Cat Quest II Trophy Guide

Game: Cat Quest II
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 6-8 Hours+
Difficulty: 3/10
Missable trophies: None
Author: Sean

Welcome to the trophy guide for Cat Quest II. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play the story line until the point of no return.

Cat Quest is a really open game in terms of what you can do, but for platinum efficiency there is a better path to take. In terms of platinum, Cat Quest requires you to explore everything. The reason for playing the story until the point of no return is because multiple things are locked behind story progression. Don’t fret, you will be warned, when you reach the point of no return. At that moment, you’ll have access to all side quests. Side quests are important because they are required for Equipment and Dungeon Completion. This is why completing the story to the point of no return is the priority.

Note: Just for precautionary measures, the point of no return is the Story Quest that takes place where the game began.

Stage 2 – Complete all the side quests

Side Quests are important because they reward you with Equipment needed for Fashionista Tails III and are required to complete certain dungeons for Dungeon Master III. If you hunt dungeons before Side Quests, you’ll often find yourself backtracking to the same dungeons during the side-quests to complete them which is a huge waste of time. Don’t worry about the difficulty rating of quests as they only pertain to your current level, you can come back when you’re stronger. When the trophy Furriend of the People III pops up, you should move on to completing the remaining dungeons.

Stage 3 – Complete all dungeons

You’re done 2/3’s of the ‘meat’ of the game! The last task is to clean up the dungeons! Now that the story is 99% complete and all side quests are completed, you’ll have access to all dungeons without need of backtracking! Another bonus is you’ll have the Golden Key so you can clean up Golden Chests as you run around making equipment clean up easier. Refer to Dungeon Master III for a list of the dungeons! As an overall aide though, keep an eye out for half filled diamonds above the dungeons. Half-filled diamonds means you missed something = dungeon not complete (A lot of dungeons have hidden paths, hug the walls and find invisible paths). A Question marks means the dungeon hasn’t been started. You’re wanting every dungeon to have no more symbols. There’s only 3 dungeons to worry about: Both 150 lvl dungeons post-story, and the level 200 dungeon. With the use of Gravi-ruff, they’re locked in place making them easy. After you clear all 73 dungeons, all that’s left is the few remaining equipment in the golden chests and to visit the last story quest.

Stage 4 – Find the remaining equipment.

With everything else completed, the only remaining armor is found in the golden chests. Though some of these chests contain duplicates! Fashionista Tails III has Golden Chests marked so you don’t waste time with duplicate equipment chests. After you find them all, visit the last story quest for your pawlatinum!


You are pawsome!

 Furriend of the People III
Completed all 67 Side Quests!

Side quests in Cat Quest II are annotated by an exclamation within a blue bubble. These are worth vast amounts of experience that will be your main source of leveling. Below you’ll find a list of all the side quests in no particular order. A lot of these will be locked behind Story Progression, so you should complete most of the story first.

Note: The questline found on Founders Island II will reward you with the Golden Key for those pesky chests.

Quest NameLocation
Spell of the CatsSouth Pawt
Curse of the DogsNear South Pawt
Return of the CatsSouth Pawt
MeatFishercat Village
Case of Missing BlueprintThe Catpital
Case of the Coded NoteThe Catpital
Rock, Paper, Scissors!!Catnip Farm
The Lost TreasurePound Town
Tales of a Cat and a DogPound Town
PreludeSouth of Hotto Doggo’s house.
Fur the SonDoge Town
Fur the MotherDoge Town
Meat MeatFishercat Village
Fur the Greater GoodWhiskerest
Steal from the RichWhiskerest
Give to the poorWhiskerest
The Spirit in the LakeLaketown
Of Metals and MagicLaketown
Of Swords and the WorthyLaketown
Book of Water WalkingPawt City
Artefact of Water WalkingPawt City
Gift of Water WalkingPawt City
Rivals of a KindFelingard’s Statue
Finding Purr-rivate MewanPurrmaha Beach
Tracking Purr-rivate MewanLeft of Tomb of the Follower (Outside of Throne of Lupus)
The Confurrsation of SecretsArcane Headpawters
The Ancient RealmArcane Headpawters
The Order of the EmeowraldCat Face Outlook
The Purrotected MazeCat-Face Outlook
Meat Meat MeeeaaatFishercat Village
The Doge KnightThrone of Lupus
The Second MovementWall of Lupus
CodaWall of Lupus
Pundora’s BoxSW of Pound Town
Fur the FurmilyDoge Town
The Young PupThe Banished
Good IntentionsThe Pawasis
Bad ConsequencesOutside Bullet Heaven
WooftopiaThe Pawasis
The Pawlatinum ChefThe Pawasis
The Power of the HordeThe Pawasis
Over the LimitThe Pawasis
The Twin DeliveryTwin Towns
The Twin Delivery… AgainTwin Towns
The Twin CavesTwin Towns
The Twin Caves… AgainTwin Towns
Case of the Secret Password The Catpital
Give to the PoorWhiskerest
Accept this Now!Founders Island II
Deleting Data Now!Founders Island II
Oh, You Gonna Get It Now!Founders Island II
This is it!Founders Island II
Revenge of FurindelmeowCat-Face Outlook
The Epic StaredownNorth Watch
Faking Purr-rivate MewanOutside Bat Cove
Rescuing Purr-rivate MewanPurrmaha Beach
Bad PropawgandaThrone of Lupus
Bad DoggosThrone of Lupus
The True WeaponThrone of Lupus
The Pawsitively Secret ContactThrone of Lupus
Case of The Hidden GrudgeThe Catpital
Fur’s a CrowdThe Catpital
Case of The Missing PieceThe Catpital
The Talented SoldierThe Banished
The Magic UserThe Banished
The Powerful OneThe Banished
The DragonbloodThe Banished
Skull of a WarriorThrone of Lupus

 The Lupus Empire
Entered the new continent!

Story Related.
During the main quest line you’ll come to a small peninsula. You’ll be required to use an underground passage to get to the new continent. Once you complete this passage the trophy will pop.

 Fashionista Tails III
Obtained all 101 pieces of equipment!

Equipment in Cats Quest II is like any other game, what you wear to improve stats. You’ll know when it’s new equipment when the text is white. Upgraded items don’t count towards this, you’ll know them by green text. Fixed equipment is rewarded from side quests and golden chests. The Loot you’ll find in dungeon chests is often randomized. To open golden chests you’ll need a key you’ll get from a certain side quest chain; refer to Furriend of the People III. Below you’ll find a list of all 101 pieces of equipment:

Note: Bold armor refers to those found in Golden Chests. Be very cautious while looking for these chests, they can be well hidden. An example would be the chest hiding behind a mountain in the middle of the map at the top.

Cat Rags
Dog Rags
Knight Armor
Catventurer Vest
Knight Helm
Knight Axe
Healing Staff
White Mage Hat
Lightning Staff
Dog Soldier Armor
Ranger Axe
White Mage Robes
Ranger Cap
Ninja Hood
Catventurer Hat
Catventurer Blade
Ice Mage Hat
Blue Mage Vest
Catnip Bravo Jumper
Ninja Katana
Ice Staff
Catnip Bravo Mask
Dog Soldier Sword
Old Maser Mace
Old Master Head
Bard Vest
Fire Staff
Crimson Edge
Scout Sword
Crimson Armor
Arcane Mage Vest
Bard Hat
Crimson Helm
Pawple Ninja Hood
Scout Helmet
Fire Mage Vest
Dog Soldier Helmet
Storm Armor
Ranger Vest
Blue Mage Hat
Ninja Shroud
Arcane Staff
Ice Mage Vest
Pawple Ninja Shroud
Old Master Body
Pawple Katana
Cat Soldier Armor
Doge Knight Armor
Doge Knight Cowl
The Bataxe
Bard Lute
Wraith Armor
Arcane Mage Hat
Chef Vest
Scout Armor
Elder Mage Robes
Chef Hat
The Hawt Dawg
Storm Helm
Gentle Suit
The Architect
Gentle Monocle
Jester Bee Mace
Skeleton King Armor
Skeleton King Crown
Mewlder Wand
Invisibility Fur Coat
Elder Stick
Jester Aee Suit
Cat Soldier Sword
Wraith Helm
General’s Mace
Cat Soldier Helm
Pawtimate Armor
The Kingsblade
Jester Aee Mace
Drakoth Armor
The Dragonmaler
Drakoth Helmet
Labrathor Vest
Labrathor Helm
Zero Willpower
Wraith Mace
Purrsecutor Armor
Purrsecutor Helm
Jester Bee Cap
Jester Bee Suit
Zero Faith
Zero Courage
Elder Mage Beard
Jester Aee Cap

 Arcane Paws III
Obtained all 12 spells!

In Cat Quest II spells are your skills to use in combat. They are acquired from reading giant runes you’ll come across. Below you’ll find the location of all 12:

FreezepawBrave Cave
FlamepurrBrave Cave
Furry ShieldCave Grotto
HealpawKing Sigil Ruin Island
LightnyanNorth of Pound Town
ForcewooferFar-fetched Cave
ManapawNorth of Barkara Desert Entrance
PurrserkWhisk Cove
CattrapIsland with Drakoth’s Vault
Gravi-ruffTomb of The Follower
AstropawIsland North of Twin Towns
CelestailCactus Cave

 Paws Together
Completed the Main Quest!

Story Related.
This trophy is rewarded upon completion of the game.

 Kinghood III
Reached level 99!

Since the platinum requires a lot of collection, you will reach 99 far before game end. 99 also is not maximum level as you can level into the hundreds. Side Quests and Story Quests will be your main means of experience so you’ll definitely want to be completing those!

 Dungeon Master III
Cleared all 73 dungeons!

Dungeons are one of the main features of Cat Quest II, you”ll need to complete them all for this trophy. All caves have 3 states: ? means it’s unexplored, a half filled diamond meaning a secret path you missed or a side quest takes place here, and no symbol meaning it’s complete. A few caves are hidden behind keys and/or story progression, don’t fret if you find locked dungeons. Below is a list of the dungeons.

Brave Cave
Seaside Cove
Cave Grotto – Lvl 7
King Sigil Ruins – Lvl 10
Capital Cave – Lvl 10
Octo Ruins – Lvl 10
Decem Ruins – Lvl 10
Furrest Cave – Lvl 12
River Hole – Lvl 14
Riverside Cove – Lvl 15
Purrcluded Cave – Lvl 20
Novem Ruins – Lvl 15
King Lionardo Ruins – Lvl 15
Septem Ruins – Lvl 17
Whisk Cove – Lvl 20
Felingard’s Statue
Pawful Cave – Lvl 23
Cave Peasy – Lvl 25
Undecim Ruins – Lvl 25
Ruff Cove – Lvl 25
Winding Cave – Lvl 25
Quadecim Ruins – Lvl 29
Pawreign Cave – Lvl 30
Empty Hole – Lvl 30
Duodecim Ruins – Lvl 30
Sandy Pitt – Lvl 33
Septencin Ruins – Lvl 35
Far-fetched Cave – Lvl 35
King Woofhauser’s Trail – Lvl 35
Barking Cave – Lvl 32
King Duo’s Ruins – Lvl 40
Purrn Cave – Lvl 45
Saxim Ruins – Lvl 35
Bay Cave – Lvl 55
Pawt Cave – Lvl 50
Trial of the First Kings – Lvl 60
Drakoth’s Key
Pugger Maze
Tomb of the Follower – Lvl 55
Undeventi Ruins – Lvl 60
Furrible Cave – Lvl 65
Cave Valor – Lvl 60
Cave Mercy – Lvl 60
Cave Virtue – Lvl 60
King Felingard’s Tomb – Lvl 60
Mountain Cave – Lvl 55
Blue Cave – Lvl 50
Howling Cave – Lvl 53
Bat Cove – Lvl 75
Path to Lupus Tomb – Lvl 70
Wyvern Nest – Lvl 80
Devigni Ruins – Lvl 38
Terrier Flying Tomb – Lvl 75
Quindecim Ruins – Lvl 80
Roverdose Maze – Lvl 72
Triginta Ruins – Lvl 75
Bullet Heaven – Lvl 50
Sedcim Ruins – Lvl 70
Puss Cave – Lvl 23
Unus Ruins – Lvl 50
Hidden Cave – Lvl 99
Fursaken Cave – Lvl 99
Tres Ruins – Lvl 70
Quattor Ruins – Lvl 60
Ultimutt Stash – Lvl 90
Hidden Stash
Pawasis Cave – Lvl 70
Cursed Ruins – Lvl 100
Drakoth’s Vault – Lvl 100
Tomb of the Wolf – Lvl 150
Cactus Cave – Lvl 100
Tombstone Cave – Lvl 1
Troll Cave
Cave of the Lion – Lvl 150
Lonely Cave – Lvl 200
Puggy Maze
Quinque Ruins – Lvl 80

 Royal Fur
Unlocked 3 Royal Arts!

During the first half of Cat Quest II your story line goal is to forge the Kingsblade. This infamous sword requires you to gather the 3 shards from different trials. When completing these trials and quests, you’ll be granted a ‘Royal Art’ for succession. The Royal Arts are a rolling dodge, a RNG damage boost, and water walking!

 Furriend of the People II
Completed 37 Side Quests!

Refer to Furriend of the People III for a list of side quests.

 Dungeon Master II
Cleared 38 dungeons!

Refer to Dungeon Master III for a list of dungeons.

 Arcane Paws II
Obtained 8 spells!

Refer to Arcane Paws III for the location of all the spells.

 Fashionista Tails II
Obtained 67 pieces of equipment!

Refer to Fashionista Tails III for a list of all the equipment.

 Kinghood II
Reached level 50!  

Refer to Kinghood III for more details.

 Furriend of the People I
Completed 7 Side Quests!

Refer to Furriend of the People III for a list of the side quests.

 Kinghood I
Reached level 10!

Refer to Kinghood III for more details.

 Arcane Paws I
Obtained 4 spells!

Refer to Arcane Paws III for all the spell locations.

 Dungeon Master I
Cleared 8 dungeons!

Refer to Dungeon Master III for a list of the dungeons.

 Fashionista Tails I
Obtained 34 pieces of equipment!

Refer to Fashionista Tails III for a list of the equipment.

 Catventure Begins
Completed the first quest!

Story Related.
When you start Cat Quest II you’re forced into the first story quest making this your first trophy.