Galacide Trophy Guide

Game: Galacide
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 5 hours
Difficulty: 3/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1, 7, 10, 5
Author: Knoef_NL

Welcome to the trophy guide for Galacide. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the game

First of all, you’ll need to complete the tutorial and campaign. This will take 1 hour at most! While doing so, you’ll get acquainted with the game and its mechanics. After completing the campaign you’ll be spending some time in endless mode, where you’ll need to earn the following trophies:

Threat Level Midnight – Get to threat level 10 in Endless Play.
High Roller – Get 1 million points in Endless Play

After doing that you’ll be solving the puzzles in Puzzle Mode. These are a pre-designed set of puzzles, which are all available within this guide. You’ll earn the following trophy:

Scholar of the First Bit – Complete all Puzzle Play levels (including the bonus levels)

After completing all 3 modes, it’s time to farm a bit to earn the remaining trophies. You’ll be focussing on:

The Final Frontier – Travel a total distance of 500.000 parsecs (Last trophy you will earn).
Bit by Bit – Clear 25.000 Bits.
Galacide – Kill 10.000 enemies.


 Master of the Galaxy
Unlock all other Trophies

 Taking Out the Trash
Get 750 bit clears in a level.

You could earn this trophy in endless play when going for the “Wave 9″/”1.000.000 points” trophy. You’ll have around 2.000 cleared bits by then.

This trophy is also earnable within the campaign.

 Scholar of the First Bit
Complete all Puzzle Play levels

There are a total of 6 puzzle play categories, each with 5 levels. Completing them can be hard if you aren’t into this type of puzzles. Below is a list of videos, each for its category.

Basic – Levels 1 – 5
Circuits – Level 1 – 5
Rapid Action – Level 1 – 5
Linking Turrets – Level 1 – 5
Advanced – Level 1 – 5
Bonus – Level 1 – 5
(Bonus levels are unlocked by completing level 5 in each category) .

Should you prefer a single video with all the normal levels (bonus levels not included) check out this video.

Complete 10 Multi-Matches

A multi-match is a clearance of 2 different colors in a very short time. You’ll see a visual pop-up (Multi-Match) when doing so, which will reward you with bonus points.

 Threat Level Midnight
Get to threat level 10 in Endless Play

Each section in endless play is a level. As you progress, the game gets a bit tougher.

While progressing towards threat level 10, you’ll encounter 2 bosses. Try to survive those battles without losing your lives. When in threat level 8 and higher, things tend to go fast.

Clear the blocks at a high pace, and don’t forget to kill the enemies! If you fail to do so, they will kill you off while you are trying to clear the field.

Have a look at the video below if you are having trouble:

 Fire Ze Missiles
Beat Level 6. Unlocks the Military Ship.

This will be unlocked as soon as you complete level 6 of the campaign.

 Combo Legend
Reach a combo of 25.

In order to build up a combo, you’ll need to destroy bits fast. It’s a lot easier than you think, and reaching a combo of 40/50 is common.

In the “Threat Level Midnight” video you’ll find a bunch of combos reaching higher than 25.

 High Roller
Get 1 million points in Endless Play.

When aiming to reach threat level 10, you should also be close to 1.000.000 points. It’s important to build up combo’s and do multi-matches.

 We’ve Got Hostiles
Get 500 kills in a level.

Best earned in an endless play, as you’ll get many kills (around 1.000) in there.

 Automotive Professional
Complete a Multi-Match

Refer to the “Multi-Master” trophy for more information on this.

 The Final Frontier
Travel a total distance of 500,000 parsecs

A parsec is an ingame (and real-life) measurement of space distant. An block is 100 parsec wide, so you’ll need to travel a total of 5.000 blocks in order to earn this trophy.

It’s explained by de developers as followed:

looked at the code – looks like the “500k parsecs” is just 500k game units (for reference, a bit is 100 units wide)

Twincannon, Discord.

You can play any game mode to earn the parsecs required. Endless mode is certainly most fun to do so. This trophy is the last one you’ll earn before the platinum as it takes up the most time.

Get 500,000 points in Endless Play.

Refer to the “High Roller” trophy for more information on this.

 Snake Charmer
Beat the Snake Boss on any difficulty

The snake boss is encountered during the campaign. you’ll need to fil it’s mouth with 3 blocks of the same color. Explosives will increase damage, but don’t count toward any block colors.

After filling it with 3 blocks of the same color, it will be stunned for a bit. Keep shooting it to deal damage!

 Big Plays
Get a clear of 10 or more, 10 times.

For this trophy, you’ll need to clear a single color with 10 blocks or more. This can be done at the XXX level, which has lots of big blobs!

Kill 10,000 Enemies

Kill a total of 10.000 enemies, doesn’t have to be in a single game. When playing endless mode, you’ll have between 1.000 and 2.000 kills.

 Combo Master
Reach a combo of 15.

Refer to the trophy “Combo Legend” for more information on this.

 Set Phasers to Kill
Beat the boss and get to Threat Level 6 in Endless Play. Unlocks the Phase ship.

Refer to the trophy “High Roller” for more information on this.

 Bit by Bit
Clear 25,000 Bits

A bit is a block you’ll be clearing throughout the game. You can earn this trophy within every game mode. Feel free to switch between campaign (shorter levels) are endless play (longer levels)

 Combo Breaker
Reach a combo of 5.

Refer to the trophy “Combo Legend” for more information on this.

Destroy 3 enemies in a Bomb’s explosion

Collect a bomb with any ship and defeat 3 enemies with it! This can be done on any level.

 Hat Trick
Kill 3 enemies in one Phase Ship charge shot

Pick the Phase Ship and hold down the fire button. Wait untill it is fully charged and aim for a group of enemies.

 War Rig
Store 3 bombs in the Freighter’s cargo

For this trophy, you’ll need to play with the cargo ship. Storing 3 bombs can be a bit trickier, but is best done in endless play. Press the square button to pick up a bomb and add it to your cargo.

 Space Truckin’
Beat Level 1. Unlocks the Freighter ship.

Simply beat level 1 of the campaign, and this trophy is yours.