Batu Ta Batu Trophy Guide

Game: Batu Ta Batu
Peripherals: 2nd controller required
Time to 100%: 30 Minutes to 1 Hour
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: None
Author: Nameless600

Welcome to the trophy guide for Batu Ta Batu. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play until you reach 15000 points in Endless

Batu Ta Batu is a simple puzzle game that requires you to put colored boxes to the correct sides of a X by X square (for example 2×2, 3×4, 4×5, etc.). It is very easy to get the hang of and the trophies are pretty simple with only one requiring any actual amount of skill.

In the first step, you’ll want to play Endless a few times to get the hang of the basic game. It will force you to go through a failure long tutorial the first time, so don’t worry about learning how to play the game. After 2-3 runs you should be able to reach 15,000 points and obtain the hardest trophy. Along the way you’ll likely grab most other trophies related to single player.

Stage 2 – local co-op [Multiplayer] & Cleanup

There are two local co-op trophies in the game. Party time! & Crappy delivery. Both are failure simple to get and only require you to have a second controller (not another active person).

After you’ve completed the local c-op trophies, you may need to grab any trophies you missed or play 1-2 more games for Already a veteran. After this, you should have the platinum!

Get all the trophies

Nice work! Enjoy your platinum!

 Already a veteran
Play Endless 5 times

Endless mode is the first mode you will play. You start with a three minute timer and as you match the correct colors you’ll gain more time/points.

Plays in Endless mode will count towards this trophy in both single player & local co-op.

If you have already obtained all other trophies and only need this one, you can simply start a single player game and let the clock run down from three minutes.

 Go BIG!
Remove a 2×2 full grid Batu in Endless

For the purpose of this game, a Batu is any sized square/rectangle that is being moved around. As the same colored squares appear they will link together and form larger rectangles/squares similar to bejeweled or other match three games.

For this trophy, you’ll need to make a 2×2 square (4 squares together) and put it into its correct colored square. The only trick is it will need to be within level one which is the first 1K points. This is very easy to get by using the the opposite color on the top section and simply flipping the squares back and forth until the entire screen is a square.

If you need some help, watch the first half of the video listed under Crappy delivery as the trophy would have been obtained (did not pop as it was already unlocked) during this.

 Big Bang
Explode a full grid Batu in Endless

Certain squares will be marked by a bomb symbol. Once you match this batu to its correct side you will be awarded one bomb.

For this trophy, you will need to have at least one bomb and create a 2×2 square that has a bomb symbol on it.

Once you have this on screen, do not match it to the correct colored side. Instead, press R2 on the 2×2 square to activate a bomb. This will cause the entire play field to erase and basically start you fresh.

It is easiest to get this when your board is either 3×2 or 3×3 as 2×2 is a little too small and 4×3/4×4 will cause larger rectangles/squares and blocked paths to become more common. Although it can be obtained at any time.

An image is provided below for what it will look like right before detonating the bomb.

Highlighted red 2×2 Batu is the one you’ll want to detonate.

 Crappy delivery
Send 4 crappy Batus at once in multiplayer

The trophy name seems to be slightly misleading, but this may be because it is so easily cheesed.

When playing local co-op, if you create a 2×2 Batu and bring it to the correct side, it will send a locked (or “crappy”) Batu to the other player.

The trophy name seems to be misleading due to the fact that as long as you send at least 4 crappy Batus over the course of the game, the trophy will unlock.

This can easily be done by yourself only needing to have the second controller sit idle while you play on one side. Just create four 2×2 squares in three minutes (when the otherside will lose) and the trophy will unlock.

A video is provided below for the basics on how you might do this and how long you will likely have left on the clock.


 Bomb addict
Finish an Endless game with 0 bombs in the counter

This trophy will likely not unlock naturally as you gain bombs constantly during the course of play and when out you gain one ever 20-30 seconds.

Simply start a game, wait for the timer to reach about 15 seconds and use all of your bombs by pressing R2 and selecting a square you want to explode. You will need to make 1 move after each use of a bomb, but since you haven’t played at all you should only have 1-3 bombs to use.

 Making good money!
Earn the first 20 coins in Endless

This will unlock naturally over the course of play.

Coins will be obtained no matter how well you do during the course of play in endless mode. This will likely unlock after your first game.

See On the right track for more information on money.

 Bomb keeper
Get 30 bombs in Endless

This will unlock naturally over the course of play.

Bombs can be used by pressing R2 and selecting a Batu (square/rectangle), for the most part they are used to get pesky blocks out of the way during the early levels, but can be used at any time as part of your strategy.

This trophy is cumulative, so its 30 bombs over the course of play. You do not need to have 30 at one time.

You will obtain this during your playthrough for Getting serious as bombs appear quite frequently.

 Getting serious
Reach 15000 points in Endless

This is arguably the hardest trophy and what bumps the difficulty from 1/10 to 2/10. Although it can easily be obtained once you get the hang of how to play the game and the basic strategies.

You will want to focus on what can get you points the quickest, do not spend to much time trying to create a giant Batu (essentially anything above 2×2 or 4×1) as you’ll spend more time getting it ready then you will be awarded.

If you ever feel yourself starting to get stuck, use a bomb or two just to create a path for yourself for the Batu you were trying to finish. This will help you clear your head and likely create other Batus for you to work with.

Try to go as fast as you can in the early levels as they are much easier and are great for racking up some easy extra time. By the time you obtain 15,000 points you will have a 4×4 game board.

Once you hit 15,001 (just to be safe) you can let yourself lose. The trophy will pop as soon as the round ends.

 Gone shopping!
Unlock the game mode shop in the menu

This will unlock naturally over the course of play.

The game mode shop will unlock after your first completed round of endless (regardless of how well you do).

Although there are several game modes available, you will only need Endless & Less Batus Than in order to obtain the platinum.

 On the right track
Get perfect score in one level

This trophy is unlocked in Less Batus Than mode, which can be purchased from the game mode store for 250 coins.

Basically, you will need to complete the puzzle in less moves than the game recommends.

Although this may sound complicated, the first level (3×3) is EXTREMELY simple and can be completed in one move. Although colors and basic positions will be randomized, the point of the puzzle will always be the same.

A video is provided below showing how to beat the puzzle in one move. The puzzle was completed twice to show the slight randomness involved.

Create a 1×3 line and 1×2 line and the puzzle should be solved.

 Going upstairs
Reach the “2nd floor” in one mode

This will unlock naturally over the course of play.

Floors are the games term for levels. Simply reach level two (obtain 1K points in Endless mode is the quickest way) and the trophy will pop.

 Graduated with honors
Finish the Endless tutorial

This will unlock naturally over the course of play.

The tutorial will play the first time you enter into Endless mode. It is untimed and most of the moves are scripted, so feel free to take your time and figure out exactly how to play the game.

Once the actual game of Endless mode starts the trophy will unlock.

 Party time!
Finish a multiplayer game the first time

This trophy can be combined with Crappy delivery or completed seperately.

This will unlock as soon as you finish your first local co-op match. It does not matter who wins, simply finish the game and the trophy will pop.

Local co-op [Multiplayer] is unlocked from the start and can be accessed from the main menu. There is no online so you will need two controllers to play, although you do not need two people (see Crappy delivery for more info).

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