Guard Duty Trophy Guide

Game: Guard Duty
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 2.5-4h
Difficulty: 1/10
Missable trophies: Assassin’s Greed
Trophies: 1 9 5 6
Author: Sean

Welcome to the trophy guide for Guard Duty. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Follow the walkthrough.

Guard Duty is a rather straight-forward title as almost all trophies are story related. Follow the guide below to ensure you miss nothing.


 Platinum Guard
Get all other trophies

 Special Delivery
Return the paint to it’s rightful owner

You will earn this trophy during ACT II when you return the paint to the Interior Decorator.

 Two Of A Kind
Rendezvous with a familiar face

After time traveling and meeting Tondbert in Act III you will earn this.

Something amiss

When you use the terminal in Act III to initiate teleportation you’ll end up in some space-time location, earning you this trophy.

 Against All Odds
Never give up

After escaping the tank in Act III you’ll meet a sort-of scientist. Aid them with their request and you’ll earn this trophy.

 Armed And Dangerous
Insult to injury

In Act III you’ll have to drag the dead robot to the elevator which will break his arm off, earning you this trophy.

 Guardian Duty
Meet the Guardians 

You will meet the Guardians as soon as Act III starts, earning you this trophy.

 Open Sesame
Find a way to open the door

For this trophy you’ll have to open the door at the end of Act II. You’ll need the Frozen Knight, Goat, and yourself to do so.

 New Lands
Venture North, beyond the Scar

When you manage to finally fix the Catapult in Act II it will properly launch you across the gap, earning you this trophy.

 Turn Up The Heat
End it, once and for all

This is the trophy you’ll get for finishing the story at the end of Act III.

 Two Birds
Deal with the Spider

In Act II you’ll get stuck in a labyrinth forest. To earn this trophy you’ll have to lead the spider at the end of the forest back to the worm

 Papers, Please
Get the Wildlands DLC

The Wildlands DLC is what you’ll need to leave the town in Act I. You’ll get it by showing the clerk your ID.

 Photo Op
Successfully snap a photo

In Act I you’ll need a photo to create ID. You’ll manage to do so in the Study, past the library. Once you trick Pembleton you’ll have access to the camera, take the photo and the trophy is yours.

 Speak In Tongues
Translate the creepy book

During Act I you’ll have to bring your creepy book to the Castle Library. Inside this library you’ll find means of translation, earning you this trophy.

 Mind The Gap
Fail to make it across the Elder Scar 

The first time you visit the Gap Tours in Act II you’ll use the catapult. Unfortunately it’s broken and you won’t cross the gap, earning you this trophy.

Get kicked out of the Castle

During the Prologue you’ll be without your clothes and have a swollen face. Due to this you won’t be recognized and the guards will kick you out of the castle, earning you this trophy.

 Wicked Words
A book bound with flesh

During Act I Inside the Drunken Monk you’ll meet a Mage. This Mage will end up giving you this book, earning you this trophy.

 Royal Blood
Deliver the news to King Theodore

This trophy will pop once Act I starts, after the King learns the news of his daughter.

 Suited And Booted
Find a quiet place to get dressed

You’ll have to find all the missing pieces of your equipment during the Prologue. Once you have them all, equip them at the Farmland to earn this trophy.

 Assassin’s Greed
Make a charitable donation

During the Prologue you’ll visit the Market. Below the fruit stand, laying against some hay you’ll find the Assassin. Give him a gold coin to earn this trophy.

 Pucker Up
Girtrude finds a new friend

During the Prologue you’ll have to catch a frog. With the caught frog, have it kiss Girtrude in your place for this trophy.