Light Fairytale: Episode 1 Trophy Guide

Game: Light Fairytale: Episode 1
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 4 – 6 hours+
Difficulty: 3/10
Missable trophies: Dreamer boy, B-bomb?!, Sneaky, Welcome home!, A.R beginner, Freebie, Fizzle Maniac, Calculating guy, My precious…, Ruler by these guys?!.
Author: Sean

Welcome to the trophy guide for Light Fairytale: Episode 1. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the trophies and missables before the 1st quest completion

Light Fairytale: Episode 1 has a lot of missables luckily half of the entire trophy list is within the 1st hour of the game. Before you even play the game, check Dreamer boy as this has to be done immediately upon game start. At the beginning of the game when you use the A.R goggles, you’ll notice about 5 or so ????? in the top left, these are your first quest objectives. Get all these trophies before you finish that quest:
Calculating guy (Not earned here, but the prerequisites are here)
A.R beginner (Won’t be earned here but you’ll need to use them.)
Childhood friends (Talk to the boy at the park too)
Welcome home!
There you are!
That was close!
Out of my way!
Fizzle maniac (The vending machines are around this location, but earned later)
Scary smile…
Ruled by these guys?! (The first of 2 chats will start at this time)

After the above trophies, finish the quest which will lead to your first battle! Earning you:
1st win!
A.R beginner
Make sure to read Freebie before you even move.

Stage 2 – Complete the story

Light Fairytale: Episode 1 won’t have another batch of trophies like the first quest. So you’ll be snagging the remaining trophies as you complete the Story. It’s a rather short game so you’ll be fine. Read the trophies below, as they are in chronological order:

Note: once you earn a trophy, check the requirements for the next one so you know when it’ll be coming. Grab the money to the right of the fortune teller when you’re done with her too!

My precious…
Night rider! (Don’t ragefully throw your controller)
Ruled by these guys?! (The 2nd chat will happen)
“Haru? Haru! Haruuu!”
High scorers club (75+ is needed, but go for 130 since you’ll need it for another trophy)
Number one
Ex-number one
The journey begins (This boss is a doozy)

Stage 3 – Complete Kuroko’s Story

After beating the game once, Kuroko’s story will unlock. Start a new game and choose her story. It’s the last trophy of the game, nothing to look out for. Beat her story and earn Alternate journey netting you the plat.


 All cleared!
Clear all the trophies.

Get a bomb from the hiding cat girl.

At the very first junction you come to there will be a Cat Girl hiding. Using your A.R. goggles you’ll be able to see her notifier. She’s hiding behind some boxes, go behind them and talk to her.

 Alternate journey
Complete Kuroko’s story.

After completing Haru’s story for “The journey begins” you’ll unlock Kuroko’s story. Play through her story and beat it for this trophy.

 The journey begins
Complete Haru’s story.

When you start Light Fairytale Episode 1 Haru’s story is the only unlocked story. You’ll get this for completing his story.

 Ex-number one
Get an orb from the former number one.

This trophy is tied into the Stealth Mini-Game. You will need to beat the high score, so score 130+ (Just to be safe) points in the mini-game first. After you confirm your winning’s with the Stealth Contest Manager for “High Scorers Club” and “Number One”, you’ll have to find this man. He’s down to the left of the Stealth Contest Manager hiding behind a billboard, talk to him a few times.

You can see ex-number one barely poking out.

 Number one
Get the stealth contest’s ultimate prize.

The Stealth Mini-Game’s ultimate prize is hidden behind a score of 130+ points (Just to be safe). A little while after the mini-game you’ll enter a little gambling haven. You’ll have to talk with the Stealth Contest Manager to get the prize and this trophy.

Give back Emiko’s credits.

After “My precious!” and “Night rider!” and the story progression in the shop Kuroko will leave your party. While Kuroko is gone, return to bar from “Scary smile…”. Talk to Emiko, talk to the gentleman in the top left, pick up the credits (Shiny spot behind Emiko), talk to Emiko again to give her the credits.

The credits Emiko dropped.

 Night rider!
Do better than Kuroko’s high score.

Kuroko was absolutely ruthless with this score. Night rider is fast, too responsive, and very tight on time. The longer and farther you drive the more points you get but you’re timed. Pick up the time bonuses from the road to extend your timer. Problem is the game is SO SCRUTINIZING on time, if you miss even 2 you’ll most likely not make it. This trophy can take you 3 to 4 minutes to 3 to 4 hours to earn. It is an unforgiving, pain that doesn’t deserve to be in here.

The light at the end of this god forsaken tunnel.

Rest during the spiders battles.

The way Light Fairytale works in terms of battles is a certain amount of enemies are inside a ‘region’ wandering around this region will initiate battles then eventually exhaust the area. So immediately after earning “1st win!” don’t wander around. Go straight to the left and down the stairs. You’ll be free to go back to your bed, do so for this trophy.

Battle Area, avoid wandering in it.

Go to the corridor with Miyu’s materials.

This will be your last task of Haru’s Story. After you receive Miyu’s materials you can visit the corridor which leads to a small mini-game followed by a fairly tough boss battle. Refer to the image below for the corridor.

The door with the red lights is the ‘Corridor’

 High scorers club
Get a high score of 75+ in the stealth minigame.

Refer to “Number One” trophy for more details.

 Calculating guy
Get the ground credits in level 1 or 2 after the fortune teller event.

Not a particularly difficult trophy but easily missed. Don’t pick up credits you find on the ground (shiny spots) until after you visit the Fortune Teller. After you leave the fortune teller’s tent, go to the right to find some credits on the ground.

Credits are where Haru is standing

 Fizzle maniac
Check the fizzle vending machine before the fortune teller event.

So the Fortune Teller is inside of a tent. Do not enter the tent if you haven’t checked the fizzle vending machine. The fizzle vending machines are located in the same section as the bar, running guy, etc.

The blue fizzle vending machines

 Childhood friends
Check the gray duck at the park with Kuroko.

You’ll need to visit the park to speak with a child for an objective. While at this park, interact with the gray duck you see.

They gray duck to interact with.

 250+ HP damage
Do a 250+ single HP damage to an enemy.

Throughout the game you will enter Fury Status on multiple occasions. With Kuroko’s high attack and critical, you’ll hit 250 naturally at some point during the game.

 A.R beginner
Get used to your A.R. goggles before the 1st battle.

Your A.R. goggles are a very handy tool for checking hidden things, battle routes, etc. Use them every time you enter a new area, look around with them, just use them a lot. After your first battle this will pop.

 Dreamer boy
Try to return to the cliff just after the opening cutscene.

As soon as you gain control of your character, try going back down the stairs.

Kuroko deserves better.

 My precious…
Check the class 3 A.R. goggles before talking to Daisuke.

Daisuke is a shop owner that you’ll need to talk to during the story. He runs a store on level 2 a short way into the game. As soon as you enter the store don’t talk to him. At the counter closest to the door, you’ll find these A.R goggles you’ll need to inspect.

Haru standing at the Class 3 goggles.

 1st win!
Win your 1st battle.

Self-explanatory. Your first battle though isn’t for a little ways into the game though. You’ll need to finish a decent lengthy mission before you run into the first enemies.

 Scary smile…
Talk to angry Kuroko.

Kuroko gets jealous, as she should. Visit the bar with Kuroko in the party and make conversation with Emiko. After a lengthy conversation leave the bar. Kuroko will have a few choice words with you and you’ll get this trophy.

Kuroko doesn’t take kindly to Emiko.

 Out of my way!
Talk to the sprinting scavenger.

As you make your rounds talking to the citizens for your first quest you’ll find a sprinting boy. He follows the same path back and forth so catching him isn’t of concern. Talk to him and this is yours.

This rambunctious little sprinter.

 “Haru? Haru! Haruuu!”
Get caught during the stealth minigame.

Later in the game you’ll need to sneak through a warehouse. You’ll move across the warehouse by going box to box avoiding the guards. For this trophy, don’t avoid them. Get caught in the flashlight they use.

 Ruled by these guys?!
Overhear the station soldiers talking.

This is actually a 2 part trophy but by no means long nor difficult. Again, during your rounds of talking to citizens for your first quest is where you’ll start this. Talk to both of them to exhaust their dialogues then leave. You’ll hear them blabbing out after you leave the screen. Later, after Kuroko leaves your party after visiting the shop on floor 2 is when you’ll want to visit them again. Talk to them both and exhaust their dialogues. Leave and hear them blab again, earning you this trophy.

The big mouthed station soldiers.

 There you are!
Find hiding Kuroko.

During the first time Kuroko leaves your party, you’ll have to find her. She literally hides 5 feet away, a wasted effort. Immediately after she leaves the party, 5 feet above you is a tiny alley, she’s in there. If you leave the screen she left the party on, you’ve gone too far.

Kuroko can surprise me anyday.

 Welcome home!
Rest at Haru’s place before the fortune teller event.

The Fortune Teller event happens after you complete the first quest and gain access to Floor 2. So you’ll want to do this during the first quest of making rounds talking with citizens. South of the park is an alleyway with a ladder on the right. Atop of this ladder is Haru’s home, sleep on the bed.

The penthouse suite.

 That was close!
Slip near the cliff.

After you found Kuroko for “There you are!” you’ll continue your quest. One of the people you converse with is found at the beginning of the game. Remember the stairs for “Dreamer boy”? You can go down them now. The little boy in this area will warn you of the cliff dangers. Ignore his warnings, mess around and interact with the cliff edge.

Haru you rascal.

Talk to some NPCs from behind.

At the beginning of the game, you’ll come across a huge elevator with an array of soldiers in front of it. To the left of the elevator there are 2 soldiers. Talk to the one in the far back and he’ll make reference to the sleeping soldier. Walk up behind the sleeping soldier and interact with him.

 Don’t anger me
Reach the fury status during a battle.

Fury Status is a mode you enter when your Fury Meter fills all the way up. Fury will build whenever you are attacked and carries over between battles.

Kuroko’s Fury mode.

 100+ HP damage
Do a 100+ single HP damage to an enemy.

100+ Hp is easily achievable when hitting with criticals, using spells with weaknesses, or during Fury Status.