Bird Game + Trophy Guide

Game: Bird Game +
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 20-40 min
Difficulty: 1/10
Missable trophies: None
Author: Knoef_NL and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Bird Game +. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Reach boss 2

Welcome to the trophy guide for “Bird Game +”, a flying game from Ratalaika. You will need to reach the second boss in normal mode. This will take you around 20 minutes at max. You don’t actually need to defeat the second boss. During your normal playthrough you also want to catch a fish, gather some coins and fly through a circle.

Stage 2 – Play Endless mode

Endless mode is a gamemode where there are no save points. If you die you need to start all over again. You will need to reach 200 points, which will take around 5 minutes at max. Gathering coins will increase the score, and catching fish will restore health!

It’s recommended to play this mode in “Dark Mode” so you can pop this trophy as well. Just go to the menu, select options and press video. Now toggle dark to “on” and start the game.


 Platinum Bird
Get all the trophies.

 Learning how to fly
Reach a score of 50 on endless mode.

See “Mastering the wings” for more information.

 Practicing Flying
Reach a score of 100 on endless mode.

See “Mastering the wings” for more information.

 Flying Exam
Reach a score of 150 on endless mode.

See “Mastering the wings” for more information.

Mastering the wings
Reach a score of 200 on endless mode.

You will need to obtain a score of 200, this is done by flying as far as you can and collecting coins to increase the score. Catching a fish will restore some of your health, which in done by flying close to the water and pressing “X” once you see a fish jumping out of the water. The trophy will pop once you reach a score of 200 or more and go game over.

A video is included below to give you an impression on how it is done.

Recover some health with the collectibles.

The collectibles or little coins are found throughout all normal levels. Simply collect a few and this trophy will pop.

Catch a fish

Fish spawn in level 2 or in the “endless” mode. Fly close to the water and watch for a fish to jump out. Press “X” to catch it, earning you this trophy. Doing this will restore health in both normal & endless mode.

High Speeds
Get a speed boost

Speed boosts are circles found throughout the levels. Fly through them and you will get a speed boost. At some point in the story mode they are required to progress, so don’t worry too much about them.

 In the dark
Complete a level in Dark Mode

Go to the main menu, select options and press video. Now toggle dark to “on” and start the game. Play for a bit until you complete a level. You could combine this with your normal playthrough or on endless mode.

 It’s a trap
Reach the second boss fight.

After you beat the first boss you will reach a slightly harder area. Fly for about 5-6 minutes and you will reach the second boss. If you die you will respawn at a checkpoint, you cannot go game over.

 The Battle
Reach to the first boss fight.

When you first start the game you will need to fly for about 5-6 minutes before you reach the first boss. It’s the Bug Bros, a giant bee and a dragonfly. They got 4 lives in total, so you will need to damage them 4 times. (Only 1 life in endless mode, you could obtain it there too).

The bugs will fly towards you, just dodge them. At some point they will spawn some trees, make them fly into the tree to damage them.

 Mach 10
Defeat the Bug Bros.

See “The Battle” for more information.