Deemo Reborn Trophy Guide

Game: Deemo Reborn
Peripherals: Can use a PSVR (Highly recommended)
Time to 100%: 20-25h+
Difficulty: 9/10 (A lot less if you use PSVR)
Missable trophies: None.
Author: Sean

Welcome to the trophy guide for Deemo Reborn. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Beat the Game.

DEEMO Reborn has no missable trophies. After the epilogue of the game, you’ll create a save file which you can reload to continue playing. A lot of the items in the game require items from rooms unlocked further in the game or a post-game item. So your main goal will be to complete DEEMO. To progress the game you’ll need to grow the tree by playing music, at certain intervals there will be cutscenes. A few times, you’ll need to progress rooms and puzzles to advance the story before the tree will grow again, so checking the menu and looking at your current goal will aid you in that. At the end the tree growth will be replaced with stair building progress which designates the final segment of the game.

As for the music you play, it is recommended that since you need to complete all the songs on 2 different charts (The selected difficulties) that you play the entire game on Normal. When you complete the final song on normal, switch to hard and achieve 80% on every song. Everything is tracked in game and will unlock as long as you’ve gotten the full set in each room except for the trophies with Egg Trophy Icons. So follow the Room trophies below or the Piano, Underpass, Balcony, and Rooftop in this step as they don’t have their own trophy and you’ll achieve every trophy (Minus the Egg Icon Trophies) without problem. Remember to refer to the trophies with the Egg Trophy Icon as they’re the misc. trophies.

Note: Not everything is available in rooms from the first visit, rooms will gradually get more to unlock as you progress the game.

Upon Game completion you will earn:
Sheet Music
Anima + Tempestuous + eterno + liar + Place Your Bets + The Last Bloom Sheet
Music Box Key


Collect all Trophies in DEEMO -Reborn-

Farewell Time

You’ll earn this for completing the epilogue of DEEMO Reborn.

 Puzzle Master
Complete all the puzzles in the castle

What this trophy entails is pretty much the culmination of all the other room trophies and rooms being at 100%. This includes the puzzles that give way to the miscellaneous trophies as well. So If you gotten 100% of the rooms and worked towards the sketches, this will come.

 Rhythm Game Master
Play the Hard chart of all songs and achieve a score of 80% or higher on all of them

This is the pinnacle of DEEMO’s difficulty. Between sliding notes, 3+ note pressings, hundreds upon hundreds of notes in songs, and so much more even 80% is an Olympian task. There really is no easier way to do this, unless you play VR mode and then it’s still difficult. You need to practice and get acquainted to each song, and find your rhythm. Whether it’s setting the song speed to 1 or 8, changing the calibration, amongst many others.

The only thing that can really be said is that DEEMO doesn’t penalize you on your accuracy, you can press a wrong key or make a mistake and it won’t break your combo. You just need to make sure you don’t miss notes and press the wrong key on notes. The 80% really relies on the combo’s you build, so try your hardest not to drop those.

 All These Melodies
Play at least 2 charts (Difficulty level) on all songs

Not a difficult trophy as long as you play all the songs, but you do need the Hard Difficulty songs for a trophy so you should pair this up with that. The game tracks which songs you’ve played. To the left of the difficulty selection will be a dot. Dots represent the mode you haven’t played. To attain this trophy every song needs to have 1 or less remaining on it.

 Practice Makes Perfect
Achieve All Charming on 30 different charts

A particularily difficult trophy as this requires very precise timing whether in VR or TV. It is recommended to do this on lower level songs as they have less notes and generally are less tricky to do. Find your best 30 and practice is all that can really be said. You can change song settings but for every individual it will differ, so find a setting comfortable for you. What you’re looking for are the “Charming” hits. If you press a key with the right timing, it’ll light up a brighter yellow and say “Charming” under the Combo Meter. You must attain this for every note.

 Golden Carousel
Obtain the golden sheet music in the Piano Room

Refer to the ‘Piano’ Section in the Stages above for more details.

 Rune Collector
Collect all Runes on the stone tablets

In the Piano Room there is a giant slate with slots for 10 Runes. Below are all 10 locations:

Piano Room: After unlocking the Book Room, step on all the blue lights in the water.
Book Room: Turn off all the lights.
Loft Room: Turn off the 3 lights. To the left of the entrance, put on the mask you find. Pan to the right and view the wall graffiti. Once you exit mask mode, the rune will reveal itself.
Underpass: The windmill puzzle. You’ll find the solution in a book in the Stack Room. From the top (going clockwise) White – Red – Green – Purple – Blue.
Basement: You’ll need the water raised so you can access a puzzle by the floating platform. It’s a rotation puzzle based on the seasons. Refer to ‘The World Beneath’ for the solution.
Second Floor: You’ll need to complete the Musical Note Puzzle. When you solve the puzzle it will fly out from the container. Refer to The Long Trip for the solution.
Trophy Room: There’s a Peg Puzzle behind the Masked Lady’s chair. Solving this will reward you the rune. Refer to Masked Lady’s Room for the solution.
Stack Room: Behind the room with the broken boards (Feather Duster Needed) you’ll find a bush. Interact with it a few times to get this.
Balcony: Finish the Wall Flower Puzzle. Refer to the Balcony Section in the Stages Above.
Rooftop: This one is finnicky. After you complete the game, leave the room and return. Standing at the bottom of the stairs, stare up at the window in the ceiling. Your character should make some commentary. It takes a little bit of commentary before this will pop though. You may need to walk up a few stairs, walk around the landing, and fidget a bit, but keep staring at the window.

 Music In The Cherry Blossoms
Obtain the golden sheet music in the Book Room

Refer to ‘Librarian’ for more details.

Find all the sketches in the castle

There are a total of 12 sketches to find in DEEMO Reborn. The picture inside the Music Boxes do not count towards this. Below you fill find all 12 locations:

Book Room:
1) Hidden inside a Book.
2)Hidden in a pile of books on the floor.
3) Inside the Treasure Chest.
Loft Room:
1) Sticking out of a book laying flat on a hutch.
2) Hidden behind bottles in a cabinet.
1) Use both of the Sphere with screw in Bottoms in the banister. It’ll unlock a hidden stair compartment.
Trophy Room:
1) On the dresser, in a book. Beside where the Masked Lady was sleeping.
2) Inside the cabinet, in a book.
Stack Room:
1) Complete the Banner Puzzle to find this under the stairs.
1) Go through some bushes with the Fairy Lantern to find this on the floor.
1) On the stone railing, left South East of Piano front.
Second Floor:
1) Tucked in behind the flower vase.

Why is there… a tree bud here?

After your first performance you’ll have another cutscene. This is where you’ll get this trophy.

 I Miss You
Play a song and Miss all notes

Do exactly as the trophy states. Start a song, put the controller down and come back in 5m. You need to not play the song at all.

 1st Perfect
First perfect performance

Refer to ‘Practice Makes Perfect’ for more details.

Is this some sort of weird… creature?

Inside the Stack Room you’ll find a boarded off room. To access this you’ll need the Feather Duster. While in this boarded off section you’ll find a bush with a yellow creature stuck in it. Pull that creature out by inspecting it. it will not pop the first you pull it out. It should take around 4 separate pulls, so you’ll have to leave and come back to the Stack Room each time.

 Painting Detective
Recover all the wall paintings in the Trophy Room

In the Trophy Room there will be a lot of empty frames. These frames will fill as you unlock the appropriate Music Sheets. The easiest way to go upon this is to visit the Trophy Room after you finish, or close to, all the other rooms’ puzzles.

 Good Ideas
There is no puzzle the feather duster can’t solve.

The first step is to procure the Feather Duster from the Stack Room, as it’s what is needed to to do these puzzles. The task of this trophy is to use the Feather Duster in all the required places you come across. The rooms with Feather Duster puzzles are: The Underpass, The Loft Room, The Balcony, and The Stack Room.

 Mirai’s Hide and Seek
Mirai’s castle adventures

For this trophy you will need to find every hidden doll in the castle. Under each respective ‘Room’ trophy, plus the few in the stages, you’ll find all the Doll Locations.

You should only hunt for this post-game or late game as you’ll need late game items to find them.

Are these… my memories?

Opening the door behind the vines in the Stock Room will bring you to a flashback scene. Completing this flashback scenario will get you this trophy.

Illuminate the entire castle

The description to this trophy may seem daunting but it really isn’t. The first step is to procure the Firefly Lantern from the Trophy Room, as it’s what is needed to illuminate. The task of this trophy is to use the lantern in dark places you come across. The rooms with dark places are: Trophy Room, Book Room, Stack Room, Loft Room, and the Balcony.

First Performance

When you first get control of your character you’ll make a performance on the piano. The first performance is Dream on easy / LV. 1.

 Dream Builders
Watch the entire credits

After you complete the Rooftop you’ll have stairs to climb. At the top of these stairs you’ll be able to interact with something to start the epilogue. You’ll get this after watching everything.

 The Performer
Play at least 2 charts (Difficulty level) on 30 different songs

Refer to All These Melodies for more details.

 The Pianist
Play at least 2 charts (Difficulty level) on 50 different songs

Refer to All These Melodies for more details.

 I Believe
This should be… okay, right?

While at the Rooftop go stand right next to the giant hole. You’ll have to wait some time (Put the controller down), but the littl girl will do a leap of faith automatically.

 You Cannot Go
I… I won’t allow you to proceed ahead!!

After you grow your tree to 50m the vines in the Stock Room will retract. Go open the door and this trophy will be yours.

Solve all secrets in the Book Room

Golden Origami Sheet Music 1/1
Complete the Seasons Frame Puzzle.

Sheet Music 9/9
1) Found on the floor.
2) Interact with the bookshelf with the note, then use the stool to reach it.
3) From The Floor Puzzle.
4) After completing The Book Puzzle.
5) Found in the pile of books the lady was throwing around.
6) Inside the Treasure Chest.
7) Hidden with the doll.
8) Using the Fairy Lantern you’ll find a hidden compartment on a dark shelf from the book puzzle.
9) Inside the Music Box.

Item 6/6
1) Bookmark – Seed – Found inside a book.
2)Bookmark – Sun – Found inside a book.
3)Bookmark – Rain – Found inside a book.
4)Bookmark – Snow – Found inside a book.
5) The Masked Lady’s Lost Bookmark – Found in the pile of books she was throwing around.
6) Lion Pendant – Inside the Music Box

Doll 1/1
Found under the desk.

Rune Light 1/1
Refer to ‘Rune Collector’

Floor Puzzle:
There’ll be a tile in the ringed tile set. With black and red/brown dots. They represent the lights in the room. Turn off the lights that correspond with the black dots on the floor tile.

Book Puzzle:
There’s a set of books with wrongly arranged spines. You have to put them in order. The picture below shows the solution.

Seasons Frame Puzzle:
After you have all 4 bookmarks, interact with the picture frame. You’ll need to arrange them as: Seed, Rain, Sun, Snow. now pull the lever.

 The New Tree
The tree seems to have grown taller and bigger!

Once you reach the Basement you’ll find a new piano. After you play your first song on this piano, a cutscene will occur. After this cutscene is when you’ll earn this trophy.

 Melody & Tree
It sprouted~

The ‘it’ this refers to is the tree which grows from your music playing. The ‘sprouting’ of this tree happens around 4m.

The tree bud seems to grow with the music

The ‘tree bud’ this trophy speak of needs to have a growth of around 7.50m.

 I Miss My Home
When can I go home?

The cutscenes required to earn this trophy will happen when you grow your tree to 10m tall.

 Music In The Table
Obtain the golden sheet music in the Loft Room

Refer to ‘The Mysterious Loft’ for more details.

 The Mysterious Loft
Solve all secrets in the Loft Room

Golden Origami Sheet Music 1/1
Complete the Emblem Puzzle.

Sheet Music 6/6
1) On the floor under a tire.
2) Solve the Metronome Puzzle.
3)The Floor Puzzle.
4) Hidden with the doll through a dark hallway. The Lantern is required.
5) On the floor. Requires the Feather Duster to sweep up the glass though.
6) Inside the Music Box.

Item 5/5
1)Imprinted Copper Plate – Found on a hutch.
2) Winding Key – Inside A Drawer.
3) Treasure Chest Key – Inside A Drawer.
4) Skeleton Hand Candlestick – Found on the table.
5) Little Demon Pendant – Inside the Music Box.

Doll 1/1
Hidden through a dark hallway. The Lantern is required.

Rune Light 1/1
Refer to ‘Rune Collector’

Metronome Puzzle:
Using the Winding Key you can fix the metronome. You’ll need to match it to that of the speaker. It’s the top white notch of the middle, refer to the picture below for the exact location.

Floor Puzzle:
Run around on the tiles in front of the last hutch and eventually one of the tiles will flip over. Follow the arrows flipping over more. eventually Sheet Music will come out. Refer to the picture below for the first tile.

Emblem Puzzle: Using the Imprinted Copper Plate you found on the table will activate the first of 2 puzzles. You’ll need to exchange the emblems to their right locations. Look below for Part 1.

For part 2 you’ll have to interact with the box you got the Imprinted Copper Plate from. In this 2nd puzzle, you’ll have to hit the pieces in order corresponding with part 1. Refer to the image below for the guide.

Busts Puzzle: There are 2 busts beside the giant picture in this room. You’ll need to come back after the tree has reached 20m so you can interact with them. Using the Skeleton Hand Candlestick on them will start the puzzles. On the right bust you’ll have to compete in Rock, Paper, Scissors. You’ll need to win the first hand and draw on the second hand. On the left bust you’ll be answering how many windows and statues this room has: 4 Windows, and 3 statues.

The tree… has blossomed

The blossoming of the tree in this game happens at 15m.

Looks like you guys are having a fun time~

The fun time event for this trophy will happen when the tree reaches 17m.

 Where It Goes
Where is this painting connected to?

After the tree grows to 20m, the painting in the Loft will activate. You’ll have to travel through this painting to earn this.

Note: Check the Bust Puzzle in the The Mysterious Loft trophy.

 Music In The Sail Boat
Obtain the golden sheet music in the Second Floor Lobby

Refer to ‘The Long Trip’ for more details.

 Her Little Secret
Saw Masked Lady’s treasured scenery

As you complete the item parts for each room, you’ll come across Telescope parts (One in the Stack Room, the other on the Balcony). When you have both parts, fix the telescope on the Balcony. You’ll get this trophy when you look through it and back out.

 The Long Trip
Solve all secrets in the Second Floor Lobby

Golden Sheet Music 1/1
Complete the Boat Puzzle.

Sheet Music 7/7
1) Laying on the floor.
2)Hidden in a bush.
3) Hidden with the doll.
4) Hidden in the Tree Safe.
5) Inside Musical Note Puzzle.
6) You’ll find this on the floor outside the Balcony Door.
7) Inside the Music Box.

Item 5/5
1)Strange Fragment I – Hidden in the tree safe.
2)Strange Fragment II – Inside Musical Note Puzzle.
3)Strange Fragment III – Bottom of the weather vane.
4) Strange Fragment IV – Hidden in a pile of books.
5) Snowflake Pendant – Inside the Music Box.

Doll 1/1
Stuck in a tree, shake it to get it down.

Rune Light 1/1
Refer to ‘Rune Collector’

Tree Puzzle Safe
Look in the image below for the combination.

Musical Note Puzzle
You have to follow the Greater than and Less than signs for the musical notes with beats.
Look at the pictures below for the solutions.

Boat Puzzle
With all 4 fragments you can build the piece in the middle. With it you’ll place the boat on the locations within the map you find in the books in the order it shows Look at the picture below.

 Music In The Mystical Garden
Obtain the golden sheet music in the Trophy Room

Refer to ‘Masked Lady’s Room’ for more details.

 Masked Lady’s Room
Solve all secrets in the Trophy Room

Golden Origami Sheet Music
Complete the Picture Shadow Puzzle.

Sheet Music 2/2
1) With the Doll.
2) Inside a cabinet.

Item 11/11
1) Eerie Mask – 2nd Floor.
2) Light Bulb – In the lamp beside the Masked Lady.
3) Projector Handle – The Masked Lady drops this after being scared.
4) Roll of Film – On the dresser behind the Masked Lady’s chair.
5) Lantern– On a table against the wall. You’ll knock it over, then interact with it again to pick it up.
6) Firefly Lantern Walk slowly into groups of fireflies. After catching 3 sets, you’ll get this item.
7) Crystal Ball – Drop the chandelier. It’ll be in a broken segment of light.
8) Cabinet Key – With the Crsytal Ball, use it on the scale on the table by the stairs.
9) Climbing Twin Buckles Inside the Cabinet
10) Translucent Card – Inside the Cabinet.
11) Projector Lens – Lower the chandelier, attach it to the grate. Try to lift it to be informed of it’s heaviness. Ask Deemo to help, he’ll lift the chandelier while you shove it.

Doll 1/1
In an alcove mid-way up the stairs.

Rune light 1/1
Refer to ‘Rune Collector’.

Shadow Puzzle
Use the Eerie Mask. Switch out the Light Bulb.

Peg Puzzle
You need to spell the word ‘AWAKE’ with the use of shadows. Below is a picture solution.

Picture Shadow Puzzle.
You’ll need both Translucent cards. Use them on the lamp and you’ll notice the shadows are misplaced. Ask Deemo to move the paintings. Match the puzzle to the image below.

When you have all pieces gathered, interact with it to fix it.

 Music In The Pipe Organ
Obtain the golden sheet music in the Basement

Refer to ‘The World Beneath’ for more details.

 The World Beneath
Solve all secrets in the Basement

Golden Origami Sheet Music 1/1
Complete the Conductor Puzzle.

Sheet Music 2/2
1) After you play the piano you’ll find this on the floor.
2) Locked Box puzzle

Doll 1/1
Sitting on the floor, head in the water.

Rune Light 1/1
Refer to ‘Rune Collector’

Piano Lid Unlock:
A rotatable plaque is to the left of the piano. You’ll see it spells out IABP. Make sure only those buttons are pulled out.

Floor Piano Puzzle:
Listen to the song in the music player on the left. It should Play like this: (From right to left) 5-4-3-2-1 then 5-4-3-2-1 then 5-1-5.

Pinball Maze
It’s controlled by moving your controller around. Put the different colored balls on the different numbers, they’ll automatically lock into place if correct.

Other Floor Piano
After draining the water you’ll need to hit the notes: (From right to left) 4-2-3-1-5.

Conductor Puzzle
Select the instruments you hear in his song.
1) Harp + Front Left Piano.
2) Oboe + Trumpet + Both Violin Types.
3) Back Left Piano + Bigger Oboe + Organ + All 3 Violin Types.

Locked Box
After lowering the water the 2nd time you’ll be able to access this box. One of the weights screens are broken but it’ll go like this: (Amount of bolts on each pole) 2-5-3-0. When that is set up pull the lever. See the picture below.

Season Puzzle
It’d be difficult to write this out, but the picture will show you the correct locations to swap the puzzle too (minus the final rotation).

 The Key
Deemo, help me

After you grow your tree to a height of 45m, there’ll be a cutscene for this key.

 Music In The Cube
Obtain the golden sheet music in the Stack Room

Refer to ‘Between Here and There’ for more details.

 Falling Girl
A mysterious girl who fell from the sky

After you start a new game you will see opening credits and an opening. After these, and you regain control of your character this will pop.

 Between Here and There
Solve all secrets in the Stack Room

Golden Origami Sheet Music 1/1
Complete the Block Puzzle then follow the lift down.

Sheet Music 6/6
1) Talk to Deemo. May have to exit and re-enter for this.
2) Rewarded from the Book Puzzle.
3) On top of the bookshelf. Use the Ladder + your lantern to obtain it.
4) On a shelf at the bottom of the stairs.
5) Underneath the stairs when you complete the Banner Puzzle.
6) Inside the music box.

Item 5/5
1) Letter Block – Rewarded from the Book Puzzle.
2) Lens Part – Hidden on a shelf behind a curtain.
3) Sphere with screw on the bottom – Hidden on a shelf behind a curtain.
4) Feather Duster – Hidden on a shelf behind a curtain.
5) Fairy Pendant – Inside the Music Box

Doll 1/1
After obtaining the Feather Duster, you can break the boards at the beginning of this room. This will lead to a new section to explore. One of the shelves will be hiding this doll.

Rune Light 1/1
Refer to ‘Rune Collector’

Book Puzzle
Similar to the one in the Loft Room. Organize the spines into a panoramic picture. Below is the solution.

Block Puzzle
With the Letter Block you got you can now finish this puzzle. The word is M I S S (The lines on the bottom). Then spell L I F T.

Banner Puzzle
You need both Sphere with screw on the bottoms to complete this. The 2nd is found in the Underpass.