as he goes up to get it, he often slides it along the wall into his own net.

Alternatively, you can do this after you get the Scuba Mask too. In the home town, go to the beach and swim to the right. Once you change screens, go up and climb the ladder and follow the land right. You’ll eventually you’ll come to a house this game is located in.

Beat the fifth dungeon.

The fifth dungeon is Kaihau, in Janszoon Mountain. You’ll end up fighting Heke which is like a giant mask. Occasionally floor tiles will disappear, keep moving and avoid his rushes. Use Stephen to protect yourself from the lasers and attack Heke when you can. Unload your darts into him too as they’ll continuously be replenished from the falling rocks drops. If you die, you’ll restart immediately in the boss room making this less annoying.

 The Land Before Time
Discover the tuatara cave.

This trophy requires you to have beaten the 3rd dungeon, as you’ll need the Snorkel.

Return to the beach where you started the game and enter the water. Swim to the left and to the next screen, you’ll find a hole in the cliff side. This hole will lead to the tuatara cave.

The Entrance to Tuatara Cave

 Ain’t No River Wide Enough
Acquire the snorkel.

A story-related item. The snorkel is a an accessory used for swimming in water and for diving under things too.

To find the snorkel, you’ll have to explore the 3rd dungeon.

The Snorkel

 Everything in its Right Place
Rearrange your inventory.

Rearranging your inventory is exactly as it sounds. Move items in your inventory around, making it more convenient for you. It doesn’t have to be swapping item locations either, you can move 1 item to a new spot and this will pop too.

 Mr Moneybags
Acquire the maximum amount of coins.

The maximum amount of coins is 200g. This trophy doesn’t pop at 200g though, it’ll pop when you try to pick up more than 200. Unless you’re actively wasting money, this will come naturally around the middle of the game.

 There’s a Time and Place for Everything
Use the wheelshoes inside your house.

An easy miscellaneous trophy. After you purchase the Wheelshoes for 200g, return to your house. Equip the newly purchased shoes and use them in the house.

 The Right Side of History
Eat a slice of pizza without pineapple.

The game defaults on pineapple pizza. You’ll need to turn this off by accessing the options. Once it’s set to no, you’ll need to get injured. Now that you’re injured you can consume pizza found from boxes or defeated enemies. Eat a piece and this trophy will pop.

Game Options for Pineapple

 Legend in Training
Score a try.

Immediately west of town is a Rugby field. This trophy asks you to kick the ball through either the north or south goal between the posts. You’ll find the ball in the middle of the field, and it is simple, nothing complicated.

The Rugby Ball You’ll kick

 Gotta Go Fast!
Acquire the wheel shoes.

The wheel shoes allow you to accelerate in one direction much faster.

The wheel shoes are sold in your hometown’s shop for 200 gold. In a single playthrough you’ll earn around 400-500g+, as long as you’re not wasting money, you should be able to afford this by around the 3rd dungeon.

 I Shall Call Him Stephen
Acquire the pet rock.

A story-related item. The pet rock is a secondary weapon used for attacking enemies and has a use for weighing down switches too.

To find the pet rock, you’ll have to explore the 4th dungeon.


 Do You Want to Build a Sand Castle?
Acquire the shovel.

You’ll need to beat the 2nd dungeon before obtaining this. After the 2nd dungeon, to the west of town, a girl forgot her shovel back at home. You’re to go to her house which is just south of your house. Inside her house is where you’ll find the shovel.

 We All Need a Hobby
Look at the feather book.

The collectibles of Reverie are feathers. The feathers you find will be stored in your feather book, located in your bedroom. To the right of your bed you’ll find an interactive book on a ledge. This book is the feather book.

The Feather Book, off to the right.

 The Rugby Conspiracy
Discover the secret rugby facility.

This trophy requires you to have beaten the 3rd dungeon, as you’ll need the Snorkel.

Return to the beach where you started the game and enter the water. Swim to the right and keep going, eventually finding an island. This island is where you’ll find the Rugby Facility.

The Rugby Facility’s Exterior

 Wind it Up!
Acquire the yoyo.

A story-related item. The yoyo is a secondary weapon used for stunning enemies and has a use for hitting switches long-distance too.

To find the yoyo you’ll need to get through Maru Forest. You’ll first find a spa that needs a Membership Card to access. Not far from the spa, in the forest, you’ll find a house. A gentleman tells you of how he lost his yoyo and give you his membership card. Return to the spa and you’ll find the yoyo and the back of it.

The Yoyo

 Not Your Standard Weapon
Acquire the cricket bat.

The cricket bat is your main weapon of the game. It is located in your bedroom, at the beginning of the game.

The Cricket Bat

 Mr Millan, I Presume?
Become a dog whisperer.

At the very beginning of the game outside of your house is the family dog. Talk to her and she’ll do the usual dog barks and woofs. Keep talking to her and she’ll eventually demand grub, netting you this trophy.

Ruby`s demand.

Take Ruby for a walk to the beach.

Ruby is your family’s dog and you’ll have access to it from the beginning. You don’t ‘walk’ the dog per se, but ‘shove it’. You need to walk into the dog to push it, continue to do so back to the beach. Luckily the dog lets you push it making this a breeze.

Ruby on the Beach

 You Know Them Well!
Meet all three members of the Kiwi Krew.

The three members of the Kiwi Krew of spread out through different areas of the over-world map. There’ locations are Lilac Lagoon, Trail Farms, and Mount Janszoon. You need to make sure to converse with each Kiwi at least once for it to register.

Lilac Lagoon – Outside of the bonus dungeon.
Trail Farms – To the right hand side of the farm, above the coops.
Mount Janszoon – This one is easy to miss. To progress up on the mountain you’ll climb a lot of the left side but this Kiwi is on the right side. So while climbing the mountain keep checking the areas to the right to find this one.

 Why Aren’t They Sleeping?
Discover the kiwi grove.

The Kiwi Grove is a location that’s a tiny detour. You can access it before the 2nd dungeon, so fairly early in the game. From the town you’ll leave to the North, go East one screen, then south. Follow this path all the way around Lilac Lagoon. You’ll come to a house (needed for The Competition is Heating Up!), go past this house and keep going north. Enter the thicket and you’ll find the Kiwi’s along with a feather!

Alternatively, you can do this after you get the Scuba Mask too. In the home town, go to the beach and swim to the right. Once you change screens, go up and climb the ladder and follow the land right. You’ll eventually you’ll come to a house (needed for The Competition is Heating Up!), go past this house and keep going north. Enter the thicket and you’ll find the Kiwi’s along with a feather!

The Kiwi Grove

 Nerf This!
Acquire the dart gun.

The dart gun is acquired in the 2nd dungeon of the game. It’s required to beat the dungeon, so you can not miss this.

The Dart Gun