Gravity Ghost Deluxe Trophy Guide

Game: Gravity Ghost Deluxe
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 2-3 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: Ghost with the Most, I May Have Overcommitted, Are you a Wizard?, Quiet Down Back There
Author: Peter and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Gravity Ghost Deluxe. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play through all areas of the map levels until only the Black Hole level is left at the center of the world map.

Play through all the levels of the map (106 levels) without reuniting the Animal Spirits with their skeletons. It is important to save periodically before entering a level if there is a skeleton in them. You do not need to play all levels in any particular order as long as you have the pathway unlocked. However, if you follow a pathway to its end where the Guardian level is, you will get a Planet Piece that will have an importance in solving a higher level. Also, make sure to get the Geoms, which are powerups that will be useful in higher levels. After completing the 94 regular levels, there are 13 challenge levels to earn you 106 stars. Carry all the Geoms, 106 stars, and the 14 Animal Spirits into the Black Hole. Terraform the 7 planets and collect the last star for 107 total inside the Black Hole and get the final Geoms in the middle of this level. The credits will roll and then further cutscenes after this, this will unlock the ghost fox (Voy) as a playable character in subsequent new games.

Tips: If you go into the Black Hole level by accident and/or if you reunite any of the Animal Spirits with their Skeletons then quit and reload a previous save backup as there are trophies related to these actions.
You cannot get all trophies in one playthrough. Two or three playthroughs is recommended where you focus on specific trophies.
Use L1 and R1 to cycle through your terraforming abilities after earning them.
Press the Circle button close to the open door to exit a level after collecting its star. You do not need to land on the planet to get through the open door.
The challenge levels are the more difficult levels within the game and some have multiple solutions. Remember to Terraform planets so that you can perform specific actions (see Interstellar description). A few example challenge levels are below showing how to get the star in the level to appear.
Follow these descriptions and tips to earn all the trophies.

Gravity Ghost global map (challenge levels not shown)

Stage 2 – Play through the game on a speedrun and/or complete specific trophies.

Play through a new game and complete only the levels needed to get the Guardians and Geoms. If you found there was a powerup(s) that you didn’t use, then skip levels on your way to earning the Guardians’ planet pieces. You can skip some cutscenes by pressing and holding X (it will say on a scene if you can skip them), as the cutscene time counts as part of your time if you do not skip it. It’s recommended to do the speedrun separate from a playthrough to get all the Animal Spirits and reunite them, all the Geoms, and all Stars.


 Ghost with the Most
Reunite all animals, collect all geoms, collect all stars.

Collect all 14 Animals (blue footprint levels) and reunite them with their Skeletons (white Skeleton levels). See I May Have Overcommitted description for each Animals’ Spirit and Skeleton level. Go into the Black Hole having all 7 of the Geoms (the powerups from maze levels), and complete all levels of the game by getting each level’s Star.

Ghost with the Most Trophy

 I May Have Overcommitted
Carry all animal spirits and planet pieces at once.

Find and collect all 14 Animal Spirits from their corresponding levels (see table below) and obtain all 7 of the Planet Pieces from the 7 Guardians. Iona’s hair will have 14 Animal Spirits attached within it and also the Planet Pieces. Save your game every so often, because if you reunite an Animal Spirit with their respective Skeleton then you will not earn this trophy. If this happens, quit the game and reload a previous save and try again.

Planet Pieces can be collected in order from unlocking these levels:

1. Salamander Guardian.
2. Mouse Guardian.
3. Deer Guardian.
4. Owl Guardian.
5. Rabbit Guardian.
6. Wolf Guardian.
7. Fox Guardian.

Animal TypeGuardian Constellation – Spirit Level Guardian Constellation – Skeleton Level
RabbitSalamander – Spirits and SkeletonsSalamander – Spirits and Skeletons
BadgerSalamander – Star ArenaSalamander – Terrarium
BearOwl – Solar BearOwl – Easy as Pi
DeerFox – Floating ForestFox – Telescope
FrogWolf – PerihelionWolf – Dense Bounce
GeckoWolf – Triple TrapWolf – Time Gem
Lynx Mouse – Icy LinksMouse – Strange Attractors
MartenDeer – DerivationDeer – Tick Tock
MooseFox – AlightFox – Grandfather Clock
OwlOwl – Time SlipOwl – Braided
PorcupineRabbit – FloatRabbit – Sleepy Star
SparrowMouse – Frozen HollowMouse – Sparrow Haunt
WolfDeer – FrostbiteDeer – Spring Tides
MouseRabbit – Bubble WrapRabbit – Asteroid Field

 Are You a Wizard?
Speedrun the game in less than 50 minutes.

Play through all levels to obtain the constellations’ Geoms (powerups) and Terraforming ability from the Guardian. You do not have to play all levels, only the ones that lead to the Guardian (and powerups that you want – all or some as you may find that you didn’t use all of them in your first playthrough). You do not have to complete the challenge levels. Enter the Black Hole, collect the star, Terraform the planets (some of the cutscenes cannot be skipped by holding X), and enter the center heart area to get the credits in the game. Your time is from beginning a new playthrough and playing until you get to the credits for the game. Use your time wisely, make save backups as you feel necessary, and reload if things do not go successfully on a level or more. Otherwise, you can play from a new game until the credits in 50 minutes or less.

Beat the game.

Do not enter the Black Hole level until you have all the Guardian Pieces. If you do, then reload a previous save. Play the game all the way to the end credits cutscene which involves you having all the Guardian Planet Pieces to be able to Terraform the planets inside the Black Hole level and release the star. Do not forget to collect this star because if you collect the center geom you will end the game without getting all 107 stars (only skip this star if you are doing the speedrun). You now have unlocked Voy the fox and you will be able to play as either Iona or Voy in a new game.

Voy! Trophy

 Sacred Geometry
Collect all 7 geoms.
Within the 7 main levels of the game, there are levels that have a red heart-looking symbol around them on the global map, these levels contain a maze where you have to move around the planet to get the marble (Geom) out of the planet maze. When it is released, move through it to collect it. A Geom is a powerup that gives you a specific skill to use in the game.

Heavy Heart allows you to move downward very quickly by pressing R2.
Light Heart allows you to glide by pressing L2.
Gravity Heart makes tiny things move towards you.
Soaring Heart allows you to do air jumps by pressing X.
Rapid Heart allows you to dash by pressing the square button.
Immaterial Heart allows you to toggle immaterial mode by pressing the triangle button you can pass through anything.
Infinite Heart gives you the ability to terraform planets without using up your hair length.

Sacred Geometry Trophy

 Ghost Menagerie
Reunite all 14 animals.

All 7 constellations have 2 blue footprints and 2 white skeletons. See I May Have Overcommitted description for a table of all 14 animal spirit and skeleton locations.

Ghost Menagerie Trophy

 Billions and Billions
Collect all 107 stars.

Complete all 107 levels of the game by collecting the star and exiting (press Circle) to pass through the open door.

 What is Art?
Terraform the biggest planet in the game

In the Deer constellation, unlock Spring Tide and Terraform this large planet (have really long hair and the ability to Terraform a planet to something other than a water planet) by swimming around the outside of this planet. You will see tiny icons for the type of Terraforming you are performing on this planet appear on its outside. Continue in a full circle and then at completion the planet is Terraformed.

What is Art? Trophy

 Finders Keepers
Carry all 7 planet pieces at once.

At one of the end branches of an specific Guardian’s constellation, there is a level where you perform certain actions to release and to be able to communicate with the Guardian. At the end of a Guardian’s cutscene you will be able to collect a Planet Piece that will be shown in Iona’s hair. Simply collect all 7 planet pieces from the 7 guardians.  

Finders Keepers Trophy

Terraform 100 planets.

As you play through the game, you will eventually obtain the ability to Terraform planets by collecting ‘hair types’ from at least one of the levels named “Magic Element: Name”. See the table below for where each magic element is located. Each of the elements are used to a specific type of Terraform on a planet. You need to collect enough flowers to be able to Terraform  planets. Terraforming a planet removes some of Iona’s hair, about the distance around a planet. It’s recommended to wait until you have obtained the infinite hair powerup from the level called Infinite Heart in the Fox constellation. This will allow you to terraform unlimited times without shortening your maximum hair length. To activate a terraform, you walk/swim around the outside of a planet. There are 7 different terraforming planet types in the game and Iona’s hair colour corresponds to a specific type (even your lightbar on your PS4 controller changes to match it! Repeat 100 times.

ConstellationMagic Element Type: Allows you to use a terraforming ability.
SalamanderNone: White hair, clears smoke on a planet.
MouseWater: Change a solid planet to water so you can go to its center to earn a Star or get to an Exit Door.
DeerEarth: Make a planet solid.
OwlAir: Makes a planet bouncy.
RabbitFire: Make a fire planet that causes the gravity to decrease and shoot you away from it if you jump off it.
WolfIce: Make a water planet solid.
FoxDiamond (Lighthouse Family): Make a gem planet that will increase the gravity on the planet and attract you close to it
Interstellar Trophy

 Quiet Down Back There!
Carry all 14 animal spirits at once.

There are levels with blue footprints on the global map for the game. While playing through these levels, make sure to collect the Animal Spirit, it will become trapped in Iona’s hair. You will carry these from level to level. There are also levels with Skeletons shown on the global map. It’s recommended to make regular game saves before entering levels that have Skeletons. If any of the Animal Spirits are reunited with their Skeleton then make sure to reload a save backup and replay starting from where you left off to make sure you avoid this situation.

 I’m Fabulous
Reach max hair length.

Nearly all levels  have colorful, little spinning flowers  floating in the air, or they can be released so you can capture them. Fly through these to collect them. This will cause Iona’s hair length to grow until you collect enough of them to reach maximum hair length. (The bonus character unlocked after one playthrough until credits will also have this same ability.)

I’m Fabulous Trophy

 I’m a Leaf on the Wind
Float for 10 minutes without touching the ground

Jump off a planet and get into a stable orbit going around a planet. Choose any level with only one or a few planets, as this will be easiest to earn on one of these levels. It’s harder to earn on levels where the gravity changes due to the movements of their planets. If done correctly, you can leave your PS4 controller alone for ten minutes while earning this trophy after 10 minutes. Shown below is from the Over the Moon in the Salamander constellation.

I’m a Leaf on the Wind Trophy