Arc of Alchemist Trophy Guide

Game: Arc of Alchemist
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 20-25hrs+
Difficulty: 4/10
Missable trophies: None.
Trophies: 1 6 11 12
Author: Sean

Welcome to the trophy guide for Arc of Alchemist. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the True Ending Route

Arc of Alchemist’s story mode is around 10 hours long making this a relatively short JRPG. The other considerate thing is a remarkably easy True ending to earn. You won’t need to worry about the True Ending as you can quickly backtrack for the items before the final boss. As there are no missables in this game, you can play at your own pace and enjoy this title making sure to stop when you discover The Origins – North campsite. Once you do refer to ‘Return’ trophy for details on the True Ending.

A few tips before you embark on the journey:
~Invest in Commission Base, Weapons, and Armor facilities as these are your main means of upgrades besides accessories and stats.
~Learn abilities: Regeneration and Steal, alongside your personal playstyle. (This will allow healing as you go along, without relying on items with cooldowns. Steal will greatly help with end-game farming if you work earlier on it.)
~Don’t be afraid to spend gold, this game literally shoves gold down your throat with all the Gold Dust to sell you find.
~When you gain the ability to create healing totems through Orb Combinations, you can spam the field with them during boss fights making it considerably easier.
~Build Every Campsite, the first level is cheap.
~Choose three main characters at the beginning Formation > Change, and fight with them for the whole game (Non-party members still level up).

Everything else in this game is story related, upgrading your bases, leveling up, or combat related. After you complete the True End you’ll have very few trophies left and it’s clean-up and a long level grind.

Stage 2 – Post-Game

Post-game really doesn’t offer anything new content-wise, it loads let’s you keep playing the main game. All that’ll be left is grinding out the misc. trophies and levels. Essentially base-building trophies, camp or combat trophies, and reaching level 100 with everyone. You’ll really just be running the same three or four maps for hours on end gathering items, then one for level grinding. This step will take around the same timeframe as the main game give or take a few. It’ll be easiest to knock-out the base building first as you’ll level while gathering everything too, so refer to ‘A Place to Call Home’ to figure out what is needed to be done. Besides that, it’ll essentially be grinding to level 100 unless you have a miscellaneous task you haven’t done, if so refer to the respective trophy.


 Alchemist of Legend
Gained all Trophies.

 To a New World
Reached the end of the game.

Refer to ‘Return’ for more details.

 Weapon Collector
Gained 5 powerful weapons.

Unlike many other JRPGs, Arc of Alchemist’s ‘powerful weapons’ don’t require grand adventures and quests. When you rank up your weapon facilities enough you’ll unlock Rank III weapons. Purchase 5 different Rank III weapons and this will pop.

The Purchase of 5 Powerful Weapons

 Godly Positioning
Activated plenty of adjacent facility bonuses.

This trophy doesn’t entail how many a lot is but be assured it’s not much at all. In fact, you can earn this as soon as facility building is available.

Adjacent facility bonuses are bonuses that are formed when 2 or more facilities gain a bonus by connecting the squares they reside on amongst other requirements. Placing 4 of the same in a square will create a larger facility too.

Adjacent bonuses for example can include but not limited too:
~Jewelry Shop paired with Trading House.
~Trading House paired with Trade Center.
~Commission Base paired with the Trade Center.
~Trade Center paired with Commission Base.
~Training Grounds paired with a Commission Base.
~Maintenance Facility paired with a Weapons Facility.
~Weapons Facility paired with a Maintenance Facility.
~Refinery paired with an Alchemy Atelier.
~ Alchemy Atelier paired with a Refinery.

The amount of pairings and understanding of the systems can overcome newcomers though, so if you want to get this out of the way immediately. You only need level 1 of all facilities. When you have a lvl 1 of every facility place them like the examples above and/or follow the picture below and save the design. You’ll get both ‘Great Positioning’ and this trophy as well.

Note: For the level 9 facilities and the other trophies, it’s recommended to pair similar buildings together for compiled bonuses. But at the beginning of the game we won’t have access to that nor the space. So that’s why you could follow this shoddy set-up to get the trophy if you’re having trouble in the beginning activating bonuses. Else-wise refer to “A Place To Call Home” for more details on a perfect base.

 Greatest Expedition Unit
Raised everyone’s level to 100.

This is it. The bane of this trophy list. This is most likely the last trophy you’ll earn. Every other trophy will be earned within 10-12+ hours, it’s this trophy here that’ll take 4-8+ hours alone of grinding.

When you beat the true ending of the game you should be somewhere in the 55 – 65 level range. The easiest way to level up is to fight level 99s but almost all of them will 1 or 2 shot you, except for the Metal Glyptodon. He has lower stats than the final boss and is incredibly easy to kill.

He spawns within a 60 – 100 second walk from The Origins – North campsite. Before you head to him, just to make things easier you should have a decent set-up that by no means is spectacular.

By post-game you’ll have tonnes of gold, so spend some of it increasing your defense stats! First and cheap too is to increase the stats directly through the upgrade at the base. The first 50 stats require no items, just gold. Increase everyones defense & attack by 50 each. Next You should have a high enough facility to get level V Accessories. Get the Level 5 Defense & Attack Accessories. Last is the equipment, he is still easily downable with level 2 Juggernaut Gear or equivalent to it. So make sure to equip The level II weapons on everyone. Armor, again can be relatively modest, anywhere between the +150 – 200 NDEF armor will work just fine. You’re end game goal here is to have 500-600+ Defense and Attack, if not higher.

Now for the strategy:
1st method:
Metal Glyptodon loves rolling around it can hurt at low levels and be real annoying. Luckily, thatit can be stunlocked. Using weapons with high enough combos and damages will knock the Gryptodon out of their rolling animation. Being stubborn it’ll continuously keep trying, putting it in a loop letting you absolutely wreck it.

2nd method:
For those with trouble, equip the healing orb combination move. As soon as your in range, drop all 12 totems. You’ll be healing 200-300+ every single second + he’ll target a lot of them instead of you. This gives you a lot of buffer room and support for those that have a tough time with it.

With the above you’ll generally kill 2-3 of the level 99 Metal Glyptodons every 5 minutes, this will also load you up on colored trapezohedrons!

As to where to find him:
You’ll want to depart from The Origins – North. Using the map below head to the Green Square. He is located behind a door you’ll have to open only once though.

Note: The GIF is shown of my character level 70 with level 2 gear absolutely wrecking it. So you can see the ease and stun locking of the monster

Metal Glyptodon Location
Downing the Metal Glyptodon in 30 seconds.

Reached the true end of the game.

The True End of the game is achieved by beating the final boss with all 5 Memory Units. This can be earned simultaenously with ‘To a New World’ and is recommended to do so, saving you some extra time.

The Memory Units are usually locked behind an enemy spawn point making them hard to open unless your out of combat. This is tricky if you can’t destroy the spawns fast enough, so it’s recommended to wait until you reach either The Origin – North or unlocked ‘Hunter’ trophy. You’ll be in the level 50 – 60 range which works. After this you’ll go hunt the Memory Units.

So the gist of it is, you open the chests and obtain the Memory Units and that’s it. Once you have all 5 you’ll face the final boss and there’ll be an extra cut scene after the regular ending. So do not face the final boss unless you have these, if you do you can re-fight it do not worry.

Below is a location of all 5 memory units:
The overview location of memory 4 is missing.

 A Place to Call Home
Raised the rank of all facilities at your base to max.

First and foremost, this is the facility ranking and not investment. Meaning when you’re building your base you’ll see what rank they are. There are 2 ways to go about this, the long way and the short way. The long way is to invest in everything until they’re all maxed but it’s unnecessary and not needed. You’ll be doing the short method, which is getting all facility investments to level 7 then use adjacent bonuses to get ranking to level 9 (Max ranking).

Adjacent bonuses for example can include but not limited too:
~Building 4 of the same type of facility together in a square creates a bigger facility with huge bonus.
~Jewelry Shop paired with Trading House.
~Trading House paired with Trade Center.
~Commission Base paired with the Trade Center.
~Trade Center paired with Commission Base.
~Training Grounds paired with a Commission Base.
~Maintenance Facility paired with a Weapons Facility.
~Weapons Facility paired with a Maintenance Facility.
~Refinery paired with an Alchemy Atelier.
~ Alchemy Atelier paired with a Refinery.

The above may seem complicated, and you need to mix together squares, and intermingle different facilities together. It can take quite a bit of finagling, so to make it easier, once you have all facilities to rank 7, place your buildings like they are in the images below.

Note: Refer to’Great Facility’ to find some good resource locations.

 Gear Action!
Conducted an Orb combination move.

Orb moves are activated through the L2 and R2 buttons while on the field. Pushing them simultaneously with 2 orbs equipped will create an Orb combination move. You will naturally get this as there are healing moves, defensive moves, treasure seeking, and more. Pressing Triangle and choosing Lunagear will allow you change the orbs in Gear I and Gear II, allowing you to change the Gear Action I, Gear Action II, and Combined Effect.

 Local? Procurement
Gained plenty of mechanical parts in a single expedition.

A single expedition means that you do not return to base. This is a simple trophy and will likely come naturally. You will need to gain plenty of mechanical parts in a single expedition. Go on a mass automaton murder spree and reap all there parts until this pops. This is most easily obtainable in Pulsating SandsNortheast as there is nothing but automatons in this area. Working your way through The Origin will also be a feasible location for this trophy.

 Greatest Leader
Raised Quinn’s level to 100.

Refer to ‘Greatest Expedition Unit’ for more details.

Gained all Orbs.

Orbs are the accessories you use in the story to cross certain routes, do combination moves, or abilities with. They are all story related and can’t be missed.

 Great Facility
Max invested into one type of facility.

Investing in facilities is how you upgrade in this game. High facilities allow more armor, weapons, accessories, items, etc. This trophy will be one the last trophies as it requires a lot of items which require quite a fair amount of farming. Luckily you only need to invest in one to the maximum.

Going into Base > Invest is where you’ll be able to do this. It is recommended due to the lesser farming needed, to invest in either the Commission Base, Trading House, Trade Center, or Maintenance Facility.

Below is listed some of the more cumbersome locations to find items (Kill all enemies you come across):
Pulsating Sands: Steel (Resource Points), and all mechanical parts.
Desert Center – Entrance: Sterling Silver, Toad Oil, Iron.
Abyssal Valley: Copper, Clay (Resource Points).
Colored Trapezohedrons: Refer to ‘Greatest Expedition Unit’ for more details.

Everything else is generally found in resource points and random drops from the above places.

Built a higher ranked facility.

Refer to ‘A Place to Call Home’ for more details.

 Seasoned Builders
Raised a facility’s rank to max.

Refer to ‘A Place to Call Home’ for more details.

Used a special move in tandem with an ally.

Special moves refers to each characters special move. During each expedition below your health bar will be a continuously filling blue bar. When filled this blue bar will turn pink, which means it can then be activated. Your team mates special moves are activated with the left and right directional buttons while yours is activated by pressing the down directional button. Activate a combination of the two and this will pop.

 Great Positioning
Activated an adjacent facility bonus.

Refer to “Godly Positioning” for more details.

 Well Prepared
Recover a great amount of HP using items in a single expedition.

The ‘great amount’ isn’t specified anywhere but it is a good deal you’ll need to recover. There are a few things you’ll want to get done to make this more feasible.

Having a higher invested commission base will allow to bigger sets of items making this less grindy. When you have a good rank commission base go to Formation > Item and choose a package with a high quantity like the Artillery Set or more.

The next step is choosing a campsite with Camp Lv.3 so it’ll have Resupplying is available option.

Now for the good news, this states during a single expedition which means as long as you don’t return to base it counts as a single expedition. So you can die 5000 times and respawn at your campsite 5000 times, and it’ll still count as a ‘single expedition’. So fight strong enemies, take a bunch of damage and continuously keep healing.

 Frontline Base
Strengthened a camp site to max level.

Whenever you find a campsite, you can return to base to build it. Camp options are found under Build > Camp Site and you can build a campsite or strengthen it. Camps have a maximum level of 5 (Camp Lv.MAX)

 Ancient Treasure?
Opened a treasure chest 5 times.

Treasure chests are… just that. They’re found scattered across every map, some in the open, some well hidden, some hidden behind use of your orbs. Unless you’re purposely avoiding opening chests, you shan’t be missing this trophy.

Used a special move 10 times.

Special moves refers to each characters special move. During each expedition below your health bar will be a continuously filling blue bar. When filled this blue bar will turn pink, which means it can then be activated. Pressing down on the directional pad will activate your characters special move.

Used an HP healing item 20 times.

Every time you leave base or use an upgraded camp, you’ll bring a set of items with you. Pressing triangle and choosing Item will allow you to access your set. These items have limited uses, and cost money to use, but after 20 uses of them you’ll earn this trophy.

Defeated the automaton generated by the ruin’s defense system.

Story related. The automaton this trophy refers to is Hermes Automaton. This is the Final Boss and is found at the end of The Origin in the Desert Center. Defeating it will earn you this trophy.

Tip: Hermes will continuously respawn new clones so it’s pointless to kill them off. You can tell if they’re a clone as clones have an elemental weakness.

 Local Procurement
Collected from collection points 10 times.

During your adventures you’ll come across glowing spots of different colors. The pale yellow are regular pick-ups while other colors require use of your orbs. Unless you’re actively avoiding these, this will come naturally during your first map.

 Visiting the Old and Learning Anew
Learned an ability.

When you’re back at base you’ll have an assortment of tabs to choose from. Training>Learn is where you’ll find abilities to learn. Upgrade any of them for this trophy.

 Gazed Upon
Defeated the automaton at the windy cliff.

The Windy Cliff is located in the Enroaching Sands. A story line event will pit you against a Laser Tank to battle. Winning this battle will earn you this trophy!

Defeated the high-level automaton wandering Genesis Desert.

Story related. The high-level autmoaton this refers to is the Invincible enemy. You can’t defeat him in the first encounter, you’ll need to run away for it. This trophy refers to deafeating it, which is the 2nd encounter. Later in the game you’ll return to the Desert Center and get access to the big building. This building is called The Origin deep inside of it you’ll face this automaton.

Got rid of the automaton guarding the way to the center of Genesis Desert.

A story related event. The automaton that guards the way to Genesis Desert is found at the end of Abyssal Valley. You’ll need to defeat the Gargantuan Killer and it’s sub-ordinates to earn this trophy.

 Mechanical Weapon
Defeated the automaton lurking in the dungeon.

At the end of the Abandoned City you’ll find a story related event. This event will lock you into a battle with a Gatling Tank and it’s sub-ordinate. Winning this battle earns you this trophy.

Defeated the automaton guarding a very important facility.

A story related event. The automaton that guards the facility is found in the Pulsating Sands. At the end of the Pulsating Sands you’ll need to defeat the Zap Gun inside of the dome-shaped facility to earn this trophy.

 Preparing to Camp
Made a camp site.

Camp sites are essentially like the “Inns of RPG’s” in this game. There are 2 kinds of interactive ‘crystals’ in the game; 1 will return you to the city and the other will allow you to build a camp. You’ll need the latter for this trophy. As long as you’re not actively not interacting with these ‘crystals’ , within the first hour of gameplay you’ll find a ‘camp crystal’. You’ll be introduced into the camping tutorials and have the chance to purchase your first camp.

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