Halloween Candy Break Trophy Guide

Game: Halloween Candy Break
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 1 hour
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: none
Author: Knoef_NL

Welcome to the trophy guide for Halloween Candy Break. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete certain levels

Halloween Candy Break is a lot easier then Sushi Break & Sushi Break Head To Head.
You’ll need to earn a total of 25 stars & 25 coins. You can earn a total of 3 stars each level, make sure you play the following levels:

A) Tomo, Harumi, Yuki, Chiyo, Kohaku (stationary bosses)
B) Tami, Seina, Hana (moving cakes)
C) Seina, Red, Yuki, Emiko, Chiyo – Great levels to get the trophies regarding the (double) power-ups such as:
C.1) “Combo power up collected”,
C.2) “6 balls reached”,
C.3) “Double fireball collected”,
C.4) “Double wide paddle collected”

Furthermore, you will also need to play with 10 different characters, but that amount is already reached with the above steps.


 Halloween Candy Break master
Collected all the trophies in the game.

 Stationary mini bosses defeated
Defeated all stationary mini bosses in game.

The stationary bosses are located within the following levels:
Tomo, Harumi, Yuki, Chiyo, Kohaku

Stationary bosses are already present when you start a level, as seen below:

 25 coins collected
Collected total 25 coins in game.

Coins are dropped as random rewards from the golden cakes. Collect a total of 25 of them throughout the levels and this trophy is yours.

 25 stars earned
Earned total 25 stars in game.

Stars are earned when winning a game. The amount of stars is based on your score. There is a high chance you will earn 2 or 3 stars when winning a game.

The number of stars earned with a character can be viewed in the character select screen.

You can only earn 3 stars with each character, so you need to play with 9 unique characters. This will help towards the “10 characters played” trophy.

 10 characters played
Completed levels with 10 different characters in game.

You need to win with a total of 10 characters. There are a total of 30 characters available, The ones you already won with will have stars alongside their avatars.

 10 coins collected
Collected total 10 coins in game.

Refer to the “25 coins collected” trophy for more information on this.

 Moving candies consumed
Completed at least 3 levels with moving candies.

The following characters (levels) contain moving candies:
Tami, Seina, Hana

 10 stars earned
Earned total 10 stars in game.

Refer to “25 stars earned” for more information on this. 

 5 characters played
Completed levels with 5 different characters in game.

It’s best to play the following levels, as they contain stationary bosses:
Tomo, Harumi, Yuki, Chiyo, Kohaku

 40K points scored
Scored 40000 points in a level.

Win a game and you will rack up points pretty quick. If you save up all your lives you get a life bonus. Each life you have left upon winning will earn you 1.000 points.

So win a game without losing lives, and you should earn the 40k points trophy.

 Immortal player
Completed a level without losing life.

A life is lost when the ball hits the floor, or the paddle gets hit by a bullet from a boss.

After your first few rounds, you should be able to pull this off without any problem.

 High 5 player
Consumed candies at 5x speed.

Do not lose a life and the ball will speed up. Keep doing this, and towards the end you will have a 5x speed multiplier.

  Witch defeated with fireball
Defeated a Witch mini boss with fireball.

Bosses will spawn during almost all levels. Collect a fireball power-up and hit the boss 2 times.

 7 lives win
Completed a level with 7 lives remaining.

Lives are randomly dropped by bosses or golden sushi. You can also earn lives by reaching certain score thresholds.

 Slow player
Completed a level slowly.

Complete a level while having the ball slow down. This is done by using the Slow Ball power up. It is a blue power up with ghost inside it.

 Devil defeated at high speed
Defeated a Devil mini boss at high speed.

The Devil will spawn at each level. To reach high speed, do not lose a life and keep the ball going. 

 Mummy defeated with laser
Defeated a Mummy mini boss with laser.

The “mummy” boss will keep spawning when you use the laser power up, so the boss can be defeated multiple times during a level, if you manage to collect a laser power-up.

 5 coins collected
Collected total 5 coins in game.

Refer to the “25 coins collected” trophy for more information on this.

 5 stars earned
Earned total 5 stars in game.

Refer to the “25 stars earned” trophy for more information on this.

 3 characters played
Completed levels with 3 different characters in game.

Refer to the trophy “5 characters played” for more information.

 30K points scored
Scored 30000 points in a level.

Refer to the trophy “40k points scored” for more information on this.

 Mini boss attacks survived
Survived all mini boss attacks in a level.

Kill all mini bosses without getting hit by their bullets.

 Turbo player
Hit ball 5 times in turbo paddle mode without losing life.

Hold R2 and you will see the paddle lit up. You are now using turbo mode. Hit the ball 5 times without losing a life while holding R2. 

 No power ups collected
Completed a level without collecting any power ups.

Complete any level without collecting a power-up. 

 Fast player
Completed a level quickly.

Complete a level while having the ball sped up. This is done by not losing a life.

 Combo power up collected
Collected a combo of 3 or more power ups.

You’ll need to collect 3 power-ups in a short time after each other. This can be done on any level, but the level “Yuki” might be best suitable, as it contains many golden candies.

 Jawbreaker candies destroyed
Destroyed 5 Jawbreaker candies in a level.

Jawbreaker candies can be found in the later levels. One level for example is the “Tora” level. The cups can be destroyed by using a laser or fireball power-up.

 Fireball fury
Consumed 10 candies with fireball without losing life.

Collect the fireball power-up and destroy a total of 10 candies. It’s best to shoot the ball diagonal to hit more candies along the way.

 Laser lord
Consumed 10 candies with laser without losing life.

Collect the laser power-up and keep shooting. You shouldn’t have any problems destroying a total of 10 candies.

 6 balls reached
Stacked up multi ball power ups to reach 6 balls.

This is one of the trickier trophies within the game. You’ll need to collect two green power-ups. It’s important that you keep 2 balls alive from the first power-up, in order to reach a total of 6 balls.

This trophy is best done on the levels: Emiko, Chiyo, Yuki.

 Double fireball collected
Stacked up multiple fireballs in a level.

You’ll need to collect 2 fireball power-ups for this trophy to pop. A level you can try this on is the “Red” one.

 Double wide paddle collected
Stacked up multiple wide paddles in a level.

You’ll need to collect 2 wide paddles power-ups. This is possible in multiple levels, but as an example you can play the “Seina” level.

 Auto laser collected
Collected auto laser power up.

Collect an auto laser power-up and you’ll earn this trophy.

 Slow and steady
Consumed 3 candies with slow ball without losing life.

Consume 3 cakes while having the slow ball power-up active.

 Invincible player
Survived a mini boss attack through invincible paddle.

Collect the “invincible” power-up, then get his by a bullet from a mini-boss.

 Shielded player
Hit ball 5 times with shield (bottom wall) without losing life.

Get the shield power-up and let the ball bounce on the floor 5 times. you should be able to pull this off within a single power-up.

 Sticky player
Caught ball 5 times with sticky paddle without losing life.

Collect the sticky paddle power-up and keep shooting the ball right away as it bounces back. Try to aim for donuts that are nearby.

 All power ups collected
Collected all powers ups and collectibles in level.

Collect all power-ups and collectibles (Golden coins, lives) that are available in a level.

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