Miles & Kilo Trophy Guide

Game: Miles & Kilo
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 2-3 hours.
Difficulty: 3/10
Missable trophies: None.
Author: Sean

Welcome to the trophy guide for Miles & Kilo. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete Story Mode

Note: Depending on your playstyle or familiarity with Four Horses Kid Tripp, you can turn on auto-run in the options.

To obtain the Miles & Kilo plat you’ll need to reach Time Attack, which is unlocked upon Story Completion. Story Mode has a total of 5 Worlds to complete. There are few misc. Trophies to obtain during your story mode play:
Dedicated and it’s related trophies tied to it.
Seven Digits
Waste Not, Want Not World 1
Rampage! World 1-1
Amphibious World 1-6
Persistence Pays Off
Kind-Hearted Ninja World 2-1

The rest of Story Mode trophies are Story Related.

Stage 2 – Time Attack Mode

Time Attack mode unlocks upon Story Completion, it’s Story Mode but without the freedom of choice and it’s continuous. Only a few trophies remain and even less to worry about as most are natural progression:
First Try! World 1-1
Seriously Skilled *Can be exploited*



Earn every trophy

 Treasure Hunter
Collected all coins in every level.

Refer to Dedicated.

 Gotta Go Fast!
Completed a Time Attack.

Time Attack is unlocked after you complete Story Mode. Time Attack is a continual progression of the story mode levels without the ability to freely choose the levels or redo levels. Upon completion of the final level, this will pop.

 Seven Digits
Got a total score of 1,000,000 in PLAY mode.

It isn’t likely that you will earn 1,000,000 naturally through the completion of Story Mode. Though the good news is, this is cumulative. You are to earn 1,000,000 points over the entirety of all of your play! So after story mode completion, replay your favorite level a dozen times to rally up your score.

 Super Marathon Runner
Ran a total of 50 kilometers.

You are required to complete 2 full playthroughs, and some clean-up of Miles & Kilo. This will come naturally amongst those playthroughs + your restarts due to deaths.

Earned an S-rank in every level.

Miles & Kilo is rather forgiving in the sense of perfecting levels unlike previous Four Horuses titles. You will have a world map to choose levels from, and you can retry the level an indefinite amount of times. Practice and familiarity of the levels will grant you this trophy over time. The most difficult threats to S ranks are the Boss levels and World 5.

Tip for World 2’s Mummy. The first few sets of boomerangs are spaced so you won’t be able to continuously jump over them, you’ll need to attack some with fruits. This is counterintuitive at the end of the stage where the boomerangs are spaced apart. DON’T use fruits on the final boomerangs.

As for what constitutes for S-Ranks are:
-Completing the level under the Par Time.
-Obtaining all the coins in the level.
-Finishing the level with all 5 fruits
Deaths do not count toward S Ranks, so die as much as you need.

 First Try!
Beat a level without dying in time attack mode.

Since Time Attack unlocks upon the completion of Story Mode, you should have enough practice. When you start back at World 1, you shouldn’t find any of these levels challenging enough to die on. If you do, you can always restart Time Attack from the beginning at anytime.

 Seriously Skilled
Completed a time attack with less than 10 deaths.

This is the crux of the platinum. It is easy to have a slip of the button or badly timed jump, or anything in Miles & Kilo. 10 deaths is no laughing matter considering the amount of levels there are. With the completion of Story Mode you may have good practice, but World 4 & 5 are still both tricky to get through.

The easiest tip for this is, only death matters. So walk through the levels, take a long time, use all your fruits, be overly cautious. Unlike Story Mode, you don’t need to achieve anything in Time Attack except for not dying.

You can use cloud saves to exploit this though. Play your best up until you die about 7 or 8 times for safe measures. Back-up your save, and re-download it whenever you die. It’s long and tedious, but will assure you don’t pass 10.

Completed the volcano world.

Story Related
The volcano world is the final world in the game, World 5. What makes this world different is you have a Boss Level and Environmental Laval Level. This will pop upon completion of that laval level.

As for the boss, dodging and rolling isn’t difficult as his spells are color coordinated. It’s the timing of your jumps to land on him as the boss is quick to react.

Completed WORLD 1-6 without surfing.

At the beginning of level World 1-6 and in the middle you’ll find a surfboard standing upright. Avoid these 2 by jumping over them! The difficulty of this trophy is managing to defeat/enemies while mainting water jumps. You can try indefinitely though, so have patience.

 Pursuer of Cats
Completed the beach world.

Story Related
The beach world is World 1 and has a cat as the final boss. The cat poses very little threat as it’s the first boss. You’ll be jumping over groups of cats and use Kilo to lock-on and attack the cat boss.

 Kind-Hearted Ninja
Completed a level without KO’ing any baddies.

A more difficult trophy to locate the level than it is to achieve. Very few levels have the possibility to achieve this! One of the earlier levels, making it easier to obtain, is World 2-1. Take it slow, let everything jump over you or you jump them. There i a snake in your way in this level though. Wait for that snake to walk off the edge, then continue with the level. Enemies walking off edges aren’t killed by you, so this won’t be voided.

 Bane of Buccaneers
Completed the ruins world.

Story Related
World 4 has a Buccaneer has a final boss. This boss can be a pain due to his small projectiles and environment. He will throw small rocks or his bombs you will reflect back to him. These are foretold by him turning to face you. As for the environment, he has a ship in the background that will fire cannons. These cannons will destroy the ground, but they’re foretold by tiny explosions you’ll see from the ship.

 Conquerer of Rocks
Completed the mountain world.

Story Related
World 3 has a Rock Golem as the final boss. What makes this boss tricky is the environment and the rocks he throws. You’ll often be jumping around and making swift movements followed by a quick response to send his boulder projectile back towards him.

 Master of Sands
Completed the desert world.

Story Related
World 2 has a Mummy as the final boss. The mummy’s attacks are all foretold by a boomerang you see on the ground before an attack as he’ll pick them up to use them. Besides the predictable boomerangs, as for attacking the mummy you’ll use the spiked chain ball. You will need to jump over the ball, attack the chain, then jump onto the mummy.

 Swimming Is For Fish
Jumped off the surface of the water.

Story Related
Multiple levels in this game make this technique mandatory as a means to complete the level.

 Racing Against The Clock
Beat a level within the target time.

Refer to Dedicated.

 Waste Not, Want Not
Completed a level without throwing any fruit.

A lot of levels will require you to use fruit to pass sections. The more introductory levels of World 1 eases you into the games elements, making these levels perfect for this trophy. If you still struggle with this, refer to Kind-Hearted Ninja.

KO’d every baddie in a level.

One of the first you should achieve, as this most likely will come naturally. For this trophy you yourself have to KO every baddie in a level (Having them fall off a ledge doesn’t count). This is most easily achieved in World 11 with Rocks, and jumps.

 Persistence Pays Off
Completed a level after failing 25 times.

Miles & Kilo is a difficult game, you will probably achieve this on a higher world naturally. If you don’t, it’s not hard. Purposely die on any level 25 times, then complete it.

Earned an S-Rank in a level.

Refer to Dedicated.