Inspector Waffles Trophy Guide

Game: Inspector Waffles
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 1 hour
Difficulty: 1/10
Missable trophies: 9 trophies for collecting Woolball Cards
Trophies: 1, 10 , 5 , 0

Author: The Trophy Platypus
Welcome to the trophy guide for Inspector Waffles. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4/5 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play through all 5 chapters collecting all 8 Woolball Cards.

Welcome to the Inspector Waffles guide, a great point and click game. Before we start, know that the Woolball cards are very missable and you will need to collect all 8 in a single playthrough. It is therefore advised that at the beginning of each chapter you make a save, which you will be able to come back to should you miss one of the cards. Cards 1 and 2 are found in Chapter 2, card 3 in Chapter 3, cards 4, 5, 6 and 7 are found in Chapter 4, and card 8 is found in Chapter 5.

Platinum Trophy
Cat’s nine lives.

There’s more than one way to skin a cat.

Like cats and dogs
Finish the game.

Complete all five chapters of the game to unlock this trophy. Please refer to the text or video walkthough above for how to do so.

Who really was Fluffy?
Complete the Woolball card album.

In total their are 8 Woolball cards you will need to pick up to complete the card album. This will unlock a secret ending that will play out after the credits which is when the trophy will pop. The Woollball cards are very missable as some areas you will not be able to return to, for specific details on each card, refer to the trophy description for that card.

Card 1 in chapter 2 Trophy Should we call the bomb dog?
Card 2 in chapter 2 Trophy Free food
Card 3 in chapter 3 Trophy What could possible go wrong
Card 4 in chapter 4 Trophy No remorse with Pixel
Card 5 in chapter 4 Trophy Creature Farm
Card 6 in chapter 4 Trophy Almost an ally cat
Card 7 in chapter 4 Trophy I’m too old for kibbles
Card 8 in chapter 5 Trophy Too bad I’m not a giraffe

Should we call the bomb dog?
Find the first Woolball card.

MISSABLE. In chapter 2 take a coffee from the coffee machine in the Police station, after getting Erwin’s apartments keys from the janitor combine the coffee with the keys and then use the keys on Erwin’s mail box in the entrance of his apartment. Finally in your inventory hold X down on the parcel you picked up from the mail box to unlock this trophy.

Free food?
Find the second Woolball card.

MISSABLE. Unlocked in Chapter 2. After returning to the police station and speaking with Peanut he will give you a master key that will unlock almost all of the doors in the Police station. Head to Patches’ office and take the coupon from board. Later near the end of the chapter you will go to Maple Market, head inside and speak with George, select Groceries and then the coupon. It’s very important to select coupon before the groceries list or you will not be able to exchange the coupon for the second Woolball card.

What could possibly go wrong?
Find the third Woolball card.

MISSABLE. Unlocked in chapter 3. At the beginning of the chapter you will find yourself in the sewer head right two screens (Same screen as you find the magnet) and take the common woolball card from the sewer grate. Later on in the chapter you will go to a bar. Speak with Bobby the orange cat about Woolball cards and then trade the common card for a rarer one to unlock this trophy.

No reMorse with Pixel
Find the fourth Woolball card.

MISSABLE. Unlocked in Chapter 4. After gaining access to Millie’s house, pick up the Blue Morse code book from the bookshelf. Head to Pixel’s office at the Police station and use the Morse code book on the white board. You will get a code, use the code on the drawers under the DNA machine to receive the fourth Woolball card.

Creature farm
Find the fifth Woolball card.

MISSABLE. Unlocked in Chapter 4. At Casa Chinchilla go through the dialogue with Smokey eventually giving him the Insult letter from Chapter 1. Now distracted pick up the plastic fish on the table in front of him. Later after gaining access to Millie’s house, examine the mail in front of the door to get Dictator Pig Book clue. Head to Erwin’s apartment location and enter the Antique shop on the right. Speak with Lucius select ‘Is someone here?’ and use the plastic fish from your inventory, followed by Know-it-all then dictator pig book to receive Lucius note. Head back to Millie’s house and use Lucius note on the classical books on the bookshelf to find the correct book and get the fifth Woolball card.

Almost an alley cat
Find the sixth Woolball card.

MISSABLE. Unlocked in Chapter 4

Head back to Erwin’s apartment door and where the discarded shopping was will now be a small key, pick it up and head back to the entrance. Use the small key on Someone’s mailbox to receive the sixth Woolball card.

I’m too old for kibbles
Find the seventh Woolball card.

MISSABLE. Unlocked in Chapter 4

In the Prison pick up the fake coin on the floor and use the cloth you have from the previous chapter on it. Then when in Casa Chinchilla, use the coin on the vending machine to get Kibbles. Later on in the chapter you will head to Cotton Candy shop as part of the investigation. The Woolball card is in the blue shop window, use the kibbles on the card itself to get it and unlock the trophy.

Too bad I’m not a giraffe
Find the eighth Woolball card.

MISSABLE. Unlocked in Chapter 5. As part of the story you will need to combine a broken broom, bandages and a screwdriver to take out a laser. In the maintenence room cupboard where you find the broken broom the final Woolball card will be high above where Waffle’s is standing. Use your broken broom/bandages/screwdriver combination to bring it down. Please note the trophy for collecting all cards will not unlock until the secret ending after the credits.

Why am I not drinking a piña colada?
Start investigating the crime scene.

After starting a new game you will be driving your car and some dialogue explaining the backstory. When you arrive at the murder scene the trophy will unlock.

The dead and alive cat
Finish Chapter 1.

Complete Chapter 1, please refer to the walkthough above for a step by step guide.

More than one way to skin a cat
Finish Chapter 2.

Complete Chapter 2, please refer to the walkthough above for a step by step guide.

Into the lion’s den
Finish Chapter 3.

Complete Chapter 3, please refer to the walkthough above for a step by step guide.

Curiosity killed the cat
Finish Chapter 4.

Complete Chapter 4, please refer to the walkthough above for a step by step guide.