Agatha Knife Trophy Guide

Game: Agatha Knife
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 5 ½ hours (personal time)
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: Stan Lee, Beach Body, and Skeptic
Author: Stephanie

Welcome to the trophy guide for Agatha Knife. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Normal Playthrough.

During this stage play the game normally and interact with everything you can. It is recommended to make this run the one where you buy things, since it has more trophies to obtain. Don’t be afraid to explore, as Agatha has some very nice dialogue that can easily be missed if you don’t like interacting with everything.

Stage 2 – No Spending Playthrough.

This should be your last stage, and if you interacted with everything in the previous run, then you can breeze right through this. Also, if you haven’t yet done it, make sure not to ask Sandro for any help with his card reading. During this run you don’t buy anything nor break your piggy bank back at the Butcher shop. By the end of this stage you should have the shiny platinum.


 Goddess of Trophies
You got all the trophies!

Congrats! You never have to pay for another animal, as they will all willingly come to you!

 Beach Body
You got stuck in the lift.

The lift you must get stuck on is the elevator at the Library. To get yourself stuck, your bag must have a total of 16 items within it. You can get this trophy before heading to the Zoo, since you can pick up all the books on the first floor. Once you have all the items in your bag, take the elevator upstairs, which will stop halfway for a second before proceeding to the second floor. After Agatha mentions her weight the trophy will pop.

You didn’t want Sandro to read the cards.

During a playthrough you can’t ask Sandro for help in your quests. The way that he helps is through his card reading. At the end of the game before the credits roll, the trophy will pop.

 The Prophetess of Carnivorism
You created your own religion.

After you have convinced the pig, go back to Sandro’s to find out that he is gone. Pick up the Book and the Candles on the table. Once you have returned home, Agatha will automatically place the book down. Interacting with the book will make you put on the red tunic, which you’ll then want to interact with any of the animals in the room to begin. When the dialogue is finished, interact with the Book once more. Use the Cocktail, Candles, and Lighter on the pig in the middle of the room. After the long dialogue and learning of who the “Great Bleeding Pig” is, you’ll want to interact with the Book again. Use the Knives in your inventory on the bleeding pig to finally sacrifice the martyr pig. Afterwards use the empty cocktail on the dead martyr to fill it back up with blood then use it on the animals. For the last part, you’ll want to interact with the book one last time and then interact with the dead martyr to show them what true happiness is. The trophy will pop after the cutscene.

 Mystical Link
You convinced the pig to be the martyr of Carnivorism.

When you head back to the farm to try an convince one of the animals to be the Martyr, you’ll notice a lonely pig outside. Talk to the pig to find out that it didn’t go with the others because it doesn’t believe in your story. To convince the pig, you first have to fix the watermill on the farm (Refer to Trust Me, I’m an Engineer trophy). Once the watermill is fixed, make sure to remove the bucket from the lever, only when the lights are lit up, like so: A1 – A8 – B1 – B2. Head back up and interact with the yellow button to the left twice. Make your way up the ladder an open both of the small windows before heading outside to the pig. Seeing as the pig still won’t be convinced use the cocktail in your inventory on the pig an talk to him once more.

(Note: In order to have the option to convince the pig, make sure you have interacted with the watermill from outside)

 The Richest Girl in the Cemetery
You didn’t spend any money.

Pretty simple to achieve. Through a whole run, make sure you always go the free route in doing quests. Also, at the very beginning of the game, don’t use the money, the old couple gives you for the candle.

 Little Entrepreneur
The butcher’s is in your name.

When you receive the Meat Mincer head to the American Diner and talk to the woman at the counter. After a bit of dialogue, head back home to the Butcher to talk to your mother. You’ll learn that all the money for the new order was spent on putting the shop in your name. With the paper in hand, go to Elsa’s Show Circus to talk to Sandro about having the shop in your name.

 Private Party
You handed out invites to the animals at the farm.

In order to get the animals from the farm to come to your sanctuary, you need to give them Tickets. Go to Nika’s house to have her help you make a design for the tickets you’ll be handing out. Since she can only print one, make your way to the Library where you’ll want to use the copy machine to make multiple copies of the ticket. Once you have the copied tickets head back to the farm an give them to the animals.

 Extracurricular Activities
You signed up for the course on creating religions.

Once you leave the church, head right until you see a building with a plaque saying “Campus Religion Plus”. Upon entering, talk to the person sitting at the desk, and after a few bits of dialogue, you’ll start signing up for the course. After you answered the questions and obtained the paper, go to the “mini house” in the same building and give the paper to your mentor.

 Dormant Imaginarium
You met the Great Bleeding Pig.

After killing the pig and using the small bottle to collect its blood, head out of the room. You’ll teleport back to Sandro, where after a cutscene with your “God”, you’ll be rewarded with the trophy.

 Stan Lee
You met one of the game’s creators.

Upon entering the Library, head upstairs to the second floor and enter the last aisle; the one with the art plaque. Talk with the person in the area, and once you have selected every response, the trophy will pop.

You created the sacred book of Carnivorism.

To even start making your sacred book, you have to complete the quest of finding the access card in the library. After you have the access card, use it on the door next to the librarian to give you access to the storage room. Once inside, pick up the pack of blank pages and the pack of pens located on the bottom shelf. Before heading upstairs, make sure to pick up the discount flyer located on the librarian’s desk. Make your way upstairs and enter the door located all the way to the right of the screen. Talk to the man behind the counter an tell him you have the discount flyer to bind the pages for free. After you have the bind papers head back home and use the papers on the bucket of pig blood to turn it red. Now make your way back to the library but instead of entering it keep going left and enter the circus area. Enter the first trailer you see an you’ll notice it belongs to Sandro. Talk to him, and after a bit of dialogue, the trophy will pop.

 The Habit Makes the Monk
You have a carnivorist habit that fits.

After showing the G-di Tunic to Sandro, you’ll be told that you need to get it resized so it can fit you. Make your way to the colorful shop to the right of Nika’s house and talk to the woman behind the counter. The woman will adjust the tunic for you, but only if you get her a burger from the American Diner or pay her money upfront. After she adjusts the tunic for you, go back to Sandro.

The shop to get the tunic in your size.

 New Look
You pretended to be Nika at the library, and got away with it.

During the quest line to obtain the Enigmarillion, you need to have a library card in order to leave with it. Place the book down on the cart next to the librarian and interact with the notice board against the wall. Head to Nika’s house and ask to borrow her library card, then go to the library. Use Nika’s library card on the librarian to check out the book.

The notice board to interact with before asking Nika for her library card.

 Licence to Read
You made your own library card.

During the quest line to obtain the Enigmarillion, you need to have a library card to leave with it. To have your own card you must have a photo of yourself. Use the photo booth located directly next to your home to take your photo. After giving the photo to the librarian, she will give you the library card registered under your name.

The photo booth to obtain your photos

You killed a pig.

Once you return home for the first time, you are instructed to kill the last pig you currently have. Pick up the knives on the wall and the green bucket located next to them. Afterwards, use the green bucket on the pig first, then use the knives.

Where the knives and bucket are located

 Trust Me, I`m an Engineer
You got the farm watermill to work.

To fix the watermill, you first need to return home to pick up the now empty green bucket in your room. Make your way back to the farm an enter the now empty watermill. Inside on the floor to the left will be a trap door you can interact with to head down to the basement. Once in the basement pick up the rope on top of the barrels to the left. Head back outside to use the rope and bucket on the well, which upon interacting with it, will fill it with water. Now pick up the filled bucket an head back into the basement in the watermill. Use the filled bucket on the lever against the wall to power up the watermill.

 The Book of Books
You found the Enigmarillion.

During the quest line to obtain the G-di Tunic from the shop near your home called Comic Sans. To receive the tunic, the shop owner wants the legendary book called Enigmarillion. Head to the Library and use the computer upstairs to find out the book is in the Art aisle on shelf 2C. When you go back to Comic Sans to show the book, you’ll be told that it is “fake” by the owner, since the pages are blank. Make your way back to the library, and on the shelf near the storage room door, you’ll notice colored books. Rearrange them with the Enigmarillion in the middle, and if done correctly, a scene will trigger, causing the real book to appear.

You hung out with Nika.

After leaving your house, make your way all the way to the left until you see the crossing light. Interact with it so you can process to the next area. Keep heading left, the very last building will be your friend’s house. Upon entering the house talk with Nika’s mother to have the hamster on the couch tell you that Nika is upstairs. Once you head upstairs to her room, the trophy will pop.

Nika’s Home

You broke the piggy bank and collected your savings.

When you meet your friend Nika, you will notice that she has a hammer on the floor in her room. Talk to her and ask if you can have the hammer ,which you’ll be allowed to pick up. With the hammer in your inventory, head back to your house and use it on the Piggy bank, where you killed the pig. You have to pick up the money in order for the trophy to pop.

 Faith Moves Mountains
You discovered the Allen family farm.

To find the farm, you must first speak to your friend Nika in her room. When you enter the room, you’ll find her “drunk” on the bed, and instead of telling you where the farm is located, she gives you a riddle. The riddle will lead you to Elsa’s Show Circus, where you’ll want to interact with both of the clown signs. Upon interacting with both signs at least once, interact with one of them again to trigger the sequence. Shortly after the dialogue with the clowns, they will move the mountain, revealing the farm.

The two clowns who hid the farm

 DJ Insomnia
You changed the music at the burger bar.

When you enter the Harvey & Mary’s American Diner there will be a Jukebox. Interact with it to automatically change the music in the diner.

 Happy Meal
You made dad lion happy.

Before going to the Zoo in search of the meat machine, make sure to swing by Elsa’s Show Circus first. In this area, you’ll want to talk to the cage lion to learn that his cubs left to live at the zoo and that he wants you to deliver them the last Antelope Meatballs. Once at the Zoo, interact with the lion cubs to give them the meatballs, enter the door to the right of them. Talk to the woman at the machine to start a quest of you finding what the lion cubs love to eat in exchange for the Meat mincer. Now go back to the circus to talk to the daddy lion to receive the recipe for the meatballs he gave you earlier. Make your way back to the zoo to give the recipe to the woman, and after a bit of dialogue, head toward the circus once more. Talk to the daddy lion again to tell him that the zoo is now making the meatballs and the cubs love it.

You got a machine to prepare two thousand burgers a day.

You receive the Fibonatic Meat Mincer, model 112358 during the quest line of finding what the Lion cubs at the Zoo love to eat. Refer to “Happy Meal”

 Redeeming Cheese
You put a candle on a cheese.

After gaining control of Agatha, head to the front of the church and talk to the older couple. Once the conversation is done, you’ll be given some money to buy a candle. Make your way back toward where your mother was and interact with the FAITHATM. To use the money on the machine you have to open your bag by pressing triangle. Click on the money with square to have the icon hovering over Agatha’s head. Interact with the machine an once you bought the candle do the same step you did for the money on the candle so you can use it with the candles on the ground.

 Assassin’s Greed
You discovered the dog meat scandal.

During the quest line to get the Butcher shop under your name. As you try to discover where people have been buying their meat, you are led to the supermarket. Upon interacting with their sign you notice a logo on all the meats that are being shown. Head toward the vet building and before entering it make sure to interact with the door to notice that the logo is the same thing on the meats being shown. When entering ,talk to the vet to discover that the meats that he is selling for cheap are actually the poor animals that he was supposed to be helping.

 Awesome HQ
You found Sandro in a circus caravan.

Left of the library will be Elsa’s Show Circus, and upon entering, you see a trailer with very familiar curtains. Once you enter the trailer, you’ll notice Sandro, and after a bit of dialogue, the trophy will pop.

Sandro’s place.

 Good Samaritan
You gave the library access card back.

When you find the Access Card in the Library, head back downstairs to give it back to the staff; the person standing next to the copy machine. After a bit of dialogue, and you becoming the access card’s new holder, the trophy will pop.

 Lost and Found
You found the library access card.

To find the Access Card, you must go upstairs and use the computer that is against the wall when you first enter. Select “Unpopular Books“, it will give you three books that are unpopular. The access card will be in the Geography aisle inside a book located on shelf 2A. Move the ladder to the left of the shelf till you can’t move it that direction any further and interact with the second shelf.

 Burning Money
You bought a ticket for the Fat Black Cat lottery.

If you continue to head left and taking the crossing lights, you soon come across a fat man stuck in a small booth. When you talk to him you have the option of buying a single Lottery Ticket or a bunch of them. Select whichever choice you want and the trophy will pop after buying it.

The poor fat man that sells the ticket

 KHM 027
You won a ticket to the zoo.

After interacting with the sign at the bus stop, head toward the library to locate the Polar Bear. In order to win a free zoo ticket you are presented a quiz, where you must pick which four animals made up the Bremen Musicians. The answer will not be found in the game itself, but found in a tale called “Town Musicians of Bremen”, by the Brothers Grimm. Give the polar bear dressed girl the following answers in this order: Cat – Rooster – Donkey – Dog