Ancestors Legacy Trophy Guide

Game: Ancestors Legacy
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: ~40 hours
Difficulty: 7/10
Missable trophies: None, chapter select
Author: Knoef_NL and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Ancestors Legacy. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the campaign.

The biggest part of this game is completing the campaign, which will take around 40 hours of playtime. There are a total of 4 different chapters, with each 2 different stories. Each story has 5 missions, a total of 40 different missions to complete. Mission five is always an epic battle to bring the chapter to a conclusion.

A few tips:
– The campaign can be completed on Easy.
– Always have a positive food income, negative food supply gives you a negative buff.
– Resupply troops if they lose units.
– Never place archers in front, they get killed easily.

To complete the campaign, you must play:

1) Vikings of the North

Ulf Ironbeard
I – Off The Course (“Off the Course” Trophy).
II – Rebuilding Forces.
III – Unexpected Allies.
IV – The Last Impediment (“A Ship That Doesn’t Sink” Trophy).
V – The Lindisfarne Riches.

I – Brotherly Help.
II – The Fate Of Belozerk.
III – Holmgard.
IV – Battle On Two Fronts (“All for Rurik” Trophy).
V – Losing Your Kin.

2) Anglo-Saxons

Edward the Confessor
I – Not All Surprises Are Welcome.
II – The Lesser Earls.
III – Wells Under Siege (“Edward Needs Those” Trophy).
IV – Missing Supplies.
V – The Battle Of Gloucester.

Harold II Godwinson
I – Calm Before The Storm.
II – Enemy At The Gates.
III – We Are The Resistance.
IV – Before They Find Out (“Dunstan’s Revenge” Trophy).
V – The Battle Of Hastings.

3) Germans

Rudolf I
I – Ignoble Knights.
II – Reclaiming Styria.
III – The Siege Of Vienna (“Vienna’s Finest Armor” Trophy).
IV – The Worst Advisors.
V – Battle Of Dürnkrut.

Teutonic Order
I – The Knights of the Cross (“Goodfella” Trophy).
II – Battle Of Lubawa (“Elite Marksman” Trophy).
III – Battle Of Christburg (“Teutonic Meticulousness” Trophy).
IV – The Night Hunters (“Trap Sweeper”).
V – Battle Of Lidzbark (“Blitzkrieg” Trophy).

4) Slavs

Miesko I
I – Reunion.
II – Wichmann’s Raid.
III – No Excuses.
IV – Troubles From The West.
V – The Battle Of Cedynia (“Under Mieszko’s Banner” Trophy).

Boleslav I the Brave
I – Siege of Niemcza (“Who is there?” Trophy).
II – Behind Enemy Lines.
III – Battle Of The River Bug (“Church of misery” Trophy).
IV – Fearsome Mercenaries (“Not on my watch!” Trophy).
V – Siege Of Kiev.

Stage 2 – Complete various tasks.

After completing the campaign, there are still various trophies left. For instance, you need to win a skirmish against an insane A.I. It’s also possible you missed a few campaign-specific trophies, now’s the time to clean those up.


 Deadliest Warrior
Obtain all other trophies.

 Uber Micro
Win a match against an AI on Insane difficulty.

This trophy can be achieved without any effort. Start a 3vs3 skirmish and place one A.I as your opponent.

It’s best done on Domination mode with the following settings:

Game mode: Domination.
Domination Score: 500.

Once ingame, capture the villages, as this will make the single A.I lose points. Capture as many as possible to speed up the process.

This will also earn you the trophy “Indisputable” for winning a skirmish in less than 8 minutes.

Kill 2000 peasants.

Peasants are the people that gather resources, build buildings, towers, and have to icon above their name. These are not the peasant’s troops you encounter in certain levels.

Peasants are found in and around villages, you can find them working on resource fields or at a well for instance.

You should get close to 2000 peasant kills during the campaign. In case you didn’t earn it towards the end:
– Replay campaign levels.
– Play some skirmish levels.

A good method to farm peasants kills is in the well, they will come running towards it when a building in on fire. Allowing for many easy peasant kills (Level IV – Battle on Two Fronts).

Killing peasants at a well.

 War Veteran
Defeat each type of unit in the game at least once.

This trophy is earned during your campaign playthrough. Surprisingly enough, it pops halfway through.

Kill all enemies you encounter (except in the stealth missions) and this will pop with no problems at all.

 The Rest Is History
Complete all the campaigns of the Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Germans and Slavs.

Refer to each trophy for completing a campaign chapter. It will take around 40 hours to complete the campaign.

 Harold’s Guerilla Warriors
Completed Harold II Godwinson’s campaign.

This trophy is earned for completing Harold II Godwinson’s campaign. He is part of the Anglo-Saxons – Kingdoms of Britannia.

You need to complete the following missions:

I – Calm Before The Storm
Kill a few enemies ambushing you. After that, make your way to Fulford. Once you reach the village, reinforce your troops and build 2 shieldman troops and 2 archery towers. Defend the flanks and prevail victoriously in this mission.

II – Enemy At The Gates
Recruit all 3 reinforcements that are available, then follow the instructions the game gives you. A rather easy mission to complete.

III – We are The Resistance
At the beginning of the game, you need to perform some stealth objectives. Capture camp B and stop the supplies from arriving, then make your way to village A and destroy it.

IV – Before They Find Out
Capture all villages to make for a steady supply income. Form up an army with a ballista and attack Harald in his base. Make sure to take out the archery towers from a distance with the ballista.

V – The Battle Of Hastings
Capture village A and recruit some archers, as suggested by the game. Optionally, you could secure village B. Now, make your way to the west flank (yellow marker) with your archers and kill all the enemies. Once done, you must destroy a building in village D.

 Konrad von Thierberg
Complete the Teutonic Order campaign.

Each level has its own trophy related to it. Refer to each trophy on how to obtain it, that should also guide you along to complete the level.

I – The Knights Of The Cross (“Goodfella” Trophy).
II – Battle Of Lubawa (“Elite Marksman” Trophy).
III – Battle Of Christburg (“Teutonic Meticulousness” Trophy).
IV – The Night Hunters (“Trap Sweeper”).
V – Battle Of Lidzbark (“Blitzkrieg” Trophy).

Finish the ‘Battle of Lidzbark’ in less than 25 minutes.

Prepare your sword for the hardest trophy within the game.

General tips:
– Use your catapults to destroy buildings.
– Use the church to unlock great buffs.
– Use cavalry to kill peasants almost instantly by trembling them over. Keep running with them and retreat to re-engage with a charge to instant kill enemies.
– Around 15 min, you will have plenty of wood. Build towers in all villages.
– If troops die, reinforce yourself with horses and a few archers.
– When you’ve destroyed most of the buildings, destroy the catapults and get 2 more horse units.

The most important tasks are outlined here. For a complete walkthrough, please refer to the video. The completion time is 24:35, a rather close call!

Send your troops to the main entrance in front of you, where the A.I will also attack. Place your catapults in the back and let them fire at buildings. Prioritize archery towers, town center, and recruitment buildings.

At the same time, use your horses to kill the peasant coming from the left side.

Around the 06:00 mark, the entrance should be clear. Make your way to the left entrance, kill the enemies there and let your horses flank them.

Make your way towards the top left village and destroy everything there. The allied A.I should still be helping and will cover the peasant spawn point for a while. Retreat to the base and reinforce all of your troops. (Time mark ~ 13:00)

Send your troops to base C & D, if they are captured by the enemy. There will be a load of peasants. Make your way to the entrance that’s near you and take the left route to the small village (17:00 min). Clear his village and burn all villages. This should be the final thing for you to do, and you should be near the 25:00 min mark now!

Blitzkrieg Trophy.

 Boleslav the Brave
Complete Boleslav I the Brave’s campaign.

I – Siege of Niemcza (“Who is there?” Trophy)
Hold the fort until you complete the objective, then capture villages in order to gain some more resources. Once done, you need to defend the fort again. It’s recommended to have a few archer troops within your army, this will make defending the fort a lot easier. Once all armies have been stopped, a cutscene will play and you will enter a new area.

This part will allow you to obtain the “Who is there” trophy. Don’t get spotted by using the bushes and this trophy won’t be a problem. Once the catapult is destroyed, you gain access over a horse squad, use that to destroy the enemy camp.

II – Behind Enemy Lines
This mission is insane. You get only a few troops and need to complete many objectives. Make sure none of your units die, retreating and reinforcing your troops will be key to survive. Your end goals are:
– Defend the Road.
– Destroy the enemy convoy.

The enemy convoy is located in the middle, all the way to the right. Destroying the town settlement will win you the mission. You can find catapults and ballistas nearby to destroy it from a safe distance.

III – Battle Of The River Bug (“Church of misery” Trophy)
Capture both villages, then gather a total of 800 wood. You need to build a bridge, but before doing so complete the side-quest “Find out what happened to the villagers” by following the marks for the trophy “Church of Misery”.

Both bridges will be destroyed by the enemy, so you will need to cross the riverbank. Do so and kill all enemies and destroy both villages.

IV – Fearsome Mercenaries (“Not on my watch!” Trophy)
Capture a few villages to gather more resources, then blast down the walls with a catapult. Capture this village too.

Once you capture the village, ships will show up in the river. Place the catapults close to the river and shoot them down. After destroying 7, a cutscene will play. Don’t move the catapults after, as 3 more ships will show up. 2 catapults should be enough to destroy all ships. Use your other troops to defend your catapults from attacks from the left.

V – Siege of Kiev
Capture villages for resources, then build up an army. Place the catapults on the marks and defend them. The second catapult location will be successful. After this lots of enemies will leave the castle to attack you, kill them and you will have won this mission.

 Lindisfarne Riches
Complete Ulf Ironbeard’s campaign.

These are your very first campaign missions – A tutorial like one. During this campaign you need to complete the following missions:

I – Off the Course
You will find yourself at a beach, stranded. Make your way to the right, via the cliffs and ambush the archers. Go further into the city and kill all enemies. When done, burn down the buildings. Take a defensive stance as a lot of enemies will attack you. After a minute or so, you need to retreat, as it is part of the tutorial.

II – Rebuilding Forces
A stealth mission. Use the grass to your advantage to ambush enemies and collect resources.

III – Unexpected Allies
Ambush the caravan, but wait for your ally to rush in first. Once you have done so, go to the village and recruit some spearmen, then follow all waypoints and capture the villages until the mission has been completed.

IV – The Last Impediment
Follow the waypoints and capture villages. Once you cross the bridges you must defend your ships. Make sure to do this accordingly by rushing over the bridges. If you are too slow, your ships will die. At least one must survive.

V – The Lindisfarne Riches
This mission can take a while – gather resources by taking over villages. Make sure to build a ballista, as you must destroy a wall. It’s a good tactic to bait a few of the enemy troops out of the castle and kill them off alone before storming in.

 Dunstan’s Revenge
Kill Harald Hardrada in less than 5 minutes in ‘Before They Find Out’.

You actually need to kill Harald Sigurdson, not “Hardrada”.
Once the game starts, quickly make your way to the camp, then take off to the bottom river pass. Cross it and send your regular troops towards the left. Send your two captains (Harold Godwinson & Dunstan) towards the right and into the bushes.

Let the regular troops serve as a decoy, and let the regular enemy troops attack them. Sneak with your two captains towards the enemy camp and attack Harold Sigurdson.

Let Harold (Melee) serve as a tank, while Dunstan (Slinger) hits him from a distance.

Refer to the video below if you are having trouble achieving it. Note that I sent one troop towards enemy village A. This is actually not required, but it felt like a great distraction that didn’t work in any way :’)!

 Rudolf of Habsburg
Complete Rudolf I’s campaign.

This campaign is part of the Germans – Holy Roman Empire.

You need to complete the following missions:

I – Ignoble Knights
Survive the ambush and complete various small objectives, then make your way to the village and kill a single villager to collect his clothes. Destroy 3 defenses while remaining in stealth, then open the gate.
Now attack the village and win.

II – Reclaiming Styria
Capture all 3 villages, it’s a rather normal game. Once captures, make your way to village D by taking the left route. Wait until the countdown ends and defend the village. Once your defense is successful, attack the enemy town hall.

III – The Siege Of Vienna (TROPHY)
You get an army and need to invade the castle. Make sure to kill all blacksmiths before completing the objective. It’s a rather easy one. Once completed, return to the village and reinforce your troops. Build a catapult and destroy the castle wall, allowing you to complete the final mission objective.

IV – The Worst Advisors
You need to gather a total of 1.200 food. Once your food income is positive, you can just wait for it to reach the amount and the mission will end. Defend your villages where needed.

V – Battle Of Dürnkrut
The start is a stealth mission. Make your way to the objective and destroy traps ahead of you.
After that, you must win three battles, all fairly easy. Make sure to put the spearman in front with spear formation on, archers in the back. Once you win all three battles, you must attack his camp with cavalry. Rush in towards the final boss and kill him, completing the campaign.

 A Ship That Doesn’t Sink
Help at least 8 drakkars survive in the mission ‘The Last Impediment’.

This trophy is quite tricky and requires some preparations.

Do your normal thing until you go and capture base C.
Burn down all buildings in base C and neutralize village C, but don’t capture it.

Once the whole village is burned down, kill all of your troops and recruit horses only. Make sure they have Veterancy (unlocked in Blacksmith) and some armor.

With a full cavalry squad, capture village C. A little cut scene will play, once it ends:
Rush with the horses towards the first island and destroy all 3 catapults. Immediately rush towards the second island and destroy the 3 catapults there too. A lot of enemies will show-up, potentially killing your horses. One catapult will remain all the way in the back. Recruit troops fast and rush towards that last catapult all the way in the back.

You will have 11 ships, 3 may die.

Refer to the video below if you are having trouble achieving this.

 All for Rurik
Capture and hold all the villages in the mission ‘Battle on Two Fronts’.

This battle is harder than usual, since you can only hold 5 troops, and the enemy A.I will take troops away from you.

First, capture village E and defend it until you get more troops, then capture village C. Your ally will move towards B, help your ally capture it, then capture village D and the last village will be A.

It’s wise to keep one troop at each base defending it, you could also reinforce the settlement for 50 wood and sound the alarm once a certain village gets attacked, that way you should be able to the villages. Once you attack the enemy base, he won’t be able to attack your villages anymore.

The trophy will pop once you destroy the enemy base.

All bases captured.

 Edward and Godwin
Complete Edward the Confessor’s campaign.
To earn this trophy, complete the following missions:

I – Not all Surprises Are Welcome
Straightforward. Follow the waypoints and kill the enemies when needed. It’s important to use stealth (bushes) and collect all resources that are scattered around.

II – The Lesser Earls
Free village A and make your way to the waypoint. Then it’s your task to destroy 2 villages. Before doing so, make sure to capture the villages B + C. Try using your archers to take down buildings from a distance. It will also come in handy to take down troops by luring them towards you, instead of rushing in.

III – Wells Under Siege (“Edward Needs Those” Trophy)
Free village A from the enemies. The resources are protected by enemies, and you need some troops to kill them. Make sure to build some houses and take in the 5 free catapults left by the enemy, this will earn you the “Edward Needs Those” trophy, is you are able to deliver them on time.
Towards the end you will be attacked, make sure to stand your ground and use archer towers to your advantage.

IV – Missing Supplies
Use stealth to make your way to the stalls, where a few of your men are held hostage. Once at the village, use the farmers and your captain to kill the enemy troops. Capture the village and gather resources. Follow the waypoints and complete this mission fairly easy.

V – The Battle Of Gloucester
This battle is huge and will take some time.

Stage 1
You will get a lot of troops. Your captain will be able to switch between 2 troops, one being the horses and archers. Troop 2 are the infantry. Line up the infantry next to the cliff and place the archers on the cliff. Let all of your infantry units take in a defense position (Raise shields and spear circle). Place the cavalry all the way in the back.
Once the enemies attack, let the infantry tank it and the cavalry kill the archers in the back, as well as the melee units that remain. Repeat this until you reach stage 2.

Once this stage is done make a save!

Stage 2
Your captain will take off, and will take away all horses and archers. He is going to get reinforcements. It’s your task to defend the village until he returns. Build a Barrack and a Blacksmith. Recruit 2 ballistas and place them so that they can take out enemy troops from a distance. Leave the infantry troops at the towers. If you can’t tank the enemy troops anymore, retreat, replenish your troops, and let the towers get destroyed. Attack once again and keep going until you reach Stage 3.

Stage 3
You get a few troops on the right side of the area, kill off all enemies. This should be pretty easy. Use the catapults once you arrive at your own village. They can pick off enemies from a long distance.

Stage 4
You get horse troops. Run over all enemies and this chapter will be complete.

Complete Mieszko I’s campaign.

I – Reunion
Complete the various tasks you are being given by the A.I. Don’t use force, use your allies to capture the villages. Should be a pretty straightforward game with a few fights.

II – Wichmann’s Raid
The main goal is to capture a lot of villages and then destroy the 2 enemy bases. The enemy has a lot of troops, so it’s best to pick them off 1 by 1 or bait them towards your camp where the archery towers will help you pick them off.

III – No Excuses
Kill the enemy in the middle island with the provided troops, then build up a base and capture villages. At a certain point, you must destroy 2 enemy villages. doing so will win you this match.

IV – Troubles From The West
Defend the village that’s closest to you. you will lose some other villages as you will be attacked multiple times during the beginning of this campaign. Don’t worry and take them back slowly by building up a bigger army. Once you get all villages back, you need to destroy the enemy camp in the top left of the map. Kill all recruitment buildings first, this won’t allow the A.I to recruit more troops.

V – The Battle Of Cedynia (“Under Mieszko’s Banner” Trophy)
Rather straightforward mission. Capture all the villages (Miesko’s Banner trophy) then defend against the A.I troops that will come towards your base. Placing traps in front of your walls will help a lot. Place some archers behind your walls for covering fire.

Win a Multiplayer match or Skirmish in less than 8 minutes.

Refer to the trophy ” Uber Micro” for more information on this.

 Who is there?
Sneak into the enemy base undetected in the mission ‘Siege Of Niemcza’.

Towards the end of the mission, you need to destroy a catapult. Make it there without being seen. It’s pretty straightforward, use bushes to stay hidden and stay out of the line of sight of enemies (torch area) .

Start a match in Multiplayer or Skirmish against any opponent.

Start a Skirmish match against an A.I and this trophy will pop. You will get this trophy during your attempt at the “Uber Micro” trophy.

 Trap Sweeper
Disarm all the traps without being detected in the mission ‘The Night Hunters’.

Quite easy to pull off. Complete the first objective, after that it’s your job to disarm all traps (total of 6) without being noticed.

There are multiple bushes to hide in. Assume defensive position by pressing R1 + Circle, that way you can spot traps. A trap only needs one attack to get destroyed. Wait for enemies to pass, then attack the traps. Make sure to stay out of their torchlight.

The trophy should pop once you clear all traps without being spotted.

Hide in the bushes, use defensive formation.

 Teutonic Meticulousness
Capture all the villages in the mission ‘Battle Of Christburg’

Not hard, just time-consuming. You are looking at a potential game of 50 minutes to pull it off.

It’s a rather normal game you will be playing. Village A can be captured rather early in the game. Some villages are defended quite well. A more defensive approach would suit best here. Let the A.I attack you, then counter-attack.

You could also kill all recruitment buildings in the A.I’s base, that way he can’t build new troops. Just don’t kill all his buildings, or else you will complete the objective.

If doesn’t matter if your allied A.I captures a village, it still counts as yours for the trophy.

The trophy will pop once you complete the level.

 Elite Marksman
Defend Lubawa using only ranged units in the mission ‘Battle Of Lubawa’

This trophy will be pure chaos. Only recruit archers and put them on top of the castle. The entrance at the left will be attacked most, so place most of your archers there.

Reinforce your villages (A+B) with towers, this will kill off many enemies attacking you.

You get many resources for this mission. If a troop or archer dies, recruit a new one.

Left side of the castle. You will get attacked the most here.

Kill every bandit and save all the villagers in ‘The Knights Of The Cross’

For this trophy, you must win the first fight with the bandits that are trying to ambush a convoy. After that, you need to secure 2 points. The first one in the mine, the second one is labeled “Rescue The Villager”.


 Not on my watch!
Destroy all the enemy ships in the mission ‘Fearsome Mercenaries’.

Once you capture the village, ships will show up in the river. Place the catapults close towards the river and shoot them down. After killing 7, a cutscene will play. Don’t move the catapults afterward, as 3 more ships will show up. 2 catapults should be enough to destroy all ships. Use your other troops to defend your catapults from attacks from the left.

 Church of misery
Find out what happened to the villagers in the mission ‘Battle Of The River Bug’.

Capture both villages then gather a total of 800 wood. You need to build a bridge, but before doing so, complete the side-quest “Find out what happened to the villagers” by following the marks for the trophy “Church of misery”.

Location of the final objective.

 Through Defenses
Destroy a village with Gold defense.

A village with a Gold defense has a “Golden banner” around its health bar. Many villages will have this within the campaign, making this trophy easy to achieve.

Gold defense.

 Commander Veteran
Recruit each type of unit in the game at least once.

This trophy should come naturally during the campaign.

 Under Mieszko’s Banner
Capture the village of Kopytko in mission ‘The Battle Of Cedynia’.

You need to capture village C, which lies all the way down. It’s straightforward and requires little effort. Make good use of the small riverbank just before entering the village, it can be used to kill their troops off with archers while tanking with a few shield units.

Village C, captured.

 Vienna’s Finest Armor
Pick up all the armors in the mission ‘The Siege Of Vienna’

There are a total of 3 blacksmiths within the castle. Burn them down and they will each drop armor, earning you this trophy.

 Squad Proficiency
Specialize ten squads

When your troops kill enough units, they will gain a level. Select any specialization from the command menu to give them a boost. Each troop has its own unique upgrades, for instance: Defense, Damage, and Speed.

Do this a total of 10 times and the trophy is yours forever.

 Edward Needs Those
Deliver 5+ catapults before night-time in the mission ‘Wells Under Siege’.

Capture the main village and the 2 villages surrounding it. After doing so, capture the 5 catapults that are on the battlefield. You can capture them by using any troops. Make sure you got free population cap when doing so. Escort them towards the waypoint and this trophy should pop fairly easy.

A full gameplay video (37:08) is shown below.

 Squad Veterancy
Unlock veterancy on any unit ten times.

Veterancy can be bought from the command wheel. This will make your troops stronger and is recommended.

This trophy will be earned during the campaign play through.

 Lost Ones
Replenish a squad ten times

Each squad has a certain amount of units. When you go into a fight, you might lose a few. Retreat to your headquarters and select “Replenish” 10 times to pop this trophy.

Should be earned during the campaign playthrough.

 Off the Course
Complete the mission ‘Off The Course’

This is the first mission of the game, the start of your campaign adventure. You will learn the basics during this mission. Selecting units, grouping them and changing battle formation.

First, flank the archers over the beach, then burn the houses. When you did those tasks you need to fight some more soldiers, which you will fail in, resulting in a retreat.

 Time to Work
Send peasants to work at a resource point 50 times.

When capturing a village, you are able to send our peasants to collect resources (Wood, Food, Ore). Do this a total of 50 times and this trophy is yours.

This should pop during your campaign playtrough.

 It’s a TRAP!
Detect and destroy five enemy traps

You should encounter a fair amount of traps during the campaign. Change formation with R1+ Circle to defense formation to detect traps. Click on the traps to destroy them.

Defeat an entire enemy squad with only ranged attacks

This trophy could be earned during the normal course of the game. However, if you didn’t earn it, do the following:

-Recruit a few archer troops in Skirmish and let them attack any hostile squad. Make sure you don’t use any melee troops.

-Use Archers or Slingers.

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