Bee Simulator Trophy Guide

Game: Bee Simulator
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 8 – 10 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: Great Hunger
Author: Pete and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Bee Simulator. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play the story missions, challenges, and feats in the same playthrough.

Play the main story missions and available side quests as soon as they are available. You can choose to play either Easy or Hard and earn all trophies on either difficulty. The game will introduce the different controls and mechanics as you progress further into it. Play through the challenges and feats. Make sure to complete the Great Hunger trophy before the Tree containing the Beehive is destroyed.

The game gives you short tutorials or information on an as needed basis so that you can learn and complete the requests given.
– While you are playing the game and you are outside of the Beehive make sure that you fly around to see if there are tasks, challenges, and feats available. The map is not very large and you can fly across checking sections as you collect and return pollen to the Beehive. The tasks, challenges, and feats are shown with lights of various colors shining into the sky as you approach their vicinity, so fly around the map! Remember to use your Bee Vision to see hidden colors for the flowers. Also, you have a compass that indicates, with symbols like the ones in the Feats section, if you are close to something important.

Feats are found in the game menu in the Hive Library, this is an in-game tracking system for all the game’s trophies.
You will need to earn Knowledge points throughout the game, as this is the currency to buy various items that you need to ultimately earn all trophies in the game. Knowledge points are earned by collecting pollen, completing quests, challenges, and feats. Spend your points to unlock animal statues, 3D models, and new skins for your bee.
-When you encounter new animals and insects, make sure that you go close to them so that an interaction counts.
-As of version 1.02, it seems that all the animals will register in your collection compared to version 1.01.

Knowledge Points Information.

Stage 2 – In FreeFlight Mode clean up any remaining trophies.

Continue in FreeFlight Mode, as you have access to everywhere except areas that were closed off due to being related to the main story. If you missed one or more of these trophies then you must start a new playthrough to obtain them. Use a new profile as there are 3 to choose from.


 Real Achiever
Collect ALL the other trophies!

Unlock all other trophies.

 The Exodus
Complete the main story.

You will earn this trophy for completing the main story. See the picture below with all the main story missions shown upon completion.

The main story missions completed.

 I Won’t Do This?
Complete all challenges.

You will earn this after completing all 65 challenges in the game.
Challenges by color – type:
Orange – Sting the Bully [3 Bully Challenges].
Red – Fight [21 Fight Challenges].
Pink – Dance [17 Dance Challenges].
Blue – Race (Chase or Follow) [6 Race Challenges].
Green – Gathering Pollen [18 Collecting Challenges].
The game tracks the type and number completed in the Extra Section of the menu.

 Access Granted
Unlock the Cave.

Inside the Tree Beehive, you will have to go down into a cave that is inside the Tree and below the Beehive.

 Furious Bee
Complete all the fight challenges.

See I Won’t Do This? Trophy description.

 Dance Revolution
Complete all the dance challenges.

See I Won’t Do This? Trophy description.

 Little Bees
Find all the little bees in the park.

There are 10 little bees in the park in hidden locations. They are hard to spot, as they only appear on your compass when you are relatively close to them. They have orange hexagonal shapes glowing around them when you spot them. Interact with them by flying up to them and collecting them.

 Ready to Retire
Collect pollen from 3000 flowers.

You will need to collect pollen from 3000 flowers. So always collect pollen as much as possible to make this less of a grind post the main story.

 Fast Bee
Complete all the chase challenges.  

See I Won’t Do This? Trophy description.

 Roof Over Your Head
Find the new hive.

You will search out a new location for the Beehive. You will eventually determine it is at the Boathouse under the hang of the roof on the waterside away from the eating areas. Report back to the Queen Bee your findings to complete this mission.

On the corner under hang of the roof on the Boathouse.

 Bee Hero
Be a bee hero.

Complete the main mission of saving youngling bees inside the Tree Beehive that went into areas that they were not supposed to explore.

Get in trouble.
Inside the Tree Beehive, before finding the cave under the Beehive, the bees will become restless. This will cause you to get in trouble.

 Flight of the Intruder
Discover what a drone does.
Inside the Tree Beehive you will be told about a night time intruder that is in Honey Park. Go outside and find a drone collecting pollen, chase it back to a man controlling it in a laptop.

 You Shall Not Pass!
Defeat Harry the Hornet in single combat.

When winter is approaching and you are inside the Tree Beehive, Harry the Hornet will get inside the Beehive and you must fight him to defend your colony. He is scared off and you earn this trophy.

Activate Beetro Mode.

You will earn this when you use the blue arrow indicator on the bottom left. This is your special bee speed boost that you obtain from collecting pollen from many flowers of the same kind in a row, or by eating human sweets in the park.

Beetro Information.

Enter found password on the computer.

The steps to solve are:
1. Look for the Sea Lion Exhibit..
2. Find the Ring near the Sea Lions..
3. The inscription on the Ring is the Password needed.
4. Find the laptop on the picnic tables near the Tree Beehive.
5. Enter the password on the laptop, which is ‘POIKOL’.

Sting the bear.

Find the bear in the Zoo Exhibit and sting it by pressing triangle on it.

Find the Bear in the Zoo Exhibit.

 Your Honor
Find the lawsuit notice.

In the Carnival area where the tables are set up, you will find the Lawsuit Notice shown below.

 Easter Egg
Find the Easter egg.

Find the Chicken Coop in the Zoo Exhibits. Go inside to the top part where there is a special egg. Land on the Easter egg and sting it until it turns red.

 To Bee Or Not To Bee
Finish the tutorial.

You will earn this trophy after completing the tutorial introduction to the game.

 To Infinite And Beyond
Fly a total of 10 kilometres.

You will earn this trophy for flying 10 kilometres. It is measured in meters in the game, so those 10 km. are equal to 10000 m. This will come naturally as you play the game.

 Changing Point of View
Use bee vision.

Activate the special Bee Vision, which turns your screen a blue color, but changes the colors of flowers through this bee vision. It reveals special colors from flowers that are required to complete various tasks in the game.

 Bee To The Rescue
Bring the bee home

When you first enter the park and you are still being introduced to how things work in the game, you will come across Sick Bee Jackie. She ate a rotten apple and you need to follow her to a picnic basket. At the picnic basket you will have a fight with Wasp Avery, and upon defeating the wasp, you will earn the trophy.

 Gotcha Catch ‘Em All
Unlock all animal statues.

Unlock the Trophy Room in the Tree Beehive. You can then obtain the 11 Animal Statues in this Room by using your Knowledge Points to buy them after finding these animals (insects) in the game. See pictures below of all 11 animals. All the animals are scattered throughout the game. Play with volume on in the game so you can not only see these animals, but also hear them making sounds. Lots of them are in the Tropic Zone, Butterfly Building, The Zoo, and surroundings of the Boathouse.

Note: As of version 1.01 some animals will not register as being discovered (Edible Frog, Brintesia, Yellow Garden Spider and Migrant Hawker (dragonfly). Therefore, you cannot unlock their associated animal statues. However, playing on a second or third Profile Save, you can unlock previously unlocked animal statues and these count to the total of 11 animal statues needed to be found and bought with your earned Knowledge Points.

 Bee Of The Ring
Find a hidden message.

Find the Ring in the Sea Lion Exhibit in the Zoo. Land on the Ring and sting it by pressing the triangle button. See Enigma trophy descriptions for images.

Get all the pollen from the flower lady 15 times.

There are 4 Flower Ladies in the Park: near the Boathouse, at the Carnival eating area, near the Sea Lions Exhibit, and toward the northeast along a pathway. Choose any combination of Flower Ladies to collect the pollen from these special flowers, 15 times.

Flower Lady Information.

 Close Examination
Unlock a 3D animal.

In the Trophy Room inside the Tree Beehive or the Boathouse Beehive, unlock a 3D animal. You will first have to encounter it during the game and then buy the 3D animal using your earned Knowledge Points.

Close Examination Trophy.

 Escape Artist
Complete all the spider web challenges.

Find the various spider webs throughout the Park that have challenges associated with them. There are 19 spider web challenges in the game.

See the images below for some of the spider web locations.  

Note: There are other spider webs available in the game, but some are only temporary and appear only once during an specific event.

 Bully-Free Zone
Complete the Bully challenge 3 times.

There is a Bully destroying Flowers in the Park. His challenge color is Orange. Find him 3 times and sting him each time so that he runs away. See pictures below.

 Early Access
Unlock the Trophy Room.

See Gotcha Catch ‘Em All trophy description.  

 The New Me
Unlock new bee skin

You will unlock the ability to get new bee skins once you progress enough in the game, and then, in the Extra section in the Menu under Wardrobe, you will be able to change the bee skin once you unlock one of the bee skins by using your Knowledge Points. Select one of the new bee skins to earn this trophy.

Switch the light in the street lamp.

Find a street lamp, like the one shown near the Zoo below, and sting the light bulb using the triangle button.

Change music in a boombox.

Find a boombox and sting the place where a CD would be playing below it. Boomboxes are near the people who are dancing in the Park. There is also a boombox near the eating area of the Boathouse.

 Lord Of The Flies
Defeat the fly gang leader

Go to the Tropic Zone in the zoo. You will find out from Scout Bee Barry that there is a big stink flower that needs flies to pollinate it. You will meet the Fly Leader Dude and challenge him to a race so that he helps you if you win. Win the race against the fly and then go inside the Tropic Zone to the big stink flower.

Warning: It’s possible with the game update after version 1.01 that this challenge may not spawn. If that does happen, use a second profile to start a new game and try again. If it does not work, then it may be glitched.

 It’s A Zoo Out There
Report to the Queen about animals.

A mission from the Queen Bee will be to determine what animals may pose a threat to the honey bees. Follow the golden markers to locate the animals shown below. When you encounter them you will need to decide if they are dangerous to bees or not. After interacting with all of them you will return to the Queen Bee to report your findings.

 Great Hunger
Feed the little bees

This trophy is missable, so make sure that you locate where the Nursery is inside the Tree Beehive (the Boathouse Beehive will NOT have a Nursery). Once inside the Nursery, you will be given a timed task to feed the little bees. Repeat this task until you have feed 50 of the little bees.

 Chicco In Trouble
Find a guardian for the little squirrel.

Near the beginning of the game when you are out in Honey Park, there is the side quest called The Foster Family. You will encounter a little squirrel called Chicco who has lost his mother. You will talk to many squirrels, and eventually, to Lisa the Squirrel (another mother) who will help out Chicco. She decides to bring him into her family of squirrels.

 Spider’s Lair
Uncover Anna’s web of conspiracy.

Fly into a spider web (not during a race) and you will be trapped. Press triangle to stop on the green in the quick time event, 3 times to escape the spider’s web.

 Dodge The Tongue
Collect pollen from the giant water lily.

Dorrie the Dragonfly will ask you to do some tasks for her. In exchange she will bring you to the location of the giant lily pad flower under a bridge.

 Foster Family
Help the mother squirrel.

After having Lisa the Squirrel accept Chicco into her family, she will need help collecting food for the children. Follow her instructions to earn this trophy.

 The Great Crossing
Help the ants across the water

There is a pond near the Boathouse. and along the edge are two ants trying to take a boat across the water. They need you to find mushrooms that glow in the dark that are in the nearby cave. The cave is in the pile of rocks. Collect and return all of them.

Find the wise-bee’s flower.

Wise bee Frank needs you to complete tests – like races, finding flowers, and the Ultimate Flower (use bee vision to help spot it).  

Destroy 20 balloons.

Find any of the balloons (colorful or animal faced) and sting them to make them pop. Use the triangle button to sting.  

Take control of drone.

There is an electric bee side quest where there’s a human controlling a drone bee that is collecting pollen from flowers. You will investigate by taking control of the drone bee and using it to collect 4 legendary flowers’ pollen (outlined in purple).  

 It Came From Beneath
Drive the mole away.

Find the side quest The Creature From Beneath the Earth. A different species of bees will ask you to violently get rid of a mole. Go into the underground beehive and repeatedly sting the mole to scare it away. Report back to the other bees to earn the trophy.

 Interspecies Relations
Dance with a bee from another species.

Eventually you will meet Ashley the Carpenter bee in Honey Park. There will be a fight with the carpenter bee, as they are trying to steal your honey. A conversation will happen and then you will do a dance for the carpenter bee to show her where she needs to go to.

Interspecies Relations Trophy.


 Flower Power
Collect pollen from 1000 flowers.

Fly through the golden circles around flowers to collect the pollen. Once you have reached the maximum amount of pollen you can carry, return to the Beehive to deposit it. Repeat collecting pollen from 1000 flowers.

 Expert Collector
Gather pollen for the winter.

You will earn this trophy by completing the mission to gather pollen before winter occurs.

 Hello Friend
Unlock an animal statue.

Unlock your first animal statue in the Trophy Room inside the Beehive by using your earned Knowledge Points.  

 Active Bee
Interact 50 times with the environment.

Interact with any 50 items in the environment, such as flowers, animals, and insects.

 The Sweet Stuff
Feast on human food 30 times.

Human food has a Blue glow around it. Some of the human foods are: Sweets (donuts, lollipops, cookies, cupcakes). These can be found on plates, tables, picnic baskets, and in garbage cans.

Sweets are Human Food.