Ellen Trophy Guide

Game: Ellen
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 2-4 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: None
Author: Pete

Welcome to the trophy guide for Ellen. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Follow the walkthrough to earn all trophies.

Controls for the game.

Follow the text walkthrough below to earn all trophies in one playthrough of the game.


Use the button to bring up the inventory menu that has 4 sections: NOTES, CASSETTES, PICTURES, and ITEMS. You can equip the majority from the ITEMS menu to use in your Quick Access Inventory.
Equip means to put in your Quick Access Inventory.
Use thebutton to bring up the Quick Access Inventory that appears above your character’s head and to go left and to go right in this Quick Access Inventory.

Ellen Walk through to Earn All Trophies

Start the game and you will fall to the basement floor and then wake up. “The Fall” trophy.
Put your game controller down for about a minute or less. Your character will light a cigarette while waiting. “Smoker” trophy.
Go left past the door with a wood plank locking it, to the next door and enter. Go left to the altar, and pick up the Picture. “Visual” trophy. Collect the Battery to the left and then exit the room. “Battery” trophy.
Go left and the door is locked. Then go right and you will see a map on the wall, continue right and open the door. Your character writes a Note. “Note” trophy.
Go right to the door with the electricity symbol on it and open it. Go left to the electrical panel and then back to the right, and collect the Med Kit from the now open locker. Go into your inventory, equip the Med Kit in your Quick Access Inventory. Then use the Med Kit to heal yourself. Exit the room.
Note: You can now use to run for a limited amount of time.
Note: When using the Flashlight make sure to not run out of stamina or else your flashlight will go out. You will be unable to control you character for a few seconds as he will need to take some time to recover it.

Go to the right and up the stairs to find the door locked.

Go the all the way to the left to the previously locked door at the far end of the basement. Open the door and then you will see a locked door to the backyard. Continue to search and find a Picture on the shelf. Also, collect the Flashlight from the shelf. Go back to the right and after you pass the backyard door there is a short cut scene, then go to the backyard door to have a look. Then go to the right and exit this room.
Go to the right, cut scene, continue right to the light and exit through it.
Wake up again back in the basement near to the start of the game.
Go to the right, open the door, right up the stairs, right to the room “BARRON” and enter. Inside this room pickup the Note from the floor. Collect Picture from the desk and look in your inventory at it to see a code: 21789. Also, close the window in the room. Notice the locked wardrobe in this room. Exit this room and you come out back in the basement.

Go to the right and up the stairs and go past the “BARRON” room to see a shelf that has a blue highlight when you are near it. The blue highlight means that you can hide behind these items in the game. To hide now press to go behind and then press to come out of hiding. This is useful when you need to hide and move past the various monsters in the game. “Hidden” trophy is earned.
Continue to the right to the “K***room and it is locked, to its right there is a blue frame that you interact with to move and reveal a peephole. Look through the peephole to see a cut scene. Continue right all the way to the door that is under the double stairs. Enter the room, turn on your Flashlight, and run to the right to the chest on the floor. Enter the CODE: 21789. Find a Key, turn off Flashlight and exit the room. NOTE: You do not need to have the Flashlight on at all times when in the dark, items that you can interact with will highlight with a white outline. Walk over to the item you need to interact with, but turn on your Flashilight to be able to enter the code or whatever other interaction you may need to do like mixing ingredients together. Go to the left to “K” room and it is locked. Continue left to the “BARRON” room, open the door and when inside use the Key on the wardrobe lock. Collect the Axe. Go to the open window, close it, walk back to the left and a crow flies into the window. Go back to the window and collect a Feather and exit the room.
Go left all the way past where the map was in the basement to the door that had a wood board locking it. Equip the Axe and use it on the wood, now open and go into this room. Use the Flashlight and go to the right to find Emblem #1. Solve the slide puzzle to collect it, turn off Flashlight and exit room.
Go to the right and your character writes a Note, continue right to the “KARLA” room and it is now locked. Go right to the double staircase and interact with the Red Balloon. “The Smiths’” Trophy is earned.

Go to the right past the double staircase to the “OFFICE” and stop before entering. A Knife monster will attack and kill you. “Game Over” trophy.
You will spawn back at the double staircase, go to the left and up the stairs. Go right through the first door, in this bedroom notice the locked wardrobe, go through the bathroom door. Inside the bathroom collect a Note from the clothes on the floor, close the window, and exit the room.
Go left, collect the Cassette on the bookshelf, and go through the metal door.
Go right to see the second altar, then right to the chest on the floor, use the Feather to unlock the chest and collect two Pictures, and a Key then exit this room, and exit the bedroom.

Go right to the next door and it is locked, go right and pick up a Note from a small table, continue right to the next door that is locked and has paint on its handle. Use the Key on this door, go inside to the left and pick up the Key on the shelf. Continue left until you see a figure moving to the right, go all the way right then back left to find a large canvas, interact with it. Go left to interact with a small canvas, left again to pick up a Picture, exit room.
Go to the left, if the Knife monster is there, wait until it turns to the left and follow it then hide behind the blue highlighted shelf. When the Knife monster moves right past where you are hiding, come out from hiding and go to the left. Go downstairs and then to the right to the “OFFICE” room, use the Key on the door and enter.
In this room pickup the Note from the small table, the Picture from the desk, the Cassette from the shelf, the Lever from the fireplace, the Aclohol, and exit the room.
Go to the right past the locked door to the end door, go through it to the backyard.

Go right to the shed door and enter, pickup the Vinegar and Hammer, then exit the shed.
Go right to the greenhouse, enter and go all the way to the right to see a Venus Fly Trap monster. Now go all the way back to the left into the house.
Go left, enter the first door which is the kitchen, pick up the Note from the refrigerator. (Recipe: 400 mL Vinegar, 30 mL Alcohol, a spoonful of Salt, put in a Mixer Flask)
On the kitchen counter pick up the Salt, sit on the chair at the table, and you will now eat a bowl of soup. “Soup” trophy is earned. Continue to the right and pick up the Note, and check the door to the right to see it is locked. Go left and exit the kitchen.
Go left and you will see the Knife monster so wait, hide behind the shelf and then sneak by to the left. Go upstairs to the left and enter the first door, pick up the Cassette Player and listen to the Cassettes you picked up earlier.
Go to the right and pick up the Battery from the toy car on the floor, then left all the way and then back to the dresser. Interact with the dresser to reveal something that you will then break with your Hammer. A cut scene will happen. Go through the entrance that appeared to the right and find Terry at the far right. Interact with Terry to receive a Note. “Terry” trophy is earned. Go back to the left and your Flashlight will go out, you will fall through the ceiling to the basement and you are now injured requiring a Med Kit. In the debris that you are near from the fall, there is a Key in it to collect.

Go left to the door marked with an electrical symbol and enter to pick up two Notes, continue left, pick up the Med Kit and use it to heal, exit the room.
Go left through the door, keep going left to the next door of the room that appears a reddish colour inside. Use the Key on the door, go through to the left, past a snowman to a locked gate. Head back to the right then to near where you entered this area and then back to the left to the snowman, pick up the Crowbar and use it on the locked gate and go through.
Now you are in the woods, go to the grave that looks dug up that has a light directly to its left. Interact with the grave, enter and go to the right all the way, then left all the way, back to the right all the way, and back to the left all the way, then exit the grave. Now run (R2) to the left, then continue left after the Rabbit monster falls through the ice. Go to the boat and enter it.

You have now traveled to near the pathway to get to the lighthouse. Go to the left to then be forced to go UP or DOWN choice.
NOTE: use LEFT STICK UP or DOWN to go up or down at the pathway cross points as indicated on screen. Follow the pathway all the way.
Go up the pathway to the right, then at the next part the pathway is flat, go to the left all the way to collect an Axe from the tree, then go right all the way to then go UP to the left and follow to a locked gate. The password code is shown below, but it is in this order to highlight by:
Enter through the gate and go into the small building. Collect the Gas and exit.
Go to the right, use the Gas on the generator, now that the generator is working interact with the post beside it that has the green light. Run to the right to the door and enter. Go to the right and interact with the power panel, you are now on the elevator that is going up to the near the top level of the lighthouse.
Go left to a ladder and use it to get to the top level of the lighthouse, then pick up Picture, go back right, cut scene. “Lighthouse” trophy.
Go to the right into the light.
Now in the kitchen, press to stop eating, exit the kitchen, go left to the stairs and go up and to the left. Go past the 3 doors to the attic door switch on the wall, use the Lever to make the attic door switch work, a staircase comes down and take it up to the attic.
Go to the left, pick up Cassette and use the Emblem on the first interactive picture frame. Continue left to interact with the altar, pick up the two Pictures, go to the right and exit the attic.

Go downstairs and right back to the kitchen.
In the kitchen equip the Alcohol, Vinegar, and the Salt. Go to the right through the door, turn your Flashlight on, go all the way right, interact with the Mixer Flask. Use the ingredients one at a time in this order: Alcohol, Salt and Vinegar to make Weed Killer, “Plant” trophy is earned, exit the room, turn FLASHLIGHT off.
Go left and exit the kitchen, go to the right to outside to the far right to the Mutated Plant. Equip the Weed Killer and put it in the sprayer on the shelf, cut scene, run to the left and hide if you see the Rabbit monster behind the lockers, continue left and leave the greenhouse.
Go back into the greenhouse to where the Mutated Plant was and collect Emblem #2 by doing a slide puzzle. Then go left back into the house and sneak past the Knife monster by using the shelf and continue left to the double staircase. Go up the stairs to the left to the third door (now unlocked) and enter. Go right to the dollhouse and interact with it. “Dollhouse” Trophy is earned.
There is a puzzle once you have done this and you only have to input the same letters as indicated by pressing the same buttons on your controller to do the “Lada” lullaby, cut scene. Back in the kitchen now, go to the right to have a dialogue with a monster, then continue right and pick up the Key.
Go up the ladder to pick up a Picture from the cardboard box, then go right past the Knife monster by sneaking/hiding to the ladder. Go up the ladder and then left, go past by hiding from another Knife monster, continue to the locked wardrobe. Use the Key to open, collect Emblem #3 by doing the slide puzzle, once solved you return to the room where the dollhouse was located. “Emblems” trophy.
Go to the right and pick up a Picture, exit the room.

Go to the left, character writes a Note, and go left up the ladder to the attic.
Go to the left and place the two Emblems in the empty picture frames. “Portal” Trophy is earned. A portal door appears go through it. Go to the left and pick up a weird shaped Emblem and equip it. Go to the left and the bridge is not possible to bring down yet so go back to the right and exit through the black fog entrance.
Now back in the attic from the portal, go to the right most Emblem that was always on the wall and remove it to collect and then put in the weird shaped Emblem. Go back into the portal, cut scene, the bridge comes down, go to the left to a statue, pick up a Note.
Go to the left through the gate, and then left through the door, up the ladder and then back down. Notice there are symbols on the wall in all of these different areas. Then exit the room. Go to the left, hide to get past the Knife monster, continue left and go down the ladder. Go left to see the floor is on fire, then go back to the right all the way to a well. Interact with it and pick up the Liquid from the bucket that appeared, equip the Liquid and go back to the ladder on the left. Go to the right and hide to get by the Knife monster again by hiding behind the large plants (blue highlighted outline). Go through the door and go up the ladder to the open wardrobe and use the Liquid on the dead person in it. Go back down the ladder and exit the room. Go to the left to the end of the bridge and the fire is now out. Go down the ladder to the left to a statue, interact with it, pick up Note.

Go to the left, up the ladder, go to the left, through a door and to the left you see a dead person with a missing arm and leg. Then go back to the right, into the tunnel, go to the right, pick up the Arm. Equip it and go left, exit the tunnel and to the left to the dead person, use the Arm on the dead person, exit the room.
Go to the left, pick up the Leg, equip it, go back to the right through the door to the dead person, use the LEG on them, exit the room.
Go to the left, run (R2) as you are being chased by the Rabbit monster and need to get all the way to the left until a vertical red line appears separating you from it.
Go to the left to a small altar, your character writes a Note. Go to the left then back to the altar and interact with it, Symbol puzzle with rings that need to line up correctly by using the left stick. Up and down moves to different levels of rings and left and right move the rings counterclockwise or clockwise. Cut scene.
You awake in the double staircase area of the house, go to the right, cut scene. “Finish” and “Overachiever” trophies are earned.


Unlock all trophies.

Earn all other trophies.

Overachiever Trophy

The end?

From the house go through the basement back door to the through the locked gate by using the Crowbar to the grave in the woods. Then run to the left until you get to the boat, get in the boat and go to the pathway (with a locked gate, see picture below for password) leading up to the top of the lighthouse.

Password Order for locked gate
Lighthouse Trophy


After entering the kitchen for the first time, go to the kitchen table and interact with the chair. Cut scene occurs and then exit eating the soup.

Poor kid

Find Terry in a tunnel that is behind a dresser in the room that is first on the left in the upstairs of the house. Move the dresser after interacting with the toy car to reveal some debris. Clear the debris with the Hammer. Enter the tunnel and go to the far right to find Terry.



Interact with the dollhouse, you enter into it and complete the rooms inside and upon exiting you earn this trophy.

Interact with the Dollhouse on the small table

It’s over

Finish the entire game by finding the altar in the woods and completing the Symbol puzzle. There is a cut scene and you are back in the house near the double staircases. You meet Ellen and have a conversation about all that you have discovered.

SYMBOL puzzle at the final altar in the woods


After finding all three Emblems go to the attic and place them in the empty picture frames that have a door outline on the wall. See Emblems description for their locations.

Portal Trophy

Get them all

There are 3 Emblems to find:
Emblem #1 is in the room in the basement that has the wood board locking it.
Emblem #2 is in the greenhouse in the Mutated Plants’s remains after you kill it.
Emblem #3 is in the final room where you unlock the wardrobe when you are inside the dollhouse.

See the pictures below for what the slide puzzles should end up looking as.

Use with care.

You find a recipe (Note) on the refrigerator the first time you enter the kitchen. It tells how to make Weed Killer. The Salt is on the kitchen counter the first time you are in this room. The Vinegar is in the shed right before the greenhouse. The Alcolhol is in the “OFFICE” room. To put the three ingredients together go to the room to the right in the kitchen. Inside this room is a Mixer Flask, put in them in this order: Alcohol , Salt, and Vinegar.

Note: This is not part of the trophy, but tells you what to do next.
Go to the greenhouse and use put the Weed Killer in the sprayer on the shelf right before the Mutated Plant. Cut scene and then run out of the greenhouse, make sure you hide behind the lockers and then come out and run out of the greenhouse.

 The Fall
The Fall

As soon as you start the game you fall to the basement floor.

The Fall Trophy

Power up!

Find and collect a Battery. The first battery is in the room to the left of the door with the wooden board lock in the basement. There are 3 batteries in total to collect in the entire game so use your Flashlightwisely.

Battery Trophy


If a shelf, large plant or locker is highlighted in blue when you are near it then you can PRESS X to hide behind it. Then PRESS X to become unhidden.

Bloody picture

Collect the Bloody picture from the interaction with the first altar in the basement. The room is the one to the left of the room that has the wood board locking it.

Visual Trophy


In the basement after interacting with the map on the wall continue to the right and your character writes his first Note.

Interesting Trophy

 Game Over
Game Over

Die anywhere in the game because of the monsters killing you. Get spotted by a monster and do not do anything. You will die and then respawn relatively close to where you were before.

Gamer Over Trophy

Light you first cigarette

At any time in the game do not move your character and do not do anything else. Put down your controller for about a minute or less and your character will light a cigarette. As soon as you use the controller your character will the cigarette out.

Light your first cigarette

 The Smiths’
The Smiths’

When you return from Karla’s bedroom to the double staircase there will be a red balloon that you interact with.

The Smiths’ Trophy