Educational Games for Kids Trophy Guide

Game: Educational Games for Kids
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 4-5 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: None (Mini game select)
Author: Knoef_NL & Nameless600

Welcome to the trophy guide for Educational Games for Kids. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete all mini games

You’ll need to complete all mini-games and earn 3 stars on them. Some mini-games have multiple sub-modes, and you’ll need to earn 3 stars on them too. Few examples of these are the Geography, Flags & Mazes.

When picking a game, you’ll be able to press Triangle and an overview of all trophies will appear. Use this menu to make your way through all games and knowing what you still need to achieve.


 Game Master.
Finish all tasks successfully.

Congratz on the new platinum trophy! Do you feel educated? You should!

 State Guru.
Geography: Find all North America states without tips or errors.

For this trophy you can’t make any errors & you can’t use the tip (triangle) button.

Below is a map of the USA and the states involved. Simply pause and check the map for any states you aren’t sure.

You do not need to get a 3 star to obtain this trophy, so feel free to take your time. If you make an error, restart immediately.

As well, for the purpose of 3 starring every country, maps of every continent are provided below.

 Europe Flags.
Flags: Find all Europe Countries by looking their flags with no errors or tips.

There are two different game modes available for the flags section. You are either shown a flag and you must pick a country it belongs to (Flag to Country) or you will be given a country and you must pick the flag that belongs to it (Country to Flag).

For this trophy, you will want to enable the mode “Flag to Country” on “Europe”.

See Africa Flags for a key showing the flags for each continent and for this trophy

Note – You do not need to get a 3 star to obtain this trophy, so feel free to take your time. If you make an error, restart immediately.

 Europe Cities.
Geography: Find all Capital Cities in Europe without tips or errors.

Refer to “State Guru” trophy for an overview of all countries/capitals/states.

  Africa Flags.
Flags: Find all Africa flags by reading the Country with no errors or tips.

Through the course of play you’ll need to complete all flag missions in order to obtain 3 stars on all levels. Here is an overview of all flags with their countries.

For this trophy specifically, you will need to match the country name to its respective flag (as explained in Europe Flags).

For this trophy, enable “Country to Flag” on “Africa”.

Note – You do not need to get a 3 star to obtain this trophy, so feel free to take your time. If you make an error, restart immediately.

  Unlock the Dragon.
Finish all the games and variants with 3 stars.

This trophy will unlock as soon as you get a 3 star in all the different games available.

Most are extremely easy as they are meant for kids.

The hardest by far will be the geography based ones as the time limits are a bit tight and require you to have a vast knowledge of countries outside your geographical region (for example, knowing African countries while living in US, or knowing US States while living in Africa). It is best to use the guide for these.

The geography game is the only one that has multiple options available for how to play the game. You do not need to play each set of each game, only one for each continent. This means that you do not need to do both naming the countries and naming the capitals for each continent or match the flag to the country and the country to the flag. Only one or the other for each continent is required.

After you complete the last game mode and obtain a 3 star the game will award you with a final game based around the dragon that flies over the game selection. You do not need to play this game (it is simply a repeat of the first 3 balance games), instead the trophy should unlock as soon as the dragon game is unlocked.

 Scooter Coins.
Scooter Driving: Get all the gold coins.

You’ll need to collect all golden coins within the race. If you miss one, restart the level.

 Patterns master.
Patterns: Finish a game with no errors.

Take your time and cycle through all the possible answers. You do not need to obtain 3 stars to get this trophy, so take as much time as you need.

 Color Wheel.
Color Mixing: Finish a game with no errors.

When playing this game you’ll be given a color spectrum.

Colors without a P;
Always have 1 color between them in the color spectrum. That’s your answer.

When both colors have a P:
It’s the middle one. Second option from both left and right color.

Music: Finish the game with no errors.

Below are all the sounds that match up with the instruments.


Flute (1)


Drums (2)

Trumpet (3rd golden one)

Trumpet (3)


Harp (4)

Saxophone (2nd golden one)

Saxophone (5)

Percussion (Wooden Board)

Percussion (6)

Cello (First one)

Cello (7)

Banjo (strings with drum)

Banjo (8)

Guitar (First one)

Guitar (9)

Trombone (1st golden one)

Trombone (10)


Piano (11)


Bass (12)

Zelda Flute

Zelda Flute (13)


Violin (14)


Accordion (15)

Hand bell

Hand bell (16)

 15 Seconds.
Maze: Finish the knight and Princess maze in 15 seconds.

6-7 year old maze. The generated maze is random. It is impossible to obtain this simply by going from start to finish. Instead, you will need to grab the gold star that is always in the bottom right hand corner. After you grab this, the timer will restart. You will have 15 seconds to get from the gold star to the exit.

Keep refreshing the map until you find one similar to the GIF below or one that has a straight shot from the gold star to the exit.

Note – The timer can be at 15 seconds exactly, it does not need to be under 15 to obtain the trophy.

  Perfect Memory.
Memory: In 4×4 find all doubles by turning each piece only once.

It’s best if you write down on paper the icons you found. That way, you won’t make a single mistake.

 Gold Coin.
Maze: Get the gold coin in the hardest maze.

In the age 7-8, pick up the coin that is always in the bottom right hand corner.

Trophy will unlock as soon as you grab the coin, you do not need to finish the maze.

 Bike Coins.
Bike Driving: Get all the gold coins.

Collect all the 196 coins available in this level. If you miss one, restart the level. 

It’s best if you steer in a flowing motion, without too many abrupt movements.

 Double Shot.
Math: Destroy 2 UFOs with one shot.

You’ll need to shoot 2 UFO’s at the same time, both with the correct answer. It can take a few tries before 2 UFO’s line up correctly.

It is best to do this in the easiest version of the subtraction game. This is due to more answers being 1-4 then any other mode, giving you more chances to have doubles next to each other.

 Fast Dinosaur.
Jigsaw: Do the Dinosaur in less than 160 sec.

Available in the 36 piece section. The best way to do this is:

Do the outer lines first.  This will give you a great overview of the pieces that are left.

Secondly, look for unique coloring of pieces that stand out. For instance the eyes, or its light blue outlining.

Placing the piece somewhere near the correct position, will automatically fill the piece in the correct spot.

 Find Cyprus.
Geography: Answer the question ‘Where is Cyprus?’

Cyprus is a small island country south of Turkey and west of Israel.

If you play the geography game and choose Europe and name the country (not the capitals) you will unlock this naturally. This can also be unlocked using the middle east continent.

  Red race.
Colors: Put 5 red items correctly in 25 seconds.

The colors participating in a game are random, you might need to restart a few times before getting the color red.

Then, the colors given as items are random too. So a bit of luck is involved obtaining this trophy.

 10 Red.
Numbers: Pop 10 red balloons with stars after the game is over.

After you complete the Numbers game you will be able to pop as many balloons as you would like. Simply pop 10 red balloons that have a star pattern and the trophy will unlock.

Note – Do not press the cross button to pop the balloons after the game is finished otherwise you will have to replay the game. Simply put the hand over the balloon and it will pop.

 Match order.
Match. Put: bear, airplane and house at this order.

Place the objects in the following order: Bear, Airplane, House.

Note: If the objects don’t spawn, restart the game.

Objects: Put a banana to the baby’s mouth.

Simply put a banana in the babies mount. Note: The banana doesn’t always spawn. Restart the game if it doesn’t.

 Hidden pattern.
Patterns: Answer a pattern containing same ‘group’ objects.

There are 2 types of pattern puzzles;

1) Logic
Lion Sheep Lion Sheep;
Bed Bed Chair Chair

2) Group
Lion Sheep Giraffe Tiger;
Cola Wine Water Beer

The second one, is just a group of things belonging together.

 Fast Tree.
Jigsaw: Do the Christmas tree in less than 30 sec.

Available in the 9 piece section. Do the outer lines first, then make your way in.

 Square race.
Shapes: Put 5 square items correctly in 25 Seconds.

This involves a bit of luck. The shape order you are given is random. You might need to try a couple of times.

  Perfect Animals.
Animals: Move all animals in their correct place without any errors.

There are 3 places;
Land, Sea, Sky.

Everything that walks goes into Land/Jungle.

Everything that swims goes into the Sea/Water.

Everything that flies goes into the sky/air. 

 Rocket Jump.
Scooter Driving: Jump the ramp while using a rocket.

Rockets can be fond as pick ups that boost your speed. Pick one up and it will activate the boost immediately. Now look for a ramp and jump it

 Lion Colors.
Coloring: Color the lion similar to its original colors and photo it.

Match the colors with the image below. Once all done, press Triangle. There is no time limit and you can re-color areas.

 Photo Girl.
Dress Up: Dress up the girl and photo her.

This trophy is a bit confusing as it doesn’t tell you what you need to dress her in to unlock the trophy.

It doesn’t seem like there is a specific look that you need to match. Instead, simply dress her in one of each item and take a picture and the trophy should unlock.

If you are in doubt, simply click every item down the list as any duplicate items will simply replace.

Take a look at the picture/video below for what your character might look like.

Trophy popped with this image, feel free to copy exactly.
Note the different color backgrounds, simply have one of each.

Math: Destroy a UFO that is too close to you.

Hit an UFO with the wrong answer a couple of times until it is very close. Now keep shooting UFO’s until you get the correct answer to destroy the UFO that’s very close.

  Rocket Master.
Bike Driving: Get all the rockets.

You’ll need to pick up all the rockets. They are placed between the objects & coins. Picking them up will increase your speed for a short time.

If you miss one, restart the level.

 Soccer Balls.
Memory: Find a pair of soccer balls.

Soccer balls can be found in all puzzles, as icons are random. Your best shot is in the biggest memory game.

 Baby Jump.
Tricycle Driving: Jump with the green ramp.

Enable turbo and jump the ramp. First game in the line. 

 Baby wheelies.
Tricycle Driving: Do a 10 sec wheelie!

A wheelie can be done by holding X. Simply do not crash into anything for 10 seconds while holding X and the trophy will pop.

 Greece Flag.
Flags: Find ‘Greece’ flag.

This trophy will unlock naturally if you are going for the platinum trophy.

See European Flags for more info on flags.

For reference, this is what the Greece flag looks like.

 Garbage Crash.
Bike Driving: Crash on the garbage bins.

There are two garbage bins available in the Bike Driving map. The first is near the start of the map at the top, the second is near the end of the map at the bottom. Simply keep an eye out for the garbage bins and crash into them.

For reference, here is what it looks like when crashing into one of them

Note the % of 22 at the top that will tell you when it is coming up.

Note – This will end your run, so it cannot be combined with the 3 star or all coins run.