Lumini Trophy Guide

Game: Lumini
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 3 Hours
Difficulty: 1/10
Missable trophies: None
Author: Stephanie

Welcome to the trophy guide for Lumini. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Just Enjoy The Game

Lumini is a very beautiful and straightforward game. All the trophies are easily obtainable as long as you aren’t afraid to explore (there are no missable trophies).


Get all the trophies.

Congrats, you guided the adorable Lumini to their goal. Enjoy your shiny new platinum.

Complete the game

To complete the game, you need to reach the end for the first time. You’ll know you are close when you reach an area that is starting to crumble around you. Continue along the path until you reach a cube that must be freed. Doing so will cause your Lumini to disappear and finish the game. 

(Note: Do not move your Lumini once you have freed the cube. Doing so could cause the game to be on an endless loop of the light pulsing. If this happens, exit the game and select continue.)

The cube to free.

Play the game in Hard mode.

After you complete the game for the first time you’ll unlock the Hard Difficulty. At the menu select New Game and choose Hard. The trophy will pop as soon as the opening starts up.

Bring a dead enemy to the Sanctuary

Since none of the Lumini can pick up or push an enemy, you need to lure one of the flying enemies as close as you can to the Sanctuary’s entrance. Once you lure them close enough, use the Red Lumini special a total of three times to fully kill it. If done correctly, the enemy will fall down into the Sanctuary which you’ll follow down. Once you reach the Sanctuary the trophy will pop.

The flying enemy in question.

Play the Lumini theme using the note blocks at the Sanctuary.

Once you reach the Sanctuary you’ll notice an odd instrument along the walls. Glide your Lumini along them to play a song.

The instruments that are only within the Sanctuary.

Evolve all Lumini types.

The Lumini types that you must evolve are the Red, Blue, and Yellow. Hidden throughout the world you will come across colored shapes. Collect them a total of three times for each Lumini and the trophy will pop.

(Note: If the colored cube isn’t moving when you are close, that means the Lumini color you are controlling is fully Evolved. Switch between your colors when this happens.)

An example of the colored shape to use for evolving.

Beat an area with one purple Lumini in your swarm.

The purple Lumini is one you start off with at the very beginning of the game. Avoid being attacked by enemies and when you reach the first area the trophy will pop.

(Note: You’ll know when you reach a new area when you gain new Lumini by interacting with a huge blue cube.)

The blue cube in question.

Killed 10 enemies in the game.

The only Lumini that can kill enemies are Red. During its first stage it will take three specials to kill off most enemies. Kill a total of ten and the trophy will pop. 

Clear an area without defeating any enemy

This trophy will be achieved along with Pilgrimage as the purple Lumini cannot kill enemies. 

Collect 50 energy plants in the game.

Energy plants are small blue flowers with a white light upon them. Run along these plants and you’ll collect them automatically. Collect a total of fifty for the trophy to pop.

Lose 1 lumini.

There are many ways to lose one of your Lumini. This can either be done by an enemy attack or running into red spikes.

 Art Collector
Unlock 5 models and concept art in the Extras menu

To unlock models and concept art, you must find crystals hidden throughout the world. There are more than five hidden, so don’t be afraid if you miss one here and there. Since there is no mapping in the game, explore wherever you can to find them. 

One of the many crystals hidden throughout the game.

Stay at any “Crystal Nest” for at least 1 minute.

A Crystal Nest isn’t hard to identify as the whole area will be filled with crystals. Stay within one of the nests for a minute and the trophy will pop.

What a Crystal Nest looks like.

Beat 5 enemies with a bomb

This trophy requires you to have killed a total of 5 enemies by using bombs. Bombs can be found once you reach a certain section of the world. To make a bomb go off either use your Stun or the red Lumini’s special. You’ll want to lure an enemy to the bomb plants and stun the enemy, which will cause the bomb to activate as well. Enemies will normally take two to three bombs to kill them off completely. Be careful throwing bombs as you will lose Lumini if you are within radius. 

What bomb plants look like.

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