Game: KILL la KILL – IF
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 8-12 hours.
Difficulty: 6/10
Missable trophies: None.
Author: Sean and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for KILL la KILL – IF. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete both Story Mode arcs.

Kill La Kill is a smaller fighter done by APLUS and published by Arc System Works. It focuses on only the anime Kill La Kill, so it has a smaller roster but is wonderfully polished. The Story Mode (Without Cutscenes) can be done in as little as 1-2 hours. This should be your first step as it will unlock your characters, stages, figures, sound test tracks, and different game modes.

Stage 2 – Miscellaneous.

After Story Mode, there’s just grindy challenges left and little side tasks. Complete them in any order you see fit. Most of these challenges have exploitable characters, so refer to each trophy to see the best way to complete them.


Don’t Lose Your Way
Obtained all the trophies.

One Nation Under Cloth
Obtained an S rating on all Story Mode battles.

S Ratings in KILL la KILL are only awarded for Starred difficulty battles. So in the options set your difficulty to 1,2, or 3 stars. At the battle end you will get result. To earn an S Rank you will need an “A” in all 3 categories. 1st is for your remaining HP, 2nd is for the time it took, and 3rd is for your offense. Offense is a tricky one to understand. Sometimes you can beat a battle in 10 seconds, and have perfect HP and still get a C rank in offense. Try different tactics for different battles, e.g. Lots of Valor attacks, Guard bursts, and different styles.

Not a Stitch Out of Place
Won 50 consecutive battles in Survival Challenge.

This is one of the toughest trophies in game. After every battle you will variably get on average 3~9% HP back, so you have to make sure to not get hit a lot. The other problem that you’ll face is that after so many battles, handicaps will be weighed in the opponent’s favor and keep stacking. Damage multipliers, difficulty bonus, damage reduction multiplier for your character, etc. The 3rd and last problem you will come to know, is every so often a much more difficult opponent will face you having started the match with high valor and bonuses. You’ll have to get really good with your character, or practice and have luck with abusing long range attack patterns. An exploitable character for this trophy is Nonon Jakuzure. Her long distance attacks are executed fast, her guard break is full arena length and executed fast, and L1 + Circle (50% SP gauge) is an arena sweep beam! She’s recommended over other exploitable characters due to her speed.

1000 Kills a Day
Defeat 1000 units in Endless Brawl.

Ragyo Kiryuin is the recommended character for this. Her Ground Break Combo (Circle button, on ground) shoots an arena long beam that is steerable. This kills the covers in one hit, taking out upwards of 10+ covers at once. At match start, back up to the arena edge and spam O. Your character will automatically target the closest, then groups and whatnot. Occasionally an Enhanced Cover will appear, fret not as Ragyu’s O will have knockback on the Enhanced Cover. Sit back for 10-20m and just spam O.

Ragyo Kiryuin – 1000 kills

Earned over 100,000 GP.

This trophy is cumulative, you don’t need this sum at once.
GP is the ‘currency’ of KILL la KILL -IF-. You earn GP for fights you do in KLK, challenges count too. The Endless Covers Challenge is by far the fastest and easiest way to earn GP. By the time you beat all missions on S rank, earn all cover related trophies, do your survival challenges, and finish your versus matches you should have earned this or close to it.

Here’s My Sunday Best
Executed all SEN-I-SOSHITSU Secret Arts.

This trophy requires you to execute all SEN-I-SOSHITSU secret arts, which means at full Valor (Level 3/Max) and a fully charged SP gauge, you’ll press L1 + R1 to do this art, giving you an automatic win (if it connects). There are 10 playable characters in your roster which you’ll need to do this with (8 base characters, and both dual wield variants) AND IN THE FINAL BATTLES OF BOTH STORY ARCS Satsuki and Ryuko have a 3rd SEN-I-SOSHITSU. Ryuko is a guarantee as you’ll use it to beat her story arc. Satsuki’s has a special condition, you can’t use the valor burst for this. Satsuki’s final battle has her valor level raise by performing special attacks on an opponent (L1 moves).

Change of Clothes, Change of Heart
Won the battle in Story Mode – Satsuki Chapter: Episode 10.

Story Progression.

No Freakin’ Way!
Won the battle in Story Mode – Ryuko Chapter: Episode 5.

Story Progression.

Lost in a Dream
Won the battle in Story Mode – Ryuko Chapter: Episode 10.

Story Progression.

A Clear-Cut Mind
Won 30 consecutive battles in Survival Challenge.

Refer to Not a Stitch Out of Place.

Thread All Over the Place
Defeat 5000 COVERS in COVERS Challenge.

This is a tiring grind. Refer to 1000 Kills A Day, and repeat that until you hit 5,000.

Fibers of Fury
Defeated 150 enemies in 1 Minute Brawl.

The COVERS Challenges in KLK, have items periodically drop from enemies defeated. One of these items is a stop watch. This will add time back onto your minute giving you more time. Nonon Jakuzure is recommended for this, as her L1+Circle is an arena sweep which will take out a lot of enemies en masse and giving a chance of dropping of these stop watches at a better rate.

Nonon Jakuzure – Fibers of Fury

Call Me When You Have FOUR Stars
Defeat a 3 Star difficulty COM with 10 characters in Free Battle (COM equal or greater handicap than the player).

In Versus Matches VS. COM, you’ll want to put the settings of the computer to 3 star. The trophy states equal or greater, but to be certain, adjust your handicap to 1 star and the computers to 2 star (you won’t even notice the difference). Alternatively you can set both handicaps to full, which drastically increases damages, having you both on the “equal handicap” route. After your 10th victory with the 10th different character (Remember Ryuko and Satsuki have alternative forms, both of these count as different characters) this trophy will pop. If you’re not experienced with fighting games, 3-star COMs are very susceptible to long range attacks! Every character except Gamagoori and Ryuko have long range attacks to abuse.

Fits Like an Old T-Shirt
Played Versus Mode 100 times.

After Call Me When You Have FOUR Stars, you’ll only have 90 matches left. There is really no easy way to do this, the least boring would be change the timer to 90s and let it run out with you having more health. This will take upwards of 3 hours or more using the 90s method.

Kinki King
Earned over 50,000 GP.

Refer to Tailor-Made.

For All to See
Unlocked 15 digital figures.

Digital Figures are unlockable characters for KLK’s Diorama feature. If you go into the Diorama and look at locked figures, they’ll have unlock requirements. Meet 15 of these, most of them will be from Story Mode. The remaining few will be character use in different modes.

Hit the Music
Unlock 20 sound test tracks.

Unlike For All to See, you will have to purchase these with GP for this trophy to unlock. Each sound test track costs 1000 or more. You’re looking around a minimum of 42,000 GP to purchase the tracks for this trophy.

Stay Hungry
Picked up 15 mystery croquettes.

Mystery Croquettes are a droppable consumable item from COVERS in the COVERS Challenges which restore health. Over the course of 5,000 Covers for Thread All Over The Place you will easily spawn more than 15 of these.

Statement of Intent
Cleared the Tutorial.

Story Progression.

Unspoken Understanding
Won the battle in Story Mode – Satsuki Chapter: Episode 5.

Story Progression.

A Stitch in Time Beats Ten
Won 10 consecutive battles in Survival Challenge.

Refer to Not a Stitch Out of Place.

The Beauty of Combat
Played Survival Challenge with 5 characters.

Playing means that you have seen a ‘results’ screen by using that char in battle, so you can choose any 5 characters and just throw the first fights.

Cover THIS!
Defeat 100 COVERS in COVERS Challenge.

Refer to Thread All Over the Place.

Giving Up’s Not in My Blood
Cleared 1 Minute Brawl with 5 characters.

Clearing in this sense means to survive until the timer runs out. You can choose any 5 characters and just dodge for the full 60 seconds while killing a few so our char gets ranked, this will prevent from spawning too many timer bonuses.

100 Seconds, 100 Victories
Cleared 100-Man Brawl within 100 seconds.

Ragyo Kiryuin is the recommended character for this trophy. Her Guard Break Ground combo (O button) has the potential of clearing upwards of 10+ covers at once. Occasionally she’ll target the closest enemy which won’t be grouped, so this trophy also requires a little bit of luck for grouped enemies. 100 seconds isn’t too tight, you have around 10 seconds of wiggle room.

Defeated 500 units in Endless Brawl.

Refer to 1000 Kills a Day.

Declaration of War
Played 50 matches in Versus Mode

Refer to Fits Like an Old T-Shirt.

By Unanimous Decision
Battled on all stages in Versus Mode.

There are not many stages in KLK, and as you need to finish 100 versus matches anyhow this will come naturally. If you still dont have it after 100 matches, manually go through the list when you start a new match.

Here I Come!
Input all commands in Tutorial and won.

This trophy is for completing the tutorial outside of Story Mode. It’s the exact same tutorial though. Select it and beat the tutorial a 2nd time for this trophy.

Clothed in Training
Achieved a 20-hit combo in Training.

20-hits can be hard for a lot of characters due to connecting multiple attacks. Ryuko’s Dual Wield variant is one of the easiest to connect together using the following combo: 3x ground combo (square), guard break (circle) when she flies back, then follow through with a barrage of air combos (square).

22 Hit Combo

Be Your Own Couturier
Created a digital figure diorama.

Kill La Kill will come with 2 prepurchased Diorama’s for you to use. After playing story mode you will have accumulated some figurines. Visit the diorama, choose a figurine, peek upskirt, then quit back to the menu and this will pop.

In Unison
Unlocked a bonus voice in Voice Library.

Bonus voices aren’t unlocked like figurines, you’ll have to purchase this content. When visiting the Voice Library the bonus voices are located at the bottom of the list. Purchase one for 1000GP and this trophy will pop.

Gathering Intel
Unlocked Gallery Mode and viewed the glossary.

This is unlocked partway into Story Mode, the trophy will pop as soon as you enter the glossary section of the game.

Expect Nothing Less
Execute 3 Bloody Valor sequences with an advantage against a COM.

A Bloody Valor sequence is initiated by pressing L1 + R1 when your SP gauge (Yellow bars) are at 50% and the move connects with an enemy as long as you’re not taking damage. If you take any damage while pressing that combination it’ll change from a Bloody Valor sequence to a Guard Break sequence. Once a Bloody Valor sequence is initiated you’re greeted by a Taunt (rock), Mock (paper) Provoke (scissors) match.

Taunt: Does extra damage.
Mock: Recovers your health.
Provoke: Recovers your SP gauge.

Every time you win a Bloody Valor sequence, a subsequent one will follow. So you’ll earn this trophy by winning the first, and the 2 following subsequent ones. A highly recommended battle for this is Ryuko’s final battle (Chapter 10), as you have to to use a SEN-i-SOSHITSU to win the match.