Kid Tripp Trophy Guide

Game: Kid Tripp
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 30-60m+ (Heavily skill dependent)
Difficulty: 4/10
Missable trophies: Plenty To Spare, I’m Rich, Olympian, Skilled, Expert, Master, Flawless, Extreme Efficiency, Beat The Developer Part 1 & 2, No Time For Caution.
Author: Sean and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Kid Tripp. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Run the 3 main Playthroughs following the videos

Kid Tripp is a wonderfully developed game by the one man team of Four Horses! This was broken up into 3 playthroughs even though the speedrun is obtainable with the No Death and Beat The Developer Part 2 but it’d be cutting it close. So follow them in any order you see fit, it’s recommended to do Beat The Developer Part 2 first so you can follow along with the majority of trophies being popped, then either of the other 2 in your preference. Extreme Efficiency is the hardest trophy, so save it for last.

During run 1 you will get the following trophies:
Coin Collector
Wet Feet
Fun In The Sun
Plenty To Spare
Below Zero
I’m Rich
The End
Beat The Developer Part 2
No Time For Caution

Once you complete run 2, you earn the following trophies:
Beat The Developer Part 1

At last, you will need to perform a third run, to obtain the following trophies:
Proficiently Evading Testy Animals
Extreme Efficiency

Stage 2 – Miscellaneous

Following the guide you should only have Cheating Death left. If not, just look at the Videos or Guide and pop the remaining few through level select.


Earn every trophy.

Complete the game without using a continue.

You start the game with 10 lives, when you run out of these lives the game prompts you to continue. Beat the game without reaching this screen.

  Beat The Developer – Part 2
Complete the game with more coins than Mick Waites (3266).

This amount of coins is not obtainable in the game, it requires the end game bonus (Amount of lives left x 100 coins). So you need to get All the coins in the game (Earning you Olympian), and not die so you get all the live bonuses (Earning you Flawless).

View the video on the Olympian + No Death Run:

Beat The Developer Part 2

  Beat The Developer – Part 1
Complete the game faster than Mick Waites (5m 59.93s).

This is achieved by completing all the worlds in a single run under 5m59.93s. This isn’t that tight of a time despite what it seems. 5m56s was a personal best after trial and error, so it’s got wiggle room.
Some good times for each level are as follows:
A few tips are to avoid getting stuck on stairs, avoid watery paths. On World 3-5 use the top path.

World 1:
1-1: 20.4
1-2: 17.48
1-3: 18.78
1-4: 18.92
1-5: 18.83

World 2:
2-1: 17.43
2-2: 15.50
2-3: 18.98
2-4: 16.22
2-5: 13.93

World 3:
3-1: 16.10
3-2: 18.23
3-3: 18.92
3-4: 21.02
3-5: 16.50

World 4:
4-1: 18.08
4-2: 16.58
4-3: 18.52
4-4: 16.93
4-5: 20.62

Below is the run:

Beat The Developer Part 1

  The End
Complete the game.

Story Trophy. Beat the 20 levels of Kid Tripp.

  Extreme Efficiency
Complete the game using no more than 1 stone.

One of the more difficult trophies as you can’t get rid of the enemy obstacles. The reason this trophy states 1 stone is because in World 4-3 there is an unavoidable snake at the beginning of the level which you must use the rock on. Besides this level, DO NOT THROW ANY ROCKS.

Below is the run (you will also earn Proficiently Evading Testy Animals in this run):

Extreme Efficiency Trophy

  I’m Rich!
Hold 1000 coins at once.

This is a lot of coins, you’ll earn this near the end of the game as you’re working towards Olympian.

Complete the game without losing a life.

This is normally a game breaker but Kid Tripp has an exploit:

1. Cloud Saves after you beat each level.
2. Quit the game immediately when you die (Hold the PS4 home button and close application or Press home button and close it on the vita), the game has a Continue feature.

This is paired with the Beat The Developer Part 2 Video.

  Cheating Death
Fall off the bottom of the level and survive.

This is an annoying trophy. You can achieve this trophy in level 2-5. In the section where you jump from mine cart to a balloon you need to be practically OFF the screen before making the jump (something like the bare tip of you hat showing). You also have to Complete the level after making this jump. You can swear you have done it right, but if you did the level flawlessly your end level time should be 13.92.

Earn a gold medal in every level.

Gold Medals are achieved by earning all the coins in a given level. This trophy is achievable in level select, BUT you need to earn Beat The Developer Part 2, so do this in the same run as the No Death run. Refer to the Beat The Developer Part 2 Video.

  No Time For Caution
Complete the game without ever walking.

Walking is done by holding the left direction, it slows you down allowing you to assess or avoid jumping enemies and more. Though you can easily do the entire plat without ever walking, so just never touch the left direction. Refer to Beat The Developer Part 2 Video.

Complete the game using fewer than 100 lives

Lives add up for every 100 coins you obtain, or a bath of 10 for every continue you use. This will be tied to the no death run. Refer to Beat The Developer Part 2 Video.

  Plenty To Spare
Hold 15 lives at once

15 lives means you need to not die and achieve 500 coins, as a new life is earned every 100 coins. Since you’ll be earning Olympian, this will occur naturally. Refer to Beat The Developer Part 2 Video.

  Below Zero
Complete World 3.

Story Trophy. Beat the 5 levels of World 3.

Complete World 2.

Story Trophy. Beat the 5 levels of World 2.

  Fun In The Sun
Complete World 1

Story Trophy. Beat the 5 levels of World 1

  Proficiently Evading Testy Animals
Complete a level without harming any baddies

You can do this in very few levels. There are levels that you don’t kill any and not achieve this, but it may be due to the enemies harming themselves. So there’s very few viable levels. In the Extreme Efficiency Video this is achieved, so refer to that. World 1-5 is the earliest you can achieve this.

  Coin Collector
Earn a gold medal.

A gold medal is achieved for obtaining all the coins in a given level.

  Wet Feet
Fall in the water and survive.

Easier done than said, Kid Tripp is able to jump on top of and in shallowly submersed waters. You’ll be utilizing this technique a lot in the game. This will unmissable as you earn olympian because you have to do this techinique to get all the coins in 5-3. refer to Beat The Developer Part 2 video.

Complete the tutorial.

Complete the tutorial and this trophy will pop.

Complete the game using fewer than 500 lives.

Lives add up for every 100 coins you obtain or a bacth of 10 for every continue you use. This will be tied to the No Death run. Refer to Beat The Developer Part 2 Video.