Children of Morta Trophy Guide

Game: Children of Morta
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 30 Hours (Personal Time)
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: None
Author: Stephanie

Welcome to the trophy guide for Children of Morta. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Enjoy The Story

Children of Morta doesn’t have a point of no return so nothing is truly missable. At the beginning of the game it doesn’t hurt to take your time and enjoy the story. Rushing toward the final boss can cause you to miss out on some parts of the story itself. Make sure to explore dungeons fully as each one will always be randomized along with the things you find. You will also want to make sure you have all the skills found in the Book of Rea before entering The Forest if you want them all.



 Child of Morta
Obtain all other trophies

Congrats! You battled your way through dungeons and protected your family. Enjoy your shiny new platinum.


 Omnes pro Uno
Unlock all family traits.

Each family member has a total of four family traits that will need to be unlocked. For an easier grind to get their Skill Level higher make sure to max out the “Wisdom” trait in the “Book of Rea“, and always go for stronger dungeons. Once you have learned all 20 family traits the trophy will pop upon the last one.

(Note: To learn more about family traits please refer to “Unus pro Omnibus” trophy)


 Guardians of Morta
Defeat OU.

OU will be your final boss in the game and will be available after freeing all three spirits. This boss will have three different stages that you must get through to defeat him. During the first stage you only need to dwindle down his health. Once he is on the verge of death he will suck the whole family into complete darkness. The second stage will have you being protected by one of the three spirits while you go around reviving family members. As long as you stay within the spirit’s light you’ll always be healed. After reviving all family members you’ll realize that OU is back to full health. This stage has your family members attacking him with you which will wipe him out quickly. Once he is defeated the trophy will pop.


 Di Vine Machine
Construct Ben’s wine machine.

Upon defeating the first boss in the City of Thieves (Barahut Cave) you’ll end up with a cut-scene once you return home. After learning that Uncle Ben wishes to make a wine machine run the dungeon called The Ziggurat a few times. After collecting the last piece of the machine you’ll be greeted with another cut-scene at home. The trophy will pop after Uncle Ben has created the machine.


 Ferocity Shut Down
Kill 250 ferocious enemies.

As you progress further they will appear more often. Some of them will have a red icon above their head as well. For more info refer to “Ferocity Denied” trophy.


 Unstoppable Family
Kill 5000 enemies.

Enemies will always be scattered throughout the dungeons you travel through. If you explore everywhere in the dungeons and kill everything in sight, the trophy will pop in no time.


 Most Curious
Resolve 20 puzzle events.

Puzzle events are randomly hidden in dungeons. Some of the most common ones will be Pong of the Gods and a Memory game. Win at twenty puzzle events and the trophy will pop upon your last victory.


 Cream of the Crop
Unlock all family traits of a Bergson.

This trophy only requires you to have a singly family member unlock all four of their family traits. If you have been playing favorites with a character this will come naturally.

An example of all family traits unlocked on single member.


 Ancient Mastery
Upgrade The Book of Rea 15 times.

Please refer to the trophy “Ancient Knowledge” to learn more about upgrades.


 Armed to the Teeth
Upgrade 75 times in the workshop.

Please refer to the trophy “Well-equipped” to learn more about upgrades.


Kill a boss without receiving damage.

Thankfully you only need to kill one boss without having damage done to you. A rather simple boss that could be done without receiving damage is the “Spider King” himself. Upon defeating a boss without taking damage the trophy will pop.

(Note: Make sure to have some upgrades done to your family as they can come in handy.)


 Children of Geppetto
Reunite the automata.

There are three automata to rescue within the TerraLava caves during randomize events. Upon rescuing the third and bringing it home a cut-scene will happen where the Uncle Ben repairs the last one. After the scene the trophy will pop.


 Mother Mary
Rescue Mary.

After defeating the City of Thieves dungeon your mother will be captured upon your return. Click on the glowing green circle where the other family members are standing to enter the Forest. Time is of the essences in the Forest as you will be having a large scale demon chasing you down. Your goal is to be able to not only outrun it but take out all enemies in your path to let the barriers down. If the darkness creeps up on you it will kill you instantly. There will be two areas that it will stop chasing you, but you will be locked in and area where you must kill smaller scale demons. Collect gemstones a total of three times to carry on. When you reach the end of the Forest you will now have to defeat the darkness that was chasing you down. Focus your attacks on it while taking out the smaller ones to gather gemstones to use on the alters in the area. Once the darkness is defeated a cut-scene will happen and the trophy will pop.

(Note: Don’t enter the Forest if you aren’t properly upgraded as there will be very little healing in the area. Also make sure you have all of the skills unlocked in the Book of Rea, since Grandma is the only one who can unlock them.)


 A New Member
Save the wolf cub.

To obtain the wolf pup you must first find it trying to defend its wounded mother located within the Caeldippo Caves. Once you rescue the pup you will notice that its hurt and that you need to treat its wounds. There will be three quest items that you must locate within the caves to help heal it. After retrieving the last item and returning home you’ll be greeted with a cut-scene of the family with the now healed pup. The trophy will pop shortly after.


Shelter the stargazer.

After completing some events within the dungeons regarding the Stargazer. One of the times you return home you’ll enter a cut-scene where he will appear outside. After the small cut-scene the trophy will pop.


 No More Secrets
Find 10 secrets.

Secrets are seen as very faint red markings on the ground. Upon spotting one lure enemies over to them and kill said enemies on top of the symbol. With each kill you will notice it starting to grew brighter. Kill enough and a large stone tablet will appear on the ground. Activate 10 of them to unlock the trophy.


 I Won’t Let You Die
Revive 5 times in co-op mode.

Local Co-op Only
You revive a fallen comrade by holding down circle. Upon revival their hp isn’t at max so having them die again will be easier. Do this a total of five times and the trophy will pop.


 Stronger Together
Finish a dungeon in co-op mode.

Local Co-op Only
You must clear a single dungeon with a fellow comrade. The trophy will pop at the result screen when you leave the dungeon.


 First Step
Defeat the Spider King.

This will be your very first boss which is located in Silk Caverns. You must go through two randomly generated floors before you can find the boss door. His own move can be avoidable with a simple evade when he comes crashing down from the ceiling. The real battle is mainly fighting off the spiders he summons along with his spiderwebs.

(Note: Don’t fret if you can’t beat him nor his dungeon during your first time. You’ll keep the Morv that you have collected so use them to upgrade your characters.)


 Ferocity Denied
Kill 50 ferocious enemies.

The enemies in question will always be highlighted with a skull above their head. Depending on the type of enemy it is they can move faster, hit harder, and summon minions to help them. As you are making your way through the dungeons you’ll come across killing fifty of them easily. If you feel like you can’t take one on then use the surrounding environment to help. (refer to “Trickster” trophy)

How to tell the difference between a normal and ferocious.


 First Spirit
Free Anai-Dya.

To free this spirit you must beat the stone golem known as Nohar. This boss is located within Anai-Dya’s Dominion (Caeldippo Caves). Being the first real boss in the game he isn’t that hard to beat as long as you evade his purple ring attack. After you defeated him the trophy will pop before you set free Anai-Dya.


Find 20 journals.

Journals are seen scattered about randomly within the dungeons. They can be in plain sight to being hidden in shelves. There are more then twenty in the game, but you only need to find twenty for the trophy.


Kill 100 enemies using hazards.

Hazards are environmental base attacks which are located randomly throughout dungeons. Some only require you to walk across them like spikes, while others may require you to hit them. As long as an enemy is within range they will take damage.


 Master of the Obelisk
Gain each obelisk effect at least once.

There are a total of 8 different obelisk effects in the game. They can be found randomly within dungeons and are a one time use item. Down below is a list of all the Obelisks and what they do.

How to spot an Obelisk


 Charming Bergson
Use 5 charms in the same dungeon run.

You can only carry one charm at a time and they can be activated by pressing the down on the d-pad. Upon activating it the charm will disappear from your slot allowing you to carry another. Activate five of them within a single run to obtain the trophy.


 Geared Up
Have 3 runes equipped simultaneously.

Runes are unique for each family member as they deal with their attacks and abilities. You can only have one equipped at a time for each attack/ability. Have a rune for each slot activated at once for the trophy to pop.

Bottom left highlighted part shows all three attack/abilities with a rune.


Find 10 divine items in a single dungeon.

The divine items in question are the Divine Graces and Divine Relics. This trophy will be solely based on how lucky you are in a single dungeon to obtain 8 Graces and 2 Relics. If you have the shopkeeper in your run he has a chance of selling Graces to you. Other means will be using the secrets, challenge rooms, ferocious enemies, and chests.

Bottom right is an example of having 10 Divine items at once.


Complete 10 challenge rooms.

Challenge rooms are randomized in dungeons and will always be a gate that can’t be open unless you press the sun switch. Inside you will normally be fighting waves of enemies. There are some cases where it will have a mini boss for you defeat. Complete 10 challenge rooms and the trophy will pop.

How to notice a Challenge room


 It Runs in the Family
Kill a boss with every playable character.

Whenever you unlock a new member it’s always advised to swing by the first dungeon and kill the Spider King with them. Not only is this helping the family member in gaining stats, but it is the easier one to handle without too many problems. Upon defeating the boss with the last family member the trophy will pop.


 Richie Rich
Have 20000 Morv.

For this trophy you must have 20,000 Morv on you at once. You obtain Morv from killing enemies, chests, and sometimes breaking vases.


Bring back 15 souvenirs from the dungeons.

Souvenirs are items that you gather in a dungeon and place it within your home. The items in question are randomized but will always appear in a certain dungeon. If you don’t pull a room that has the one you are looking for just re-run it till it does. Down below is a list of where all the souvenirs can appear.

Found In Caeldippo Caves: 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 7 – 9 – 10
Found in Barahut: 8 – 13 – 14
Found in TerraLava: 4 – 6 – 11 – 12 – 15

All 15 Souvenirs are highlighted


 Family Reunion
Unlock all playable characters.

There are a total of six family members that you can take control of. John and Linda will already be playable before your first dungeon. The remaining four family members will be unlocked as you progress through the story (from real progression or just dying). Your last family member will be Joey so once you see him appear in the story the trophy will pop shortly after.


 Sand Survivor
Free Anai-Raha.

To free Anai-Raha you must defeat the boss which is located in The Ziggurat dungeon. The boss is a humanoid scorpion that can summon little ones and retreat underground. As he is underground you can’t attack him so focus on killing the small ones and avoiding his attacks. When he is close to dying he will start summoning green spikes out of the ground to damage you so continue moving to avoid them. Upon his defeat walk up the stairs to set free the second spirit.


 Together We Stand
Unlock a family trait of three different Bergsons.

To learn about how to unlock family traits please refer to the trophy “Unus pro Omnibus“. All you need for this trophy is to have three different members learn a family trait.


 Birth of Hope
Bring Hope into the world.

After defeating the boss in “Ruins of Old Barahut” Mary will give birth shortly after to Hope. The trophy won’t pop till after the small cut-scene


 It Has Begun
Investigate the shrine of Rea.

After gaining control of John follow the path until you see a small cut-scene. The scene will be of a small group of enemies sacrificing animals of the land. Defeat the enemies and the trophy will pop at the loading screen.


 Too Hot to Stay
Free Anai-Sarava.

To free Anai-Sarava you must defeat the boss which is located in the Area 30 dungeon. The boss in this dungeon can’t be attacked directly until you lower its shield. To lower the shield you must hit one of the pillars that appear out of the ground with the lock on missile. Once the shield is down pay attention to the patterns on the floor and dodge where they are while attacking the boss. Upon defeating them you will be rewarded with the trophy.


 Ancient Knowledge
Upgrade The Book of Rea 5 times.

Similar to the Workshop, the Book of Rea is another way to upgrade the family. Instead of focusing on personal stats to help you become stronger, the book focuses on things like Morv and the effects you pick up in the dungeons. Upgrade any of the skills within the book a total of five times to achieve the trophy.

The Book of Rea is handled by the grandmother


 Gear Mastery
Upgrade 25 times in the workshop.

Please refer to the trophy “Well-equipped” to learn more about upgrades.


Upgrade 10 times in the workshop.

To do any upgrades you must first have Ben’s Workshop unlocked. Once it is unlocked you can upgrade your family’s overall stats. Morv is needed to make your upgrades and thankfully all 10 doesn’t have to be in just one upgrade.

(Note: When starting to upgrade focus alot on “Armor Up” and “Warfare”)

The workshop to do your upgrades.


Free the blackmarketeer.

After clearing a challenge room in Barahut you’ll free him. Upon talking to him the trophy will pop. Like the shopkeeper he will appear in the dungeons.


Free the runemender.

They can be found in one of the challenge rooms located in the Barahut. After defeating the boss that is keeping him locked up talk with him once he exits the cage. Like the shopkeeper they will appear in the dungeons.


Free the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper can be found randomly within the Caeldippo Caves. In order to rescue him you will enter a battle that will last two waves. Survive both waves and talk to the shopkeeper when he steps out to receive the trophy.


Complete 10 in-run events.

Please refer to the trophy “Adventurer” to learn more about in-run events.


Complete 5 in-run events.

In-run events are small stories that happen randomly in dungeons. One example of this is when you rescue the Wolf Pup. If you explore dungeons fully you can at times run into one or two events. Upon completing five of them the trophy will pop.


 Unus pro Omnibus
Unlock a family trait.

Family traits are located within your “Skills” tab and will unlock as you upgrade characters skills. Your first trait will be learned once a character has used a total of four skill points. Even though family traits are unique for each character they will benefit all members.