Eastshade Trophy Guide

Game: Eastshade
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 15-20 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: Detective, Go-getter, Adventurers Spirit, Master Brewer, Well-to-do, Clara’s Song, and Candle Thief.
Author: Peter and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Eastshade. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play through all the quests given by talking to all characters that you can interact with.

Play through the entire story by making sure you talk with all interactive characters. Nearly all of these characters have quests they give you to complete. Some will help advance the story and provide information to help you fulfill quests.

Note: It’s recommended not to fast travel. skip cut scenes and do not keep many finished paintings on hand, as this could affect your game save. Any paintings that are not needed for commissions should be painted over. Complete only a few commissions at a time as this could also affect your game save.

1. Complete quests as they become available so that you can earn all schematics and be able to craft campfires, tents, boats, etc.
2. As soon as you gain entrance to Nava, make it a priority to spend GLOWSTONES on the FISHING ROD, CLASSIC SHADIAN TEAS BOOK, TEAPOT, COAT, and the ZIP TROLLEY.
3. Fishing, completing quests, and painting commissions are a great way to quickly earn GLOWSTONES to buy items mentioned in Tip #2.
4. Buy a COAT in the market of Nava as soon as you can as this allows you to stay outside all the time.
5. When you sleep in your tent or rented bed, you can advance time any amount that you want in a 24 hour time window. Use the visuals to your advantage depending on what quest or commissions you are currently trying to complete.

Stage 2 – Trophy Cleanup before Leaving Eastshade.

Before leaving Eastshade, make sure that you have found all locations, completed all quests, collected all candles, and completed all commission pieces.


 The Traveling Painter
Get Every Trophy.

Earn all other trophies.

 Prolific Artist
Complete every commission from Yevheniy’s Art Gallery.

In Nava, you will meet Yevheniy inside the lower market building. You learn that they are looking to hire a new painter. Follow the quest to meet the current painter of Nava and complete the required steps. Once you are granted the right to paint for them, you will be able to start and complete commissioned paintings. Once you complete all the commissioned paintings and submit them all to Yevheniy, the trophy will be earned.

Prolific Artist Trophy.

 Candle Thief
Collect all the candles.

There are 31 candles throughout Eastshade. All are located inside buildings that you need to visit to complete all quests. See the pictures below for more information.

Buy Osha’s sealant with glowstones.

When you go to Nava your first time, you will meet Osha on the right side of the city where he is sitting beside a pile of items. He sells the SEALANT that you need for making BOATS. You can obtain SEALANT from him without buying it if you fulfill his quest. However, this does not count as towards the trophy for buying it. You must spend 500 glowstones to get the sealant from him to earn this trophy. To get that many glowstones, complete quests, commissions, sell fish in Nava lower market, and sell items to Osha if needed.

Osha sells sealant for 500 glowstones.

 Master Brewer
Brew every type of tea.

Buy the Classic Shadian Teas book from the bookseller in the lower market of Nava. Obtain the Ancient Teas book by completing Tiem’s Command quest (warn the Roots leader about Samiya wanting to sabotage the tea plants).

Make sure you are able craft campfires and bought a teapot. Collect all of the items to craft tea by finding them scattered throughout Eastshade. These items will respawn after a day or so has passed.

There are 9 teas to brew for the trophy:
1. Earthroot Tea (2 ROOTS, 1 INKY CAP).
2. Hydrathistle (2 SHADE BLACK THISTLE, 1 INKY CAP).
3. Lyndowian Brew (2 WHITE BLOOMSACS, 1 ROOT).
4. Mountainwort Tea (3 MOUNTAINWORTS).
6. Scragweed Tea (3 SCRAGWEEDS).
7. Sesha Tea (2 HEAVY REEDS, 1 ROOT).
8. Bloomsac Tea (3 WHITE BLOOMSAC) [Not shown below].
9. Mystery Brew (Any different combination of ones shown above).

See pictures below for more information.

 Adventurers Spirit
Discover every location.

In Onar’s house, there is a MAP of Eastshade on the wall. However, you need to complete Cartographer’s Ink quest to obtain a MAP of Eastshade. You can then use the MAP from your own in-game menu system. As you discover new places, they will appear on your MAP and allow fast traveling to those destinations that allow it. Some locations after being discovered will still not allow fast travel to them. For these locations, you will need to either use a BOAT or AIR BALLOON to get to them.

Complete every quest. Below are pictures of the names of all the quests given in the game. You will need to speak with all interactive characters in the game. They will give you quests, information to advance the story, and some rewards (glowstones, schematics for crafting, letters of reference, etc.). Completing the quests will have you going multiple times across Eastshade. In the process you will have seen most of the locations in Eastshade.

NOTE: It’s recommended that when you are walking/running between places in Eastshade, to try to take slightly different paths, so you can collect as many resources as possible.

The series of pictures below are intended to show the names of all the different quests given throughout the course of playing the game. Before leaving Eastshade, make sure you have completed all of them.

 Family Reunited
Reunite the lost children with their father.

At Toma’s Farm, you will receive a quest to find who is stealing the apples. You will follow a trail of apples leading to children who do not know where their parents are now. Return to Toma. The children will then be inside of Toma’s house. Next, you need to find the children’s father. Their father is on the west side of Eastshade along the coast near the Ancient Ruins on a beach below. Use the zip lines and go down into the large cave, then use a boat to travel down the coast to get to where the father is located. After talking to him, you learn that he can not get back up the wooden walkway. Go back by boat, up the ladder near the last zipline, and walk/run all the to the top of the wooden walkway. Craft a rope and secure it to the end of the walkway. See the pictures below.

 There and Back
Leave Eastshade.

Make sure to complete all commissions, quests, candle collecting, and discover all locations before leaving Eastshade. Make a manual save if needed. Leave Eastshade and earn this trophy.

 Clara’s Song.
Clara’s Song.

Go near Ranya’s house interact with the 8 pipe instrument. The correct sequence is:


(Secret from the prequel game called Leaving Lyndow.).

Correctly identify “The Thief of Sinkwood Inn.” .

Go to Sinkwood Inn by boat and go inside. Once inside, speak to the Innkeeper and learn about a book thief mystery. Search all rooms, interact with all guests, and eventually, the real Detective shows up at the inn. Make a manual save before talking to the real Detective. Speak to the real Detective and choose Helena on your first attempt.

Catch 10 fish.

After you gain entrance into Nava, go to the lower market where an Owl is selling fish. You can buy a fishing rod from her for 40 glowstones. Make sure you have collected some INKY CAPS (mushrooms), as they can be used as bait while fishing. Now make your way back to the south shore of the lake near Mudwillow’s Mirror. Look for the blue smaller fish called Ultramarine Minnows.

To fish: Equip your fishing rod, set the bait to INKY CAP, and then make sure that the fish you want to catch are in the middle of your screen. Press and hold X to cast your fishing line, release X when you are over the fish. Watch the bobber and when it goes down press and hold X again to reel the fish in. If your fishing line is turning orange or red then let go of X, when it’s yellow or white again, hold X down, repeat until the fish is caught. Repeat 10 times.

 Northern Reaches
Northern Reaches.

Use a reed boat to travel up the coast of Eastshade to the ice areas that are not accessible by any other means. Once you dock on the snow covered land near the University Research camp you will earn this trophy.

Northern Reaches Trophy.

 Highest Peak
Reach the highest peak in Eastshade.

When you complete The Air Balloon quest, you will be able to take rides to the mountain tops. (Do not use the skip feature as it can affect your save). After landing in the mountains, go up the pathway leading up to the top and you will earn this trophy.

 Keeper of the Forest
Keeper of the Forest.

There are warning signs to not pick the Eastshadian Black Thistle in Eastshade. However, you do need to pick some to make all of the different brews of teas, so you can pick this plant even though you are told not to pick it.

Do not pick the Eastshadian Black Thistle.

Wash up in Ingov’s cave.

Earned shortly after beginning the game when the ship is destroyed and you wake up on Eastshade.

 Friend of the First Folk
Friend of the First Folk.

To start the Chorus of the Night quest, you need to talk with Ranya in her house. Go to the area near Aysun’s tent (south shore of the lake) and search at night to find the drummers. Return to Ranya and talk to her. Then travel to the Nava library and speak with the librarian. Look on shelf C to find a book. Go to the Mudwillow’s Mirror and meet Alejo, give him a painting of Nava’s skyline, and go with him to his home. See the pictures below.

Craft 15 canvases.

To make a canvas you need BOARDS and FABRIC. In the in-game menu you can select PAINT (up), then the hammer icon to construct a CANVAS. Repeat this 15 times. BOARDS AND FABRIC are available around buildings, in the wilderness as you explore, and in new areas you discover.

 A Perfect Campsite
Build your first campsite.

The following materials are needed to make a tent: FABRIC, STICKS, and TWINE. Collect the FABRIC and STICKS in any area as these are widely available. Getting the TWINE requires that you complete A Raft from Bloomsac. Next you need to obtain the tent schematic from completing A Wounded Waterfox quest.