Concept Destruction Trophy Guide

Game: Concept Destruction
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 30 minutes
Difficulty: 1/10
Missable trophies: none
Author: Knoef_NL

Welcome to the trophy guide for Concept Destruction. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Game options

In order to make it all a bit easier, to the following:
From the main menu select “Options” than “Gameplay”:

Consumption: x1
Consumption when boosting: x1

Player: x10
Rivals: x1 (x10 for survival mode)

Number of Rivals: 1
Event duration: 30 seconds
Idle disqualify: 1 minute
No hit disqualify: 1 minute

A few general tips:
1) You can either “win” by surviving until the times run out, or by getting all other cars killed.
2) If you die, you will have to restart the level
4) Hitting a car from the back/side will inflict most damage
5) Collecting a battery will refill your own battery
6) In some levels you can push cars out of the level, earning you the kill

Stage 2 – The modes

The First thing you want to do is start the Championship mode. This is a tournament mode with a couple of races in a row. With the settings applied in stage 1 its impossible to lose in any way. Make sure to earn at least 2.000 points in order to unlock a car you need later on!

In Survival mode you will need to survive for a total of 3 minutes. The hardest thing here is making sure any of the AI’s survives for 3 minutes, in order to obtain the trophy. Therefor it’s important to adjust the AI’s resistance in the options (stage 1).

Set the resistance option to the following:
Player: x10
Rivals: x10 for survival mode

In tourism mode you can’t take any damage, which is great to earn the trophies which are related to specific levels. You will also need to drive around for a total of 5 minutes in tourism mode.


 Platinum Concept
Get all other trophies

 The Collector
Pick up 5 batteries from other cars

Pick-up a total of 5 batteries from other cars. You earn batteries by destroying other cars. This can be done over multiple levels.

 The Escapist
Get out of the arena in “The Bulls”

Best earned in tourism mode.
Select the level “The Bulls”, you will see a gap in the arena. Drive towards it and you will be able to drive through it, earning you this trophy.

 The Hater
Destroy a rival car in Tourism mode

Select Tourism mode and destroy a car. It’s best done with a bigger car.

 The Killer
Destroy a rival car

Simply kill any other car. Best done by hitting a car from the side or in the back. Make sure to use turbo for a better impact.

 The Rebel
Get out of the driving area in School

From the menu, select “school”. This is the tutorial for the game. Now drive over the Ruler and out of the area. It’s best done in lesson 2, as you will have the most time.

 The Roofer
Drive on the roof in “The Plaza”

Best done in Tourism mode.
Select “The Plaza” and drive upwards, press turbo and make the little jump towards the roof.

 The Scorer
Drive through one of the goal post in “The Stadium”.

Use the shaft to reach one of the goals. It’s best to use turbo in order to boost yourself through it.

 The Serial Killer
Destroy 3 rival cars in a single event

It’s most likely that you will earn this trophy during your championship. If not, you could earn this trophy in the “Tourism mode”.

Make sure to adjust the options so that there are plenty of AIs in the game.

 The Survivor
Survive over 3 minutes in Survival mode.

Perhaps the hardest trophy within the game. It’s easy to survive yourself, but the AI’s will keep killing itself over and over again. This trophy involves a bit of luck, as you will need to have at least 1 AI survive until 3 minutes too.

Set the resistance option to the following:
Player: x10
Rivals: x10 for survival mode

 The Tourist
Drive over 5 minutes in Tourism mode

From the menu select Single event then Tourism mode. Simply drive for a total of 5 minutes. Don’t kill all the AI’s, as it will end the game mode early!

 The Champion
Win the Championship

The First thing you want to do is start the Championship mode. This is a tournament mode with a couple of races in a row. It’s important to finish first in this mode. Don’t worry too much about getting first, as it should be easy to win with a lead of 4000+ points. It’s important to:

Make sure to apply the options as described in stage 1.

 The Learner
Pass all school lessons

There are a total of 3 lessons, which can be selected from the main menu -> “School”.

In the first lesson you will need to drive a circle and reach back the finish line within 10 seconds. Use the turbo to reach back in time.

The second lesson you will need to destroy another car, which can simply by done by driving a straight line and pressing the turbo button.

The third lesson consists out of flipping your car back over.

 The Pilot
Jump and stay in air for more than 3 seconds

This can be done on almost any map by using a ramp and using the turbo button. The jump below is done in the level “The Rooftop”.

 The Player
Hit the hidden ball in “The Stadium”

Right in front of you is a coca-cola cup. Hit it and an American football will fall off. Now drive back and hit the football.  

 The Artist
Get to the paint zone in “The Rooftop”

Best done in Tourism mode.
Use the ramp to get out of the area, and you will see some paint and a paper. Drive onto it, and you will earn this trophy.


 The Bully
Destroy car “TIFA X/2” using car “ZIP JX”.

The ZIP JX is a larger car, while the TIFA is the smallest car within the game.

This is best done in Tourism mode.