My Universe: School Teacher Trophy Guide

Game: My Universe: School Teacher
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 15+ hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 0, 0 , 0 , 21
Author: Pete and edited by BloodDragooner
Welcome to the trophy guide for My Universe: School Teacher. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Welcome to My Universe: School Teacher! In this game you play as a young teacher with a mission: bringing your new school back to the top! Motivate your pupils, improve their results and organize school contests and festivals. Become a model teacher as you take care of more difficult classes, win prizes and complete the director’s objectives, unlocking new items along the way. Teach your pupils about geometry, biology, art and much more – each discipline featuring its own minigame. The mini games are: ordering items correctly, rhythm games, sequencing games, colouring games, and repeating certain button combinations. Every student in your classroom has unique strengths and weaknesses: adapt your teaching to make sure they can follow and learn in the best conditions.

Stage 1 – Play through the Career of a Teacher.

Play through the year over and over again until you have earned all trophies, especially the ‘Trophy Hunter’ trophy. If you use Cloud or USB Saves you will be able to get all the trophies within 15 years for your character’s career. Remember to make 3 Teacher Characters from the Customization>Teachers menu. See Trophy Hunter trophy description for more information.

 A new beginning
Create your first teacher.

From the Title Screen>Story Mode>New Teacher. Choose all the various options that you are prompted to complete to CREATE your teacher.

 My dream school
Choose your school name and logo.

From the Title Screen>Story Mode>New Teacher. When completing the creation of your first teacher, you will be choosing your School Name and Logo for your school.


 Mark of appreciation
Get your first star.

When you begin your first year of teaching, you will eventually start your first teaching game. You will naturally learn your first star as you success in the minigame and answer student questions.

 My first class!
Complete your first class.

You will naturally earn this trophy in your first week of teaching.

 Sense of fashion!
Unlock your first item.

As you earn Stars from teaching, you will level up the rank of your school. When you reach a new rank level, you will earn a new item in the form of a present that opens up to reveal new content items like clothing, room wall colors, floor tiles, themes for rooms, etc.

 The kind and mysterious Willy
Meet Willy the Janitor.

During Year 1 of the Story Mode, you will meet Willy the Janitor. He will have you complete a quest for him when you first meet him.

 One of many events to come!
Complete your first quest.

During Year 1 of Story Mode, you will meet Willy the janitor for your very first quest.

In Story Mode>My Week, there may be a Quest! during one of the time slots. When you play a Quest!, you will go on a short adventure to learn new things about the school, your colleagues, and your students. Complete your first Quest! to earn this trophy.

 Piece of History
Pick and hold a dinosaur.

The first time that you have the class ‘Natural History’, there will be a Dinosaur on your teacher desk. After completing the mini lesson game, pick up the Dinosaur to earn this trophy. There are other special items like the Dinosaur in some of the other subject classes that you will be able to pick up off your teacher desk from this spot. These special items can then be placed on any students’ desk. When a student has the special item, it will speed up their rate of earning a star. Then you will need to pick it up and give it to another student. You can only give it once to a specific student and a student will only earn a star quicker once. If you leave the special item on a specific students’ desk, they only get the benefit from it once per class.

 This classroom is clean!
Clean the classroom for the first time.

On your Weekly Schedule, there is sometimes a Tidy Classroom time slot. You will play by collecting these specific items:
1. Take the Highlighter to the Red Bin.
2. Take the Pencil Case to the Red Bin.
3. Take the Banana to the Red Bin.
4. Pick up the Waste Can, walk around collecting the 4 pieces of Trash, place Waste Can back where it originally was located.
These can be completed in any order and you do NOT earn stars for cleaning the classroom.

 Plentiful of stars
Gather a total of 100 stars.

As you progress through your teacher career, you will naturally earn well over 100 stars.

 My first week!
Complete your first week of class.

During your first week of teaching, you will have 4 days of teaching per week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday). Each day has 3 periods of class subjects. Complete these first few days to earn this trophy.

 A valley of stars
Gather a total of 250 stars.

As you play more of your teaching career, you will naturally earn more stars to get to 250 of them. Every year you will gain more students to earn stars at a faster rate.

 My first year!
Complete your first year of class.

During your first year of teaching, you will only be completing the last two weeks of the school year. At the end of this time, you will have completed your first year of teaching your class.

Unlock 10 items.

After you complete a lesson for any subject, if you have gained enough stars to increase your school rank level, you will randomly earn a fashion item. Earn 10 items for this trophy.

 Exploration break
Explore the school.

During Year 2 you will be able to choose the ‘Explore the school’ option from the Menu that appears while playing the game. The first time that you choose this option to explore the school, you will earn this trophy.

Win a contest.

Starting in Year 2, you will be introduced to Trophy Cups that you can earn for an specific subject during that year. The Trophy Cups are in Bronze, Silver, and Gold. You will want to always earn the Gold trophy before the school year ends. See the ‘Trophy Hunter’ trophy description for more information.

 Teacher squad ready!
Fill the three teacher slots.

After starting your teaching career, you can choose to make new teachers that you can play as.
While in the Story Mode>Menu>Customizations>Teachers, and create two new teacher characters.

 A sky filled with stars
Gather a total of 1000 stars.

As you progress through year after year of playing the game, you will eventually earn 1000 Stars.

 Super Teacher!
Reach at least 25 stars in one class.

As you progress in the game, every year you will have more students in the class. This will naturally lead to you earning more Stars every time you play a subject game. Once you earn 25 or more Stars, you will earn this trophy.

 Dream classroom
Reach the maximum number of students.

During Year 5 you will have the maximum number of students which is 12.

Note: Year 1: 5 students. Year 2: 6 students. Year 3: 8 students. Year 4: 10 students. Year 5: 12 students.


“Trophy Hunter” is bugged and cannot be earned. Signed on 1-February-2022

 Trophy Hunter
Win all Gold contests.

This trophy will take the longest time to earn in the game as you need to play 15 teaching years in the game.

In Year 2 you will be able to earn a Trophy Hunter Gold Cup in an specific subject. You can only earn one Gold Cup per year. During the last day of Year 2, you need to make a Cloud or USB save before you start Year 3.

When you start Year 3 make sure that the Gold Cup you are trying to earn is a subject that you do not have the Gold Cup in already. It is random every year so be careful! Therefore, if the Gold Cup subject is a repeat then reload your previous Year’s last day and complete the year.

When the next Year starts check again. Then repeat this process of saving on the last day of the Year so that at the start of the next year you have a backup save in case you need to reload. If done correctly you will earn all 14 Gold Cups required for this trophy by the end of Year 15 of your teacher’s career.