Pumpkin Jack Trophy Guide

Game: Pumpkin Jack
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 5 hours
Difficulty: 5/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1, 4 , 12 , 16
Author: Knoef_NL

Welcome to the trophy guide for Pumpkin Jack. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Official Groupie
Give in to your inner completionist

The Baddest Bad Guy
Kill the Wizard + Get the Amulet = Profit

This is the final boss fight in the game, which can be quite difficult for the casual gamer. He has 3 phases:

1) Dodge his tornados
2) Dodge the lightning
3) Jump through the holes, dodging the wall of electricity.
4) Hit the objectives firing lasers, making it possible to damage the boss.

Disk Jockey
Make vinyls cool again. …Actually, that’s impossible, even as a joke. Just find all the gramophones.

All vinyls are listed together with the crows in the trophy below. It puts them in their correct order, making it harder to miss. Please do refer to “You’ve Got A Problem, Man”

Full Closet
Fill out your wardrobe

Once you’ve collected all crows, you can buy all pieces of clothing.

You’ve Got A Problem, Man
Collect every single crow skull in the world

Curse of the Scarecrow
Kill the tyrannical Scarecrow and liberate the crows

This boss fight has a few things you’ll need to do in order to defeat it:

At first he will do a spin attack launching needles at you. After you dodge them, press L1 to attack him and bring him down. Now hit him a few times, dealing damage. after that he will spawn 3 minions, kill those and repeat this 3 times to kill the boss.

Cruel Tea
Ruin the Witch and Merchant’s cruelty-free dinner

First, you’ll need to do the chasing part on the horse. Dodge the projectiles. Make sure you don’t hit a wall, as this will kill you instantly.

After that, the boss fight will start. Hit the green potions and aim for the eyes. After killing all the eyes, dodge the rotating plants and kill the little roots. Now repeat. It’s best to run counterwise, to get the best shot at hitting the eyes.

Skull Finder
Collect all crow skulls in the fields

Refer to the trophy “You’ve Got A Problem, Man” for more information on this.

Skull Collector
Collect all crow skulls in the swamp

Refer to the trophy “You’ve Got A Problem, Man” for more information on this.

Skull Obsessive
Collect all crow skulls in the North

Refer to the trophy “You’ve Got A Problem, Man” for more information on this.

Skull Fanatic
Collect all crow skulls in the graveyard

Refer to the trophy “You’ve Got A Problem, Man” for more information on this.

Hunger Killer
Solve world hunger (by killing Gluttony)

Dodge the structures it throws at you. Running in a direction will do the trick. Then, jump the green shockwaves. At a given moment, jump the platforms into the portal in front of his face. Have the projectile fly into the 3 pillars. Repeat until it the boss dies.

The Bigger They Are…
Be the David to Dhor’s Goliath (i.e. kill the big guy)

Again, dodge all projectiles. The trick here is to have the boss attack the siege tower that spawns. Do this 3 times and you’ll have it defeated.

Fashion Victim
Buy a new outfit!

Buy any outfit and this trophy will pop. Can be done ingame by finding the vendor, or by selecting “Skin Selection'” from the main menu

Skull Hobbyist
Find all crow skulls in the ancient mines

Refer to the trophy “You’ve Got A Problem, Man” for more information on this.

Kill the Phantom guarding the ancient mines

This is the boss for the ancient mines level, it’s the second one. You’ll need to dodge his projectiles and damage him when given the opportunity.

Boogie-Man Wonderland
Find a gramophone and DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!

Refer to the trophy “You’ve Got A Problem, Man” for more information on this.

Skull Breaker
Send a monster back to the grave

Kill any monster and this trophy will pop.

Skull Aficionado
Collect all crow skulls in Skeletown

Refer to the trophy “You’ve Got A Problem, Man” for more information on this.

License to Drive
Pass your abandoned minecart driving test

Earned during level 2 – One of the most fun parts of the game!

Prying Eyes
Pick up a crow skull

Refer to the trophy “You’ve Got A Problem, Man” for more information on this.

Shovel Face
Equip the Legendary Holy Glory Shovel

Found during the first level of the game. It is required to progress, so you can’t miss it. Other weapons will be earned by defeating bosses, which are also unmissable.

You”ll Float, too!
Reach the end of the vortex like a paper boat down a drain

During level 6, use the portal. Make sure to dodge all the obstacles coming your way.

The Worst Achievement Possible
Get on Santa’s Super-Duper-Duper-Naughty list

During level 6, you’ll need to complete this minigame.
Hit the gifts into their portal. Make sure you match the correct shapes. YOu’ll need to be very quick, otherwise, the portal will disappear.

Ain’t no rest for the wicked
Clear away all those headstones cluttering up the graveyard

This can be done in level 5 as a minigame. It’s a memory, you’ll need to match the gravetombs in pairs.

High Flyer
Go for a nice walk with Abelard the Gargoyle

During level 5 a gargoyle will pick you up. You’ll need to dodge structures and maintain enough height by pressing X.

Formula Ugh
Beat the gate guards to the gate they guard on guard carts

During level 4 you’ll need to race 3 AI’s on a bike. Keep pressing X to move forward. Press L1 to hit the guard, then hit them with your cart to destroy them. Keep doing this until you reach the finishing line.

Win the game of Conveniently-Placed Hydraulic-Operated Underground Whack-a-Mole (patent pending)

During level 4, you need to complete this in order to progress. Keep hitting the red light fast enough to make the objective on the background rise.

Ghost Rider
Ride the ghost horse all the way to the end

During level 3 you need to complete a section where you ride a horse. It’s the same as the mineshaft in level 2. Jumping and destroying obstacles with L1.

Make some magic mushroom music!

The solution for this puzzle is hitting the shrooms in their correct order. The order is as followed:

Green Green Green Blue Red Red Red Yellow

For the second puzzle it is:
Red Green Red Green Red Blue White Purple Yellow

Complete all the underground bomb-bouncing courses

You must push the bomb forward. You can only shoot it in a straight line, so position yourself well. If it falls in the water, you’ll have to start again.

Crash Boo-ndicoot
Smashing some crates with your head might solve the barn’s puzzle.

During the first level, you’ll enter a barn in a “head-only” mode. First, activate the switch on the far end. Then, stack the chests by hitting them on top of each other. Now jump the lower crate, jump to the upper crate and then jump towards the platform.

Brand New Body
Finish the tutorial

You’ll need to do a few jumping sections to learn the game. Please do note:
– Pressing X twice will make you double jump
– You CAN’T swim