Back in 1995 Trophy Guide

Game: Back in 1995
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 1-2 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: Newspaper Clippings and Weapon pick ups
Author: Matt Knight

Welcome to the trophy guide for Back in 1995. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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  • Save your game often and make use of the Multi save slots (Just so you don’t have to start the game again if you miss something, use them like checkpoints)
  • Most of the enemies can be avoided by just walking past them
  • Collect the painkillers and as much ammo as you can find as you will definitely need them

Stage 1 – Complete the game

Chapter 1
When you spawn on the top of the roof, you will find a key hidden behind the Ac unit. Make sure to grab it by walking behind the fan. There are some painkillers opposite the steps. Make your way inside the building by entering by blue door. Make your way downwards, on the most left door you will find a wrench (TROPHY), you can ignore this room though and get the wrench from another location. The middle door, which is the one to your right opposite the steps, will be locked but can be opened with the key that you found. Open it and walk up to the table and select the voice message. (TROPHY)

Chapter 2
Speak with the doctor, he will give you the task to activate the AC system on the roof. Behind the doctor is a wrench if you skipped the previous room. Before you exit, make sure to save your game using the Pc opposite the doctor. Make your way to the roof by going up the stairs to the left of the vending machine, and walk towards the left where you will find the AC units, interact with the most right one. Make your way back to the doctor. He will once again give you a task. This time go back to the roof, and walk left, away from the ac units. Follow the route round and go down the scaffolding and open the door at the bottom. In this room collect the Pistol (TROPHY) and ammo on the desk in front of you. Walk to the far top left of this room and go through the door. (Notice 437 on the whiteboard). You will find 2 doors at the bottom of the stairs. Open the right one with the code “437”. On the table you will find the first Newspaper Clipping collectible, this is the first out of three. Also make sure to interact with the whiteboard and grab the painkillers on the table. Now exit the door. Go up the stairs. Make your way past the fallen vending machine and kill any of the tentacle like creatures in your way. Go to the door in front of you behind the table. Enter code “209” go in the room and collect the documents from the table. Return to the doctor. Go back to the roof and again walk to the right away from the Ac units, open the Storehouse door, go up the ladder and use the zipline. (TROPHY)

Chapter 3
Go through the gate, go up the ladder, across the 2 planks and speak to Harris. Use save point. Go back down the ladder and just behind it in the floor you will find some gated steps going down to a door. Use the key Harris gave you and enter the door. Go through the door to the left leading to a restaurant/canteen type area. At the back right of the room on a table is the 2nd Newspaper Clippings collectible. Opposite to this is the shotgun propped up in the kitchen. Collect it for a (TROPHY). Exit the room. Walk down the corridor, go through the 1st brown door on the right. In the back corner is a brief case. Use code “929”. Exit the room. Walk straight ahead to the end of the corridor and go through the door. Get the key from the stand in corner of the room and some shotgun shells. Exit the room and go through the door down the corridor to the right just before the corner. Towards the back of the room is a note. Read it. Exit the room. Head back to the door for the roof, go through it, up the ladder and speak to Harris. Go back down through the roof door and walk down the corridor and select the barricade on the right to remove it. Go down the stairs. Go through the door on the right and kill the 2 beasts. Walk through the hole in the wall and go through the door at the end of the room. Walk down the corridor, go around the corner and go through the door at the end of the corridor. Collect the key on the stand. Exit the room and walk back the way you came from and go through the door on the corner. Press the switch (It won’t work). Go back through the room with the hole in the wall. Follow the corridor, round the corner and select the metal door. After a cutscene, find a ladder and go up it. Follow the walkway round until you see a way leading off into the middle of the room. There will be a valve at the end.Turn it. Follow the path around the room some more and turn another valve, a little further down the walkway is a 3rd valve too. Go back down the ladder. Walk over where the gas was between the machinery and find the painkillers. Opposite those is the switch, press it. Go back up the ladder. Walk to the slope. Take leap. Kill x3 enemies. Find the key on the machine where the briefcase is. Go back up the slope. Find the pathway through the middle that leads to a door, and prepare your gun. Enter and kill x3 enemies. Move the containers so that a green one can move to the right and into the hole in the wall. This will unlock the door. Go through the door, go back to the lift switch that didn’t work when pressed previously. Open the gate and go inspect where Harris was, then go up the ladder and walk around to the zipline. (TROPHY)

Chapter 4
Go into the room where a women is standing at the dining table. Talk to her. Exit the room and go upstairs to the room above. Collect the Crank as shown in the pic.

Collect the Newspaper Clipping to the left. (TROPHY). Now exit and go to the top room in the other building with a bed in it. Open the drawer using the crank by selecting the crank in your inventory whilst standing at the drawer. Now you have to visit every room and read the notes in each one, on the bed behind you, the room below you and the swimming pool below that, and the room you found the crank and last newspaper in above the dining room. This will unlock a door which is situated along side the penthouse. Go in between the buildings and walk forwards down the steps and then down the slope to the door.
Take the leap. (TROPHY)

Stage 2 – Play the second ending

This ending is forced upon you after completing the game once. You will notice things are slightly different but basically all you need to do is get the key from behind the Ac unit, go through the door and down the stairs, open the middle door, pick up and use the flashlight, (TROPHY) make your way back up the stairs to the roof. Walk up the scaffolding to the right of the Ac unit, then find the exits to each area. To the right of the 3 Ac units is the exit to the first area, through the metal gate (opposite the ladder that led to Harris) and up the steps for the 2nd area and when you reach the penthouse again read the note on the exit door. After the end game cutscene walk up to the answering machine and select it.


 You did everything you possibly could.
Get all the trophies.

This will pop during the credits

If life were only like this.
Clear the first stage.

Please see text guide above.

Life moves pretty fast.
Clear the second stage.

Please see text guide above.

Welcome to the middle of the game.
Clear the third stage.

Please see text guide above.

New word for the day.
Clear the fourth stage.

Please see text guide above.

It’s over. Go home.
Complete game with first ending.

Both endings come as you play the game, it’s not choice based. Simply complete all chapters and you will earn this trophy.
Once you continue after completing the game you will get a slightly different setting which you will need to complete for the second ending trophy. This will take around 15 minutes.

You’ve came back there.
Complete game with second ending.

Both endings come as you play the game, it’s not choice based. Simply complete all chapters and you will earn ending one.
Once you continue after completing the game you will get a slightly different setting which you will need to complete. This will take around 15 minutes.

Grab the flashlight in the room and activate it, now make your way to the penthouse area and walkthrough to the last door and read the note.

How do we arm first?
Get the pipewrench.

The pipewrench can be found in chapter 1, in the most left door inside the building or if you decided not to go into that room then there is one in Chapter 2 right behind where the doctor is standing.

Looking for really big gun.
Get the shotgun.

This is found in Chapter 3 in the restaurant area propped up against a fridge in the kitchen. Please see text guide for more information.

Kids playing with guns.
Get the pistol.

Found in chapter 2. Please see the text guide for more information.

Did I play video games because I was miserable?
Get the flashlight.

You will find this during the alternate ending. Get the key from behind the Ac unit. Enter the door, go down the stairs, unlock the door opposite and go inside. The Flashlight is on the table at the end of the room. Open your inventory and select use on the flashlight.  

The fourth dimension wall.
Collect Dr. Randell newsclips.

There are 3 of these to find. One in the room where you have to enter the code 437. One in the restaurant area on a table in the back right corner, opposite the kitchen area with the Shotgun in it. And one in the Penthouse area, in the room at the top, above the dining room, to the left of where you will find a crank.

Are you still here?
Clear the opening sequence.

This trophy will pop before the game even starts.