House Flipper – Garden DLC Trophy Guide

Game: House Flipper – Garden DLC
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 2 – 3 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 0, 0 , 0 , 12
Author: Pete and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for House Flipper – Garden (DLC). This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Welcome to the House Flipper – Garden DLC! This guide assumes that you have already completed the main game and you have at least $500,000 available to buy any properties in the game.

Stage 1 – Play the Garden DLC.

Play the Garden DLC after finishing the main game of House Flipper. There are properties available that will now have the small green flower symbol in the top right corner indicating Garden quests. These are the specific quests that will teach you about the new skills and equipment that are available in the game. There is a new section of Garden specific skills to earn (9 upgrades in total, see picture below). You will want to play the new Garden quests to at least the point that you can finish the quest (about 70% done) or earn the full 100% completion for a quest (earns you more money and experience). Some of the trophies below will be achievable on properties that are not from the Garden DLC and are from the main game. These are noted below. Enjoy the new content!

According To The Rules
Blue flower, red thorns…

Buy the “Almost only a garden” property shown below in the pictures. Then you will need to clear the debris and cut the grass for a garden area. You will then need to buy some edible plants. A suggested list and amount is:

1. Pumpkins – 10x.
2. Carrots (orange) – 25x.
3. Carrots (white) – 25x.
4. Raspberry Bushes – 10x.
5. Blueberry Bushes – 10x.
6. Lettuce 25x.

Then click on R3 and a menu is now available to allow you to enter a Garden Contest. Enter the Submit garden for contest under the category of Crops. In your results you will have earned a 5 star rating under the Plant Selection category.

Beginner Gardener
It’s time to broaden my qualifications!

See the “Gardener” trophy description below.

Call Me Edward
Nothing can’t hide from the blades of my mower!

Choose the Garden quest called “You need to remove the bushes“. When you first arrive at this quest, you will be introduced to the Brush Cutter. Use the Brush Cutter to cut the grass on the property. Once you achieve 97% or higher in “Mow the lawn” (as noted in the top right corner on screen in your game), you will earn this trophy. See the pictures below.


Buy the “Garden after building the house” property. Once you are at the new property you can immediately enter it into the Garden Contest under the American category. See the pictures below.

Don Quixote
Is this hammer even real?

Buy the Windmill under the Garden category and place it on a property, even your own office property. Select your Hammer tool and hit the Windmill to earn the trophy. See the pictures below.

Fully Equipped
Haven’t you forgotten about a place for a few flowers between this sofa and the carousel?

Buy the property “Uninhabited House” and mow the lawn. In the backyard you need to buy a variety of furniture and lights for it. Some suggested items are:

1. Outdoor sofa.
2. Outdoor single person sofa chairs (2x).
3. A small coffee table.
4. Hammock.
5. Garden lights (30x).
6. Carousel.
7. Free standing umbrella.
8. Lounge chairs (3x).

Then once everything is placed in the backyard, enter the Garden Contest by “Submit to the garden contest” by clicking on R3. Choose American category for entry. Your contest results will show a 5 star rating for the Equipment category. See the pictures below.

I feel this gardener aura inside of me…

As you play through the Garden quests, you will earn experience which will allow you to unlock a new Gardener Skill. There are 9 upgradeable skills to complete for this trophy.

Experience is earned by completing the Garden quest activities such as:
1. Removing some many weeds.
2. Cutting some much grass.
3. Planting with your shovel so many plants.

See Stage 1 for a picture of all the Garden Skills unlocked.

Give It Some Fresh Air
Don’t forget to hide it from the rain!

At your Office property, take your Laptop outside, place it on the ground, and then use it.

Lets Swim
Bath time?

As you play through the Garden quests, you will be installing Pools and Ponds as requested. During their installation you will be using the Garden Hose to fill them with water. You can then empty the water back out and refill them again. You can also install a small Pond on your Office property, fill it and empty it multiple times. Once you have filled any combination of Pools and Ponds with water 15 times you will earn this trophy.

Perfect Layout
Feel Shi… Fence Shi… Well, I tried.

This trophy can be earned when you are attempting the “Competitor” trophy above. See the “Competitor” trophy description. You will enter a Garden Contest and earn a 5 star rating under the Layout category.

Tell the meatatarians my last word is… Carrot…

At your Office property you will be able to buy and place “edible plants“. Choose “Carrots – Orange” and begin to plant. Once you have planted 50 of them you will earn this trophy. See the picture below.

Your time has come, Mr. Mole…

This is a random event that can occur at any time after unlocking your Shovel tool. Shown below the “Uninhabited House” property was chosen and a message about “a mole has dug its way into the lot” appeared. There will be small dirt hills that are scattered around the property. Use your Shovel tool to start to dig these up to remove the Mole. Eventually the Mole will be uncovered and you will earn this trophy. See the pictures below.

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