Madden NFL 21 Trophy Guide

Game: Madden NFL 21
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 5-7 Hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: None
Author: Nameless600

Welcome to the trophy guide for Madden NFL 21. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Achievements for Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Intro & Face of the Franchise

Welcome to EA’s newest rerun of the Madden series. Madden 21 will play almost the exact same as Madden 20 but with significantly easier trophies. If you are a consistent Madden trophy hunter, you will notice trophies for MUT, Skill Drills, and several of the more difficult trophy (including the infamous Triple Crown) are all missing. This moves the plat from a 4/10 down to a very easy 2/10 and moving the time down considerably.

To help with these trophies, we have created a downloadable roster for use that will make your team almost completely consist of 99 overall skilled players. This will make almost all the trophies a breeze and the only place it can not be used is in Face of the Franchise. Search 99OVRFAL on the share & download page. This puts all the starters and most of the backups at 99 overall for the Atlanta Falcons. Anytime throughout the guide 99OVRFAL is mentioned, you must be playing as the Atlanta Falcons. This is the only team that is adjusted on this roster.

It is important to note that modes like MUT, Skill Drill, the Yard, and Superstar KO are still available, but have no baring on trophies, they are more for fun and experience than anything else.

There are no difficulty trophies in this years installment, therefore, if you are exclusively going for the platinum it is best to play on arcade mode and on rookie difficulty. This will make the CPU very easy to manipulate and make almost all of the trophies much easier to get.

Especially for newcomers you will want to start with the Face of the Franchise mode. This is for two main reasons. 1. It teaches you how to play Madden (through training rounds, easy CPUs, and situational matches). 2. Almost all of the specific in game trophies can be obtained in this mode (so long as you do not super sim). See the trophy The Goat for more information on Face of the Franchise (FotF).

If anyone is completely new to American Football or needs a refresher see these two videos (the first significantly shorter and is directly from the National Football League, the second being a much more detailed video with actual IRL footage of football being played) below.

Video directly from NFL
Detailed video from Ninh Ly

(All credit & trademark for these two videos goes to the NFL & Ninh Ly)

Stage 2 – Franchise & Loose Ends

After becoming the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time for those uninitiated) in FotF, you will need to tackle a few trophies specific to regular Franchise mode. Franchise mode has you take control of a manager or owner and take complete control of a team. Technically, you can play as a player in this mode as well, although it is not advised for the purpose of trophies.

In this step, you’ll take care of Stud Finder, Future of the Franchise, MVP, ROTY, Big Spender, Pro Bowler, & Change of Scenery. This is about 1/3 of the trophies and will require several different saves of franchise mode.

During this step, you can also work on any in game trophies you haven’t obtained. If you prefer, you can focus exclusively on the franchise and take care of these in Stage 3.

Stage 3 – Online & Cleanup

Madden 21 consists of two online trophies, luckily this is a serious drop from the previous games which included upwards of ten (including some luck based). These trophies can be combined (See Bragging Rights for more information on how to) and can be boosted.

After you’ve taken care of the online trophies, you should have the platinum. If for some reason you don’t, it is likely due to an in-game related trophy that you will simply need to use the play now feature to unlock.

 Madden NFL 21 Master
Congratulations on earning every Madden NFL 21 trophy!

Subtext of the trophy says it all! Congratz!

Gain the GOAT Legacy Rank in Face of the Franchise

Face of the Franchise mode is this years story mode. You will take control of a custom created player and go through this characters time in football, This will take you from High School to be drafted by the NFL to his rise to fame. The mode is VERY heavy on story in the first half and winds down to simply playing games as the player towards the end while making light decisions.

Although you will be given several decisions throughout the story mode only a few really matter and technically none should block you from getting the trophy (so long as you are still completing every challenge handed to you and winning every game).

The two most important decisions are as follows (minor spoiler warning)…

  1. At the end of your junior year of college you will be told you are being benched for your rival. You can choose to leave for the draft or switch your position to a Wide Receiver (WR) or Running Back (RB). It is best to stay as a Quarterback (QB) and just enter the draft. As long as you do not completely screw up during the NFL Combine (which you can quit and restart as many times as you’d like) you will be drafted and your position in the draft/team to do not matter. If you really would prefer to play a different position, it is best to choose a RB as it is significantly easier to control than the WR and has less room for error.
  2. Late into your first year in the NFL you will be given the option to be traded to a different team. By moving to a different team you will become a starter earlier (quicker legacy point bump) where staying will give more training points to use towards increasing stats. If you do not care what team you play for it is best to get traded off and start your real career as early as possible. However, if you want to play for a specific team the lose of legacy points is very minor and you will easily make them up in a half a season or less (approximately one additional game).

Although there is likely an ending to when your character is forced to retire, you will likely never reach that point. So long as you continue to win games and complete the challenges handed to you, all of the FotF trophies will unlock.

Here is an image of what you will likely be at (points required, stats, & year/season) when you obtain the last FotF trophy.

This was with sticking with the team of choice

Note – You will not play every game per season. Approximately one preseason game, 2-4 regular season games, and 1-2 playoff games, season dependent. So don’t worry that it will take you until 2025-2027 to unlock the trophy (5-7 seasons).

Note – Some of the other trophies related to FotF will list ratings like “Hall of Fame, Pro Bowl, &/or Role Player”. These are simply used as check-marks, they do not require you to reach the HoF, Pro Bowl, or become a starter to obtain.

 NFL Icon
Gain the NFL Icon Legacy rank in Face of the Franchise

See The GOAT for more information on this trophy.

 1st Ballot HOF
Gain the 1st Ballot HOF Legacy rank in Face of the Franchise

See The GOAT for more information on this trophy.

 Future HOF
Gain the Future HOF Legacy rank in Face of the Franchise

See The GOAT for more information on this trophy.

 Hall of Very Good
Gain the Hall of Very Good Legacy rank in Face of the Franchise

See The GOAT for more information on this trophy.

Win Rookie of the Year with one of your players.

This trophy must be obtained in Franchise mode.

Obtaining Rookie of the Year is a bit complicated as there doesn’t seem to be a good place to track who is in the lead for Rookie of the Year.

Rookie of the Year is technically given to the best, well, rookie. However history has shown that for the most part, rookies as certain positions tend to win the award easier than others. These positions include offense – QB, RB, WR, TE, & defense – LB (LOLB, MLB, or ROLB), Safety (FS or SS) with the Offensive ones being even more likely than defensive.

With this in mind, it is best to take a rookie QB or RB, crank there stats up to all 99 and sim the season.

The easiest team to do this on is the Green Bay Packers. This is due to Jordan Love being a rookie backup QB.

A video is provided below with steps to increase this players stats, and the steps to take to obtain this trophy.

The trophy was already obtained and due to EA’s requirements with licensing and PS+ it is difficult to create a new account to obtain the trophy on. It should pop somewhere between the end of the regular season and start of the off-season.

If for some reason you don’t obtain the trophy using this video, increase the stats of 1-2 wide recievers on the Green Bay Packers so your QB has some extra help. But this should not need to be done.

Note – you may also obtain MVP at the same time.

 Situational Awareness
Make a Coaching Adjustment in the 4th quarter or OT

This can be obtained during any game, regardless of the score or time left on the clock so long as it is in the 4th quarter or OT.

Coaching Adjustments can be found by scrolling down on the base page of the play selection screen to “Coaching Adjustments”. Simply change any of the settings within that menu and the trophy should pop.

 Comeback City
Combeack and win when trailing by 17+ points at halftime

This trophy is arguably the most difficult in the game as it actually requires you to play really well for 2 quarters.

Start a play now match and let the computer score 21 points (3 touchdowns). This can easily be done by pulling a corner-back and letting the wide receiver be wide open for a quick pass. As well, when you have the ball, run back to the 1-5 yard line and do a field goal kick. You will not be able to make the field goal and will turn the ball over where you currently sit. his will make it significantly easier for the CPU to score.

After the opponent is up by 21 points, try to obtain possession and run out the clock until half time. In the second half, you’ll just need to win. Assuming you are playing on arcade/rookie difficulty this shouldn’t be overly difficult. Try to score as fast as you can while holding the opponent from any points.

To make this even easier, download the 99OVRFAL roster from the shared files area and pick to play against the “Washington Football Team”. This will make it even easier.

Here is also a small video on an EASY way to abuse the opponent on easy difficulty and score quickly.

Lob or Bullet throw to the open receiver, generally square or cross.

 Team Legend
Gain the Team Legend Legacy rank in Face of the Franchise

See The GOAT for more information on this trophy.

 Pro Bowl Caliber
Gain the Pro Bowl Caliber rank in Face of the Franchise

See The GOAT for more information on this trophy.

 Bragging Rights
Win the Super Bowl in an online league

This sounds scarier than it actually is. You will need to win the Super Bowl while part of an online league with at least one other player.

EA is a bit strict when it comes to who can play online so the best way to obtain this is with a friend or boosting partner online and cannot be done through two controllers (unless you have two PS4s and two accounts with PS+).

You should combine this with Head-to-Head as both can be obtained at once in about ten minutes.

Simply start a season with each human player picking a team from the opposing conferences (NFC & AFC, for example, Dallas Cowboys and Baltimore Ravens). Invite the person who you are boosting with to join the league. After they join go to the team schedule, there, you can force certain teams to win or lose if the game is simmed. Change your team and the other person team to win every match possible (if the teams play each other during regular season it doesn’t matter who wins). This will get both teams into the playoffs.

During the playoffs, sim each week individually checking the league schedule and adjusting who wins until the Super Bowl. If you have done this correctly you and the other person will be playing each other in the Superbowl.

Make sure the settings are set to one or two minute quarters and play the match (the game will send an invite to the second person once the first person has requested to start the game). Whoever is obtaining the trophy score points quickly (Safety, quick TD by pulling defenders or field goal). Then run out the clock for the remainder of the game.

Once you complete the game and head back to the league menu both trophies should pop.

If for some reason the game freezes on the loading screen after the game, simply exit the game, join back into the league menu and check the box score of the Super Bowl game. The trophies should pop at that point.

If for some reason you want to do this naturally or cannot find a boosting partner you will need to find an online league and take your team to the Super Bowl and win. For this trophy specifically you do not need to play against a human to win, you simply need to have another person in the league.

(Quick shoutout to Big V @verivakis99 on twitter for helping me boost this and the basic strategy for combining the two trophies).

 Future of the Franchise
Reveal a rookie’s X-Factor potential.

Technically speaking this can pop randomly, however it is highly unlikely to as only about thirty total rookies per season have hidden traits (See Stud Finder for more info on hidden traits) and only one or two have X-Factor potential. The odds of you scouting, drafting, and revealing the one rookie with an X-Factor potential is VERY small.

Luckily there is one rookie who is preset to have X-factor potential in the base roster. RE Chase Young of the Washington Football Team.

Simply start a franchise as the Washington Football Team and sim to the regular season game seven (should be against the Dallas Cowboys). By this point, you will be about 20-30 plays off from revealing the hidden trait of Chase Young. Play the game and supersim playing only the defense. Finish the game and the trophy should pop during the loading screen.

This cannot be obtained if you supersim the entire game OR if you sim the entire season, you need to play the game it is unlocked during.

If for some reason it does not pop, head to your roster and open the page for Chase Young, it will pop at that point.

Here is an image of what the player should look like once the X-Factor is revealed.

Win MVP with one of your players.

This can only be obtained in franchise mode.

Winning the Most Valuable Player (MVP) is fairly easy if you use the 99OVRFAL roster. Start the franchise the same way you did for ROTY this time playing as the Atlanta Falcons.

Sim until the playoffs then sim week by week until the pro bowl. Your team should end of 16-0 and you should have several players who are up for MVP. It will likely be QB Matt Ryan or WR Julio Jones but it technically doesn’t matter as long as one of your players wins the award.

If for some reason the trophy doesn’t pop, make sure to double check you were using the 99 overall team, start a new franchise and try again. It will unlock for sure on the second or third try.

If you want to do this naturally or without a 99 overall team, pick the New Orleans Saints and focus on exclusively passing plays. As long as you don’t throw to many interceptions and play all the games you will win MVP as QB Drew Brees.

Gain over 50 total yards while using Celebrations Loco over the course of a single game.

Celebrations Loco is a new edition to Madden 21. It is simply celebrating while running with the ball (high stepping, dancing, holding the ball back to be grabbed, etc.).

This can be done at any time by holding L2 as long as you are the ball carrier and not in the pocket (I.e. QB that is not running).

This is cumulative over one game so you can do it over as many plays as needed. Simply keep doing running plays and immediately hold L2. You will gain about 3-5 yards each time (assuming you are playing on arcade/rookie difficulty) and the trophy will pop late in the 2nd quarter.

Otherwise, follow the video in Comeback City and start holding L2 as soon as you catch the ball. In most cases, you’ll gain about 10 yards before being caught and if your lucky you’ll knock out all 50 yards in one pass.

This trophy will pop as soon as 50 yards is reached, even if you are in the middle of play.

On 3 plays create a sack or tackle for loss after a pass rush move win, using a different rush move each time.

This is arguably the most frustrating trophy next to Lockdown Corner as the CPU players can mess you up easily.

The “pass rush move” can be performed by moving the right directional stick in any of the four major directions (up, down, left, right). Each one will do a slightly different animation and style of how you get past the offense line to tackle the QB or RB. As a reminder, you do need to hit the ball carrier and not just hit the QB after he releases the ball to obtain this trophy.

Start a game using the 99OVRFAL roster and play against the Washington Football Team. Once on defense (you can supersim when you are on offense if you’d like, otherwise just punt the ball away as soon as you have it) you’ll want to switch to DT Grady Jarrett and start attempting to get this trophy. Due to the stat increase you’ll likely succeed at your “rush move” every-time, but it will likely take you several plays to actually obtain a sack or tackle for loss. Make sure to remember which direction you obtained a sack or TFL with so you do not repeat. Note – the left and right directions sometimes do the same rush move (shred and/or club) so make sure to look at what the name of the rush move is that appears above the players head.

If you are really struggling with this trophy and you have a second controller, you can always play against yourself (or boost online). As the offense pick a Hail Mary play that sees the RB going out for a pass, this will leave the QB alone. Start the play and you should have no trouble reaching the QB for a sack once every 2-3 times (CPUs will occasionally make it to the QB faster and obtain the sack).

 Throwin’ Dots
Throw a Passing TD using the low throw mechanic.

This trophy will likely be obtained naturally.

Simply hold L2 down while making a pass for a touchdown. Make sure not to be running while making the pass as if the QB is off balance they may not actually throw the low pass as you commanded them to.

Note – at the bottom of the screen after the ball has left the QBs hands it will tell you what kind of pass you threw.

 Lockdown Corner
Win 3 presses in a single game with the same CB.

A few quick termonology to go over.

  1. CB = Cornerback, these are the players that guard the wide receivers, generally on the far ends of the field. There are anywhere between 2 and 4 on the field at any given time.
  2. Press = A press is when the CB pushes (or lightly holds) the wide receiver or tight end during the first ten yards of the field.

Start a game using the 99OVRFAL team and play against any team that tends to throw a lot (examples – New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs). Play in a 4-3 formation picking the Man-Cover 1 play. Your formation should look like this.

Spacing should allow the wide receiver to have enough time/room to start running, but close enough to have the Man Press icon appear.

Move close to the nearest wide receiver leaving a little bit of space between you but making sure it says “Man Press” above your players name. Wait for the CPU to snap the ball and hold down cross while running at the wide receiver. If done correctly, your player will significantly slow down or push the wide receiver down. This is considered a “win” and will count towards the trophy. Use the image above for spacing and the image below for what it looks like if you win the press. Note – Even if you do this 100% currently, there is a chance the press will not work. However, with the 99 overall CB you should be able to get this within about 5-10 passing plays.

Look for the blue player indicator on the mid-right side of the screenshot, notice the Bengals player falling down.

This can also easily be done with two controllers OR boosted online. Do the same as listed above for the person obtaining the trophy. As the offense, pick any team and pick a Hail Mary play that the RB goes out. After the “press” is resolved, simply take the sack or throw the ball away using R3 (run directly to the right or left holding R2 for about 5 seconds before you do so, otherwise you’ll get a penalty, which could void the trophy and regardless will take longer).

 Move Master
Successfully fake-out a defender with a ball carrier special move.

This trophy will likely unlock naturally through the course of play.

Special moves are used when you are the ball carrier. This include Juke (Right stick), Stiff arm (circle) and Hurdle (cross) along with a few others.

This trophy is a bit glitchy and tends to not pop the first time you successfully fake-out someone. The game will prompt you of when to do these moves as well.

Assuming you are using the 99OVRFAL roster, this should not be a challenge to obtain.

 Key Contributor
Gain the Key Contributor Legacy rank in Face of the Franchise

See The GOAT for more information on this trophy.

 Role Player
Gain the Role Player rank in Face of the Franchise

See The GOAT for more information on this trophy.

 Already in Progress
Create a league from a Play Now Live game.

After completing any game in the play now mode (also called exhibition) you will be given the option to start a franchise using the game you just played as your first game.

This can be done in combination with any other in game trophy that you used play now to obtain, otherwise simply start a game, supersim the entire game to completion and choose to continue the season when given the option.

 Change of Scenery
Relocate a team.

This can only be obtained in franchise mode.

This is arguably the most complicated of any of the trophies to obtain, but can be easily cheesed if you know what to do.

In order to relocate a team, you will need to be playing as the owner (this can be chosen in the role settings before starting a franchise) and be the owner of a team that has a terrible stadium and low fan loyalty/happiness.

For a long time this trophy was obtained by playing as the (formerly) Oakland Raiders, but they have officially moved to Las Vegas.

The team you will want to do this with is the Buffalo Bills.

Start the franchise as normal and immediately head to the team tab. From there head to My Owner-Stadium and choose the bottom option that states relocate.

After you have chosen to relocate, sim week by week until week four. Once you have reached week four you will be given the option of what city you want to move to. It technically doesn’t matter, but the “best” option is Mexico City. Sim to the next week and repeat this step from week 5-8 choosing the name, jersey, and stadium build. After this is completed, sim until the off-season. When you are on the off-season the trophy should pop and you’ll notice the office background and clothing of your character have changed to reflect the new team. If it doesn’t you likely did something wrong.

If this is the case, start over and check week by week to make sure you didn’t miss a step.

 Roster Reshuffle
Complete a fantasy draft.

This can only be obtained in franchise mode.

Simply start a franchise doing a fantasy draft and this trophy will unlock. You do not need to actually pick a person each round, you can sim all 52 rounds which will take about 10-15 minutes.

The option to select a draft isn’t where you might think. I have provided an image below of where to find it.

Starting Point-Fantasy Draft

 Pro Bowler
Participate in the Pro Bowl during a Franchise season.

This can only be obtained in franchise mode.

This trophy may unlock naturally while obtaining MVP, ROTY, or Bragging Rights depending on how much attention you pay.

The Pro Bowl happens in between the final week of the playoffs and the Super Bowl. It is also the same week awards are given.

Unfortunately if your team is in the Super Bowl, you will not be able to play the Pro Bowl. So you will need to do good enough with a player to be invited to the Pro Bowl, but not well enough to make it to the Super Bowl.

This can easily be obtained by starting a franchise as the New Orleans Saints. Their starting QB, Drew Brees makes it to the pro bowl nine times out of ten (assuming the Saints are not in the Super Bowl). Simply sim to the playoffs, then sim each week until the pro bowl. If for some reason the Saints are in the conference championship, use the steps in Bragging Rights to force your team to lose.

During the Pro Bowl it is best to play at least one snap that your player is a part of. After that, you can supersim the remainder of the game (it doesn’t matter who wins).

If you are having trouble unlocking this trophy, you may need to play a few games during the season and use the strategy listed in Comeback City and Primetime to rack up some quick major stats for Drew Brees.

Win a Head To Head game in an online league.

You will need to win an online match against a human opponent while both of you are part of the same league.

See Bragging Rights for the best way to obtain this trophy.

 Stud Finder
Draft a rookie with a Hidden Dev Trait.

Unforutnately this is the only luck based trophy involved in the game.

Hidden Dev Traits are shown on a players “card”, for the most part it has to do with the amount of experience they gain and how quickly their stats will increase. It is shown after playing 500 plays with that player (usually 6-9 weeks depending on position).

After any season for any of the franchise modes you are playing sim after the season to The Draft. Simply sim until your pick and draft the top player available, then sim until your next pick. Rinse and Repeat and with a little bit of luck one of the players will have a Hidden Dev Trait.

If for some reason you get unlucky and are unable to find one in the first draft, sim the entire next season until the draft then Rinse and Repeat until the trophy unlocks. It doesn’t matter how your team does, however the earlier the draft pick the better as the top 10-20 recruits tend to be the ones with hidden dev traits.

 Big Spender
Win a free agent bidding war for a 90+ OVR player.

This trophy is best combined with Dealmaker.

Unfortunately, this trophy would be fairly difficult to come across naturally as it requires a lot of things to fall into place. The reasons it likely won’t unlock are listed below.

  1. Most 90+ OVR players have “franchise tags” meaning they have long term contracts with their respective teams.
  2. Most of these players will want A LOT of money, and most times you will not have the salary cap to shell the money out
  3. The CPU has the option to say no even if you give them an amazing offer. It seems to be completely random over whether they take your offer or not.

Luckily, using the 99OVRFAL roster we can easily cheese this.

After your MVP franchise season. Continue on to the off-season. Sim to the second week (Note – check Dealmaker on the most efficient way to obtain both, which would require you NOT to sim the first week) and there will be about 5-10 of your 99 OVR players up for free agency. Find one that you have the salary cap for and is willing to say yes and the trophy will pop.

Re-sign a 90+ OVR player.

This trophy is best combined with Big Spender.

Similar to Big Spender this trophy is unlikely to happen naturally for the same reasons above.

However, if you follow the steps in Big Spender you will have several 99 overall players that will need to be resigned after the first season.

Make sure not to sim week one of the off-season as this is when you resign players. The easiest player to obtain this on is K – Younghoe Koo as kickers tend to cost very little and generally stay with teams for a long time (assuming you are using the 99OVRFAL roster).

If you want to do this naturally, it will likely take several seasons but eventually one of your franchise players will need to re-up there contract. Do so and the trophy will pop.

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