Asterix & Obelix XXL3 Trophy Guide

Game: Asterix & Obelix XXL3
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 5 – 10 hours
Difficulty: 3/10
Missable trophies: None
Author: Peter and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Asterix & Obelix XXL3. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play through the main story to completion.

Welcome to Asterix & Obelix XXL3 trophy guide. There are 6 chapters, 6 battle areas to gold level, character upgrades, and much more packed into this game!

At the start of the game choose to play on HARD difficulty in Single or Coop (local). Play through all 6 chapters focusing on the main story missions only. Buy techniques and upgrades for your two characters as they become available, as some are related to be specific trophies.

– You will be able to change which character you are playing on the fly when playing single player. Also, if you move too far away from the other character, the NPC will spawn close to where you are, so you do not need to worry about caring for both. This is true throughout the game, from battles to platforming, and everything in between.
– Once the Crystal Menhir is fully upgraded it will be much easier to collect helmets (money) and remember to have 5000 on hand at one time.

The characters have different abilities and techniques so make sure to take advantage of each ones’ skillset to perform certain actions in battles and during platforming areas/levels.
– You do not need to do any secondary quests or find the dog bones, the wreaths, or the dice to earn all the trophies.

  • The Crystal Menhir is able to gain special powers after finding the related lost shard (story related). The four powers that are possible are:
    Stone – Ground pound.
    Ice – Freeze enemies.
    Fire – Burn enemies.
    Magnet – Bring helmets towards it (by holding L1 and tapping X), or making a magnetic shield around Obelix (by holding L1 and holding down X). The magnetic shield will last for a limited time, but will reduce the Romans from interrupting you. For example, when you are trying to use a bridge switch to lower a bridge.

Stage 2 – Trophy Cleanup.

Fast Travel is available after completing the game. This will allow you to travel to any of the 6 different regions. Therefore, you will have access to obtain any trophies that you did not earn yet.


 Exemplary courage
Earn all the trophies.

Unlock all other trophies.  

 The heroes’ return
Finish Chapter 6 – Save the village.

Follow and complete the main missions for the sixth (final) chapter.

 It’s gonna be rough…
Buy a character upgrade.

Use your collected helmets (money) to buy your first character upgrade. It can be either a Technique or Upgrade for either Asterix or Obelix. See By Toutatis! trophy description for more details. Below are the full character upgrades completed.

 Combat Master
Do a 200-hit combo

Complete a 200 hit combo without stopping for more than a second and not being interrupted by a Roman. An easy method is to use a Camp where there are Romans with trumpets so that they constantly alert other Romans to come to that area. This will spawn Romans continuously and make this much easier. Also, use an area that is smaller with tents, as there will be a better chance for a steady supply of Romans available to defeat. It will only take 20 – 40 seconds to get the combo count to 200 and above. See the picture below.

 Gaulish excellence
Complete all the camps with a gold medal.

There are 6 Camps to play through. You need to earn a gold medal on all of them. This does not have to be done during the main story playthrough. After the credits you will be able to access all of these Camps by using the Fast Travel option and then navigating your way to the desired Camp.

Chapter 1 – Petibonum – 7000 points needed.
Chapter 1 – Aquarium – 7000 points needed.
Chapter 2 – Reykjavum – 7500 points needed.
Chapter 3 – Esohandsum – 8000 points needed.
Chapter 3 – Adenufofum – 8000 points needed.
Chapter 4 – Newvolum – 8000 points needed.

There are 5 criteria for basing your points earned on:
Time spent – Go as quickly as possible through the Camp.
Romans defeated – Defeat a certain number of Romans.
Alerts triggered – Defeat or avoid the Romans with trumpets.
Health used – The lower the amount of health used, the better. This is the collecting of the food items.
Energy bonuses earned – Collecting the energy items.

After completing a Camp, your Score will be shown with the criteria breakdown. The numbers in green are perfect scores, white are fine, and red are poor.

See the pictures below for more details.

 Gaulish Hero
Finish the game in “Difficult” mode.

Play and finish the game on Hard difficulty.

 Handball pro
Throw one Roman back and forth 5 times with another player.

Bugged Trophy

You will need to throw Romans against explosive barrels for this trophy to pop. Camp “Reykjavum” in Thule has a lot of explosive barrels to do so. The camp is positioned on the right when inside the village

The precise requirements for this trophy are unknown. Just keep trying and it should pop.

Send 6 Romans flying with a single uppercut

It’s recommended to play on Hard difficulty, as there are many more enemies available and in larger groups. Shown below is in Tyre at the Esohandsum Camp. As Asterix, take the magic potion before getting too close to the Romans (this scatters them away), then run through and circle around the enemies. The enemies shown have a Sword above their heads and these enemies are much more aggressive in wanting to getting very close to Asterix. Then when you are ready press and hold L1 and triangle to unleash an Ultra Uppercut. You will see a number in the top left corner area showing that you did this move and how many you hit (you need 6 or more Romans).

 The art of subtlety
Stun 250 enemies with Romans falling back to the ground.

As Asterix, you will be able to press and hold L1 and either tap or hold triangle to do an uppercut on a Roman. The Roman will fly upwards and then fall back down to the ground.

As Obelix, you will be able to press and hold L1 and tap or hold triangle to send a Roman flying upwards and then falling back down to the ground.

 By Toutatis!
Buy all the character upgrades.

Collect helmets by destroying boxes, finding them in bushes, and defeating Romans. It is especially important to collect as many helmets as possible so that you can buy more and better Techniques and Upgrades for your characters. This will make the game easier for you. By Chapter 5, all available Techniques and Upgrades for the characters are available to buy and use.

 Gaulish Warrior
 Finish the game in “Normal” mode or a higher difficulty setting.

Play and finish the game on Normal difficulty.

 It wasn’t built in a day
Finish Chapter 5 – Rome.

Follow and complete the main missions for the fifth chapter.

 A fine collection
Collect 10,000 helmets

You will only have to have collected 10,000 helmets from defeating Romans, destroying boxes, and/or finding them in bushes. You do not need this many on hand at one time.

 Incorrigible Gaul
Defeat 1,500 Romans.

As you play through the game you will naturally defeat 1,500 Romans. If you do not after the main story, you can use any Camp to defeat Romans until you earn this trophy.

Do a 100-hit combo.

See Combat Master trophy description.

 Pro Bowler
Throw a Roman and hit 10 enemies

Either character can throw enemies, but Obelix is able to do it more efficiently and effectively. As you attempt to earn this trophy, make sure that the enemies when off screen are able to hit other enemies. If you by chance hit 10 with one Roman like in the first picture below. Otherwise in Chapter 4, while in the Newvolum Camp, there are the raised docks where you can attempt this trophy as shown in the second picture.

 Super Gaul
Defeat 500 Romans under the effect of a magic potion.

As Asterix, he will be able to find and use magic potions. They look like the trophy icon but are green. If you need a place to farm this trophy, it’s recommended to wait until Chapter 6, if you haven’t earn it prior. In Chapter 6 it is the final battle and all the items (food, energy, and magic potions) that you can pick up will spawn over and over again. This makes it easy so that you don’t have to spend time searching for energy and magic potions. Ignore the crane enemy and focus on defeating the Roman soldiers in this area.

Collect 5,000 helmets.

You will need to have a cumulative amount of 5000 helmets on hand at one time.

 Don’t miss!
Make a Roman hit a target.

Throw or knock a Roman into a target (see picture below). All of the camps have targets in them.

 Get a load of this barrel
Defeat 10 Romans with a barrel of powder

Throw 10 Romans into a barrel of powder (see the red barrels below). Obelix can pound the Crystal Menhir into the ground with Stone selected, as this can knock Romans into it, or it can make the red barrels explode.

 Things are starting to get serious
Do a 50-hit combo.

See Combat Master trophy description.

 The grass is greener on the Gauls’ side!
Finish Chapter 1 – Gaul.

Follow and complete the main missions for the first chapter.

 Seeing stars
Throw 100 Romans.

To throw an enemy, press and hold L1 and X when near enemies. Throwing is a very effective way to defeating or stunning many Romans very quickly.

 Break the ice
Finish Chapter 2 – Thule.

Follow and complete the main missions for the second chapter.

 Menhir Delivery Man
Finish the game in “Easy” mode or a higher difficulty setting

Play and finish the game on Easy difficulty or higher.

 It’s hot, it burns!
Warm up 100 Romans.

After gaining the new ability for the Crystal Menhir to use Fire, hold down L1 and tap X near enemies to burn them.

 Ice dispenser
Freeze 100 Romans

After gaining the new ability for the Crystal Menhir to use Ice, hold down L1 and X near enemies to freeze them.

Stun 250 Romans.

When you hit or throw Romans, they will most likely be stunned. This trophy will come naturally as you play the game.

 These Romans are crazy!
Defeat 500 Romans.

You will naturally earn this trophy for defeating 500 Romans.  

 A tailor-made menhir
Recover the Crystal Menhir

In the first chapter you meet with Getafix. He will tell you about the Crystal Menhir, its purpose, and who is the creator of the Crystal (Avina Gandir). After this, you will meet with Getafix and Chief Vitalstatistix. Then Obelix will obtain the Crystal Menhir.

 A discreet odyssey
Finish Chapter 4 – Crete.

Follow and complete the main missions for the fourth chapter.

 A spare Tyre
Finish Chapter 3 – Tyre.

Follow and complete the main missions for the third chapter.